Friday, May 31, 2013


Liberty-a new fabric scarf yarn from Estelle Designs.

The fabric changes colour for a really neat look. Yes, those are little bunches of flowers printed on the fabric.

One ball, $20 each, will make a scarf. Remember, if you are using a fabric yarn, wrap it around a paper towel tube before you start knitting. This will make your life much easier. Trust me.

Yesterday afternoon I had a great talk with Phyllis. She lives in the Yukon and has been a customer for 25 years. We've never met in person but every few months I send her yarn. There isn't a lot available locally for her. She mentioned a blocking board that she mail ordered. She swears by it. Her suggestion is one or two large and you can lay out lots of garments. The website says that it is water resistant and is good for blocking and Phyllis totally agrees. She says that it never feels wet even when you put a soaking wet garment on it.

Take a look..

Earlier today I received an email from Hanley's Eyewear Boutique to tell me about some new frames that they received. These are awesome. The store wasn't busy so I closed for 10 minutes to run down and take a look.
Acetate frame front, with WOOD temples! Every frame is individual, unique, and one of a kind.Customize exactly what you desire. Hand made in the USA.So cool, hip, and earthy!
It comes in:
2 shapes: wayfair or round
2 sizes: small or large
2 finishes: matte or shiny (we LOVE the matte, very unique)
5 frame front colours: black, tort, clear, mint, navy (we are loving the MINT)
5 different temples: barnwood, maple, oak, delta blues, 12 meter (we are loving the BARNWOOD)
They can either be made up as optical or sunglasses (polarized)
I didn't get a pair. Yet. :) Since I grew up in construction I think that I should have glasses made with wood. Maybe sunglasses??

One heck of a storm just went through Ancaster. Black skies. Wind. Rain. Wind. Thunder. Lightening. Thankfully it is slowing down.

I had high hopes of knitting lots today and getting the front of my Summerspun cardigan done. That didn't happen so maybe tonight. Last night I didn't get much knitting done either. My shoulder was killing me. Before work I started cleaning the hardwood floors at home. They were in need of it big time. Then I washed the floors in the store. After work I did a bit more of the hardwood. Moral of the story-don't wash the floors. :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zen Yarn Garden

This is the pretty yarn that Zen Yarn Garden has dyed for us. Roxanne took pictures and sent them to me so that I can show you.

Actually, I really, really wanted to know what colours we are getting. :) These are all One of a Kinds. I ask Neville to dye me so many skeins and he picks the colours. I don't know what colours I am getting until they arrive.
I can already tell that I'm going to want to take some for myself. The colours look great!
We are getting Serenity 20 and Serenity Silk Singles. Perfect for socks, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves...
Lynda sent an email yesterday that she has finished two projects. I need to find something else for her to knit. I'm looking at a new pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple-Top Down Drape Front Cardi.
A soft drapey cardigan knit with dk weight yarn at a gauge of 20 sts to 4 inches. The cardigan can look as dressy or as casual as the knitter wants, depending on the yarn used. Sizes x-small through xx-large.
I've read over the pattern and it looks very straight forward. Only one page which is a good thing. A really hard pattern needs at least three pages. :)

For the yarn I'm thinking Noro Ayatori. 60% wool. 40% silk. Now to choose the colour.

I totally forgot about poor Sarah Jane.

She was in the box from Offhand Designs and I was so excited about the other bags that I didn't mention her.

She is a Scottie.
Luxurious fabrics highlight the old-world charm of a roomy framed satchel with a plethora of pockets and pouches that offer plenty of organization and while a removable shoulder strap lends carrying versatility. 
My Summerspun cardigan is growing. Enough for more pictures. I did the cast offs for the armhole last night.

When it's the hottest day of the year so far you should be dragging a mannequin outside for pictures. :) I thought it would show the front the best.

And finally a good picture of the back.

I've knit a few more rows on my Color Play Mohair Wrap. If you are knitting one then I think you will agree that it could be the most addictive knitting you have ever done. You can't put it down. Just one more row to see how the next colour is going to play out.

It's so addictive that you are choosing colours for the next one before you have finished the one you are working on.

