Wednesday, September 30, 2009

della Q

In a newsletter that went out this morning I previewed della Q needle cases. I could have talked more about them in the newsletter but then it would have been 6 pages long. Here is some more information about della Q and the shipment we received.

From the della Q website

"della Q abides by strict quality standards, and is committed to providing retailers high-quality, socially responsible wares in which they can feel confident. Working closely with independent women-owned seamstress and manufacturing operations, Della personally ensures attention to every detail. Additionally, a portion of profits from della Q sales assist Vietnam Quilts, a Vietnam women's non-profit organization, through equipment purchases, fabric donations and industry education."


We have Agnes in Seafoam and Purple.

The Que circular needle case, straight needle roll, double point roll and solely socks are in all four colours shown.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I haven't forgotten about my blog

It has been a crazy last few days.

Friday afternoon I tweaked something in my back. Nothing earth shattering, just annoying. I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't bend over. Beth had to help me put my socks on and realized that I couldn't work in the store alone. She spent the morning with me until my back loosened up. There are two things wrong with this picture-she was out of bed before noon on a Saturday and she worked in the yarn shop. The day was extremely busy (thanks to everyone who visited) and I was exhausted when I got home.

Sunday was spent on the couch watching football. I did get some knitting accomplished on my jacket. I am almost to the armhole shaping.

The DVR was set to tape The Amazing Race but something went wrong and it didn't tape so we had to tape it at 11pm. There were thoughts of watching it but that meant getting to bed after 1am and that would not have been good for working yesterday.

Jane is away right now so I am working on Mondays for the next couple of weeks. It's not a big deal but Monday is my day to get caught up on book work, write newsletters, etc, etc so I tried to do some of that in the store yesterday-hence no blog post.

Last night I spent an hour after work getting all the mail orders done and then it was off to watch The Amazing Race. Wouldn't it be awful to be picked for the show and then lose the first challenge meaning that you don't even get to start the race??? I am rooting for the two Harlem Globetrotters. There are a few teams that I can't root for already. Maria and Tiffany. Sorry Maria but I have watched Tiffany on TV playing poker and there is no way I am rooting for that girl. Is Lance really a lawyer? Annoying and arrogant. Two very good reasons I won't be rooting for you. Beth picked Meghan and Cheyne. Not sure how they will do, the final challenge was almost their undoing.

Trying out a new feature from our newsletters

On the last newsletter we sent out there is a new feature at the bottom. It says Share. Try clicking on it and see what happens.

About 20 different social networking websites come up and you can post a link to the newsletter on these sights. Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, etc, etc.

If you read something in our newsletters that you think others will like, please share it!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bird houses

Jerome 'Junkyard Dog (JYD)' Williams was the speaker last night for the Sports Celebrity Dinner. The dinner has been taking place every September since 2001 and all funds raised go to help the people of Honduras.

Beth was very excited to meet JYD. The pictures didn't turn out the best (I wish my iPhone had a flash) but they will do until we get good pictures from the professional photographer. Hopefully Beth has her mouth closed in those.

JYD was great-he spent a lot of time signing autographs and taking pictures. The kids loved him.

There are many guest athletes at the dinner. Johnny Bower came last year and asked if he could come again this year. Beth made arrangements for Johnny and his wife Nancy to sit with my parents.

Sitting on the left are Aunt Rene and Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob was dad's first friend when he came to Canada in 1951 and they have been best friends ever since. Mom and Aunt Rene are like sisters (in a good way-no fighting). We spend holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas) with their family. Standing at the back on the left are Mark and Darlene. Mark is Uncle Bob's younger brother. My Dad is in the very back and my mom is far right. Sitting in the middle is Nancy and Johnny is behind her. He is an amazing man!! Very down to earth with no attitude. He played on Stanley Cup winning teams with Maple Leafs in the 1960s but you would never know that he is a sports star.

