Friday, July 31, 2009

I can't wait to have a bigger store

What was I thinking? Four huge boxes of Sirdar yarns arrived today and there is no where to put it.

The boxes included
-Snuggly DK and 4ply
-Tiny Tots
-Crofter DK
-Escape DK
-Escape Chunky

Baby Bamboo is a customer favourite for knitting baby and childrens garments. Five new colours arrived in the boxes. This is colour 130-a bright purple.

129 is called Banjo Blue-a bright blue.

I have left out 128 because the name speaks for itself. Tigger.

Skittle. Where does that name come from? I immediately think candies.

Colour 127 is a deep navy blue.

Rocking Horse is a deep blue red. What a great colour for an adult sweater.

There is a new baby book called Little Stars in Stripes. Cute patterns-just like we have come to expect from Sirdar. All patterns in the book (ages newborn to 7 year old) are also available as leaflets. This is my favourite. It almost makes me want a little girl. :)

Rowan sent me images for the new Colourscape Folk magazine so I could put them on the website. There were pictures for three garments that aren't in the magazine. I have learned that Rowan is offering these as free patterns on their website. The first pattern is now up-Cora-a great chunky scarf. You can download the pattern here.

I did get to the neck shaping on Iris last night. Maybe pictures tomorrow if I get the front done tonight.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great Expectations

Tahki's new magazine the Tweed Collection 3rd Edition just arrived. This is the cover garment. WOW!! I love it. It is called the Great Expectations Coat by Vladimir Teriokhin. The coat is being knit up for a store sample right now. Joan-are you done yet?

I have been knitting away on Iris and am past the armhole shaping on the front. Will I make it to the neck shaping while watching Big Brother tonight?

Alice in Wonderland is also from Tahki's new Tweed Collection. I saw both garments knit up at TNNA in June and knew that I needed them hanging in my store. The yarn for this (a beautiful lime) is being mailed to Ann tomorrow.

Mom and Dad are on their way home from Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Now the fun begins. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sidecar Jacket

This picture was uploaded Tuesday afternoon-it is now Wednesday afternoon and I am finally finding time to finish the post.

The finishing touches have been put on the next Tips and Tricks newsletter. It should go out tonight-I just need Beth to proof read it. Does p2togtbl confuse you? Sign up to receive the newsletter and you will receive easy to follow instructions.

The store has been crazy busy-thanks to all who have visited yesterday and today. Sorry for the upheaval in the store-in a couple of weeks it will be back in order

I am now waiting for my cabinet maker and electrician to show up. Dad is on the war path because no one is getting their prep work done.

Wannietta finished the Sidecar Jacket this week and it arrived in yesterdays mail. It looks amazing in person. The yarn is a blend of wool and organic cotton-extra soft and yummy.

I thought that Casey (Big Brother) was going to be good at the game but he sure blew it last night. You must try and win the POV-even if you don't think you need it.

Joseph had a real melt down on Hell's Kitchen. Does he honestly believe he can get a job wherever he wants? Who is going to hire that loose cannon?

Monday, July 27, 2009


I haven't been blogging but for a very good reason-I have been knitting!! The bug has caught again and I can't stop. The back is finished on Iris (three days-not bad) and I am a couple of inches up the front. I need to get this done because other garments in the Colourscape Folk magazine are calling my name.

Keep checking out the Featured Patterns page of the website as well. More and more patterns are being added all the time. New additions include
-Rowan 46
-Colourscapes Chunky
-Lima Collection
-Spud & Chloe

The rearranging in the store has started. The front room has a great display of Namaste bags now. Did you know that the Newport and Malibu bags are now discontinued? We still have stock but can't get any more.

Beth returned home from Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon. She proceeded to sleep most of Saturday to recuperate. The dogs have left me and are sleeping with her. I miss them but have much more room in bed.

Has anyone been watching Law and Order UK? Scarves are running rampant on the show-everyone is wearing them. It is great to see.

