Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Many Finished Objects

This morning as I was rushing around like crazy to make it to work on time (made it by 2 minutes) it occurred to me that men have it much easier in the morning.  They don't have to worry about blow drying and curling their hair or putting on makeup.  Think of the time we could save if we could just jump out of the shower, throw on clothes and be on our way!!

Rhonda is coming in this afternoon with some finished items for me.  Her pictures turned out very good so I am borrowing them  :)

This is the Firefly Fringed Scarf.

2 balls of Classic Elite Firefly
5mm needles
Classic Elite magazine 9109-Picnic

May I present Iris the Gourmet Monster.  Isn't she great?  This is a kit from Lorna's Laces that we carry in the store.  Currently there are four kits here and more kits have left Chicago and will be here next week.

The mailman brought a box from Joan.  Here is the Swallowtail Shawl knit in Kureyon Sock.  Joan played with the pattern to make it longer for me.  Stunning!!

My baby sweater in Firefly isn't blocked yet (I forgot it again last night) but I wanted to show it to you hanging.  Looks much better than lying flat.  There are no buttons yet because I am waiting for a shipment from Lantern Moon-great new buttons are coming.

These are the buttons that I am waiting for-Jelly Buttons.  These are 5/8" and we also have them coming in 1 1/8".

I wanted to show off the Aya from Noro so another Boheme is in the works.  I am leaving out the lace pattern on this one-the striping yarn looks good without it.

If you have a little girl to knit for this pattern is great.  No sewing.  No finishing.  Just two ends to sew in.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots of Pictures!!!

Why am I working today?  The weather is amazing and I should be golfing but don't worry, we have a tee time booked for Friday afternoon.

I finished this baby vest yesterday.  Blocking is required but I forgot to take it home last night.  It is knit in one ball of Firefly from Classic Elite.  I found the pattern on Ravelry-it is called Boheme.

Here it is on my Ravelry page. When I was adding this on Ravelry I saw something called "Share This" on the page-top right hand corner. You can decide if you want to share your page with the public.  Very cool feature-thanks Ravelry.

Here is the Dipped Infinity Scarf.  Laura Chau designed the scarf and Tanis has put together colours for three different kits.

The scarf is knit out of double strand of 4ply (sock weight) yarn.

This kit is called Reds.  Colour A is far right and H is far left.  The cast on is done with one strand of A and B.  After the rib and eight rows of pattern you cut A and add C.  After eight more rows B is cut and D is added.  You continue until all colours have been used.  Very cool way to blend the colours.



Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictureless Post

Today is the last Monday the store is open until September.  I am working away while watching the Nascar race that was rained out yesterday.

I have been trying to upload images for the past half an hour but Blogger won't cooperate.  Since I don't like to be defeated I am trying everything.  I am now working in Firefox instead of Safari-thought it would help but as you can see there are no pictures.  After some investigating (searching Blogger on Twitter) I found out that I am not the only one.

A box arrived today from Tanis Fiber Arts.  More Fiddlehead Mittens-we have Aqua and Green again along with kits for the Dipped Infinity Scarf.

Watched The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice last night.  People should learn how to read and follow directions before going on The Amazing Race.  Many teams messed up with the coconuts.  It would have taken an extra second to walk around the cart and make sure that they had all the coconuts.  Then the father and daughter leave their packs and continue on without them.  Now they only have the clothes on their back.  Then my team (the cowboys) totally forget their clue on the boat.  People-come on-smarten up.  Celebrity Apprentice-I'm not going to comment because I will be writing until knitting class.  They took a task and made it really hard.

I have been writing this post all day and I still can't upload pictures.  I'm hitting Publish and hopefully there will be lots of pictures tomorrow including a picture of something I just finished.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congrats Rob and Cheryl

Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  I was up at 7am (way too early) to go to the hairdressers.  Cathy opened the store and I was there by 11.  We had a crazy busy morning/afternoon with lots of people in.  Thanks to everyone who visited.  I left around 3 to run home and change.  Then off to Burlington for the wedding.  It was a nice sunny afternoon which had everyone in a festive mood.

My cousin Rob got married.  It was a small wedding and was done elegantly.  Cheryl (the bride) had on a beautiful dress.  She couldn't stop smiling the whole time.  The wedding was at Lasalle Park in Burlington-ceremony and dinner with a cocktail hour in between.

