Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Mr. Canada Post wasn't happy with me this morning. He came in and I had 11 boxes waiting for him. I felt like Santa.

I just spoke with madelinetosh and more yarn is going into production for us. It will be approximately a week and a half to two weeks before we receive the yarn but if there is a colour you want/need, please let me know so that I can hold it for you the minute the boxes arrive.

tosh merino light
  • amber trinket
  • badlands
  • betty draper blues
  • byzantine
  • copper penny
  • fathom
  • flashdance
  • glazed pecan
  • jade
  • moca
  • nebula
  • plaid blanket
  • stovepipe
  • vanilla bean
  • william morris
tosh dk
  • calligraphy
  • fathom
  • kale

Here are the new colours of Noro Iro. I did them first thing this morning before I forgot.
It is much later and I am getting ready to run out and grab some dinner before class. Beth took mom out for Chinese food. I can't/won't eat Chinese food so it is a treat for them. I have suffered from migraines since I was young. One of the triggers was Chinese food-the MSG. I know you can get Chinese food now without MSG but after being really ill after you ate something you don't want to eat it ever again.

I received an email about some new patterns coming to Rowan's website for Colourspun. Free patterns.
Colourspun is a lovely wool and mohair blended yarn which is sublime to knit. Each shade is produced by blending two printed and two solid colours together and then twisted with a printed binder. 
I just went to and the patterns are there.

Knitting class is over and I am home. The ladies were very productive tonight. Susan knit a scarf in the new Mischief. The whole scarf during class and it looks great. Maggi, Sarah and Cathy worked very hard as well.

It has been a long day-I was in the store for almost 12 hours. It's time to put up my feet and watch Survivor and the X Factor. I hope the judges on X Factor are a little nicer this evening.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pretty Boxes

Mr. Canada Post braved the pouring rain to bring in two boxes from Lorna's Laces. The sock kits are here!!
The colours are so pretty in their boxes.

It has been a busy morning. Lacey is now on the website-you can also see it at the top of my blog. I have updated the Triana, Triana Lux and Ondas at the top of the blog as well. We have lots more on order and are just waiting for my suppliers to receive shipments so they can send to us.

Mr. Canpar brought in two huge boxes.
-Knitters Pride needles including metal sets of sock needles in 5" and 6" lengths

Set includes
2mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm and 3.25mm
  • Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high quality nickel, Nova's polished surface is a knitter's delight.
  • Sharp and gradually tapered points are ideal for all knitting projects including lace!
  • Double point Nova needles yield precise stitch definition
  • Light weight insures comfort in the hand and hours of stress free, satisfying knitting
  • Durability of metal guarantees minimal wear and maximum life
  • A streamlined manufacturing process makes Nova needles highly affordable
  • The exceptionally smooth surface enables stitches to move quickly and with no resistance
-Kureyon and Silk Garden colours we were out of
-Triana in the black/grey mix
-New colours of Noro Iro. Unfortunately I started this post at work and am finishing it at home. I left the invoice at work so I can't tell you what colours we received.
-New Noro Now book from Jenny Watson

Caricia-another Anne Hanson design
A soft and silky triangle shawl in three sizes mini(petite, tall) to encircle the shoulders and body in luxury. Knit in a repeating allover motif of tiny flower bouquets that is easily mastered, this piece works up quickly and can be re sized by adding/subtracting repeats or worked in a different gauge by changing yarn and needles. 
Suggested Yarns: Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk or Sea Silk, Shivaya Naturals Silky Merino, Woolen Rabbit Opulence, Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino, Alchemy Monarch, Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere, Knitwitches Cashmere Silk or Camel Silk, Fleece Artist Somoko, Posh Yarns Eva Sock, or any soft fingering yarn with approximately 400–450 yards per 100 grams
Finished Size: 54(70, 84) inches across top edge and 27(35, 42) inches long at center back (stretched and blocked)

Yarn Requirements: 400(560, 780) yards

Gauge: 24 sts and 34 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (unstretched, unblocked)
Needles: size 4 US (3.5 mm) circular needle; DPN needles in same size for grafting edges are helpful, but optional 
These amazing shawls have me thinking about knitting some lace.