We are so used to living with technology that not having it is difficult. My email has been acting up all day. Why can't it just work properly? How did we live without email? If you have been trying to reach me, please be patient. It will get her sometime.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Darn Dogs

Did you know that there is a Needle Emporium group on Ravelry and Facebook? Be the first to know-yarn arrivals, knitting shows, workshops and gossip from the knitting world.

You thought I was joking about the dogs on the bed. Where am I supposed to sleep? How do I get them off the bed? Once they are set, especially Roko, you can't move them. Cookies. I went to the kitchen and they came running. While they were eating I ran and got into bed.

I didn't get much knitting done last night but here is the start of Iris. The colours are working up great and I have some shirts that will be perfect under it. Maybe tonight while watching Big Brother and Law and Order UK.

I got to work yesterday morning and went on a rearranging blitz. Colourscapes Chunky is now hanging so you can really see the colours. Now I sit and stare at them-not good because I want to knit with them all.

Some of the colours of Lima are on the shelf. I am having a hard time right now because once the renovations are done many of the yarns are going to be moved. Why put them out and then have to move them in 2 weeks? But I really want them out so I can look at them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is Lima-one of Rowan's new yarns for fall. 84% Baby Alpaca, 8% Merino Wool and 8% Nylon. It is hard to describe the yarn-the best I can come up with is that it looks like a chain stitch in crochet. Korey is working on getting the shade cards onto the website.

Here are a few garments from the new magazine dedicated to Lima. This is Brea. We will have this sweater hanging in the store as soon as it arrives from Rowan.

I will be putting the garments from this magazine on the website-look under Featured Patterns and then Lima magazine.

Yesterday I showed a few garments from the new magazine Folk. Did you figure out which one I will be knitting? After much debate (have you tried to debate with yourself?) the top sweater won-Iris. I am using one of the new shades called Autumn.

Not a lot of knitting got done while watching TV last night-there was a dog sitting on me. Roko needs to be touching someone at all times. Tuesday nights is going to be a busy TV night this summer-Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother and Deadliest Catch. The contestants on this season of Hell's Kitchen are interesting-is that a nice way to put it that they all seem like losers? Big Brother-Ronnie-what can I say? Jordan, not Russell? I want Laura to stay-her revenge on Ronnie will be great.

Back to Roko. I sleep in a king size bed. Of course Melo beat me into bed and was laying across my pillows. I found a small spot on the edge and then Roko joins us. He laid tight to me for half the night while I was part way off the bed. Beth come home so I can have my bed back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colourscape Chunky

Yesterday was my day off but boy did I accomplish lots. Beth left for a week in Myrtle Beach with Mom and Dad. After she got on the road I paid my PST, worked on my GST (almost done which was a huge accomplishment), mailed out some parcels, stopped at the store to pick up yarn for more mail orders, had my nails done (okay, not work but necessary), worked on the website and then picked up the dogs. I am dropping them off at my parents before work and picking them up after work. They are kept company during the day by a friends son.

The day started out busy in the store and then boom. Seven boxes arrived from Rowan. There are seven new magazines.
-Colourscape Folk Collection
-Lima Collection
-Purelife Winter Collection
-Classic Winter Solace
-Classic 4ply Designs Men/Women
-Classic Heartland
-Classic DK Designs Men/Women

The rest of the boxes were filled with
-Six colours of Colourscapes Chunky
-One colour of Cocoon
-Two colours of Felted Tweed
-One colour of Kidsilk Haze
-Ten colours of Felted Tweed Aran
-Nine colours of Lima
-One colour of Big Wool

The designs in the Colourscape Chunky magazine are calling my name. Here are four that I am considering.

I have my 7mm Addi Clicks and the magazine packed. What will I start tonight during Big Brother? Which colour will I pick? I have 10 minutes to decide before going home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I was up early again this morning to watch the final round of the British Open.

Melo and Roko have been enjoying a sunny, warm day. Roko is a total toy hog. If Melo picks up anything, Roko runs over and takes it away from him. It might help if Melo would stand up for himself.

Beth is leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow. My parents best friends and their family are in Myrtle Beach as well. Nine very loud adults in one house. There is no way to have an afternoon nap and don't think about going to bed early.