I am not sure who made the table arrangements but thanks.  Beth and I sat with our cousins Kim, Tim, Adam and his girlfriend Lilleth.  We were definitely the loudest table there.  We laughed from the start of dinner to the end.

I woke up this morning with a migraine (not hung over because I didn't have one drink last night) so most of the day has been spent in bed.  I am up for a few minutes and then off to the couch to watch the end of the basketball game.

Don't forget that we have The Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice on tonight.

Here are some more of the Churchmouse Patterns.

Mohair Bias Loop - 2 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

Wear as a scarf, cowl or wrap.

Pressed Rib Cab and Muffler that takes 3 skeins of Ultra Alpaca from Berroco.

This is just K2, P2 ribbing and when done it is pressed flat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Russell is King

Most days I start working on a post while in the store and then finish it off when I get home.  Yesterday I didn't even get a post started.
During the day I was busy placing orders and working on the newsletter. If you didn't get it you can download it. 'News from The Needle Emporium'
After work I ran and had my nails done.  Family wedding tomorrow which means nails, hair (early tomorrow morning), getting clothes to the dry cleaners, get a gift....

This morning I was almost late for work-this is really bad because we open at noon on Fridays.  Every other Friday we have the 'housekeeper helpers' come to our house.  I can't say 'cleaning ladies' because the company is owned by Steve and he usually is one of the people who comes to our house.  What I want to know is why I spent close to an hour cleaning the house before they arrived?  Unload and reload the dishwasher.  Make sure that the recycling is taken out to the garage.  Throwing all the clothes on Beth's floor into her closet (she forgot it was cleaning day).  Making her bed.  Folding the towels in my bathroom.  Putting away my makeup.  Putting away the computers that normally sit in the kitchen.  You get the point.  I guess we don't want them to think that we live like pigs.  :)

While in Seattle I visited Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island.  They have a line of patterns that use 1-3 skeins of yarn.  These patterns are in the mail to me and we should have them late next week.

The designs are great and the photography (by Jared Flood) is amazing.

This Ruffled Scarf takes two 50gram skeins of sock yarn-Shepherd Sock from Lorna's Laces will work great!!

This Linen Stitch Scarf takes three 50 gram skeins of sock yarn.  Wow, the colour possibilities are endless.

My computer needed to be plugged in for a bit so while it was charging I started putting together some colours.  I had a bag hidden away with 'one of a kind' colours in Shepherd Sock.  What a great way to use them.

Earlier today I unpacked an order from Lantern Moon.  There are always great things in their boxes.  This is the Repair Hook-available in rosewood or ebony.  The hook is only 3" long so it won't take up much room in your knitting bag.

Also in the box were shawl pins by Jim Knopf.  These are the Classic Shawl pins in gold, black and titanium.

Textured metal shawl pin.

I haven't talked about Survivor on Wednesday night.  Russell really is the best player ever.  Rob is close but I have to give the award to Russell.  Convincing Tyson to vote for Parvati was amazing!!!  Rob looked like his head was going to pop off at tribal council and is going to go ballistic back at camp trying to find out who flipped their vote.  Amazing!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amy Butler

I am in the store waiting for my knitting class to arrive. The computer is at home so I am typing away on my phone. Not always the fastest way to get a post done. My day was busy and I didn't have any time for blogging. Most of my day was spent on a newsletter. Last night I decided to change the layout which takes a lot of time. Normally when I do a newsletter it is just copying the last newsletter and changing the words and pictures. Now I had to add things like links and our hours. Then I have to move things around to make it look nice.  It should be going out tomorrow afternoon after Beth reads it to find my mistakes.

Did anyone watch Idol last night? Seriously, some of those people are really bad!!  I thought Randy was going to have a fit after the first three singers.  My girl Crystal did a great job though.

A couple of blog posts ago I talked about the new designs from Amy Butler for Rowan.  Here is another poster showing even more of her new designs.  Click on the poster and then click on it again and it will be large enough for you to read.  I am liking the pillows!!

I am home from knitting class now and Beth is upstairs yelling for me to hurry.  Survivor is taped and she can't wait another minute to watch.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knitting Camp 2010

Where did our nice weather go? It really feels like March outside right now.

