Monday, April 30, 2018

A different look

Once I got to the third colour on Fading Point I knew that I had to make some changes. It was supposed to go to a grey/mauve but I really like it going to the pink. The last colour is going to be even darker. A total different look than Joji's sample (and the other Fading Point that I have on the needles.)

Beth has been busy making hats. They are going to 541. Those who need a hat can take one off the wall.
541 Eatery & Exchange is a non-profit cafĂ© on Barton Street East, where you can pay-it-forward by volunteering or by turning dollars into buttons. Anyone can use 5 buttons from the jar each day as $5 towards a good meal, which helps feed those who need help paying, but also nurtures a diverse community of belonging around the table. 
Read more about the restaurant and the work they do... 
My garden is flowering. Now we need the tulips to come out.
Someone came out to play today. I spent a few minutes in the store but running errands won over putting yarn away :)

Now back to the knitting. Eight rows of lace and then I get to bring in the fifth colour.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A new Ambah O'Brien pattern

Meet Audra, Ambah's newest pattern.
Immerse yourself in this delicate confection, as sweet and light as fairy floss. Audra is a large bias wrap with simple shaping that begins with an eyelet border then alternates airy garter stripes with exquisite lace, like layers of sorbet and cake. Choose three colours in frosty neutrals or candy-coloured brights, work the layers as long as you like, and make it a luscious, one-of-a-kind piece. Designed to take you from early morning to cool, shimmery evenings, Audra is such an indulgent and satisfying knit, you’ll never take it off.
Sample shown in:  
C1: Madelinetosh, Tosh Merino Light, (fingering weight/4-ply, 100% Merino, 420 yd/384 m), Antler  
C2: Primrose Yarn Co., Adelaide, (fingering weight/4-ply, 100% Merino, 435 yd/398 m per 115 g), Soda Pop  
C3: Nurturing Fibres, Kid Silk, (lace weight/2-ply, 70% Kid mohair, 30% Silk, 218 yd/200 m per 25g), Vanilla 
Kid Silk Lace may be subbed for an alternate lace weight yarn or fingering weight yarn.
Rowan Kidsilk Haze would also work in the shawl.
It's been a busy/lazy day. Beth and I unloaded the van and truck this morning. We're going to have fun Tuesday morning getting the store back in shape. There are boxes everywhere. Then I napped. I got up for a bit and then had another nap. I'm feeling much better and am knitting away. Pictures tomorrow in the sun. Yay. It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Frolic

We had an awesome day. Thank you Sarah and Lynn for all your help. Wannietta came a bit later and missed our picture. She was a great help as always. Craig (her significant other) brought us an afternoon tea which got us to the finish line. Then we made him help us take down the booth. Beth helped with set up and take down and Cathy held down the fort in the store.

Thank you to the Frolic Committee and volunteers for putting on another great show.

Yes, I am very tired. We have had dinner and now are getting ready to go out out. There is a surprise 50th birthday party for our friend Jen. I don't think we will be there for very long.

I want to sit and knit tonight. Being around all the yarn today has my fingers itching.

Friday, April 27, 2018

One more sleep

We're home from Toronto and the booth is mostly set up. We need to hang the rest of the garments in the morning and we're ready to do. 

Beth had dinner ready for us and now it's bed time. 5am will be here before I want it to be.

We're in Kobayashi Hall, booth 10. Please stop by and say Hi.

The store will be open tomorrow from 10-4. We left Cathy lots of yarn :)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Packed and ready to go

It's a cheerful day today. The sun is shining. My flowers are growing. We are packing bright yarn for the Frolic. This is the Sonoma Scarf knit in Freia Shawl Ball.

The front room is command centre for packing today. We set up the table for LYS Day and have used it this week. It'll be gone tomorrow and the store will be back to normal.

Baskets are coming to the show.
These baskets have leather handles, are moth proofed and won't snag.

We have more Fading Point kits. These are going to the Frolic but don't worry - we are leaving some kits in the store so Cathy has them for Friday and Saturday.