Beth went over yesterday morning to help with the set up. There is a large silent auction area that helps to raise more money. Most of the items are donated which really helps. She came home raving about these bird houses that look like animals. My dad collects bird houses so we decided to make sure he got one.

Remember me telling you a couple of days ago that we are fairy intelligent people but some days you wouldn't know it. Last night it happened again.

Dad, Beth and I didn't talk about which bird house we were bidding on-there was five in all. Do you think you have it figured out where I am going with this??? My parents friend Ann got one birdhouse, my dad's cousin Henry got a birdhouse, dad got a birdhouse, Beth got a birdhouse and I got a birdhouse. Yes, we bid on separate houses and got them all. Mom and dad are taking two to Myrtle Beach with them next week and this one is going to hang in our backyard.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Cathy was in the store yesterday and I was in and out all day. I finally had my hair cut and coloured. Some days I think it would be much easier to let my hair go grey!! Many parcels were mailed out including two to my knitters so they can make some samples of new yarns-Kathmandu Chunky from Queensland Collection and Willow Tweed from Louisa Harding. At class last night the ladies actually took their needles out right away and got to work. After class I did some more work on the website. Under Patterns and Yarns you will see there is a new category for Queensland Collection. I showed four garments from the new Queensland Collection 11 in the last newsletter. I am very excited about this magazine-Jenny Watson is one of my new favourite designers and the garments look great. The yarn shade cards aren't up yet but Korey will get them up soon.

Tonight is the Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction that helps out the people of Honduras. My dad goes on a mission trip every November to help out-they have built a school, worked on irrigation systems and many other jobs that these people need help doing. None of the money raised tonight pays for their trips-all the money goes directly to helping the people. The speaker tonight will be 'the Junkyard Dog' who is a former player for the Toronto Raptors. Also in attendance will be Johnny Bower (sitting with my parents and their friends-poor man) Ron Ellis, Walter Gretzky as well as members of the Argos and Ti Cats. It is always a fun night but we don't get home until very late.

Lately there has been a baby epidemic-that's not a bad thing. People come in every day needing baby yarn because some one they know is having a baby. Sirdar is one of the best companies for good yarns and patterns for babies and toddlers. Here are a few pictures from their new book #363 Tiny Tots and Textures.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been one of those days. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything but have been busy all day.

After work I had my nails done-a girl has to look good.

Beth and I have been on the phone for the past hour booking hotel rooms and plane tickets. We're going to Vegas. Okay, not until December but we're going!!! The Mirage had a special running a couple of month ago-three nights free. You did read that right, our first three nights will be free. Unfortunately we didn't write down the dates when we booked and had to call there to ask when we were coming. Yes, we are fairly intelligent people but some days you wouldn't know it.

Hell's Kitchen has been taped and we are off to watch.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sleeve one is done

I spent yesterday sitting on the couch watching football and knitting. The first sleeve is done on my Cabled Coat. The back has been cast on, bottom border is done and I am 4 rows into the pattern. By 11 last night my eyes were very tired and I had to go to bed. If I could of I would have continued knitting but I had to come to work this morning-sleep was kind of important. Unfortunately the end of the football game last night was very good and I missed it.

It sure feels like fall outside today. Cooler and rain. I am good with the cooler weather (much better for wearing sweaters) but the rain can go away.

I have been working on my fashion show for Knitting Camp this morning. I have all the garments in my possession which takes a bit of the stress out of it. A few years ago we were promised garments and they didn't show up. The brochure had already been printed so throughout the show I had to keep saying "#30 isn't here, #39 isn't here". It made it look like we threw the fashion show together when we had been planning it for months.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Drop Collar Cable Jacket

Yesterday I showed a picture of my next project. I started knitting about 5pm last night and finished about 40 rows on the sleeve before going to bed at 11pm. I would have been happy to continue knitting but knew that I had to get up and go to work today.