We have added another instructor for the 2010 Knitting Camp.  Elise Duvekot (author of Knit One Below) will be joining us.  To see the new line up of classes, please read the newsletter I just sent out.  The Inside Outside Scarf is a great example of the technique Elise will be teaching at the retreat.

I should be doing work (accounting, mail orders) or cleaning up the suitcase that is lying in the middle of my bedroom but instead I am playing with a newsletter.  I am using a new layout.  Not sure if I am going to like it but I was tired of looking at the old one.

Idol is starting in a few minutes.  Beth taped last weeks episode but I didn't watch it.  She told me that they totally killed The Stones and it would make me sad to see it.  Hopefully we have a better showing this week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to work

I had a very busy weekend doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching TV.  The next few weeks are going to be busy so I needed a bit of time to myself.  Jane is in Florida (hopefully it is warmer there than here because it is COLD here today) so I am in the store for the next few Mondays.  I also have classes two nights this week so there will be quite a few hours spent in the store.

There was a bit of knitting accomplished while sitting on the couch.  I am now into ball four for my Drape Cardi and have almost reached the armhole.

I didn't post a picture of my Ishbel in Atlante finished.  It looks great and the drape is amazing!!

Yarn-3 balls Naturally Atlante

Rowan Studio 18 arrived on Friday.  The yarns used are Felted Tweed, Felted Tweed Aran and Felted Tweed Chunky.  You can see the pictures on Facebook- The Needle Emporium group. Did you know that it is much easier to post a group of pictures on Facebook now?  Adding many pictures into my comments kept giving me grief but on Friday I had no problems.

Have you looked at the new Knitty?  I am really liking Que Sera.

Beth and I have finished watching seasons 1-5 of Grey's Anatomy.  Now we just need season 6 reruns to start.  The past week there was a lot of crying-Izzie and George.  Hopefully they both make it.

I also got caught up on the Y&R.  Somehow the most important episode was erased before I saw it.  Unbelievable.  Is Ashley really going to give Faith to Sharon?  I can't wait to see what happens with Patty and Adam.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just arrived and coming soon

I just unpacked a shipment of needlepoint kits from Elizabeth Bradley.   The four kits that we received are all brand new designs.

In the Botanical Garden series



Introducing the new line of designs from Elizabeth Bradley with Kirk & Hamilton called the Blooms Series.

Camellia Blossom on Duck Blue background

Oriental Lily on Pale Lime background.

I just found this on the Rowan website.  Coming soon-Belle Organic (DK and Aran weight) - 50% organic wool and 50% organic cotton.

The designs are from Amy Butler's new magazine Midwest Modern Knits which is a mix of fashion, accessories and homewares.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  This is all the information I have right now-hopefully I will know the price and colours in the next few weeks.

I am working away on my Drape Front Cardi in Soft Linen.  Currently I am half way through the third ball.  I need to pick up the pace as I would like to be wearing this to the Knitter's Frolic on May 8.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home from Seattle

It is 12:27am on Thursday and I just got in from the airport.  I am starting this while things are fresh in my mind and will complete it in the morning.

The flight home was uneventful.  Our plane from Seattle to Calgary was small-50 passengers.  We had to walk out onto the tarmac to get to the plane-haven't done that in a long time.  The airport in Calgary was very nice.  Lots of places to sit and read or shop or eat.  They even had a Dairy Queen!!  There were no problems on the Calgary to Toronto leg but my bags were the last to come off the plane.  I thought they were never coming.

I just looked back at my blog to read my last post.  Wow, I need to update from Monday and Tuesday as well.

The first workshop after lunch on Monday was Get a Life!  Basically how to balance work and home life.  Wow.  Did he write that for me?  The next session was branding.  Talk about dry.  The speaker read from his notes the whole time.  Definitely not a public speaker.  It was more like a university lecture.  Almost at the end he showed us an example that he had made up.  Wish he had started here and left the other stuff out.  They came up with the name, logo and store design for a yarn shop.  Very interesting but we didn't get to ask questions because he was over time.

Monday night we had dinner at The Edgewater Hotel.  I didn't know this but all the famous people stay here.

Tuesday morning we had two workshops on merchandising the store.  Very interesting and I came away with lots of ideas.  This could get expensive!!  Then we boarded a bus for a yarn crawl-four yarn shops and a dye house.