Here are three of the kits that we are leaving in the store. We have dark, light, bright, pastel. Something for everyone.

There wasn't a lot of knitting last night. I have 8 more rows of garter stitch plus 16 rows of lace and then I get to start the next colour. I'm going to knit for an hour and then bed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tomorrow will be better :)

Alex finished the first half of her Fading Point. It has been raining here all day and there wasn't going to be any outside pictures. Of course I picked the mannequin in the hall way so I was very close when I was taking pictures.

We won't lose her in a crowd :)

We have some action in the garden at the store.

I'm having a hard time writing right now. We're watching hockey, baseball and basketball. What a night. And we're trying to finish mom and dad's tax returns.

Now it's really late. Hockey and baseball were bad. We had printer problems. We've had computer problems. I'm signing off and heading to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let the packing begin

Mr. Canada Post delivered more bags from Atenti this morning
There are two different sizes of the Turquoise Poppies bag. This is the Grand.
The Atenti Turquoise Poppies Grand Tote- Colorful poppies bloom on this velvety plush fabric. At 16" tall and the same size as the Excel Tote, the Grand Tote is Atenti's largest bag. It’s big and practical with two outside pockets on the sides, a full length opening, magnetic closure and double 26” ultra suede shoulder straps. It is fully lined in our water resistant taffeta with a zippered pocket and a divided pocket with a cell phone slot.
We also have a slightly smaller version (not as tall) called the Maxi.
The Atenti Fresco Hope Basket- A roomy stand-alone project bag. Top rolls down for easy access. Wide opening and two handles. Fully lined in water our light tan water repellent taffeta. Inside are three pockets. 12" tall x 8" wide x 8" deep
We will be bringing an assortment of bags and baskets to the Frolic.

The packing started today. We will have close to 70 colours of Hedgehog Skinny Singles and 65 colours of Hedgehog Sock. All colours of Uschitita are coming. Lynn and I will be busy getting all the skeins hanging.

A small order is coming tomorrow from madelinetosh which includes oak merino light. This is the contrast colour we used in Stripe Study. Now we'll have lots of kits for the Frolic.

I received an email today from Caroline at Life in the Long Grass. We're in the order queue. Our yarn will be dyed in May and we will have it in June. I am very excited about the colours she is offering. These are just a few. 

Later in the day I received an email from Hedgehog Fibres. Our next order has gone into production. Skinny Singles, Sock and lots of Sock Minis.

I'm going to be dreaming of pretty colours tonight.

Monday, April 23, 2018

5 more sleeps

I spent yesterday in my knitting chair. I needed a day to relax before it starts again.

We start packing tomorrow. I'm excited about a display we have planned. Dad, Beth and I worked on an idea that I had. Now fingers crossed that it comes together.

I made it to the third colour. I would have made it further but the hockey game was a bit of a nail biter. 

I had to run a few errands today and stopped at Terra to look for planters. They were just starting to put them out so I'll go back next week. It was so nice to be in the sun and see pretty flowers. I think spring might have arrived.

Now it's bed time. I have a busy week ahead of me. And I need to get to the store early. We left it in a bit of mess on Saturday.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Started planning for next year

Thanks to all who visited for LYS Day. It was crazy busy all day and we had fun. I have some ideas running through my head for next year. I am going to put these into motion after the Frolic.
I have to show Julie Ann's work. She came in wearing Squared (pattern free on Ravelry). She was lucky that I let her leave in Squared. I almost tackled her and took it :) Now I know that I need to make it.

She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles.
Sorry Not Sorry

The border is Petrol.
Simple modular poncho design with an applied i-cord border. No need to pick up stitches all the way around, yay! You will be holding two strands of different colours for a marled effect. The poncho is knitted in sections that are attached as you go. Easy and fun project, incorporating lots of different colours of fingering weight, so go dive into that stash!

The cupcakes were a big hit. I promise to make sure we have them earlier next year. Now I'm going to put my feet up and knit a few rows. I hope to make it to the next colour before bed but I have a feeling that I will be sleeping sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is going to be about resting and then Monday the packing starts for the Frolic.