Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Happy Mail Day

Mr. Canada Post delivered a surprise today. I brought a set home and when my post is finished I’m going to open them up. The Maker’s Board, Magnets and Ruler are available on the website. I can tell you the magnets in the ruler as well as the magnet set are really strong. I had to pull to get the packages apart in their boxes.

Photos © Thea Colman
Thea Colman has a new sweater pattern.

I’ve been playing with some new ways to work cables this year, and here’s my first successful experiment - Asti Spumante! 

The Asti Spumante Tee combines color and cables in a simple way I haven’t seen done before. The twisted cables make a beautifully textured fabric, and the color within each cable adds a new twist to an otherwise simple, cabled tee. I particularly love how the lines of color accent the sleeve construction by sloping gently down each shoulder. 

The body of the sweater begins in the background color only, with a deep ribbing and a bit of the cable motif to establish the design. I then added the color, working paired stripes around the body, tucked into each cable in short sections that break up the lines and highlight the texture of the fabric. 

My stripes are worked in Dream State by Spincycle Yarns, which allows for subtle color changes from diamond to diamond and stripe to stripe, and it’s these different twisted shades of color that really stand out against the natural background. 

Notes are included in the pattern for modifying fit, adjusting sleeve length, or for working your stripes in a number of different ways. Sweater is worked from the bottom up in the round to armholes, then split into front and back pieces, which are worked flat to shoulders. Sleeve stitches are added to each side of the upper body as you work to shoulders. Once shoulders are seamed, both collar and sleeve cuff stitches are picked up and worked in the round.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

If the technique interests you but you aren’t in the mood to make a sweater, Thea designed a matching hat. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

This hat combines color and cables in a simple way I haven’t seen done before. The combination of twisted cables and stripes makes for a gorgeous, textured fabric and a hat is the perfect size project for trying something new. 

The hat begins in a solid background shade, worked first in deep ribbing and then in an allover twisted stitch pattern. Once the stitch pattern was established, I added the color, tucking it into each cable in neat little lines. As always, I decided to transition from brim to hat in a way that sets up the first few rows of the pattern distinctly, and worked my crown off the last row of the pattern intentionally. The stripes themselves are centered on the body of the hat, and the crown is worked so it remains extra squishy and looks great either with or without a pom.

Dad and Beth finally caught a fish. It’s very hard to see but they were excited. Yes, they let him go.
These pictures came a little later. This one didn’t get into the boat. They had a great day!

I don’t think the dogs are going to be happy when they get loaded into the trucks to come home tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Say it with Flowers

My Shift is growing.  

I have 30 rows to go and then I’ll be casting off. The pattern is so much fun to knit. I’ll need to find time over the next few days to make up kits with the new colours.

Here are a few more patterns from the Rowan book Say It With Flowers that is coming out on October 1. Kaffe Fassett is the designer and the yarn is Felted Tweed.

We had quite a storm last night which made it hard to sleep. And we’re supposed to have another one tonight. 😢. Dad and Beth are under a Tornado watch. The cottage has a basement so they are ready if they need to move down there.

I spent way too much time working on the computer today and my eyes are tired and sore. It’s bed time. No knitting tonight.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Back at Work

I was up early and eager to get to the store. After packing parcels I made more kits for Stephen West’s MKAL.

Sweetgeorgia Tough Love Sock
Malabrigo Sock

We have a brand new yarn - Zauberball Cotton. The yarn is 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
Only four colours came but more should be coming soon.

If you take a look on Ravelry there have been a few people knit Ranunculus with Zauberball Cotton. The yarn is fingering weight so you have many, many pattern options.

There will be a new book and yarn coming from Rowan on October 1.

The dogs love going out on the boat. They had two trips today. We were very worried about getting Lucy on board. She just hops on. And she’s eating like a pig. Lucy is the least food motivated dog you will ever meet. You can leave food on the floor all day but she won’t eat until she’s ready. Bribe her with a cookie - not a chance.
I have football and baseball on so it’s time to knit.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Home Again

I drove home late yesterday afternoon. I didn’t want to spend my Sunday afternoon sitting in cottage traffic. Today was spent knitting and watching football. Our fantasy football team was bad - my tension could be a bit tighter 😢. Here is my Shift. I should have taken pictures at the lake but there wasn’t enough knit. I just finished the last section with increases and am about to start the decreases.
My colours are Good Omen, Bruised Ego and Space Oddity. There will be more Space Oddity arriving this week. 
Photo © Susan Ashcroft
If you’re looking for an easy scarf pattern, take a look at Noro Fan Scarf by Susan Ashcroft. The pattern is free on Ravelry. Susan knit the scarf with one ball of Noro Ito - the colour is #8.