Seattle was beautiful but there is no way that I could live there with all the rain.  The weather changed on Tuesday and I got a terrible migraine.  Thank goodness for Imitrex and my salt and vinegar chips.  I was good to board the bus.

Yarn shop #1-Tricoter.  One of the most famous yarn shops in the US.  The store is beautiful-the yarn is arranged by colour.

Yarn shop #2-Weaving Works.  Seattle's oldest and largest fibre arts emporium.

Yarn shop #3-Acorn Street Yarn Shop.  I have been friends with the owner, Karen, for many years so it was great to see her store.  It is huge.  The best part of her store is the library ladder.  Beth is very jealous-she wants one for her warehouse.

Yarn shop#4-Fiber Gallery.  Terri Shea author of Selbuvotter.  What?

Norwegian Selbu knitting tradition.  These mittens are amazing!!  What a lot of knitting.

Stop #5-Earthues.  A natural-dye manufacturer.  While there the ladies dyed some wool for us.  This is a display of some of the natural materials used to make dyes.

I treated myself to dinner out at The Cheesecake Factory when we returned.  YUMMY!!

Packing was interesting.  I had a large suitcase and small suitcase knowing that I would be coming home with lots of goodies.  I didn't know how great these goodies would be

  • Namaste Hermosa bag in black
  • Knit Kit
  • many knitting patterns and books
  • kit from Classic Elite to knit the Firefly scarf
  • set of Addi Lace Clicks-yes you did read that right.  We received trial sets to work out all the kinks before production of the sets to sell
  • needle case from Della Q
It is now 8pm on Thursday night.  I have been working on the post all day.  I could sit and write more but I am very tired and need to have a rest.  My couch, knitting and NCAA Basketball are calling my name.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goodbye Seattle

It is Wednesday morning and I am sitting in the lobby. My bags are packed and I am heading to the airport in a few minutes. It is going to be a long day. Fly to Calgary and sit for four hours and then onto Toronto.

Yesterday morning we had a few workshops and then a yarn crawl. Four yarn shops and then a dye studio.

I will try and write a longer post from Calgary.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday in Seattle

It is almost 8am and I am sitting in the conference room.

There are lots of pictures for this post-you know that I like that.

This is from the ferry looking at the buildings on the pier.

The Space Needle is in the distance.  On my last trip to Seattle everyone was pushing us to go to the top of the Space Needle.  We couldn't make them  understand that we were from the Toronto area and we have the CN Tower.

You could look in any direction from the ferry and see mountains.  They were all snow covered.

As we were approaching Bainbridge Island there were amazing, huge houses lining the beaches.

More awesome homes.

We got off the ferry and were told that it was a 3 block walk to the yarn shop-Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  I am not sure what world these people are living in but it was a mile, not 3 blocks.  Oh yeah, and a mile up hill.  I stopped part way on my walk for a rest and looked in the window of a real estate office.  These houses on the beach are selling for $1.5 million to over $7 million.

Churchmouse wasn't open when I arrived so I walked around and browsed in other stores.  There was a fabric store that had two neat quilt patterns and fabric that I hadn't seen before called Tula Pink.  Of course I have these patterns and some fabric in my suitcase!!

Churchmouse was the neatest yarn shop I have ever been in.  It was absolutely beautiful.  If you ever get a chance to visit it, please do.

I am adding lots of pictures hoping that my mom will show dad the shelving.  There is talk about redoing the rest of the store and I love these!!

Lots of finished samples everywhere.  Churchmouse has written a series of patterns using one or two balls of yarns.  I will be ordering these patterns for the store when I get home.  In the top right of the picture is a poncho/scarf (called Mohair Bias Loop) knit in two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

I was very hungry but this point and stopped at the Streamliner Diner for lunch.  There were only eight tables in the place and the line up was out the door.  Great food!!!

It is now 8:13 and people are filing into the conference room.  The speaker is at the podium and I had better stop typing and listen.

We are going to learn about Open to Buy inventory.  Beth's comment this morning "Is that like the eye ball method that you are currently using?"

