Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Saturday was crazy busy in the store. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining but I was tired when I got home. Beth and I headed out for a while and then it was bed time. Yesterday was football. I did get a bit of knitting done but didn't finish the scarf as I had planned.

This morning a newsletter went out. You can download it here. Since then I have worked a bit on my Ravelry advertising. I keep forgetting to add new yarns to the list of yarns we carry when they arrive. Then a bit of updating the website. Orders were placed. Boxes packed for the post office. Now I'm off to the bank.

Then possibly a trip to Toronto. We need book shelves for our loft. Beth has a small reading problem and there are books everywhere. More books than yarn if you can believe that. I have been wanting to go for weeks but I think I can fit it in today. The shelves are at Crate and Barrel. I don't like that store (HA-LOVE IT) so it won't be a hardship.

It's just after 5 and I'm home. I don't know how people sit in traffic daily. I was only in it for an hour and want to hurt someone.

Beth beat me home. Was something wrong? No. She wanted to carve a pumpkin. She's outside right now (not really warm) working away.

Here is the pumpkin already on our front step. The accessories came from the Balls Falls Craft Show. What an easy way to decorate a pumpkin.

The second pumpkin started out okay. Then a small accident. She was trying to go too fast and the face didn't make it. We have a pumpkin with a large hole. The good news-it is easy to put the candle in.

Crate and Barrel today. What fun. I bought a Christmas decoration for the house. We have the small tree. It is already on the mantel. Why take it downstairs and then bring it up in a few weeks?

I also bought one of Beth's Christmas presents. I think she figured it out when I brought the box in the house but don't tell her.

The the reason I went. Book shelves. We had picked these out a while ago. I think they should hold the books, video games and DVDs.

We are sitting in the kitchen waiting for kids. None so far. Where are they??

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kate is in the house-part 2

I was so tired last night that I didn't make it through the baseball game. The Cardinals were ahead when I fell asleep and I woke up just as the post game interviews were starting. I rolled over and went back to sleep. It was an early start today. Kate is here again teaching. Classes started at 9:30 so I was here at 8:30 to make sure everything was in order.

Did you know that Kate has written a book? It isn't out yet but you can pre-order online (both in PDF and print format). We will be carrying the book in the store as well.

From Kate's blog (where you can read more about the book)
My book is designed to help knitters grow from being confident with their needles to being confident with patterns. In it, key questions are answered, e.g.: "What's ease", "What does it mean when it says to decrease evenly across?", "What skills do I need to knit socks?", and "What's the big deal about not twisting the round?"

The first third of the book is all about working with and from patterns - how to choose a good pattern, how to know if a pattern is going to be easy or difficult.  How to choose the appropriate yarn and why and how to swatch (and when not to... ).  How to choose what size to knit. And I explain all that strange language you see in patterns... like "work even" and "every foll alt"; I teach you how to read charts.  I clearly explain what skills are needed for different types of projects and what the appropriate next steps are for newer knitters.
From hearing Kate in class I know that this is going to be a great book!

Here is my scarf so far. Trying to get a picture without my shadow was a challenge.

If you look at the top of this page you will see Kidsilk Stripe. If you click on it, you can see all the colours available.
I turned my friend around and took a picture into the sun. We might not see too much more of Mr. Sun so it is nice to see him today.

I started thinking last night that I have been knitting forever on this scarf. Then I realized that I only started it last Saturday and didn't really work on it until Sunday. Not bad.

It's almost going home time and then Beth and I are heading out so I am going to sign off. Have a good night. Hope you are sitting in front of a fireplace with your needles.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Great way to start the day

This morning was hair day. There is nothing better in the world than going to the salon and having new colour and a cut. When Trish set these colours out I was afraid.

Did you stay up and watch that baseball game last night? We were watching and at 7-4 we watched something else. I asked Beth to go back and it was 7-7 in the top of the 10th. What the heck is going on? I was going to bed to get up early. A few innings later (and more rows knit) the game ended with a bang. Tonight is going to be crazy.