We have new accessories coming from Cocoknits and they should arrive late next week. This is the Maker’s Board. There are accessories on the board that are not included but can be purchased separately.
Julie was inspired to design this tool knowing there must be an easier way to read knitting charts! From there, the Maker’s Board evolved to hold little tools, recipes, or a tablet. This is one accessory that can do a lot! Made with washable kraft fabric, there are internal metal sheets that make every surface magnetic. You can stick a chart on one surface, your pattern on another, and when you prop one side up for display, the angle is completely adjustable, making it even more versatile. Use the strong magnets included to keep small tools, charts, patterns, recipes, and more at hand while you’re working. Like many of Julie’s tools, it could help organize a variety of different projects - its uses are only limited by your imagination!
This is what is included with the board.
  • 4 round magnets covered in PLA (made from fermented plant fibers called polylactic acid, which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, beets or sugar cane.  It is 100% biodegradable, not water soluble, and contains no plastic.)
  • 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools 
  • 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools
  • Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for storage or to use as a project bag
  • You can purchase extra accessories.

    Designed to be used with our Maker’s Board, the handy Ruler and Gauge are also useful on their own. Magnets are embedded (without glue) in the back of each tool so they attach to the Maker’s Board, or any metal surface.  In addition to measuring and checking knitting needle sizes, these tools can be used as straight edges on the Maker’s Board to help track patterns and charts. Plastic free, they are made of PLA (plant fiber, 100% biodegradable plant fiber, not water soluble) in a charming speckled linen color. 

    Designed to be used with our MAKER’S BOARD, this Colorful Magnet set is made from plastic-free PLA (plant fiber) and very strong magnets, strong enough that both the front and back will work.  It includes 6 discs with embedded magnets that can hold patterns, charts, or recipes on the Maker’s Board, or use them for artwork and notes on the fridge or a metal message board!  The PLA is formed around the magnets, no toxic glue was used to secure them and they won’t come out!

    The board comes in Kraft (shown here) and Gray (shown above). You can see that the magnets will hold your Cocoknits accessories.

    Beth texted this afternoon that she lost her spot. I texted back that Lucy didn’t look comfortable. 

    This picture came a bit later. She looks comfortable now. Lucy has been crazy at the cottage. She is definitely feeling better. Lots of running.

    I’m going to knit a few rows and then try to get to bed early. I have a long to do list for tomorrow. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

At the Cottage

This is the view from the back deck of the cottage. The lake is very calm today. 

The drive was uneventful but slow. There was a bad accident on the 403 in Hamilton and it caused quite a delay. Thankfully I wasn’t driving my mustang which is standard. My legs would have been so sore from using the clutch. I borrowed the construction company’s Expedition. It was a lot easier to pack.

Someone beat me into bed last night. No, it wasn’t an enjoyable sleep. She stayed until 5 this morning. The worst part is that my bed is full of sand. When dad and Beth arrived Lucy jumped out of the truck and ran straight into the lake. She takes a few steps in and then lays down. She would stay all day if we’d let her.

We also rented a pontoon boat for the week. The dogs loved it.

I went out for a ride with them and then they brought me back so I could work. Beth took Jackson for a quick potty break before heading back out.

They took the fishing rods but didn’t catch anything.

Boscoe was antsy on the boat so Beth let him off the back and he swam laps around the boat. He had so much fun until he was tired. Then dad and Beth had to grab him by the top of his life jacket and pull him in.

There was knitting but I didn’t get pictures outside so I’m waiting until tomorrow. What am I knitting? Another Shift. It was an easy project to take.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Packing for the cottage

Cherry Bark is a new pattern from The Fibre Co. that is knit in Arranmore Light.

Cherry Bark is a classic slipover designed by Sarah Hatton in our wonderfully tweedy yarn Arranmore Light. The design features a textured stitch pattern across the back and comes with two neck options. The first option is a roll neck with a plain stocking stitch front, shown in this pattern in shade St. Claire, and the second option is a wide crew neck with a front texture panel, shown in shade Brannagh.

You can purchase the pattern on The Fibre Co.’s website. You will also see the yardages and sizing. 

Tonight’s post is going to be short because I have a long list of what I need to do. Tomorrow I’m joining dad, Beth and the dogs at a cottage for a few days. They are staying longer but a few days away is called for.

Lynn and I redid the pictures for Andrea Mowry’s Douglas Cardi. I have started adding kits to the website. The kits will be added by yarn. It can get confusing for sizing etc to mix the kits. I will make up more combinations next week.
This is Malabrigo Rios.
Cascade 220 Heathers

Here are a few more kits for Stephen West’s MKAL. 

Beth and I just finished our fantasy football draft which put a dent in my time to get ready. Now it’s time to pack and then get to bed. FYI - packing means winding yarn for a new project. Pictures tomorrow.