Then we are going to learn about Fearless Negotiating for Small Business Owners.  Some of my suppliers are not going to be happy with me after this.  :)

Mom and dad told me about the horrible rains at home over the last few days.  The basement in their house was flooded when dad checked yesterday morning.  The good news-the guest bedrooms will be redone.  Beth said that we had a touch of water in the basement of my house in the furnace room but none on the wood floor.  There are a few buckets in the store as well.  The winds were blowing so hard that the library had a few leaks.  There was no damage to books, just a bit of drywall will need to be replaced.

People are now reading over my shoulder.  HATE THAT.  Going to hit publish now.  Have a great day.

Short post

Tonight is going to be a quick post. It is 9:30 and I am sitting in the living room typing on my phone. I am having the same dinner as last night. Lunch was big and late so I didn't want a big dinner. Also, it was so good last night.

The trip to Bainbrigde Island today was great. I have pictures and they will be in tomorrow's post. Stupidly I didn't recharge my camera battery so some are from the camera (very good) and some from my phone which aren't so good because it was overcast.

Breakfast is at 7:15. Really? Does it need to be that early?

There is a really drunk guy who can't figure out how to get out the revolving door. Priceless.
Not sure why I added that except that it amused me (a lot!!)

I watched the start if The Apprentice before I came down. Where did he find these people? They aren't even B list celebrities. I did get lots of knitting done. Almost 3/4 of the way through ball two.

It's time to go back upstairs. Tomorrow is a long day and I don't want to miss anything.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day one in Seattle

This is going to be another all day post. No WIFI in the room is a pain but I am too cheap to pay for it. :)

I just learned an important lesson.  Writing in Pages and putting into Blogger messes up my Font.  I have tried and tried to change my last post but can't make it right.  This doesn't make me happy.  I like things to look the same!!

After writing my post I took a walk to Nordstroms and Macys. I bought mascara and that was it. No shoes called my name. Then I went into Lush. I like to look around but don't buy. Today I bought. There are a few presents for Beth because she got left behind. They did a mini spa traetment on my hands. Of course that cost me money because my hands felt great so I had to buy the hand cream. Did you know that their products are made in Canada? There are some stores in the Toronto area. Would have been easier to drive to Toronto than bring the bag home-it weighs a ton. I will need to be careful packing.

After lunch at The Cheesecake Factory I came home for a nap. Could have been the Typhoon Punch at 11:30 am. Sleep however wasn't in the cards. There was a big St. Patrick's Day parade. Bagpipes and more bagpipes and they were all playing the same song!! Then every few minutes it sounded like an explosion. After twenty minutes I had to go downstairs.

The Seafairers had a float and were simulating the sound of a cannon. I got downstairs in time to see them. Had to cover my ears it was so loud.

After they were gone I did nap. Then some relaxing time in my window seat knitting. It is only 7pm right now but feels like midnight. I'm going back to the room to find a movie and knit. I am working though. There is a piece of paper and pen so I can make newsletter notes.

Here is a picture to show that I really have been knitting.  The Soft Linen from Classic Elite is a great feeling yarn.  Just 14 balls to go!!

I am back in the lobby having dinner.  W Big Apple (apple martini in a sugar rimmed glass) and Sexy Fries (truffles, parmesan and garlic).  YUMMY!!!

It is time to resume my CSI Miami marathon on A&E and get that ball of yarn finished.

Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a ferry for Bainbridge Island.  Please-no rain.  The weather today was nice but definitely not warm.  I hear that it was raining like crazy at home.  You can keep it for the next few days.  :)