I'm home from work now. The baseball game is on and my dinner is in the oven.

I didn't get a picture of my scarf today but it is looking great. Hopefully it will be finished over the weekend-I am so optimistic that I brought another colour home.

I would like to keep writing but it is the bottom of the first and the ball game is already tense.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mom did good today

Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach right now. They took some pictures of our house and mom asked last night how to email them. I told her and this afternoon they showed up in Beth's in box. Very exciting. Some days my mom and her computer don't get along but today they were in sync. She didn't realize she could send to both of us at once but we made huge steps today so I'm not complaining. :)

Above the pantry there was this huge empty space. I knew we needed something but I didn't want plants. We put mom and dad on the look out for pottery. Here is their first purchase. They have a lot of work to do to fill this space and then the space above the kitchen cabinets.
Beth wanted gnomes for the gardens. My dad's contribution. He is very proud of them.
This is our back porch. It was screened in but when it rained it would get wet. We didn't want to put in good furniture and have it ruined. Also, it can get really hot in Myrtle Beach in the summer and some days you can't sit outside. For Christmas mom and dad had it finished for us. The windows open so we can have a nice breeze. Mom sent an email letting us know that they are having the door repainted because she doesn't like it beige.

The porch from outside. We also have a new deck up top. The boards in the old deck were rotting. This meant more water in the screened in porch. It would come through the ceiling.
From the upstairs room, which is now Beth's bedroom, onto the deck.

Three Graces-a new book by Louisa Harding.

From Louisa Harding
Taking my inspiration from Ruben’s painting of the ‘Three Graces’ (1500 -1505) I have used the three Louisa Harding Grace yarns, Grace, Grace Hand Dyed and Grace Hand Beaded combined in one design publication, the yarns working beautifully knitted in garments and accessories to enhance each other, LHB114 – Three Graces.

Grace Hand Beaded
Using the base of ‘Grace’, 50% silk, 50% Merino, manufactured in Italy, I have worked with a specialist yarn embellishment producer in Turkey. Beads are hand threaded onto a fine yarn and then spun together with Grace to create this exclusive beaded yarn, with each hank being hand crafted and unique.
31% Silk
31% Merino
30% Glass Beads
8% Polyester

Double Knitting weight (22 stitches =4" on 4mm needles)

68m in a 50gram skein

See all the shades
While I am writing I can see the yarn out of the corner of my eye. The beads are very shiny and pretty.

I finished Kidnapped last night. Not sure that I am going to tell everyone to go out and watch it but it kept me entertained for a few nights and my knitting has progressed.

Survivor-what the heck was Ozzy thinking? Asking everyone to send him to Redemption Island to keep the team strong. I think that is a huge mistake. We will see next Wednesday.

We also squeezed in Tuesday night's X Factor. Wow. The judges were very harsh on a few competitors. The mentor chose their song for them. Just tell them that you would have picked a different song but they did a good job. If I were Simon's girls that went home I think I would have been in tears from the judges comments. Most of the people that I wanted to continue on made it. I think that Rachel Crow is so cute. I'm glad they are keeping her looking like a 13 year old girl and not trying to make her look older. I also want Josh and LeRoy to do well. Can you believe that LeRoy is 60? If you told me he was 50 I would call you a liar.

The rearranging in the store is going well-it's almost done. I just need my dad to spend a bit of time with me in the store so that we can hang some mannequins.

It's going to be a quiet night for me and the dogs. Beth has a meeting so we are going to watch some TV and knit. The scarf is looking good!


A quick note to let you know that I just finished unpacking a box from madelinetosh.

Tosh merino light in
Composition book grey
Well water

What colour do I want to use??

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twenty Three Sleeps

What a yucky day outside. Rain. Dark. Cool. I am wearing a coat that Lynda knit for me in Rowan Renew along with the Suri and Silk Scarf (the beautiful pink scarf that we had on display at the Fleece Festival). The scarf is really soft. I'm not sure I will ever take it off!

