Friday, April 29, 2022

One more sleep

We are getting ready for LYS Day. Kits for the Inclinations Cowl are waiting on the front table.
I put together some new combinations this afternoon. These are not available online right now but you can call or email if you see one you like. Please help me because I can’t stop. I made up more combinations after we took pictures.
πŸ“· © Andrea Mowry

I had to show a close up of this kit. The Robin’s Egg is amazing! There is also lots of colour in Melancholia.
Lynn’s cowl is growing. I would like to say that I am winning the race but we are on the same row. 
Kits for Ric Rac.
Birds of a Feather is living with The Shift kits.
We received a big shipment of Rasta yesterday with new colours. There was no way we could fit them on the Rasta shelf so yarn moved and Rasta has a new home. Lynn had fun moving the Rowan to the Rasta shelf and the Rasta to the Rowan shelf.

Now all the colours of Rasta live together. We need to label the shelves and then once we know which colour lives in which cubby we can hide all the labels.
These are the new colours. I hope to get them online ASAP.

Lynn thought she could sneak in a few rows without me seeing 😘

Don’t forget to check the website at 8am. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Le Petit Lambswool

We have some knitting progress.

There is nothing better than getting to a colour change. You feel like you’ve really accomplished something. Lynn’s colours look great.
It’s not much but Beth started her Shift Cowl. I cast on and did the first 6 rows. Then she took over. She had to relearn M1R and M1L but after a few rows she had them down. Last night was Survivor night and we both agreed that she probably shouldn’t work on this during Survivor. Next week when she is more familiar with the pattern - maybe.
I have been playing on Ravelry looking at different patterns for Le Petit Lambswool. This is from Isabell Kraemer and it is called Jakers.

Jakers is worked seamlessly from the top down with a cute lace pattern around the top of the yoke. First some short rows are worked back and forth to create a higher back neck and then the yoke is worked in rounds top down to sleeve separation. Some last short rows are worked to finish the yoke shaping right before sleeve stitches are placed on hold. The body is then worked down to the hem. Held stitches are placed back on the needles to knit the sleeves top down to the lace pattern at the cuffs. No additional finishing required.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

πŸ“· © Isabell Kraemer

πŸ“· © Caitlin Hunter
This is Caitlin Hunter’s Birkin (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

New and improved Birkin! I have reworked this pattern to include expanded sizes, an improved yoke fit and a schematic. I hope you love it as much as I do!

The sweater is knit seamlessly in the round from the top down and the body is gently shaped into an A-line by changing needle sizes. The yoke design features a border of a delicate leaf pattern, which encases a 3-color floral motif and optional bobbles to provide subtle textural interest. The sweater has 3/4 length sleeves and a dropped back hem for a modern look. The pattern can also be knit in only 2 colors as shown in the brown version.

Here is a link to all the sweaters knit with Le Petit Lambswool on Ravelry. Some are knit with two colours and some added more to their colourwork to show off the flowers.

Here is another from Caitlin Hunter. The pattern for Talvinen can be purchased on Ravelry.

Talvinen is a colorwork yoke sweater worked from the top down. This design is intended to be worn with 2-4” 5-10 cm of positive ease, depending on your personal preference. Optional A-line shaping is achieved by going up a needle size as you knit the body and sleeves.

Inspired by the Sielulintu- the soul-bird in Finnish folklore, Talvinen means winter in Finnish. It is a little tribute to my Finnish grandmother, Julia, and a reminder of the beauty of winter, my favorite season. 

I used Biches&BΓ»ches Le Petit Lambswool for my sample- the rustic and lofty fingering weight is wonderful for colorwork, blocks beautifully and comes in a stunning range of colors!

πŸ“· © PetiteKnits
PetiteKnits’ October Sweater can be knit with a strand of Le Petit Lambswool with a lace weight mohair. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
The October Sweater is worked from the top down in stockinette stitch. The first section of the yoke is worked back and forth (flat) to shape the neckline, then the work is joined in the round and the rest of the yoke is worked in the round on circular needles and shaped with raglan increases. The sleeves and body are finished with a wide 2 x 2 rib edge. The rib edge at the neckline is worked from picked-up stitches at the end and folded double. The October Sweater has an oversize fit – knit a size smaller than recommended if you would like a less oversize sweater.

πŸ“· © Jennifer Steingass
Norwood is inspired by the exposed branches of trees in the winter. This sweater is worked seamlessly and from the top down. Try on as you go and choose your ideal length. Options for both short and long sleeves are included. This pattern calls for 2 colors of yarn for easy stranded colorwork. For inspiration, you can check test knitter projects for a variety of creative color combos.

