Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New Nordic

There is one more new magazine from Rowan that I haven't talked about. I told you that it was going to be an amazing fall.

New Nordic is designs by Arne and Carlos.
Lynn spend some time today looking at the book. Yes, it arrived today and we'll be able to start selling at 10am. She said that the patterns are amazing! Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze. What a combination.

Lynn took pictures while unpacking. The newest Sock Potluck. Lynn called it Tiger Tails - the ice cream. When she was in high school she worked at Stoney Creek Dairy. A lot of colours are referenced to ice cream flavours.

Lynn and I worked on mail orders this morning. She packed 9 boxes. I did all the labels from here and emailed them to her. We are going to make some knitters very happy when they see their pretty yarn.

It's much later and I've completed almost all of my errands. There are a few to do on the way to dinner. 

I'm back home. There was no knitting today. :( I'm going to do a bit of laundry and then sit for an hour or two and work away on my shawl. I should be working on the website but my knitting is calling me. I'm onto the last of the unicorn tails. I really need to get into the body of the shawl.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Alpaca Classic

We're just a few days away from the fall Rowan arriving in the store. I talked about one section of Rowan Magazine #64 - here are some garments from the second section. Alpaca Classic.

We will have the new colours and books for sale on August 1. 

We've had rain all day. I feel bad for families here on vacation. About an hour ago we received a message on the security system that there was a tornado warning. It has passed but we are still going to see thunderstorms all evening.

I had lunch at River City Cafe. It looks like a dive but the burgers are awesome.

The rainbow was out when I stopped for a tea.
This is the road to my house. The top picture was out the driver's side window. The bottom out the windshield. It's hard to believe the difference in the sky.
Now I'm in for the evening. A bit of knitting and some work on the website. I have added a few of the new Rowan magazines for preorder. We will be shipping on Thursday. The new colours of Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze are up as well. I will add quantities on Wednesday morning before getting on the plane.

Big Surprise - two boxes are arriving from Hedgehog tomorrow. Poor Lynn. She is going to have so much yarn to unpack.

The website is ready for the Adelaide from Primrose. Here are two more colours that will be in the box.

Smoking Gun

I'm saving pictures of my shawl for tomorrow. I didn't accomplish a lot today. I'm finishing Love it or List it then bed. For some reason I was up at 6:30 this morning and didn't have a nap today. I'm exhausted.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Primrose Adelaide

Time Trades is growing. It would be further if I didn't have a really long afternoon nap today. The third colour is showing a bit more red/burgundy than it is. That's what happens when you take pictures at 11pm inside.

Wednesday afternoon I received a surprise email. Primrose Adelaide is ready and on the way to us. That was so quick. I didn't think we would see the yarn until late August. According to UPS we should see the yarn on Tuesday.
Dirty Pool Toys
Jungle Bungalow
Just For Kicks
-Fingering weight  
-100% Superwash merino  
-435 yards / skein  
-single ply  
-115 gram skein
I have my laptop with me and will try and get the yarn on the website before I get home. Try. I can't wait to see the colours in real life. I have images in my head of Istanbul and Moonstone together for a Time Trades.

Now I must get to sleep. I have a repair man coming at 9am. I need to get to breakfast and back before he gets here. Yes, I could make breakfast. I have a full kitchen. But, I don't have groceries. Cracker Barrel does a much better job with French Toast than I can.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

I'm Here

I made it safe and sound. The flight was very rough. It's a good thing that Beth wasn't with me - she doesn't fly well.

At 8am I looked at border wait times. Queenston-Lewiston (the closest border crossing to the airport) was already a 40 minute wait. I was afraid that at 9:30 it would have been longer so I crossed at the Rainbow Bridge. I stopped at Duty Free and this is the view from the parking lot. It was such a beautiful day. I was kind of sad that I was in a hurry and I couldn't stay and watch. It doesn't matter how many times you see the Falls you are still amazed by it.

It turns out that I should have stayed. I was at the airport by 10am for a 2:40pm flight so I went to the Outlet Mall. After spending more than I should have I sat at Panera Bread for a while and knit. 
I accomplished more that I thought I would today. Two more rows and I'm into the third colour.
I'm really enjoying the knitting. Not too hard but a bit of lace to keep it interesting.

Now it's time for bed. I didn't really do anything today but I'm worn out. I'm also afraid that if I start on my knitting I might go for a few hours.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Slow Curves

©Joji Locatelli
Slow Curves is the newest pattern from Joji Locatelli. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.
©Joji Locatelli
Slow Curves is a crescent shawl design that alternates wedges of solid colors with wedges of ‘faded’ or mixed yarns. With the use of short rows, these sections create curves that move like a pendulum. On one side of the shawl you will see 4 definite solid sections and on the other side you will see them all blended together.  
The result is this beautiful, big, optically intriguing shawl.
©Joji Locatelli
This shawl is worked from the centre top down. Stitches are increased at each side on every row to give it its characteristic crescent shape. The colors fade into the next one as you work short row wedges.
©Joji Locatelli
Thanks Joji for the beautiful pictures.

As I was running out the door I put together two colour combinations.
I chose LITLG Singles and Long Dog Singles
Wild Rosebay
Sucker Punch

I added a skein from Autumn and Indigo for this colourway
Ocean Flight
A Pirate's Life

Lots of pretties from Long Dog Yarn arrived this afternoon. We almost tackled Mr. UPS when he finally arrived.
All the yarn is on the website.
Lynn and I have walked through the store to make sure everything is in order. My flight tomorrow is in the afternoon but I'm flying from Niagara Falls, NY. The airport is close to the outlet mall and you never know what the border wait time is going to be so I'm heading out early. I'll try and blog tomorrow. If you thought the humidity was bad here last week it's even worse in Myrtle Beach. I'll be inside a lot so there should be time to write about all the amazing yarn coming next week.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Slow Curves

Andrea stopped in yesterday with her amazing Dotted Rays Speckled Fade. I love this shawl.
It is so large that it's hard to get a picture of the whole shawl.

Did you see this on Facebook? Coming tomorrow.

Two more rows and I'm finished with the navy. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I'm on a mission to get out of the unicorn tails and into the LITLG.

My colours are
Unicorn Tails
Black Widow
Whiskey Barrel
Bronze Age
Antique Lace

LITLG Singles
Pressed Flowers

I thought I was going to get some knitting done in the store today while watching the Canadian Open. Not. I thought of something on my way to work and we ran with it. Lynn, Alex and I have been rearranging.

Hedgehog Sock has a new home.

The worsted weight room has a new look.
We haven't finished yet. There is one section that I'm still contemplating.

The Landscape Wrap from Prism Yarns is sharing room with tosh sport. No more digging though baskets to look at the colours of sport.

More fun will happen tomorrow. A huge box is arriving from Long Dog. Lots of fingering weight.

I get to sleep in a bit in the morning. With all the rain we had this afternoon I won't need to water the garden. I'd be happy with a few evenings of light rain. I'm sure the farmers would be even happier. Now it's off to bed to dream about the pretty colours we'll be unpacking tomorrow afternoon.