Made it

It is almost 8 am in Seattle.  I woke up at 5:15 but decided it was way too early to get up.  I was tossing and turning at 6 so I got up and started my day.  I have been out to get a tea (Starbucks is across the street).  No rain so far today but it definitely isn't warm  Glad I brought my big sweatshirt and a turtleneck.  I don’t have internet in my room so I am typing this in Pages (think Word in Microsoft) and then will copy and paste into Blogger when I get downstairs to free internet.
Our drive to the airport yesterday took under 45 minutes so I was very early.  I needed to use the washroom so started my quest to find one-not that easy in Terminal 1.  I had to walk through the check in area (which was jammed) and then down a hallway.  Didn’t make the walk because there had to be another 200 people in line to check in.  I started to freak out that customs and security was going to be crazy.  Thank goodnesses for flying business class.  Check in took about 5 minutes.  Customs was quick-about 15 minutes but I could see the security lines.  Did you know that they have separate priority security lines if you are flying business class?  There were 2 lines and the flight crews go through here as well.  People were starting to freak out that they were’t going to make their flights.  I saw some of them in the business check in and they were checking in an hour before their flight-of course you aren’t going to make it.  My line was moving quicker than the other one so people started jumping into my line.  Sorry.  Can’t do that.  We put an end to it and made it through with no hassles.  Yes, I did have knitting with me and they didn’t say anything about the needles.
The flight was uneventful and I got 3/4 of a ball of yarn knit.
We landed in Seattle and had to go to another terminal to get our luggage.  Before I came I read about the Link which is a light rail line from the airport to the downtown.  Thought it was a good idea.  $2.50 compared to an expensive cab ride.  It was a mile walk to get to the Link.  I am dragging my suitcase, my small carry on bag with my CPAP and then my purse which weighed a ton.  Laptop, Bookreader, camera, phone, knitting, candies....  The internet said the ride was about 20 minutes.  Try 50.  Finally make it to my stop and the internet said it was a block to my hotel.  Really??  The block was up the steepest incline I have seen-think about the hills in San Francisco you see in the movies.  Remember I am dragging two bags and carrying my purse.  
Here are a couple of pictures.  The first is looking down the hill.  The Link terminal is the first light at the bottom.  Remember I am dragging two bags and carrying my purse.  It is now 9pm in Seattle which is midnight in my time.  I have been going since 8am so I am now very tired and hungry and just want to get to my hotel room.
The second is looking straight out.  Unfortunately there is a tree in the way.  At the end of the hill is the water and ferry terminal.  
I get to my hotel and the registration desk was up a set of stairs.  Really?  How am I going to get my suitcases up there?  I left them at the bottom of the stairs and went up to get a bellman to help me.  
My hotel is what they call a Boutique Hotel.  The lobby isn’t called the lobby but The Living Room.  There is a fire place and lots of comfy couches.  Everything is very dark which isn’t good except when you are going to sleep.  In many hotels the light from the halls comes in around the door but not here.
My room is huge.  Great window seat that I will be sitting on and knitting later today.  Or I might be napping.
Nice bathroom as well.

It is now 8:30 and I have copied into Blogger and added pictures.  The mall doesn't open for over an hour.  I think I am going back to the room and sitting in my comfy window seat to get some knitting done.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Off to the airport

My dad is going to be here in 15minutes to take me to the airport so this is going to be quick.

This is how I pack.  Throw it all on the bed to make sure it is all there and then put it in the suitcase.  Normally there are lists as well but I didn't make one this time.

This is the kitchen counter.  Most of this is going to be in my carry on bag.  The chips are for emergency purposes.  Should I get a migraine then I like to have some Miss Vickies salt and vinegar chips-they always make me feel better.

My morning has been crazy trying to finish paperwork, send out cheques and get mail orders ready for the post office.

The Soft Linen from Classic Elite arrived so I will be casting that on during the drive to the airport.

Ishbel #2 has been blocked but I need to sew the ends in.  It is packed so that I can wear it while away-pictures next week.

I don't have WI-FI in my room but the lobby of the hotel does have it so I will be checking in.  Tomorrow will include a trip to Nordstroms and The Cheesecake Factory.  On Sunday I am thinking of taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island and visiting a yarn shop.  This will depend on the weather.  Rain doesn't make for a good ferry ride or walking around quaint shops.  Sunday evening the conference starts.

Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transferring pictures to Ravelry

Do you read the Spud & Chloe blog?  These socks (Jelly Bean Baby Socks) are a free pattern-see the February 27 post.  One skein of Sweater-what a great gift.

Why do I have this picture in another post?  You can post pictures on Ravelry using Flickr or other special picture websites but I don't want to do that.  From a blog post I can take a picture and upload it into one of the Forums.  Yesterdays picture of the dress takes up a full page when I uploaded it to The Needle Emporium group so I thought I would repost a smaller picture and try again.

Last night Beth and I watched Idol in about 10 minutes.  This is one boring season so far.  We keep hearing that the contestants are making the wrong song choice.  Maybe it should be changed that the judges help them choose a song?  If they become Idol they will have someone choosing their songs for them.

I have no knitting to report-just waiting on my Soft Linen from Classic Elite.  Betsy and Heather-can you make it come quicker??