Thursday, June 20, 2024


Tin Can Knits has a new pattern that you can purchase on Ravelry. Meet Kaleidoscope.

Assemble scraps! This simple stripey blanket is all about playing with colour. Try new combinations, throw caution to the wind, and ENJOY!

Sizes: Stroller (Crib, Small Throw, Large Throw) sizes.

Stroller: 27” wide, 31” long 
Crib: 35” wide, 41” long 
Small Throw: 46” wide, 51” long 
Large Throw: 52” wide, 61” long

Sample shown is Large Throw sized. 

800 (1400, 2200, 2800) yards total, in yarns that may vary from DK to Aran.

You can also use sock yarn held doubled, but will need double the yardage. 

This sample is made in a wide range of odds and ends, ranging from sock yarn held doubled, through sport, DK, worsted, and Aran weights. 

US #7 / 4.5mm 
(or as required to meet gauge)

The Kaleidoscope pattern is also available in the Tin Can Knits app! 

Click here to download the app, or to learn more. 

• only see the size instructions you need 
• tick through the pattern and make notes 
• support is just a tap away 
• adjust the settings to suit you!

This afternoon dad decided that we needed to clean the vent hood on the bbq. At first he was just reaching then he went in the house and grabbed the ladder. YIKES. Most of the time I was standing behind him just in case. After he finished the vent hood was shining. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Colours are Coming

We have three brand new colours of Noro Akari coming next week.

Lynn knit Andrea Mowry’s Travelers Cowl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with one ball of Akari and had yarn left over.

I have been slacking on my blog posts for the past few weeks and I’m sorry for this. Everything is good at home but we’re crazy busy. We put in an offer (that was accepted last night) on a new house. There is a large in-law suite for dad and it isn’t in the basement which is hard to find. Dad is doing well and is continuing to improve. I will have a bit longer drive to work and Beth’s drive will be shorter. Now we need to sell our houses. 

Here is the start of my This or That MKAL. I am starting with path B. Cleaning, purging, packing and arranging for odd jobs to be done has really cut into my knitting time.

If you are making the wrap there is an update to the pattern.

That’s my shoe!!!

Monday, June 17, 2024

Color Popportunity Socks

Stephen West has more information for his Surprise Sock Along 2024. You can purchase for the Color Popportunity Socks on Ravelry.

Sign up for the Sock Along by purchasing the Color Popportunity Socks. You will immediately receive an introductory PDF followed by a set of instructions (Clue) each Tuesday in July starting July 9! 

Clue 1 - July 9 
Clue 2 - July 16 
Clue 3 - July 23 
Clue 4 - July 30

Sizes: 1 (2, 3, 4, 5) 

Finished Measurements: 6.5 (7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5)″ / 17 (19, 22, 24, 27)cm leg and foot circumference. Measurements taken after blocking. These are the measurements of the sock. 

Socks are designed to fit an actual foot circumference of 7.5 (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5)″ / 19 (22, 24, 27, 29)cm. The socks are designed to fit with negative ease. Choose a size with a finished foot circumference measurement that is approximately 1″ / 2.5cm smaller than your actual foot circumference. Measure your foot around the center part of your foot. For example, if your actual foot circumference is 9.5″ / 24cm, then knit Size 3 of the sock. The sock should fit nice and snug on your foot with negative ease. 

The length of the foot is easily customizable. 

How do I make sure my socks fit?
Watch my video and learn how to measure your foot to select your size here.

Yarn: Fingering weight

Yardage: MC - 437yds / 400m (1 skein 100g) 
CC1 - 92yds / 84m (1 mini skein 20g) 
CC2 - 92yds / 84m (1 mini skein 20g) 
CC3 - 92yds / 84m (1 mini skein 20g)

You will have leftovers of each color. These yarn amounts will produce a complete pair of socks, the right sock and the left sock. 

This design will also look amazing with 1 self-striping yarn instead of the 3 CC’s. If you use a yarn like Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy, then you can use one ball (100g) for all of the instructions that use a CC (CC1, CC2, & CC3). You will need about 279yds / 255m total for the CC. Get creative with color and customize your Color Popportunity Socks!

Wow is it hot here this evening. This is great weather for sitting inside and working with yarn 😉. I was worried about my gardens but we had crazy rain this afternoon. I think they’ll be okay for a few days. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Long Distance Father’s Day

Dad, Beth and the dogs are at the cottage and I stayed home for the weekend.
Beth made pancakes for breakfast. They looked really good and I was very jealous. What did dad get for Father’s Day? A new wallet because his little friend Fred chewed on his old one.
This is Stephen West’s Mossy Marled Raglan (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
Choose two colors of fingering weight yarn and hold them together throughout this marled sweater project. The top-down pullover begins with a folded hem in twisted rib. Then moss stitch is worked in the round as you increase with raglan shaping. I used two colors of West Wool Bicycle, a non-superwash merino wool. This soft and lofty fiber produces a super squishy and cozy fabric. The simple stitches and straight forward instructions make this sweater ideal for beginner sweater knitters. Enjoy mixing your yarns together as you knit this comfy sweater.

