Wednesday, June 30, 2021


We have a new magazine from Kim Hargreaves.

The magazine is on the website along with pictures of all the designs.

A collection of easy summer style and casual comfort. The designs worked in delicate shades are relaxed and effortless to wear. Delight in the simple pleasures of each new day, the nurturing touch of morning sun on your skin dew on the grass and blossom laden trees, find your joy in a simpler life.

 Diana stopped by with a new shawl.

I went in a very different direction for the colours of this shawl. The yarn is tosh merino light from the MadTosh & Shibui collection. We used Lovegrass, Prickly Pear and Fiddleneck.

Some of you might have guessed the designer and pattern name - maybe you’ve knit the sister shawl.

This is Ambah O’Brien’s Lilli Pill Shawl (pattern purchase on Etsy).

Combine classic stripes with lace for a relaxed shawl to enjoy year-round. Asymmetrical triangular shaping is easy to wear and so satisfying to knit. Choose boldly contrasting yarns or knit your Lilli Pilli up with a more subtle variegated yarn and solid colour combination. Or go with classic neutrals for a shawl you reach for regularly over the years to come. Inspired by my loved Lilli Pilli Wrap, I had long been wanting to make myself another when inspiration struck, and I decided to create a shawl version.

I am waiting for Lynn to get home from the cottage for more pictures.

The new Dyed in the Wool has also been added to the website.

The hockey game is on and my knitting is calling.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Number 2

I was at the vaccination centre early this morning and my second shot went quickly and without pain. I’m feeling okay. A bit of a headache but that could be the heat. I went to the store afterwards and got the mail out. I was waiting and waiting and finally Mr. UPS showed up with a box from Spincycle. 

The yarn is on the website but I didn’t take pictures. I will do that tomorrow.

There are two new colour of Versus.

Here are a few combinations for Cinnabar.

There are 25 skeins of Grumpy Birds in the box. This is the colour that Andrea Mowry uses for Shifty. Grumpy Birds has been discontinued and we won’t be able to get anymore after it’s gone.
Photos © Andrea Mowry

This sweater is all about being playful and having fun with color! One colorway is used consistently as the “background” while 3 contrasting colors make up the textured colorwork using the Mosaic knitting method! This is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe - it looks fabulous with high waisted pants and skirts, layered under overalls and pinafores or over dresses and tunics!

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

Flowers are coming. Hopefully we get some rain tonight. 

Boscoe is sleeping with his snuggle puppy. He’s had this since he was a baby and it goes in the crate with him at night. He takes it out and lightly throws it around but doesn’t hurt the puppy. It is the one toy that he hasn’t demolished.

This is a toy that he is going to demolish. There is a squeaky toy inside which makes it fun. Rip this apart to get to another toy.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Leaves in a Stream

Mr. Canada Post came this morning with a box from Lynda. A new store sample that is beautiful. There will be more pictures later this week and then again when Lynn gets back from the cottage. It was way too hot to be outside today.

Autumn has always been my very favorite time of the year. Crisp air, intense blue skies, and the achingly beautiful colors of fall foliage. My first version of this shawl was the greens, golds, and greys, pictured here on my younger son. As it was taking shape, it reminded me of days spent watching leaves flowing and converging, floating in and out of the sunlight as they played in a Northern California waterway. And so, I began thinking of this shawl as Leaves in a Stream and soon I couldn’t call it by any other name. Two gradient colorways intertwine, and with German short rows, create a stunning play of light and shape in fingering or aran/worsted weight yarn.

This is a pattern from Rosemary (Romi) Hill and you can purchase it on her website.

The shawl is knit with 2 Freia Shawl balls - we used Pt. Reyes and Autumn Rose

For this shawl you must weigh your yarn as you are going. Romi suggests a small pocket scale. This is the link she sent me from Amazon. Any small scale will work.

Photos © Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Someone is adding older Kaffe Fassett patterns to Ravelry. This is from Rowan Magazine #7. What a work of art. I was in love with this the minute the magazine came out.

I almost missed the rainbow.

Saturday, June 26, 2021


Churchmouse Yarns has a new pattern for a scarf knit in Rowan’s Cotton Cashmere. You can download the pattern for free on Churchmouse’s website.

A shallow, garter-stitch triangle, this free pattern is a breeze to knit! Long, tapered ends offer tons of styling and tying options, while an eyelet edging adds interest. Three-color stripes shine in this scarf’s clean simplicity. Pick tonal shades for a gentle touch, or pick high-contrast hues for a bit more punch! 

Rowan Cotton Cashmere makes this simple scarf an excellent choice for when the breeze picks up or the sun goes down. Lightweight and so soft, this DK-weight yarn seamlessly combines the cool strength of cotton with the soft warmth of cashmere. It’s lightweight, creates clear stitch definition, and lovely drape. Plus, its palette of fresh, tonal shades is perfect for stripes!

See all the colours of Cotton Cashmere. You need one ball each of 3 colours for the scarf.

There is life in the garden. We should see lots of flowers soon.

This Hydrangea was an indoor plant that we put in the garden three years ago. I have babied this thing. Watered it when the leaves looked droopy. Gave it Miracle Grow. No flowers. It looks like we’re getting some this summer.

I did some rows on Cinnabar this afternoon. The second ball of Versus (four in total) has been joined and I should be joining the second ball of Dyed in the Wool (three in total) tonight.

Here is a sneak peek at stitch markers that will be coming mid July. 

Now it’s time to knit! 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Thank You Alex

My latest Nightshift has been blocked. Thank you Alex. She wove the ends in for me too!

I used Spincycle’s Dream State. The colours are
  • Neveruary
  • Wololo 
  • Castaway
  • Close Call
  • The Family Jewels
  • Good Omen
Mr. UPS brought two big boxes of Rasta today. Normally I wouldn’t stock up on a ‘winter’ yarn at the beginning of summer but Rasta is hard to come by. When they have colours we buy them. It could be late fall before some of these colours are available again.

The new colours of Regia have been a hit. We have a few balls left and more are coming on Wednesday.

There will be more Spincycle Dyed in the Wool and Versus coming next week. 
Close Call
Overshadow (you know a few skeins of this will be going into my stash 😘)
Time & Tide
Now & Then
Forgive & Forget (this is the colour that I am using for my Cinnabar). 

I am finishing the two Log Cabin squares that are on the needles and then back to Cinnabar. I’ve enjoyed the mindless knitting of the squares but I want to finish my shawl!

Congratulations to the Montreal Canadians. They were much better than my team. 
Boscoe’s sad too.