Thursday, December 30, 2021

One more day

I’m trying to add more kits to the website. This is Latte from Rowan knit in Brushed Fleece. We have the cardigan knit in the store and everyone loves it. The cardigan is knit on 9mm needles so it is soft and fluffy but it doesn’t feel heavy when you wear it.
I will try and get more kits on over the weekend.
Our Boxing Week Promotion ends at noon tomorrow. You still have time to order. If you order for curbside I will do my best to have it ready for pick up by 1pm tomorrow.

I have been asked what our hours will be next week. The store will be closed to in store shopping for a few more weeks. We will be doing curbside pick up and mail order. I will figure out the curbside hours over the weekend.
Now I’m happy with how the colours are working.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

It’s been wild

Thank you to everyone who has placed orders. We have been going like crazy but we are not complaining! It meant that I went home the past two evenings with no energy to write. 
Hurry because Jennifer Steingass has a pattern sale until tomorrow.

50% off all Knit.Love.Wool patterns is valid through tomorrow, 12/30! This discount is automatic at checkout on Ravelry, or use code klw50 on Gumroad.

Here is the link to Jennifer’s patterns on Gumroad.

Here are her patterns on Ravelry.

We learned something new on the website yesterday. For Christmas many people received prepaid Mastercard or Visa cards. Our website won’t let you split payments (if your order is $150 you can’t use a $100 prepaid visa and then use your own visa for the other $50). I’m not sure why but it’s picky. Use your prepaid credit card to purchase a store gift card. Then you can enter the code from our gift card in when you make your yarn/needles/book ……….. purchase. This will let you split payments.

We had a bit of fun yesterday because Canada Post’s website was down all morning. It didn’t come back until after 1pm. We had a lot of boxes packed waiting for mailing labels. Lynn and I hustled and we got all but two orders packed. One we needed to figure out a box to mail it in. The other came in as we were leaving.

We were having more fun today because Canada Post’s website was down again. The mail carrier was happy because we already filled his van and there wasn’t room for many boxes today. Their website came back up and we have the rest of our orders packed and will be going out tomorrow.

I’m trying to write early today. I have work when I get home. The Hedgehog order needs to be put online. 
Lots of Hedgehog Sock minis have been added to the website.
Photos © Andrea Mowry
I have been trying to add more kits to the site. We have the original colours for Birds of a Feather back in stock.

I didn’t get the best pictures but I made up two more combinations for Illuminate.

I thought there would be more added but I have to retake pictures tomorrow.

My knitting….That’s a long story. I’m working on my Inclinations Shawl. I had the second section finished but didn’t like the colours so I ripped it out (just the second section) and tried again. Halfway through I decided that I didn’t like the colours again so I ripped it out. Now I have changed some of the colours. I will share when I get more knit but it’s looking better.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Boxing Day

Our sale started at 8am this morning. I was up early to make sure there weren’t any glitches. There were but I made the necessary adjustments and I think that everything should be working.

This set of fingering weight yarn is called So Fond of Rainbows from Frabjous Fibres. These are part of the Boxing Week sale.

It’s the rainbowload of Mini Skeins, oh yes. Curated collections on your favorite bases in several colorways that provide a full-spectrum knitting experience! Twenty 1-oz Mini Skeins: combine them all for a large project, or spread them out over several smaller projects. The possibilities are truly limitless! 

Twenty 1-oz skeins per pack, 128 yards each; total 2560 yards 

Gauge: 28 – 30 stitches per 4″; Needles: US 1 -3 recommended

What can you make with this? You can mix these mini skeins with fingering weight yarn you have at home for Stephen West's Melting Marl Shawl or Melting Marl Scarf. The kit is 565 grams and Stephen says you need 800grams for the Wide Melting Marl Scarf. You can follow the fade adding in some of your stash and you will have an amazing scarf.

Another idea is to add balls of Biches & Buches Le Petit Silk & Mohair or Rowan Kidsilk Haze to help with your yardage.

What are these bundles? 
This is a sneak peek to something that will be happening in February. The pictures were pretty so I’m sharing.