Ravelry is a great research tool and I used it to look at this jacket. Many people said that it knit up bigger than the pattern said (suggesting to other knitters that they knit one size smaller than you think you need) so I started on a sleeve to see how much bigger.

The Luxury Tweed Chunky is nice to knit with - the angora in it makes it very soft but it isn't fluffy.

I received an email from Namaste yesterday that the red Hermosa bags should be leaving California this week which means I should have them the beginning of October.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Project

I have picked my next project. I was going to knit with Rowan Colourscape Chunky but then the Luxury Donegal Tweed from Debbie Bliss arrived. This jacket was in the fall/winter 2008 Debbie Bliss magazine which is now sold out but you can buy the pattern on the Vogue Knitting website (which I did this morning).

I brought 3 colours home to decide which I wanted. The dark chocolate brown actually won but I have another Debbie Bliss coat in brown so I changed my mind (as women are allowed to do) and will be casting on in Glade Green this afternoon.

Survivor last night was great. Russell appears to be a real &%*$%* which will make for good TV. The show is always better when there is someone for you to root against.

All of sudden I looked at the clock and it is 10:30. I am still in my PJs. Gotta run if I am going to make it to work on time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What do I want to make??

The flowers on our front porch have taken on a life of their own. I water them every day and they are loving this weather.

In the newsletter that went out yesterday I talked about the new book by Jenny Watson for The Queensland Collection-the book arrived today. I will be sending yarn out to Lynda on Monday so that she can knit one of the garments.

In the same shipment came more colours of a new yarn from Debbie Bliss-Luxury Tweed Chunky. It is a chunky yarn (really?) that is tweedy (seriously?) but you really need to see it. There is a touch of Angora that adds softness but it isn't fluffy. The flecks of tweed don't show up well on the Internet. I brought three skeins home with me-10 Earth, 13 Glade Green and 15 Cloud Blue. I don't know what I want to knit or what colour I am going to use but the yarn is really calling my name.

I am on my way out the door to meet the parents for dinner. They just arrived home from Myrtle Beach so we are going to be good kids. :) Of course we are going to make mom pay.

Survivor tonight. Hopefully there is someone to root for.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jared Flood

Yes, this picture has been shown before but I have it here again for a good reason. Watch your email this afternoon for our latest newsletter.

I had every intention of writing a post last night but things got in the way.

The battery on my laptop has died which means it has to be plugged in at all times to work. This is a pain in the store-I don't want people tripping over the cord. I decided that I was going to get a laptop that will live in the store instead of carrying the other one back and forth. I went to Best Buy last night and bought a laptop. What a great day to go!! Included with the laptop was a free printer and two programs-one I was prepared to buy. It was also 'customer appreciation' day so they took $100 off my bill.

When I got home it was time for Hell's Kitchen. I got settled on the couch only to find out that it wasn't on. Not a problem-I started setting up my laptop while I was waiting for Big Brother. Thank goodness Jordan won!!! It seems that her family could really use the money.

The store still needs some work so I am going to continue straightening.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Striped Scarf

Yesterday was spent sitting on the couch and knitting. My Noro striped scarf is now half done. So far it is going slow but my last few scarves have been on 8mm and then 12mm so 4.5mm is a small needle. More knitting will be done tonight-2 more football games.

This morning I took my truck to the store and we unloaded. Then off to get dad's truck and unload that. Jane spent the day in the store and got some of the yarn back in its spot. I was supposed to rest which would have happened except for the telemarketers who kept calling me. No I don't want your newspaper-I have told you that the last 10 times you have called.

