Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Number 2

I was at the vaccination centre early this morning and my second shot went quickly and without pain. I’m feeling okay. A bit of a headache but that could be the heat. I went to the store afterwards and got the mail out. I was waiting and waiting and finally Mr. UPS showed up with a box from Spincycle. 

The yarn is on the website but I didn’t take pictures. I will do that tomorrow.

There are two new colour of Versus.

Here are a few combinations for Cinnabar.

There are 25 skeins of Grumpy Birds in the box. This is the colour that Andrea Mowry uses for Shifty. Grumpy Birds has been discontinued and we won’t be able to get anymore after it’s gone.
Photos © Andrea Mowry

This sweater is all about being playful and having fun with color! One colorway is used consistently as the “background” while 3 contrasting colors make up the textured colorwork using the Mosaic knitting method! This is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe - it looks fabulous with high waisted pants and skirts, layered under overalls and pinafores or over dresses and tunics!

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

Flowers are coming. Hopefully we get some rain tonight. 

Boscoe is sleeping with his snuggle puppy. He’s had this since he was a baby and it goes in the crate with him at night. He takes it out and lightly throws it around but doesn’t hurt the puppy. It is the one toy that he hasn’t demolished.

This is a toy that he is going to demolish. There is a squeaky toy inside which makes it fun. Rip this apart to get to another toy.

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