Le Petit Lambswool from Biches & Buches would be a great option if you want a commercial dyed yarn. 

Photos © Stephen West

There are a few rows knit on my This or That MKAL but I won’t share yet in case you haven’t started yours. I have some laundry to do and then I’m going to knit a few rows before bed.

Friday, June 14, 2024

This or That MKAL

The first clue for Ambah’s This or That MKAL came last night. I forgot that June 14th in Australia happens before June 14th in Ancaster. I cast on last night and that’s as far as I made it.

Once I read the clue I decided on my colour order.

A - Grape to Meet You

B - Fish Bowl (turquoise mix)

C - Be Hoppy

Dad was very proud of the bass he caught before dinner. Boscoe and Fred are looking on intently - they want the fish. Jackson couldn’t care less about fish.

Now I’m moving to my knitting chair. 

Just a reminder.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stripes and Slip Stitches

Diana has been ready for a new project for weeks now. Today Stephen West brought out a new shawl pattern and this is Diana’s next undertaking.

Select one solid or semi-solid main color and one self-striping contrast color to knit this sideways triangle shawl. Begin at the small tip of the shawl and work increases toward the border as you only work with one color at a time. Stripes and slip stitches form the woven checks motif, creating the illusion of the self-striping yarn weaving in and out of the garter ridges. I-cord edges frame the large shawl shape. You can easily customize the size by knitting more pattern repeats for a large shawl or simply bind off early for a smaller shawl size. This pattern includes videos linked throughout the instructions to help you cast on and bind off, making this project ideal for beginner shawl knitting.

The pattern is called Woven Checks Shawl and you can purchase it on Ravelry. 

Stephen used two skeins of a solid fingering weight yarn with two balls of Crazy Zauberball.
Photos © Stephen West

What colour are we going to make the shawl in? I’ve narrowed it down to three options. Diana is coming tomorrow afternoon so I have some time to stare at the colours.

Dusk til Dawn with 2546
Mom Jeans with 1699
Tealicious with 2528

It hit me this morning that today is June 13th. The first clue for Ambah’s This or That MKAL comes out tomorrow. I better figure out my colours and get the yarn wound tonight.

Fred decided that the skein of Dyed in the Wool that was in my bedroom would be great to chew on (he didn’t damage the yarn). I think it’s the first time he has touched yarn.
Dad was sitting at the kitchen table when I left for work. The dogs were keeping him company.
Dad, Beth and the dogs left for the cottage this afternoon. I’m staying home for a bit of quiet time. I will be using the time to go through my sewing room and clean out yarn that I won’t be using. There are boxes of pretty yarn that someone should be working with. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


 Andrea Mowry has a new pattern call Nebula and you can purchase it on Ravelry.

Oversized and comfy, this drop hem top is perfect for all the seasons! I’ve loved dressing mine up for date night, and then dressing it down for the weekend to snuggle into like my favorite worn-in sweatshirt. You can choose to stick with the short sleeves, or go for the longer sleeve version to suit your personal style! This pullover is knit from the bottom up, with a beautiful short-row curved hem and thoughtful shoulder details to accent the crew neck. The body is worked in the round until the divide for the yoke. The remainder is worked flat, and the shoulders are finished using the 3 needle bind off. The sleeves are then picked up from the body and knit in the round.

Photos © Andrea Mowry

Nebula is knit using DK weight Suri Alpaca, which is a very unique yarn! Light as a feather, it blooms beautifully, meaning it can be worked at a looser gauge than I would normally pick for DK weight yarn. I found it difficult to substitute a straight wool DK weight yarn, as I needed to go up many needle sizes to match gauge, which drastically changed the fabric. I wanted to be able to offer another yarn idea (as this unique yarn may be harder to find everywhere), and found that by holding a strand of fingering weight yarn with a strand of fuzzy lace weight, the sub was perfect! The resulting sweater is heavier than the first sample, with more stitch definition. I love them both!

The Lime sweater above was knit holding a fingering weight yarn with a fuzzy lace yarn. We have Emma’s Suri Silk which is the same yarn base as Andrea used for her sample. You can also use Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Biches & Buches Le Petit Silk & Mohair, Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace and Hedgehog Alpaca Boucle. 

If you go with Emma’s Suri Silk you can get the matching colour in Practically Perfect Sock which will give a solid (not marled) looking sweater. Or you can go crazy with two different colours for a fabulous marled look like Andrea has.

I put together a few combinations to show you matching colours and marling colours. Sorry for the pictures. I was taking these as I was locking the door. You can use the fingering weight/fuzzy yarn combination for the short sleeve or long sleeve sweater.

Lemongrass and Love + Leche

Bell Bottoms Suri with Mom Jeans PPS and Lady Lavender

Beach Please and Himalayan Salt

Andrea used the DK weight for the grey sweater. We don’t have a yarn that can be substituted for that. 

We received an email from Atenti today and a small order is on the way to us. This is the Mimi fabric that I am obsessed with. The Caddy and Hope Basket are in the box. 
The Price is Right at Night is on. I need to say goodnight and beat my family!!