Thursday, September 29, 2022

By the Lake

Diana finished the Earth Stripe Wrap yesterday. It is stunning. I took a few quick pictures before loading it into the truck for the drive to Camp. I will have it in the store next week.

The drive was uneventful which is a good thing.
There was a stop at Webers for a burger and fries before getting to Bayview Wildwood.

I’m staying in the cutest cottage that is named Chipmunk.

The bedroom.

And a sitting room.

This is the view from my deck.

Beth sent me a few pictures. They are having a pumpkin carving contest at work so dad and Beth are practicing.
Of course Jackson needs to be in on the fun.

I finished the goodie bags and now I need to start sewing in ends on Elah.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Meet Karla. This gorgeous cabled sweater is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. The pattern came out in 2014 but it stands the test of time. Lynn took Karla home and freshened her up with a soak in Soak. 

You can also knit Karla in Kidsilk Haze - holding two strands together.
The pattern is in Rowan’s Rowan Loves…Kidsilk Haze & Felted Tweed book. The book is no longer in print but you can purchase individual patterns or the whole book on Ravelry.
A collection 9 designs featuring a selection of beautiful garments and accessories by Sarah Hatton, which can be knitted in Felted Tweed or the Kidsilk Haze in either of the two garment options given for each design.
The Posy Hope Basket. Atenti chooses amazing fabrics for their bags.
We have everything packed for Camp. Tomorrow morning I’m meeting dad at the store to load the Expedition. In the past I drove Big Blue - the ugly van that I borrowed from the construction company. Big Blue isn’t able to make the trip anymore so now I have the company’s Expedition. It’s not shiny and new but it will get me to Camp and I can load it up with lots of boxes. My only complaint is that the radio doesn’t work. Nothing. Dead air. 
It was one year ago that I was knitting the front bands on my Spark Cardigan. It is packed to wear at Camp.
Beth thought it was cute when baby Jackson had my yarn in his mouth. Thankfully he learned that yarn is bad. 😀 Boscoe leaves yarn alone 99.9% of the time. He loves Spincycle Yarns and last week I found him walking around with a skein of Dyed in the Wool in his mouth.

Now I need to do a load of laundry and pack my suitcase. I’ll try to blog during the weekend. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Standing Guard

We have great samples hanging in the store right now. This is Andrea Mowry’s Attune Shawl that we knit with Patagonia (denim) and Zauberball Starke 6 (2248).
Joji’s Fading Point. I didn’t knit this shawl but I have knit the pattern twice. It is a fun shawl to knit and I love wearing it.
Joji’s Hipster knit with Tosh Vintage.
This is Isabell Kraemer’s Aileas that we knit in Woolstok.
The Inclinations Cowl knit in Edition 3. I put together some great colourways today.
This is Cheryl Faust’s Meet Me At Midnight that we knit in Lore from The Fibre Co.

I think we’re ready for Camp. The name badges are finished so no nightmares for a few evenings. I’m picking up the Expedition tomorrow morning and will get an idea about how much I can take with me. The last thing I need is for Elah to dry. It is still damp. There are a lot of ends to sew in. I have a feeling I will be doing that on Thursday evening.
The first two skeins of Dream State are wound and are ready for my Camp Inclinations Shawl.

Lucy is a very slow eater. Boscoe and Jackson are allowed to grab any food that falls out of the bowl onto the floor. They stand guard just in case.

Monday, September 26, 2022


I’ve knit a few rows on my Nightshift. It is much darker than my other shawls but I like it.

It’s all about the boxes today. Mr. Canada Post left three boxes this morning. One from Atenti, one from Addi and the other from SweetGeorgia.
Mr. Canpar brought two boxes. The first was Knitter’s Pride and Lantern Moon needles. The second was a Camp door prize from Soak Wash.

The only box I was able to open was the Atenti bags. We will try and get the rest opened tomorrow.
These are going out tomorrow. They are heading to Camp. Three boxes full of door prizes. I’m very nervous that we won’t fit everything in the truck so Mr. Canpar is taking these up for us.
These two boxes are for goodie bags. My suppliers are very generous.

I have regular nightmares (all year round) that I forgot to make the name tags for Camp. Guess what - everything for Camp is ready except for the name tags. 

It’s cookie time.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Lazy Sunday

Tin Can Knits has a new knitting collection. You can purchase the individual patterns or the whole ebook on Ravelry or on the Tin Can Knits website

With Lazy Sunday we’re slowing down and savouring little everyday beauties. The small joys like the chaotic joy of a child with a new sweater, sunlight slanting across plump cables, and the comforting rhythms of the natural world. 

These patterns are new, but not really. They are our versions of cabled motifs as old as time, with simple, classic constructions. They look as at home on my grandfather as they do on me and my kids. Many things change over the years, but knitting will always be just one stitch after another. 

To us, Lazy Sunday feels like home, and we hope these knits feel like home to you too – familiar, cozy, and classic. 

With our new patterns come new tutorials on cables, finishing techniques, and much more!

There are 12 patterns in the book. This sweater is called Nest.

This is Storyline.

Tin Can Knits patterns are size inclusive. The patterns start at toddler and go up to 6XL.
I cast off Elah this afternoon and then the cardigan had a bath in Soak. I totally forgot to bring home some Wild Mint so Fig was the scent of the day.

Friday, September 23, 2022


The new colours of Kureyon have been photographed and are available online and in the store. I need to go through the older colours and photograph them but that wasn’t a job to start today. I thought about it and then gave my head a shake.

It feels like we have been waiting forever for our Lykke Blush Double Pointed Needle Sets. Okay, it’s been a year. They are finally on the way.

Our next shipment from Atenti has reached Toronto. It is with Canada Customs now and fingers crossed the box is released soon. Since I started my post I received an email that it has cleared and we should see the shipment this week. This is the Wild Garden Hope Basket. There are a few other Hope Baskets coming including Posy.

Dad, Beth and the dogs are home. They are all very tired. Sitting on the dock fishing is very tiring.

Survivor is on and I’m going to finish Elah. I have 20 rows on my sleeve and then the ribbing. I should be blocking it this weekend.

I am going to reward myself with a new Inclinations Shawl when I am finished. It will be perfect knitting for Camp weekend. Once you get going the pattern is easy to memorize.

Photo © Andrea Mowry
My second Inclinations Cowl.

It was cold this morning. Sweater weather is here 😀.