When we moved around all the yarn many of the price tags got damaged so today Kim and I made price tags for the whole store. That chore is done and I'm going to knit a few rows before heading home.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Arya

There wasn't much sleep last night because Melo was upset by the storm. It wasn't raining when we went to bed so I took his thunder shirt off. Then the storms hit again. He was agitated for over an hour which meant I didn't sleep. The stupid dream didn't help. My yarn store (which sold many things and I don't even remember seeing yarn on the shelves) was huge. The size of a grocery store. A customer's husband put my laptop in his bag but I saw him do it and got it back. There was only two of us working. In a store that big. Maybe I should have said nightmare. Customers came to the check out and we had a really, really old point of sale system. Maybe the first computer ever made. I knew the code for the sock yarn someone was buying (400-same as I have in the store) but it was charging the person $160 not $16 a ball. Then they were buying paint brushes but I couldn't find the price so I charged them $20 each. I need to have someone interpret that dream/nightmare for me. :)

Beth was up at 6 to be my dad's chauffeur for the day. He had surgery on his eye yesterday and can't drive but had a meeting today that he couldn't get out of. I made it to work (very tired) and then realized that I forgot something I needed at home. Back I went and got to work just in time.

Mr. Canada Post was waiting for me. This is Nora.
 And Nicole.

My goodness. The bags are way more beautiful than I thought. WAY!! I don't know which I want. If I could I would take them all home.
My MacBook fits in no problem. I will try with my bigger laptop when I get home. Arya holds lots. Knitting. Wallet. Camera. iPad. iPhone. More knitting. Perfect for traveling.

I hope to have the bags on the website later this week.

My computer is running out of juice so I'm going to sign off, plug it in and pick up my knitting. The Summerspun cardigan isn't going to knit itself.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The bags (in six different fabrics) are due to arrive within the next few days and I can't wait to see them in person. The pictures look amazing!!

Capacious carry-all with 3 compartments and endless pockets, pouches and tool slots. Room for all of your electronics, books and the central compartment pops open and stays open with a practical hexe frame closure for knitting or just seeing deep into the corners. Versatile handles offer short handles and a luxurious adjustable shoulder strap which extends to wear cross body for heavy lifting.
There is something about this colour, Regina, that is calling my name.
  • 13.5"H x 17"W x 6 "D
  • 20" double handles
  • 45" adjustable shoulder/ crossbody strap
  • 1 inside zipper pocket
  • 9 inside pockets
  • 3 interior pouches
  • Central compartment features frame closure
  • Magnetic Snap Closure Front to Back
I will get more pictures posted ASAP. Hopefully Mr. Canada Post will be delivering the box in the morning. I'm impatient and I need/want a new knitting bag NOW :)

Road Trip

Yesterday there wasn't anything to talk about and today there is so much that there could be two blog posts.

This is my ride for the next two weeks. My Edge went back today (the lease has finished) and I'm driving my mom's until the mustang arrives. It took awhile to figure out all the buttons in this thing. I think I've got it now. Hopefully.

On Monday Beth and I are making a road trip to pick up yarn (more Serenity 20 and Serenity Silk Single) from Zen Yarn Garden. It could be shipped but if we go then we can make a side trip to Nordstroms, California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheesecake Factory. What a great day!

Today's web-letter from Classic Elite has a pattern for a summer cowl knit in Sanibel.
The randomly placed rounds of eyelets are simple to knit and can be worked as much or as little as you like. With a little counting they could be symmetrical, or, as Beth suggests, just used as a border at the beginning and end of the cowl.
See the web-letter...

Mr. Canpar brought in a box with some new yarn for fall. It might be a bit early but lots of people want to get going on their fall/winter knitting so that it is ready when the cold weather hits. Both yarns are from the Diamond Luxury Collection.

100% Peruvian Highland Wool
160m on a 100gram ball
16-17 stitches = 4" on 5.5mm-6mm needles
$8.95 a ball

While teaching on Saturday Kate was cold so she went through garments and found Pike. It looked so good on her. I had to check her bag before she left to make sure that it wasn't in there. Lima will work perfectly for Pike.

Some pattern suggestions
Pike-a free pattern...
Starksy-also free...
Mulled Cider...

Mulberry and Merino
50% Mulberry Silk
50% Merino Wool
90m on a 50gram skein
16-21 stitches = 4" on 4.5mm-6mm needles
$10 a skein

When I saw this yarn I immediately thought shawl, scarf or cowl. Here are a few pattern suggestions

198 yds. of Heaven
Summer Flies

It's really yucky outside. When I left the store at 5:30 the lights were on already and they don't go on until it gets dark out.