Jennifer Steingass has many designs that can be knit in Le Petit Lambswool. This is Norwood (pattern purchased on Ravelry). 

Make sure you check this link to our website on Saturday morning. We will be discounting some yarns and kits for LYS Day. The items will not show until 8am on Saturday. The last time we did a sale I put the items up early so people could see them and be ready for the sale. This caused confusion so this time the items won’t go up until the sale starts.

I almost forgot - here is my Inclinations Cowl. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Two Days

Mr. FedEx delivered box one from Biches & Buches. 

We have new colours of Le Petit Lambswool. The new colours are coming in balls, not skeins. As Biches & Buches clears their old stock all the colours will come in balls.
Lynn and I chose yarn for Inclinations Cowls this morning.
Lynn is going to use Crazy Zauberball in 1699 and 2473. I ball each for the cowl.
I’m using Dyed in the Wool in Rosy Maple and Salty Dog.
Above is the post that I started yesterday and didn’t finish. I was knitting on my cowl and watching the Jays. Then it was 11:30 and time for bed.

Hello Wednesday

Here is what Lynn accomplished last night. She is addicted to the pattern. She said that it is easy to memorize. The wrong side row is a knit row which helps. I refer to it as the easy row - no thinking required.
Mine isn’t much further. There will be knitting tonight during Survivor. 
The Della Q Knit Sack (smaller of the two) is perfect for this project. 

Beth thought she was going to knit the cowl as well but then she saw 2.75mm needles. That put an end to that. She is working on The Shift right now. 3.75mm needles are more her speed. I started her and she is on the couch talking to herself while I am writing. She is using the larger of the Knit Sacks.
Leanne came in today wearing her her Douglas Cardi. She used 5 colours of Cascade 220. Her combination is great - perfect for spring. Leanne came in a month ago to knit the cardigan for her daughter but decided to knit her own first. Now both daughters want one. 

We are getting ready for LYS Day on Saturday. A few of our suppliers are offering free patterns with the purchase of yarn.

From Malabrigo

This is Sense of Direction and is knit with 2 skeins of Rios.

This wrap pattern is from Cascade yarns. The pattern is free with the purchase of 3 skeins of Cascade 220, Cascade 220 Heathers or Cascade 220 Superwash Merino.

Lucy is finished eating so Boscoe is cleaning her plate. Jackson is checking for loose kernels on the floor.

Boscoe is comfortable on the pouf. 

I’m heading to my knitting chair. I need to get some rows knit on the cowl. I want to be further than Lynn tomorrow. 😘

Monday, April 25, 2022

New Yarn

I was up early this morning with a long to do list.
  1. Finish the newsletter. It’s been completed, read over by Beth and it will go out as soon as my post is finished.
  2. Run to the store and ship orders. Eight boxes were packed and I dropped them off at the post office. 
  3. Be home by 11am to meet Voila. We have groceries delivered weekly. I still shop for meat and vegetables but having milk, cans, cleaning supplies, etc delivered makes grocery shopping a lot easier. 
  4. Beth had to go to a job meeting with dad so I am in charge of the dogs. Right now they are sleeping like angels. I’m not sure how long that will last.
  5. Rowan Zoom meeting at 1pm. This is to see the Fall yarns and designs.
I got this far on my post and then it was time for the Rowan Zoom. It’s finished now. I can’t show and tell yet but there are some great patterns and yarns coming for fall.

Just as I was leaving the store, Ms. Canada Post came with two boxes. The first is a brand new Opal Collection (picture at the beginning of the post). The second was Zauberball Crazy, Zauberball Starke 6 and a new yarn Edition 3

Edition 3 has been used for many projects on Ravelry. I think the most popular is Andrea Mower’s Shift Cowl. 

After Beth read the newsletter she asked me if Andrea’s Inclinations Cowl was hard. Then she asked me to bring some Crazy home so that she can knit the cowl. I can pick her colours but they need to be bright. Kits are available online.
πŸ“· © Andrea Mowry
I was able to knit during the meeting. Attune has grown by 8 rows. I also made a batch of brownies while the meeting was going on. I can’t sit for 2 hours without doing something. 

It’s time to sign off and send out the newsletter. Then I’ll shut down my iPad - I’ve looked at a screen for long enough today.

I was finished my post and then looked at Ravelry. Take a look at a few finished Ric Rac shawls for colour inspiration.