Wednesday, February 01, 2023


Mr. Canpar brought in a box with two brand new colours of Lang Linello. This is colour 109. 

The colours are ever surprising. Linello is a beautiful yarn made of linen, cotton and just a small percentage of viscose. The composition is not only breath-taking but it’s also breathable material. Perfect for hot summer days and balmy evenings.

Colour 117.
This is Brian Smith’s Medea that was knit with 3 balls of Linello.
Simple increases, stocking stitch and an eyelet pattern are used to create this pretty crescent shape shawl. The border is worked sideways.
You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Here are patterns that you can purchase on Ravelry. These patterns were designed by Lang. This shawl is knit in colour 109.

This shawl is knit in colour 117.

There are a lot of beautiful finished projects on Ravelry. Take a look here.

The kettle has boiled and my needles are ready. Back to my Log Cabin square.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Suri Silk

Emma’s Yarns sent an email yesterday announcing their new yarn Suri Silk. The yarn has been added to our order that should be coming soon.

Our Suri Silk is soft, fluffy, and a great alternative to our Marvelous Mohair for anyone who has alergies or prefers not to work with mohair! Hold a strand of Suri Silk with another Emma's Yarn base for a gorgeously soft halo of texture. 

74% Suri Alpaca / 26% Silk

328 yards / 50g skein 

These are the colours that will be coming in this order.

This is the Frond of You Cowl that is knit with one skein of Suri Silk.

Frond of you is a seriously soft cowl! It’s the perfect addition to your cold weather wardrobe. Designed in a luxurious blend of Suri alpaca and silk from Emma’s Yarn, it features a delicate lace detail and soft halo that adds a touch of romance to your look. The length is adjustable to your taste and knit as written, is long enough to pull up over your head when it gets chilly, providing extra warmth and comfort. The perfect piece for stylish and cozy winter days! 

This is a great pattern for new lace knitters!

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

I spoke with Emma’s Yarns and we should have our order before the end of February. Hopefully by the middle of the month. I spent time tonight adding the yarns and kits. There are still colour photos to add - more coming later tonight. And then I ran into a snag. We have 130 colours of Practically Perfect Sock Smalls (mini skeins) coming. The website will only let me add 100 colours so I need Korey to do some magic tomorrow. Then all 130 colours will be there. 

Once I know that the yarn has left Florida I will add quantities to the website.

I was in the store shipping orders and there was a surprise when I went to make labels. UPS is a cheaper option than post for some postal codes so you might see your boxes come in a big brown truck.

There was another surprise this morning. I tracked our shipment of Barber Cords and they are delayed. The box left Finland and went to Germany. For some odd reason it then went to China. It’s taking the long way to get here. UPS says it is coming on Thursday but I won’t hold my breath.

Now back to pictures.

Monday, January 30, 2023


Karen finished her Trinigan. She used Cascade 220 Heathers and Noro Akari.

Thank you for sharing Karen. Your cardigan is gorgeous. Yes, I need to get back to mine. Karen reminded me on the phone last week 😘

From Andrea Mowry

I often begin the design process by turning to my closet and looking for gaps in my wardrobe. For years I have been wanting a pull-on-over-anything jacket style cardigan with wide sleeves and easy worn-open style. But make it fashion - with a marled back drop and color changing mosaic colorwork! 

This cardigan is knit from the bottom up, seamlessly except for underarms. The body and yoke are worked flat and the sleeves are picked up and knit in the round. The colorwork is achieved using the Mosaic knitting method.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

We have an order of Knitting Barber Cords arriving later this week. All colours will be back in stock.

Say goodbye to waste yarn and hello to these amazing hollow plastic cords.

The cords are made of silicone and come in a set of three, packaged in a tin box [diameter 68 mm] with logos on top and colour sticker on bottom.

One set contains 1* ~150 cm (60 inch) & 2* ~75 cm (30 inch) cords.

Suitable for 2.25 mm – 7 mm needles. Will work best with pointier needles rather than dull needle tips.

Firmly press the tip of the cord onto your needle (~1 cm) and start sliding your knitting on or off the cord and remember to check that your joint is secured all the time.

When your stitches are in place, then gently remove the cord from the needle by pushing it off with your fingertip or nail, do not pull the cord off.  

Just pop it gently like an expensive champagne cork.

Another square is finished. This is 438. I thought that the colour might be too bright but it turned out great.
Now some Law & Order, tea and knitting.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Happy Saturday

It’s always a happy day when Joji Locatelli has a new pattern.

Photos © Joji Locatelli
This light pullover was inspired by my original design, the Elton Cardigan.  
It features the simplest stripes, but I used two very different yarns: a fingering weight (which shows as solid bands) and a lace weight mohair (see through) creating a delicate game of texture.  
The resulting sweater is light as air.

You can purchase the pattern for the Elton Pullover on Ravelry.

For the fingering weight I would suggest

-Madelinetosh Merino Light

-Hedgehog Skinny Singles

-Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool

-Uschitita Merino Singles

For the lace weight mohair I would suggest

-Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace

-Hedgehog Alpaca Boucle

-Rowan Kidsilk Haze

-Biches & Buches Le Petit Mohair & Silk

Don’t forget that we will have brand new colours coming from Hedgehog very soon.