Monday afternoon Beth spent some time online. We decided to take a few days and go away. The first thought was Myrtle Beach but we couldn't get a direct flight. Then we thought Vegas. There are direct flights from Hamilton now but you leave Friday afternoon and leave Vegas early Monday morning. Not much time there. Then she looked at Foxwoods but flights to Connecticut were huge dollars. Okay, where to go. Why not go across the border to Seneca? We could play and go shopping at the outlet mall. The prices were amazing. Some nights $2900. Some nights $1100. Are you kidding me? We just want to sleep in the room, not buy it. We decided to go to Vegas on the flight out of Hamilton. I called the Mirage to book our hotel room. Friday night FREE. Saturday night FREE. Sunday night $52. Can't beat those rates. Just before we booked the flight on Westjet I went onto Aeroplan. We ended up with a flight Friday morning (getting into Vegas at 10:30) and coming home Tuesday afternoon. This gives us two extra days. Now a call back to the Mirage. The Monday night we were adding on was very expensive. $48. Wow!! Jane and Cathy are holding down the fort when I leave in 23 sleeps.

When I got home last night I went upstairs to get through the end of Kidnapped. I watched episodes 7-11 and there are just two to go tonight. A lot of knitting accomplished.

Obviously I didn't look at my friend before I took the picture. Her shirt is all puckered. I'm back inside (and so is she) so we are going with this picture for today.

I'm getting to the good colours in the scarf-reds and oranges.

Diana dropped by last night with the latest lace project. Another very soft scarf. Diana said that the yarn blocked out beautifully.

Pattern: Butternut Scarf from Knitspot
Yarn: Naturally Lace
60% merino
40% dehaired angora

I don't normally put prices in my blog posts but this yarn is a great price. $7.99 for 227m (248yards).

The pattern calls for a ball and a half but I had Diana knit both balls for a longer scarf.

I have sent an email to my friend Oliver who manages Naturally in New Zealand to get an explanation of dehaired angora. I think I know what it is but I want to give you the proper explanation. If he gets back to me today then I will add it, otherwise it will be in tomorrow's post. Oliver's head is still in the clouds. He is a huge All Blacks fan and them winning the Rugby World Cup is like the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. :) Well, not exactly like the Maple Leafs because the All Blacks won it all in 1987.

Oliver just emailed me
Dehaired Angora... Most Angora blend yarns have long, coarser  fibres that stick out from the yarn (like our Sensation did). These are called guard hairs and are the ones that shed usually when you are knitting. Dehaired Angora means these guard hairs are removed leaving the shorter softer fibres that are blended into the the lovely soft handle of Angora but no shedding.
That's what I though. Nice soft yarn but no hairs flying around.

I'm home now, eating dinner quickly and getting the last two episodes of Kidnapped in before Survivor. More knitting. Who can complain about that?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've tried to get the store back in order today and had to stop. It is more of a mess now then when I came in this morning. While unpacking I have been rearranging. Someone, please make me stop. :)

A few years ago there was a TV show called Kidnapped with Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton and Dana Delaney. Beth and I started watching (three or four episodes) and then all of a sudden it was gone. A wealthy couple's son was kidnapped and we never found out what happened. I found it on Netflix the other night. So far I am through seven episodes. I'm not the most patient person and want to have need the answers now. This makes me want to sit down and watch all episodes at once to find out who the bad person was and why they took Leo. There is no fast forwarding through commercials which means lots of knitting is getting done.

Mr. Canada Post brought in two parcels today. The first was from Trendsetter Yarns with the brand new colours of Minestrone.
Smoke #37

Mulberry Fields #32

Leopard Park #26

What can you do with Minestrone?

We used one ball on 7mm needles to knit the Multi Directional Scarf from Karen Baumer.

If you want straight forward TV knitting you can use 7mm needles, cast on 15 stitches and knit every row.

See all the colours.

The second parcel was from Churchmouse Yarns. We have their new patterns in stock including
Bias 'Before and After' Scarf
From Churchmouse's website
We dubbed this scarf 'before & after' because it's so ugly (truly!) before it's blocked and so beautiful after.  Knitted on the bias, this light, airy scarf has the smooth simplicity of stockinette stitch without all the rolling at the edges. The pattern includes simple instructions for adding beads at the ends.
The samples are knit in one ball of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace. I like the idea of the double scarf.