Looking forward to Big Brother tonight. Who will Ronnie nominate?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We took the kids out for dinner at Jack Astor's last night. Some how we always end up with the same waitress-her name is Beth-very easy for us to remember. To make the evening fun there is always some sort of game. The kids love it when Beth is serving us because she always gets into the game. Last night the kids came up with the game-you could not say the letter 's'. One of the twins had 'oup' with her dinner. Try it, it isn't easy. The kids lasted much longer than the adults. Before they spoke you could see them forming a sentence in their head to make sure they chose the right words. To make matters worse when one of the adults was knocked out of the game there was usually a word said not appropriate for kids so we had to add money to the swear jar. This made the kids even happier!!

After dinner everyone came back to our house. Didn't they know I wanted to knit??

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, I have gone through the magazine again. These three designs are knit in Kid Silk Haze-sometimes referred to as Kid Crack Haze.

Wentworth from Kaffe Fassett. I do love Kaffe.

Chartwell is a triangular shawl. 4 balls of Haze on 5mm needles. Not too bad.

Who can't use a vest in their wardrobe? Bourne-I can wear it with jeans or dressed up.

Now I am confusing myself. I will be in the store until 7pm. How many times am I going to change my mind before then?

Rowan 46

The new Rowan magazine just arrived. Unfortunately the new yarns haven't made it yet. I am guessing Tuesday for those. Can I go the weekend without starting anything? If I am going to start something I have narrowed it down to these three because I have colours that I like in the store. Also, they are knit on larger needles. My recent projects have all been on 4mm needles so 7mm and bigger sounds exciting.

Stockport-knit in Cocoon. I have used this yarn before and loved it. There are 5 pieces to this-front, back, two sleeves and the yoke.

Rochdale and Bradford are knit in Big Wool. I might be able to have this done by the end of the weekend. :) Okay, not quite but on 12mm needles they will go fast.

Is this the one?

I just received a shipment of patterns from KnitWhits. This is called Shalimar and is knit in Silk Garden Sock. Is this the one that I want to knit? Or should I wait for the new Rowan next week?

Coverage of The British Open started at 7am. I was up early watching the golf and knitting-almost made the half way point. I wanted to get a picture for you. Off to my closet I went and grabbed my needle box so I could divide the stitches and get a good picture.

There isn't a 4mm needle in the box. I know-it is very hard to find anything in the mess. Maybe I should put these away properly.

Did you watch Big Brother last night? I thought that I was going to be rooting for Lydia but she is turning out to be a witch. Right now I am debating between Casey (a bit of a goof but keeping his nose clean) and Jeff.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No new projects

I guess I should have saved the second post from Tuesday and used it on Wednesday.

I am proud to tell you that I still haven't started a new project. I try not to walk past the Noro. :)

Car shopping started on Monday and ended yesterday. The Expedition I am driving is leased and I am going to buy it out. My dealer priced me a 2010 Edge and Expedition. The monthly payments on a new Edge are the same as I am currently paying for my Expedition and the payments for an Expedition have gone up by 50%. The odometer on my truck hasn't reached 40,000 kms yet-it has some good years left.

My day started very early today because The British Open is on TV. Coverage starts at 7am. It is amazing how much work you can accomplish when you wake up early. Bills were paid, mail orders done and I even made a lunch to bring to work.

The slingbox is on while I am writing this. What a great invention. My other chores today include adding the remaining Spud & Chloe patterns to the website. They are at the bottom of the Featured Patterns page.

Lovey Dovey Top knit in Spud & Chloe Sweater. The top/dress goes from size 6 months to 8 years.

Lulu Leggings in Spud & Chloe Fine.

Who is going to be leaving Big Brother tonight? I hope it is Chima-she is so whiny!! It didn't take long for the infighting to start on some of the teams. Ronnie getting caught playing both sides is funny. He is so smart and knows how to play the game. On Sundays show he mentioned something about National Champion of Persuasive Speaking (or something close to that). Have you ever heard of that? Why not start out the game being a happy person who tries to get along with everyone? Why put a target on your back the first week? Don't you think that these people would have watched at least one season of the show before applying to go on?