It’s been a long day. We were busy in the store - thank you to everyone who visited. Pizza is being delivered and then I am going to knit for a bit.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Enchanted Mesa

Last night we were watching TV and a lady was wearing Stephen West’s Enchanted Mesa on an episode of Bull. Her’s was more subdued. She had stripes in the yoke and a solid body but it was definitely this sweater.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

This top down sweater is a canvas for playing with different yarns. Select the gauge for your size and begin knitting the short row asymmetrical yoke. There is another short row section to bring the sweater down to the waistline and simple stockinette tubes for the sleeves. The sweater construction is easy to customize so it matches your body proportions. Enchanted Mesa is for the playful and adventurous knitters out there who like to make improvisational yarn and color choices. Grab your favorite yarns and have fun!  

The English PDF instructions include an optional brioche border and notes on how to expand your project into a longer dress.

Photos © Stephen West

Sizes: One size, customizable with varying gauges. 
The pattern is written in one size with DK weight yarn (4.5 sts = 1” / 2.5cm). For varying sizes, follow the gauge chart. Swatch with different yarns and needle sizes to get gauge for your desired size. This sweater is meant to fit with a few inches or more of positive ease to accentuate the drape in the body of the sweater.

The same sweater with 4.5 sts / 1” is modeled on a 37” / 94cm and a 41” / 104cm chest circumference for 6” / 15cm and 2” / 5cm of positive ease.

3.5 sts = 1” / 2.5cm 
Chest Circumference - 56” / 142cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 15” / 38cm
Recommended Yarn Weight - Heavy Worsted/Worsted

4 sts = 1” / 2.5cm 
Chest Circumference - 49” / 124cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 13” / 33cm
Recommended Yarn Weight - Worsted

4.5 sts = 1” / 2.5cm (Sample Size) 
Chest Circumference - 43” / 109cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 12” / 30cm 
Recommended Yarn Weight - DK / Worsted

5 sts = 1” / 2.5cm 
Chest Circumference - 39” / 99cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 10.5” / 27cm 
Recommended Yarn Weight - Sport/DK

5.5 sts = 1” / 2.5cm 
Chest Circumference - 36” / 91cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 9.5” / 24cm 
Recommended Yarn Weight - Sport/Fingering

6 sts = 1” / 2.5cm 
Chest Circumference - 33” / 84cm 
Sleeve Circumference - 8.5” / 22cm 
Recommended Yarn Weight - Fingering/Lace

Body and sleeve lengths are customizable. For tighter or looser sleeves, you can change the needle size to get a different gauge. 

Yarn: DK weight and thinner with 4.5 stitches = 1” / 2.5cm  

DK weight is the thickest yarn I used. Other yarns are sport, fingering and lace weight yarns with the same needle size for sections with more drape and airiness. Working with smaller yarns using the same needle size usually results in a similar gauge. The sample pictured uses a single strand of DK or fingering weight yarns as well as two strands of lace weight held together and one strand of lace weight and one strand of fingering weight held together. Be adventurous and freely mix different colors and fibers together. 

Instructions are written using colors A, B, C, etc… to mark when different colors are used, but feel free to ignore the exact color changes and throw in bits of color and texture whenever you want. If one section is striped but you feel like using one ball of yarn, make it solid. If another section is solid, but you’re feeling antsy and adventurous then throw in a dozen different colors. Have fun and make it your own!

If you are looking for DK weight yarn to add to your stash we have some on sale. Filatura di Crosa Zara is on sale for $6.50 a ball. I have more colours to add to the website - hopefully over the next few days.

I’ve been working on my Nightshift. It’s bright!

Have a great evening. A few more rows before bed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Oh So Fine

Hedgehog Fibres has a brand new yarn and we should have it next week.

We are very excited to announce the addition of not just 12 new colours to our range but also a brand new base - Oh So Fine - the softest cloud of 18.5 micron merino (this is as low as you can get micron count, which means dreamy softness). We got this lovely soft merino spun into a lofty and supple 2ply yarn. Fingering weight at 425m. Below is 'Oh So Fine' pictured in our Taffy colourway, if you could only feel how soft it is!

I just realized that I forgot to order Taffy Oh So Fine but we do have lots of great colours coming.


 Blue Lobster


Puppy Love


Also coming









I was in the store early this morning to get parcels out. 

I took Yvonne MT outside for a few pictures. These show the shape of the shawl a lot better.

Dark Blue Black and Soft Gold - the sample colours. We used Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool.
Very Dark Grey and Light Grey
Very Dark Grey and Very Light Pink
Dark Violet Blue and Soft Grey Pink
Very Dark Grey and Light Pink Violet

Dark Grey Brown and Grey Beige

There are so many possibilities. Just pick two colours that contrast. The pattern is purchased on Ravelry. Take a look at some of the finished shawls. You might like the three colour version better.

I left at 1 - the snow was picking up. I’m glad that I left when I did. The roads into my house were already snow covered.
Jackson loves the snow. Boscoe can take it or leave it.

I hope to be in the store by 11am tomorrow morning. It will depend on the weather.