Easy Folded Poncho
You read that right-poncho. They are 'in' again.
Our favorite poncho transcends the trends.  It's easy to knit (just one long stockinette rectangle), easy to finish, and easy to throw on. Whether knit in a humble tweed or luscious alpaca, with a cowl or without, you'll see why this is a Churchmouse favorite!
Any DK yarn will work-think of the possibilities!!

Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozies
The pretty ruffled version was designed for our LYS Tour several years ago while the plain fellow is a perennial favorite. Choose a traditional tweed or a modern self-striping yarn in a color that won't show the drips. What a thoughtful gift. 
The proper name of the store is Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. Most of the store is yarn but there is a section where you can sample and buy tea. On the back of the pattern is a page describing 'How to brew a decent cup of tea'. It is a good read if you like your tea.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wool People

I need a break. I have been in front of the computer for hours doing accounting. HST is due at the end of the week. Sometimes it is a bad thing that I have a degree in accounting. Instead of sitting down weekly and keeping things up to date, I sit down when something is due and then there is lots to enter into the computer. Luckily my bank balanced to the penny. I hate it when I need to find out where the missing pennies are. I'm not sure who is having a worse day-me and accounting or Jane in the store unpacking the boxes from The Fleece Festival.

Mr. Canada Post stopped by this morning with patterns from Brooklyn Tweed. These are from the new collection called Wool People.
Back of Seraphine
I'm starting to feel better after looking at these great pictures. I love Seraphine!!

Circus 205
And a bit of my own knitting. Here is the start of my Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf. There was a lot of channel flipping yesterday between the many football games and the Nascar Race. I was lucky to accomplish as much as I did.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Woodstock Fleece Festival

We just walked in the door from Woodstock. What a great day. I was on the road at 5:30 and in Woodstock by 6:30. The booth was ready for 8:30 when the doors opened.

Many people stopped by to say hi. If I missed you I am sorry. There were some crazy busy periods during the day.

The Kidsilk Creation was a hit.
During the day Sarah knit two and a half scarves while demonstrating.
Lynn wore the Suri and Silk scarf for part of the day.
She kept commenting on how soft it was.

I started this post last night when we got home. Beth made dinner and then I watched this week's episode of Criminal Minds. It was time for baseball, hockey and football. I laid down in bed to watch and fell asleep. When I looked at my clock it was 3:30. Great timing. Time to get up and watch the final of the Rugby World Cup. New Zealand pulled out a close one. There were times when it looked like France was going to win. After the game it was back to sleep. We've been up for a bit and the van has been unloaded at the store. The racks still need to be unloaded into storage but we are going to do that tomorrow morning. I must say that I am happy there won't be any more packing for a bit. :)

The next two weekends are busy-Kate is teaching this Saturday and the next Saturday afternoon we are hosting a bus load of knitters from the Downtown Knit Collective. Then there is going to be a bit of a break. Maybe a weekend in Myrtle Beach to put my feet up for a few days. Who am I kidding? Let me golf a few games.

It's time for football. I'm going to sit and knit on my Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf. The colours are looking great. I will have a picture tomorrow.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Ready

I just walked in the door from Woodstock. The booth is almost ready to go. All I need to do is hang the garments in the morning. I hope I remember to take them. :)

Last night I knit a scarf in Rowan's new Kidsilk Creation. It takes less than an hour and is really cool.

While I was outside taking pictures I took a few of the Elegance scarf finished. I'm liking this one too.

Both scarves are with me in Woodstock and will be back in the store on Monday afternoon.

Here are some pictures of the booth. If I have time (I think is should say if I remember) I will get pictures tomorrow with the garments.

Everything that I forgot for the booth has been packed. It looks like I will be getting to bed early which will make me a happy girl tomorrow. If you are in Woodstock tomorrow please stop by the booth and say Hi.