Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Ultimate Stash-Busting Project

The Big Marl is a squishy pile of goodness that will keep you warm all winter long. Easily customisable for any size and combination of yarns. Why not try my rainbow technique for picking colours - use all of colours of the rainbow but eliminate at least one. In the example shown I used (almost) no green but all other colours were fair game!

Photos © Beata Jezek

The pattern is free on Hedgehog’s website.
Arne & Carlos Lofoten Color arrived today. One ball will make a pair of adult socks.
Sarah has been reading my posts about the Log Cabin Afghan and pulled hers out to finish it.

The squares are joined and now she is working on the border around the blanket.
You can see the raw edge to the right.
The raw edge is along the bottom.

I’m trying to resolve a computer issue and am totally frustrated. It’s time to sign off and close my iPad before it goes through the window. Yes, I have a temper when things don’t go how they should.

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