I knit most of the afternoon while watching football. We were in the semifinals of our Fantasy Football league. It didn’t go well and we are finished. Now we are watching Team Canada at the World Juniors. 

If you placed an order for curbside pickup we will try and have them ready for Tuesday. You will receive an email once your order is complete.

Boscoe stays clear of Jackson while he has his cone on. For the past few nights Boscoe has slept with me. I find him in the middle of the night sleeping in my bathroom. He looks comfortable.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I hope you and your family had a great day. 

Dad came for breakfast and then we did presents. The theme of my gifts were pottery, baskets and Apple. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Beth and I made our first turkey dinner. It turned out really well and there is enough turkey for hot turkey sandwiches tomorrow night. 

One football game is finished and the next is starting soon. The kitchen is clean so it’s time to knit. I’ll be up early in the morning to make sure that everything is working correctly on the website. The sale starts at 8am.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Dreaded Cone

Caitlin Hunter has a new pattern.  

The Kachemak sweater is a classic colorwork sweater knit seamlessly from the top down. Options are given for a turtleneck, mock turtleneck or crew neckline and the sleeve and body length are easily adjusted to fit a wide range of bodies and style preferences.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. 

Caitlin knit the sweater with dk weight yarn. There are many options. I will try and put together some combinations early next week.

Photos © Caitlin Hunter

Two boxes of Malabrigo arrived today and I had fun playing with Rios.
Photo © Andrea Mowry

I put together colours of Rios for the Nightshift. These colours are similar to the colours that Andrea used for her shawl.

Dad picked up our Christmas cake from Jones Bakery. Of course we had a piece tonight.

Mr. Jackson is doing fine after having minor surgery today. It was his ‘I’m a boy, 6 month surgery’. The vet called and asked Beth to pick him up early because he was crying and whining. He wanted his mom. Boscoe isn’t happy with the cone. I’m at the kitchen table writing and he is lying on my feet. It could be a long two weeks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Boxing Week

Isabell Kraemer has a new sweater.
pinia is worked seamlessly from the top down. Starting with the neck shaping, short rows are worked back and forth to create a higher back neck. The yoke is then worked in the round to sleeve separation. Sleeve stitches are placed on hold to work the body top down to the ribbing. The sleeves are then worked top down to the cuffs. Optional neck finishing is worked last.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. 

Photos © Isabell Kraemer

There are some great finished projects on Ravelry. I really like this one. The knitter used Felted Tweed for the body and Felted Tweed Colour for the colourwork. A few knitters used a fingering weight yarn that is similar to Le Petit Lambswool.

Lynn was making sure that we had all the pompoms out today and I started matching them with Rasta.  

Almond Blossom and Light Pink
Arequita and Mustard
Valentina and Violet
Plomo and Lilac

Diana and Olive

We will be receiving an order from Malabrigo tomorrow. Rasta, Rios and Sock. 

We have started a section on the website called Boxing Week. The Boxing Week sale will start at 8am on Sunday morning and will run until noon on Friday. There are a few items up now - these are not the sale prices. Sale prices will go live on Sunday morning. Make sure you check out the page Sunday morning because there will be more items added.

Starting December 27th the store will be closed to in-store shopping. We will be offering curbside pick-up and our online store will continue to be open 24/7! Please wait to receive an email confirmation that your order is ready for pickup before coming to the store.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


We received a box of Opal sock yarn today. There are 2 collections. 
This is Faszination.

Lettlopi arrived as well and is now available online.
Another option for patterns is Modern Daily Knitting’s Field Guide No. 17. We have the book available on the website or you can purchase it is a download on Ravelry.

It’s 10pm and I still have a newsletter to finish but I think it is best to sign off and close my computer. I am going to be dreaming of yarn tonight. Happy yarn dreams would be good but I have weird dreams. I might forget to go to work. Lynn forgot to come to work. I get to work and don’t have my keys to get in. We have no customers. The Wi-Fi is out for the day which means we can’t accept debit or credit cards. I should stop or I am going to be dreaming all of these tonight.