Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kidsilk Haze Stripe

I hope we have a busy day today. I racked up huge charges on my cell phone last night. Oliver phoned from New Zealand and I talked to him for 5 minutes. Then Beth had to call him back about something and left a message. A few minutes later he called back for another 10 minutes. Yikes. All because Beth left her cell phone at home. He tried calling her first. I might hand her a bill for the charges. :)

My job today is making up kits. Linen Stitch Scarves. Ruffles Scarves. Woodstock is approaching (quickly) and I need to get ready.

Yesterday I received an email with some interesting information. Kidsilk Haze Stripe should be shipping from the US next week. Should be are the important words in the sentence but I am hoping. It would be nice if the yarn made it in time for Woodstock.

Here is a great picture showing the colours. Cool and Circus are my favourites.

In November there will be six free patterns available on Rowan's website for Kidsilk Haze Stripe.
This colourful collection of 6 garments designed by Marie Wallin and Lisa Richardson, allows the beauty of the yarn and the colour blends to shine
You will need to register to get these patterns.
In the top right corner it says LOGIN | REGISTER
It takes a minute to register and then you are set to download any of the free patterns on the website.

The words are a bit hard to read so here are the garments
Megan - show on Vicky Sedgewick (Rowan Design Team) in 202 Cool
Leya - an easy to wear sweater in 203 Frost
Freya - a cowl necked loose sweater in 200 Twilight
Lily - an extended twisted front cardigan in 205 Circus
Lola - a continuous loop wrap in 201 Sugar
Beth - a deep rib cowl neck sweater in 204 Forest

Come on Rowan-ship the yarn now!!

Big night tonight. Survivor and Revenge. I'm still undecided on who I want to win this season of Survivor. No one has really grabbed me. Right now it's more who I don't want to win.

It's almost time for Survivor. I'm home from work and have been playing for a bit. A text came today that the new upgrade for the iPhone was available. I updated iTunes this afternoon and my phone is now updated. There are some cool things that I want to play with and see how they work like iCloud. To see how everything really works I need to update my iPad as well. I'm going to sign off so that I can play a bit more before getting into a new knitting project-pictures tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this yarn! Thanks for the pattern tip on the Rowan website too.