I have stopped updating the website for now and am working on my JSS vest. I should reach the half way point very soon-I want it to be done now!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Noro and Big Brother

I go for days without a post and now there are two today.

My Canpar driver came this afternoon with five big boxes of Noro-Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock, Kureyon and Kureyon Sock. The new colours are already on the website. I pulled a few colours of Silk Garden and took a picture of them for you.

Silk Garden 302 - Orange, Lavender, Blue, Green

Silk Garden 301 - Royal, Purple, Fuchsia, Lime

Silk Garden 276 - Lime, Brown, Purple, Turquoise

I have been going through magazines since unpacking the boxes. I need to knit with one of the new colours but what should I do?? Do I knit for myself or a store sample?? Should I do a sweater or something small like a scarf?? Which of the eight new colours do I want to use??

There are a couple of new patterns from KnitWhits as well. I brought these home from TNNA but was holding them back until the new colours arrived. This cropped cardigan will look great over jeans or a black dress. The pattern is called Anouk and is knit in Silk Garden Sock.

Kureyon and Kureyon sock are used to knit Flamenco.

I am home now and happy/sad to report that no new yarn came with me. For now I am going to try and be good and finish up some of my other projects.

Tonight will be the third episode of the new season of Big Brother. Not sure who in the house I like. I know there are many that I don't like. Does Jessie think that his muscles are attractive? Seeing Laura in a bikini makes my back hurt. How does she stand up straight? The brains couldn't figure out the last challenge-how smart are you? Chima and her hissy fit-get rid of her!!

I just googled Big Brother to make sure that I was spelling Jessie's name right and stumbled upon a website that told me what was going to happen tonight. Thanks. Why watch now?

Job #2

There is a long story behind this that will just make you want to fall asleep so I am going to give you the short version. My dad and three friends bought a water park in Wasaga Beach. The slides were built but the wave pool needed to be finished. The construction was done in time to open for the summer of '86.

We couldn't hire enough lifeguards in Wasaga Beach so some of my friends from Hamilton were hired to go up for the summer. This caused another problem-where were we going to live? Easy solution-build a house for 16 people. Yet another problem-16 teenagers living in a house together. The solution to that was very easy-hire a den mother. Audrey was going to live with us for the summer. She wasn't there to cook or clean but just to make sure we didn't get into trouble. Bad for my parents but great for us-Audrey was an alcoholic. A case of beer a day (24) followed by her bottle of CC. We pretty much did whatever we wanted that summer.
Our house was the place to be. The rest of the staff spent most of the summer living with us as well. It wasn't unusual for there to be 10 people sleeping on our living room floor.

We worked hard that summer and played even harder. When the park shut down at the end of summer I moved from Wasaga Beach to Waterloo for my first year of university. I missed all frosh week activities because I needed to catch up on sleep after one crazy summer.

Monday, July 13, 2009


My blog posts have been a bit lacking the past couple of weeks but that will change very soon. The fall yarns have started to trickle in and there will be major shipments arriving this week. The new colours of Silk Garden and Kureyon could be in the store tomorrow. I spoke with the Rowan distributor today and my order is set to leave South Carolina on Wednesday-watch your inbox on Wednesday for a newsletter that will preview the new magazine.

I finally made it past the first armhole on my Jane Slicer-Smith vest. The next time I take a picture of it I will put it on a longer needle so you can get a better look at it. The bottom edge isn't showing well-you increase every 20 rows so it is longer in the back than in the front.

I tried to get you a close up of the collar. It was hard with the overhead pot lights on-my shadow was in most of the pictures I took. The collar is getting wider as I work towards the armhole.

There was a long 'to do' list for today.
-Dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I am sure she was purposely trying to hurt me.
-Stop and get Beth pool cue chalk
-Bank for mom and dad
-Run into The Bay at Limeridge Mall for makeup at the Mac counter
-Car shopping. Yes, it is that time again. It is hard to believe but my Expedition is 3 years old and the lease is up at the end of October. Ford has misplaced my last two vehicles so I want to get this one ordered early just in case.