Now I am going to finish a newsletter and figure out my class schedule for fall.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knitter's Fair

Friday was a crazy day. I got to work early to pack the truck. I was sure that there was too much stock and it wouldn't fit. It did fit and there was room to spare. Cathy came into work so that I could do the last minute running around like picking up our new sign in Burlington. Beth and I headed to Kitchener at 4:30. The booth was mostly set up by 9 and we started our trip home. Of course there was a list of things that we forgot. No matter how many lists I make there is always one or two things that are left behind. It was midnight before I was tucked into bed. The alarm went off at 5:30-way too early but I had to get moving. While I was getting ready Beth got up and made lunch for us. Turkey sandwiches, cookies, more cookies and butter tarts. YUM!!

Here are my girls. I couldn't have done the show without them. They are wearing Rowan Colourscape Chunky vests out of the new Colourscape Folk magazine. Lynn is wearing Drew. Sarah knit and is wearing Alexis. Jane is wearing Lilly. I gave her the yarn last week and she worked quickly to get it knit in time.

I wore my Colourscape vest, Valour, as well. Some booths wore matching t-shirts, some had on matching aprons. We had Rowan vests as our uniform.

This is my new sign. The previous sign was a banner that we had to hang. We would adjust and adjust but it never hung straight or flat. Someone would be standing on the table and the rest of us would be standing back yelling directions. Not a good system.

I called DeeSigns in Burlington last week and asked if they could get a new sign made in time. The sign is done and looks great.

In previous posts I showed the Great Expectations Coat knit in Donegal Tweed from the newest Tahki magazine. Here it is in person. Joan knit and knit and knit like crazy and finished the coat on Thursday. It is amazing!!! You would think that the coat would weigh a ton because of all the cables but it doesn't.

Shawls beside Spud & Chloe.

On the left is the Kiri shawl that Lynda finished last week. She used Superior (a cashmere/silk blend) from Filatura di Crosa. It will be hanging in the store-make sure you feel it. Super soft!! The middle shawl is knit in Helen's Lace-the pattern is free on the label-all in garter stitch with a few yarn overs. Very easy. The far right shawl is a Heartstrings Pattern called Wrapped Up in Bows and is knit in Winter Lace from Mountain Colors.

Then the amazing Spud & Chloe garments-Uptown Downtown, Candy Stripe Jacket and the Sidecar Jacket.

After seeing the great vests in Colourscape Chunky, Lynn thought maybe she would like to knit one for herself. She is going through the book trying to decide which one.

A little surprise in the booth. Stilwell from Jared Flood's made in Brooklyn. It is knit in Portland Tweed from Classic Elite-wool/alpaca/viscose.

Hanging is the Offhand Design bag Maude in the Plaza fabric.

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth. Unfortunately I didn't have time to have a conversation with everyone.

Guess what today is? Sitting on the couch watching NFL football and knitting day!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lots of boxes

Cathy and I did all the packing for the Fair today. I am worried that we won't be able to get everything in the trucks tomorrow.

Mannequins (all with freshly washed clothes-it was a whole load of laundry)
Knitting Bags
Etc, etc, etc...

The new knitting bags arrived from Offhand Designs yesterday and are packed for the show. Amazing!!! This is the Gatsby in Warwick. I have this bag in Plaza and it fits lots of yarn. There is an added bonus to the bag that I didn't know about-there is a long shoulder strap.

Sally stopped in today and asked me why I haven't been talking about Big Brother. We are down to three people and I really hope that Jordan wins. Kevin winning would be okay but I will be upset if Nathalie wins. If she makes it to the final two she is going to talk about what a great game she has played. Please!!

The NFL season starts tonight. That is something to get excited about. I will be watching and sewing the ends in on Iris so that I can wear it on Saturday.

It is safe to say there won't be a post tomorrow and probably not on Saturday. Have a good weekend and hopefully I will see you at the Fair.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Little Cake

Another scarf has been finished for the Knitter's Fair. 12mm needles and 1 skein of Aspire Super Chunky. Very easy.

Today Louisa Harding's new book Little Cake arrived.

Wimberry and Hingcliffe are knit in the new yarn Willow-Merino, Silk and Alpaca.

