Thursday, July 30, 2020


We sold out of Hedgehog’s Tweedy really fast. So fast that I didn’t even get any. More will be available in September. Hedgehog is in need of scraps to make more yarn.

Tweed DK yarn and the coloured bits are our own hand-dyed waste - the ties that we take off the hand dyed skeins. We save them very diligently and it's a total labour of love! 
We have been collecting the ties for a while and I finally found a mill that could process these, which means re-carding them, blending and spinning into yarn again. We have a batch of this lovely taupe, grey-ish tweed yarn with colourful speckles. I love how neutral it is with a colourful bit here and there. It comes in one colourway only and I think it's just calling for sweaters and cardigans.

Do you have yarn in your stash that you don't know what to do with, but it seems like a waste to bin? Mail it to us and we will recycle any of your scraps, bits or unwanted balls or skeins into the lovely Tweedy yarn.
We are going to collect bits and send a box to Hedgehog. If you live near us and have leftover yarn or ends that you would like to donate please drop them at the store. Everyone who drops off ends (at least a small Ziploc bag full) will have their name put in a draw and someone will win a skein of Hedgehog Sock, Twist Sock or Skinny Singles - your choice of yarn and colour. We are going to collect until the end of August.

You know when you get a skein of yarn and there are the ties that you cut off before winding? I have a lot of those and will be sending them.

You can send yarn directly to Hedgehog. They are offering a discount. Here is the link to the information - for this option you are responsible for shipping costs.

Beata from Hedgehog Fibres designed an amazing shawl in Tweedy.
I couldn’t wait for the yarn so I’m making it in Hedgehog Merino DK.
It was a bit of an experiment to see how the pattern shows up in a multi-coloured yarn. I like it so far. I did go up in needle size. The pattern is available but it is still the draft copy. You can find it in the Hedgehog Group on Ravelry.

I made up many combinations for Dreaming in a Field of Wildflowers that I showed yesterday.

For some of the combinations I changed out the lightest colour between a cream and two different greys.

I could have made up many more but the battery on my phone was low so I had to stop taking pictures.

I need to get back to my knitting. I’m almost through the chart for the second time. Once you get going it is very intuitive as to what the next row should be.

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