I'm moving upstairs now to watch the end of the Home Run Derby.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My first job

Yesterday there were a couple of young girls walking through the neighbourhood with brochures. It lead me to reflect on my first job.

Think back to the summer of '83. My dad's construction company had just finished building Wild Waterworks in Confederation Park. He came home from a job meeting one day and told me I was starting work the next day. No interview. Nothing. I had my first job. I worked Monday-Friday 10-6. Because I wasn't 16 they wouldn't let me work on cash so I took tickets at the gate. It sounds boring but what a great summer. Working with university students had its perks. There was a party every weekend and my dad would drive me to every one of them.

I went back the next two summers as a cashier. Looking back on it I realize that the other staff influenced my life greatly. I listened to CFNY because they all did. I wore Ralph Lauren because they did. My sunglasses were Vuarnets. There were many escapades including the bachelorette party at the Fox's Den. Very influential experience for a 16 year old, naive girl. Boy would it be fun to go back to the summer of '83, '84 and '85.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Farmers Market

As I was leaving work last night I snapped this picture. Every Wednesday from 3-7pm there is a small farmers market across from the store. The first week there was one table and this week there was four with lots of traffic. I will check it out next week.

I had a few printer issues last night. My accounting program was on my Mac which is upstairs in the office with the printer. Somehow the program crashed so it is now on my laptop. I have to run upstairs, put a cheque in the printer and then run downstairs to hit print. Why don't I take my laptop upstairs? Good question. My laptop is an Acer and the battery is fried-it must be plugged in to work. So far the printing hasn't been a problem-running up and down the stairs is good for me. However, last night I kept getting an error. Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs. Yes, I did take the laptop upstairs and plug it in. Still no go. Finally I turned the printer off and on. Printing like a charm now.

After watching the Blue Jays lose yet another game I made Beth watch the Y&R with me. She is getting into it but won't let on. We fast forward through the Daniel, Amber stuff because I just don't care. Beth was sure Nikki was going to keep secret what she saw in Adam's room. :) She was also upset to find out that Mary Jane is Patti and not a man.

I will be working on the website today-adding more yarns!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth

Happy Birthday Beth. Today is a milestone in her life!!

Jane Slicer-Smith sent out her latest newsletter today with a picture of the front and back cover of her book-it's a much better picture than I put up a few weeks ago. My vest hasn't come out of it's bag (Offhand Designs of course) since Friday. Maybe this afternoon.

I have been unpacking shipments this afternoon from
-Crystal Palace-Mini Mochi sock yarn
-Namaste-Mini Clutches and Oh Snap pouches
-Spud & Chloe-reorder of yarn and patterns.

Watch for big changes on the website. Korey hopes to launch when the store renovations are done-I think he has bitten off a lot but he thinks it can be done.

Have you been watching the Y&R? I watched Thursdays and Fridays episodes last night and I am watching yesterdays episode as I am typing this. WOW. I didn't expect Phillip to actually show up. There are a couple of characters that we need to get rid of-Heather, Mary Jane, Lily, Cane and Sharon.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sorry that I have been AWOL for the past two days. I took a bit of personal time.
Saturday in the store was busy (makes me very happy) but that left no time to blog.

Saturday evening was spent with a group of friends playing poker. Glenn and Tracey live in the country and converted an old garage behind their house into a poker room. I think we spent more time laughing than actually playing.

Beth has a very big birthday this week. John and Lynda have recently celebrated their big birthdays so I took them on a road trip yesterday. We went to Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls, NY. We crossed at the Rainbow Bridge around 3 yesterday afternoon. The line up was huge with Americans returning home after their long weekend. The border guards were taking their time with each car, checking trunks, etc so we were sitting for half an hour.

Beth leaned out of the back window and took a few pictures of the falls. It doesn't matter how many times you have seen the falls, it still is amazing.

The afternoon/evening was a lot of fun. No one won money but there was no big losses.

Now we are getting ready for part two of the celebration-a round of golf. The weather looks good so I am very excited. Hope you all have a good afternoon as well!!