My truck was in for servicing today. Beth and I picked it up at 6pm and went out for a quick bite to eat at Lick's. We got home and I went straight to bed. My cold isn't going away and I know that this weekend is going to be busy!! Since waking up I have blocked my Cora scarf and am finishing this blog post. I am going to spend a few minutes in front of the Mac finishing price tags for the show. Then we are going to try watching the new Melrose Place. Of course we watched every episode the first time around.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Almost done

Today I worked diligently to get Iris done. The seams are all sewn. I need to work 2cm more on the neck. Then the ends need to be worked in and I can proclaim FINISHED!!

My post is going to be quick because I need to go upstairs to the Mac and make price signs for the Knitter's Fair. This needs to be done quickly because Big Brother is going to be great tonight.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bumble Up Scarf

This scarf was started on Friday night and finished yesterday afternoon. I sewed on the button this afternoon. The pattern was super easy and knitting on 8mm needles made it a quick project. Beth tried the scarf on so I knew where to put the button. She wouldn't take it off because the yarn is so soft!!

My Colourscape Chunky sweater is lying beside me and I am going to start sewing. The darn 'Sewing Up Fairies' haven't been to my house yet.

The weather today is absolutely beautiful. I would like this on Friday night when we are setting up for the Fair. Then Saturday I would like cold and maybe rain during the day (otherwise you will want to be outside and we want you inside buying yarn) but sunny again around 4 when we have to reload the trucks.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful

Cathy worked in the store today so that I could have a day off. It didn't happen and I ended up in the store from 1-7 but we got a lot accomplished. She straightened up-obviously-and I worked on kits for the Knitter's Fair.

Before I arrived at the store Rhonda came in with a jacket she knit as a store sample-The Uptown Downtown Jacket from Spud & Chloe. It is absolutely beautiful. She did an amazing job on it!!! Check out her blog for pictures. The jacket is hanging in the store right now and will be in my booth at the Knitter's Fair.

I forgot to bring home the scarf I started last night so I need to find something to knit. The Bumble Up Scarf won-knit in Spud & Chloe Outer. Yes, I could sew up my sweater but I am tired and just don't feel like doing it. Maybe if I wait long enough the 'Sewing Up Fairies' will come to my house and finish it for me.

My yarn and I are going upstairs to find something to watch on TV.

Late to the party again

I sat down last night and started to write a post. After a few lines I hit backspace and erased it all. I thought that after watching TV for a bit I would come up with something to write. Didn't happen.

The knitting on Iris is done. Now I need to sew the sweater together. Unfortunately I have a cold-sewing isn't my favourite thing when I am feeling good so there is no way I am going to be doing it today.

I started this scarf last night with the new Noro Vintage. The pattern is from BrooklynTweed's blog. Many of you have already knit this scarf using Silk Garden and the finished result is amazing.

Another shipment of Noro yarns arrived yesterday. Silk Garden colour 84 is back in stock. This is shades of reds. We have had it on order for over a year and surprise!!!

I better run and get ready for work. Cathy is working with me today so that we can get some kits made for next weekend.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


As you all know I don't really like Noro yarns. NOT!!! Yesterday we received another shipment of these great yarns. Boy did I want to bring some home and work with it but I have to finish Iris for the Knitter's Fair.

Included in the box was Noro #26. Every season Noro puts out a pattern book and the new book has some great designs.

This jacket is knit in one colour of Silk Garden from side to side. You cast on 20 stitches with one ball and then cast on 20 stitches using another ball. This is repeated until the required number of stitches are cast on. The jacket is worked using the Intarsia technique but all with the same colour.

Entrelac looks great in Noro. This sweater (for men and women) is also knit in Silk Garden.

There will also be a magazine coming from Jane Ellison called Noro Men.

The first sleeve of Iris is done and I am almost at the shaping of the second sleeve. I took a picture but it didn't turn out well. Hopefully the sweater will be done soon so I can show off a finished project.