Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Slow Curves

Lynn and I packed a lot of mail orders this morning and then started unpacking boxes from the Frolic. Tiredness hit me and I came home for a nap. We've had a busy few weeks but after tomorrow the store should be back in order.
I wasn't sure what to blog about today so I went back through older pictures. This is Slow Curves by Joji. Rima knit it and brought it in to show us. I love the colours - she used Primrose Adelaide.
Slow Curves is a crescent shawl design that alternates wedges of solid colors with wedges of ‘faded’ or mixed yarns. With the use of short rows, these sections create curves that move like a pendulum. On one side of the shawl you will see 4 definite solid sections and on the other side you will see them all blended together.  
The result is this beautiful, big, optically intriguing shawl.
This could by my knitting in Myrtle Beach. It was going to be Nightshift but I jumped the gun and started it a bit early.

I don't want to make any promises but an order from Uschitita should be coming next week. Steffi is busy with her career as a doctor so we have to wait until she has time to dye wool.
I don't know what colours are coming but I know that they will be beautiful.

At the end of May we will have the next Laine Magazine.
Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. Laine cherishes natural fibers, slow living, local craftsmanship, and beautiful, simple things in life.  
Laine includes patterns from leading knitwear designers, insightful, long-format stories from the world of wool, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes, and strong, visual storytelling.  
The magazine is filled with beautiful knitwear designs as well as stunning photography.
Dad and Lucy just left - we made pizza for dinner and now it's time to knit. 

Monday, April 29, 2019


This crescent shape shawl has a section of stocking stitch, leading into a section of a one colour brioche stitch with eyelets. Finished with a wavy border. 
Ordree is a new pattern from Brian Smith. You can purchase it on Ravelry.

You need 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn. We have many different colours of fingering weight yarn in stock. I think you'll be able to find three that you like 😘

I am the queen of procrastination. I can admit to it. I finished my tax return this afternoon and then the fun began. We have the tax program on my Windows laptop. For some reason I can not get the printer connected. Every April I have the same problem trying to print my return. I save it as a PDF and try to email it to my MacBook to print. Every year I have problems emailing it. Every year I end up in tears and about to throw things. I am happy to announce that after spending time trying to add a printer (about 1/2 hour more than I should have) it hit me how to email it over in a quick and easy fashion. No tears. No yelling. No throwing. I can breath a sigh of relief and now I can knit tonight. First up is dinner at The Works.

Dinner was great as always. I had a chance to knit a few rows and now it's time for bed. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow. At least until 7.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

New Project

As I was getting the cash ready yesterday morning Sarah walked around the booth with my phone.
I made the Merino DK sign and Lynn hung it. Neither of us realized that I had the price wrong.

The show ended at 4:30 but by 4pm we are ready to start packing up. We aren't allowed to so we start 'tidying'. One of the things we did was have Sarah and Lynn try on different garments. This way we were taking them down but not packing quite yet.

Sarah is wearing my Nightshift in Dream State and Lynn is wearing Cathy's in Noro Ito.

Speaking of Nightshift
I want to sit down and knit but swatching for a new sweater wasn't grabbing my attention. The six skeins of Dream State on my counter were.

Is this comfortable?

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Great Day

Thanks to all who visited us at the Toronto Knitters Frolic today. We had a great day but I am super tired. This is going to be short with a lot more pictures tomorrow.
Our Throwbacks were a hit. People would walk in the booth and see two of us and comment on our sweaters. Then we pointed out that we were all wearing them. The cardigan is super comfortable to wear.

Thank you to Wannietta, Sarah and Lynn for all their help. Thank you to dad and Beth for helping set up and take down. And a huge thank you to Cathy for working in the store.

We've decided on the sweater we are going to knit for the Knitters Fair. I will be using the new Vintage DK from Primrose. This is my new bag from Zig Zag Stitches.

Now it's bed time. I've been up for 16.5 hours and I don't think I can write a proper post.

Friday, April 26, 2019

One More Sleep

Ambah O'Brien has a new pattern. Meet Cheri Chevron. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
Knit tip to tip, Cheri is an easy-to-wear, shallow triangular shawl with a modern aesthetic. Classic chevron patterning is reimagined here with options to keep every knitter engaged. Knit up the kidsilk version and enjoy the translucent contrast between the two fibres used. Or knit up the fingering weight version and play with colour rather than texture. Either way, you can make a bold or subtle statement with your colour selection and create yourself a wardrobe classic to enjoy for years to come

I started my post last night because I wasn't sure how much time I would have to blog tonight. I still need to finish my Throwback.

I'm going to be quick

We're mostly set up. Tomorrow morning we will do signs and garments. Now I have a small seam to sew and about 15 ends to put in. Then it's bed. 5am will be here soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2019


We are going to have a mini LYS Day on Saturday for those who can't make it to the Frolic and didn't make it in last Saturday.

This is the Casapinka Design for LYS Day. If you visit the store on Saturday and purchase yarn to make the shawl then Cathy will give you a download code (we have 16 left after last Saturday). You must download on Saturday or Sunday. After that it will be a paid pattern.

“Magical Thinking” is a pullover shawl - NOT A PONCHO! This is an important point as I have a 15 year old daughter and cannot cause her social annihilation by designing a poncho, so please follow this rule of nomenclature - and make my life easier. It is the size of “All Points South.”It fits everyone and ruches up more for those who are bustier.
Finally, consider wearing it with the point off to the side rather than towards the “Lady Bits” - it just makes my heart sing when people style it to the side!
3 skeins of fingering weight yarn, 400 yards each (for both sizes).
Yarn suggestions
  1. 3 tonals or 3 solids
  2. 2 speckles and one of the above
  3. 1 variegated and a mixture of 2 and 3. More than one variegated is contraindicated in the knitting of this pattern.
We have some skeins left of Frabjous Fibers LYS Day colour as well as the special colours that Mrs. Crosby dyed for LYS Day.
There are green signs around the store marked LYS Day with special prices.

So I thought I finished my blog post last night but see this morning that I forgot to hit Publish. (I back dated it so it looks like I did it late last night) There was a bit of crazy last night. Our cousin Tim arrived at our house in Myrtle Beach and I messed up his alarm code. You enter the code on the front door lock and it opens the house and turns off the alarm. His code didn't work so he used a key. We didn't know the key would still work. Yikes. The alarm went off. And it is loud. I am sure everyone heard it and came outside to see what was happening. We got it turned off and then the alarm company called to see if they needed to send the police. YIKES. What a start to their vacation. A pregnant wife, two young kids, 10pm and the alarm going off.

I was upset (for them and for forgetting - I don't usually forget things) and couldn't get to sleep. I laid in bed and watched the end of the hockey game. Double overtime. Wow. What a game.

I received this text from Tim today.
I guess they're having fun.

Diana rushed to knit us a Hipster for the Frolic. The shawl will be back in the store on Tuesday. It is awesome. The Vintage DK from Primrose is so beautiful when knit up.
We left Cathy a few skeins of each colour of Vintage DK.
I came home from work early and had a nap. Sort of. We're watching The Amazing Race and then I'm heading back to bed.