Melo has his thunder shirt on and is calming down a bit. He will be happy when we move upstairs to watch TV. The Bachelorette from last night is taped. We won't watch the whole season but enjoy seeing the first episode and the men getting out of the limo. The fireplace might go on for a bit too to get the dampness out of the house.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Do I or Don't I??

It's one of those days where I'm debating if I should write a blog post because there isn't much to say or show.

It has been a long day, very long day. I left the house at 9:30 and didn't get in until 8:30. Lots of errands during the day. It feels like I didn't do anything but I'm pretty tired now. There was a small bit of time for myself when I had a pedicure. My feet thanked me.
The pattern section is done on the first front of the Summerspun cardigan. This is very exciting because the neck shaping is starting. The rows are going to get shorter and in about 25 rows the armhole shaping starts. I'm starting to think that the cardigan will be done in time.

I ordered a few more yarn bowls on Friday. Mom and dad are going to be in Myrtle Beach for a week in June and will bring them home for me.

It's time to put my feet up. I think it will be the Color Play Mohair Wrap tonight. Keeping track of rows might be too much.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Teaser

More details coming later this week. :)

There are many great resources available now for learning knitting techniques. Classes. Books. YouTube videos. Craftsy. And now a new source. Annie's. The company has been in business for many years and now they have online classes. I haven't taken a course with Annie's but our friend Kate Atherley is teaching for them. Knowing Kate she was very diligent (and I mean that in the highest form of praise) before signing up to work with them. If she likes them then I am comfortable suggesting that you to take a look.
Give yourself a new creative outlet with help from Annie's Online Classes, video craft classes taught by leading experts in each craft category. Your knowledge of crafts like crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, card making, machine embroidery, beading and more will grow as you explore techniques and create fantastic projects. In no time at all, you'll be on your way to knitting socks, enjoying the relaxing rhythm of Tunisian crochet, quilting using your at-home sewing machine, practicing a variety of coloring techniques and much more.
You're sure to find a video craft class to teach you something new. Each video is delivered to you in minutes, and you can watch at your convenience -- no more trying to find a craft class to fit your busy schedule. You can learn at your pace and in your own time. Watch, pause and watch again as you follow along and practice the sample patterns included in each craft class.
Magic Socks-Knit 2 socks in 1. Some of you have been lucky enough to take the course in the store with Kate. Others of you don't live close enough to enjoy Kate in person but now you can have her on your computer.
Now you can learn an amazing technique in which you will knit two socks at the same time on the same set of needles, one inside the other! It's called "double knitting," and you'll love learning this valuable knitting skill. Join expert Kate Atherley as she clearly explains and demonstrates this seemingly magical technique step-by-step using two different colors of yarn so you can see exactly how to knit each separate sock on the same needles. Instructions are given for double-point needles, magic loop and circular needles.

We sat upstairs for most of the afternoon watching the Indy 500 and knitting. Yes, both of us were knitting. Beth has started a sweater-the back is half done. A big move from hats, cowls and monsters. She decided to go for a nap after the race and I thought about lying down too but my fingers want to knit. The back of my Summerspun cardigan is done and I want need to continue on with the front. Small problem. It's upstairs and I'm downstairs. I could go get it but Roko and Melo will hear me and coming running making noise. That will wake Beth. She won't really mind but she could be grumpy. And she just made Rice Krispies Squares (at my request) so I shouldn't interrupt her nap. What to do? Pick up another project. My Color Play Mohair Wrap wins. 
This afternoon I walked outside and there was a surprise in the front garden. New flowers. The pretty colours in the bottom of the picture. The tulips are from our previous neighbour. Thank you for neighbours who likes to play in the dirt. I love the look of flowers but don't have the time, patience or knowledge to plant anything. My grandmother was amazing with plants but I didn't inherit that gene. I'm pretty happy I got the knitting gene from her instead.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thanks Kate!!

Kate Atherley was here today doing more workshops. We are fortunate that she lives close enough to visit often.

She is an amazing teacher and her classes are very well received. She will be back with us on Saturday August 24. I don't know the classes yet but keep checking back.

This is her finishing class. Even if you have taken a finishing class before you will definitely learn lots from Kate.

Earlier this week I showed pictures of some vintage Rowan patterns that I found in the garage. Beth and I were talking last night and she said that she still has the sweater. What?? Get it out. I want pictures.

Rowan Bright Tweed. I love this yarn. Maybe one of the Rowan Ambassadors can talk with Rowan about bringing the yarn back??

This sweater has to be 20 years old. I'm pretty sure that Rhonda knit it for Beth. I need to do a bit of work on it because the edges are fraying but other than that it looks like new. Spending the money on good yarn does pay off in the long run because the garment will last forever.

The armhole shaping has started on my Summerspun cardigan. 2 stitches decreased every right side row. Thank you very much. I like shorter and shorter rows.

Most of this post was written earlier today. After work Beth and I took our parents out for dinner. Late birthday for mom and early birthday for dad. Now it's time to knit. Or maybe bed time. It's almost 9pm on a Saturday night. I'm getting old. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Christel Seyfarth

Jane stopped in early today with a scarf for me. Everyone has been asking where she is because she hasn't been in the store for a while. She has been traveling with her husband. They came home for a week or so and then back on the road. Life with a motor home. Can't blame her. Sounds like fun!!

The Linen Stitch scarf knit in one skein of Everlasting Sock from Dream in Color. The colours came out great and it really looks like it is woven.

Kate Atherley is coming to teach tomorrow so I spent a few minutes tidying the teaching room this afternoon. I found my Malthese Shawl.
 I would like to say that Kim offered to model for me but I kind of made her.
It hasn't been photographed on a human before. I love the colours. Now I want to get back to Myrtle Beach because there is another Christel Seyfarth kit in my closet there to knit.
There are two Christel Seyfarth kits on the way from the US. Actually three but one is for Kim. We are getting the Flora Shawl
and the Lily Shawl. I don't know which colour we are getting for Lily. I guess it will be a surprise next week.

These shawls are knit on circular needles in the round and when done cut open-known as steeking. It sounds terrifying but it isn't.

Here are a few blog posts to visit that talk about steeking and how easy it really is
Kate Davies-steeks 1
Kate Davies-steeks 2
Eunny Jang

I've steeked two cardigans and my shawl. None of them have unraveled. It really does work.

I received an email from madelinetosh yesterday. More yarn should be heading to us soon.

  • vintage
  • dk
  • merino dk
  • sock 
  • merino light

There hasn't been any knitting so far today. Kim and I have the store to what I'm going to say is almost done. There are a few yarns still in baskets that need to be put away but I must say it does look good.

I bought the season of Chicago Hope today so there will be some heavy duty knitting tonight while we start the series. I think I have a couple of rows and then the armholes start. Can I finish the back this weekend??

Thursday, May 23, 2013


What happened to the weather? It got really cold and dark in Ancaster late this afternoon. I miss the sun.

Before the sun went down I took some pictures of my Summerspun cardigan. This is the back. I have until June 21 to get the whole thing done. This is my excuse as to why I'm going to stop working very soon and get to my knitting.

I have about 30 rows to go before I start the armhole shaping. YAY! The rows will start getting shorter.

If you don't know the pattern I am making it is called Lady Irmelin-purchased on Ravelry.

The yarn is Rowan Summerspun.

Sorry, no new pictures of Arya yet. I'm waiting until they go live on the Offhand Designs website. My blog post is already started so once I get the go ahead there will be lots of pictures. A box with 6 bags has left California - fingers crossed some time next week they will be in the store.

Kim Hargreaves newest book should be arriving mid-June.
Simply chic. This season less is most definitely more. White worn in clean classic lines provides understated cool, whilst black offers a graphic contrast. The key is to stay sharp yet sophisticated, get in the spirit!
Knit this classic cardigan worked in moss stitch stripes from Spirit. A design by Kim Hargreaves using Handknit Cotton, a wonderful soft dry handle yarn (cotton), this knitting pattern is suitable for the knitter with a little experience.

Knit this classical jacket in double moss stitch from Spirit. A design by Kim Hargreaves using the stunning yarn, All Seasons Chunky (cotton and acrylic), this knitting pattern is suitable for the knitter with a little experience.
Knit this close fitting sweater in an openwork stitch from Spirit. A design by Kim Hargreaves using Siena 4 ply, a beautiful fine mercerised yarn (cotton), this knitting pattern is suitable for the knitter with a little experience. 
Knit this fitted sweater in close fitting rib and cable from Spirit. A design by Kim Hargreaves using Siena 4 ply, a beautiful fine mercerised yarn (cotton), this knitting pattern is suitable for the experienced knitter. 
Take a look at my Facebook page. Yummies coming from Soak and Lorna's Laces. Socks this time. I'm going to get them on order tomorrow. The yarn is hand dyed so I want to make sure that I'm in on the first batch.