Monday, November 28, 2011

One of a Kind

Today was a fun day off. I paid some bills, packed boxes and dropped them at the post office, took Jane lunch in the store and then off to Toronto. It was One of a Kind day. I was parked about as far away as possible. You will understand this in a few minutes.

In the first aisle was alarte hand painted silks. I couldn't stop myself. I was by myself-someone should have come with me to be my voice of reason. :)

This is the cute box it came in.

The colour of my scarf is close to this.

Izabela calls this New York Orchid. She wanted me to buy a brighter scarf but I already have one that is purple and green. It lives in the apartment and I am going to rescue it tomorrow.

From her website
Please note: each Alarte Silks Shibori shawl is unique. We paint and pleat it one at a time. Each one of Shibori shawls bares Izabelas signature. Small variations in pattern and color are possible. This is what makes them special. Shibori Shawls should be DRY CLEANED only.
It was a few more aisles until my next purchase. I have a great leather purse that travels with me all the time. It isn't too big and heavy but will hold my wallet, phone, knitting and iPad for flying. My bag is brown and I bought one in a deep navy/grey.

Then I was very good for quite a few aisles. I was looking for Marie-Joel. She makes the great art that is hanging in my dining room. I didn't get a picture of the two pieces that I bought but here is a picture that I took to send to Beth. I wasn't sure if this was too long for our room and we decided it was. We were afraid that if they were too long then when people push their chairs back from the dining room table they will hit the pictures.

There was no way that I could carry the two pieces along with my shawl box and purse. I made a trip out to the car with these and then walked back to get the art. The pieces aren't heavy but very awkward. My arms were a bit tired by the time I made it to the car. Having someone along with me would have been a plus. Beth is coming next time whether she likes it or not. :)

This is our wall so far. We have another thin piece to go on the left in the blue tones and a double wide in browns to go on the right. The pictures will be hung when dad gets home. (He just called from Honduras. All is well. They had a very long day pouring four floors but the weather wasn't too hot so he was happy.) We held them up to see how they looked and decided that after the new ones are up we will only need two more pieces. These pieces can be the long ones. We will be going to One of a Kind in April to finish the wall.

Here is another pattern from Anne Hanson-there should be some knitting content

A silky, star-splashed triangle, worked from neck to hem in three sizes (mini/petite/tall) with a lacy hem of dancing firefly motifs. The easy-to-work stitch patterns and wrong-side rest rows make this piece a great first shawl project, or a fun, relaxing weekend traveler for experienced knitters. It’s ornate appearance belies its simplicity of construction; this piece knits up quickly and effortlessly to make a dazzling last-minute gift.
Substituting yarn and/or needles may result in an overall variation in size. 

Suggested Yarns: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Penelope, Orihime, or Neith, Woolen Rabbit Lark or Opulence, Briar Rose Sea Pearl, Knitting Notions Classic Merino Bamboo, Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk, Fibre Isle Pearl Bison, Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk, Sweet Georgia Merino/Silk DK, or any soft fingering yarn with approximately 425 yards per 100 grams
Finished Size: 18(24, 30) inches long at center back and 42(54, 68) inches across top edge (blocked) 

Yarn Requirements: 300(425, 650) yards

Gauge: 26 sts and 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (unblocked; fabric will be relaxed)

Needles: size 3US (3.25 mm) circular needle (or size to obtain correct gauge)
DPNs same size for final join (optional)
Another beauty. I love the way that Anne uses pins to hold her shawls closed.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feature of the Week

This week we are going away from yarn to knitting bags/purses from Namaste.

Two bags will be on special this week.

Regular $79
Special price until Saturday, December 3, 2011 $50

Bitty Bag
The Bitty bag is the ultimate bag for combining function with pleasure while mixing in the perfect amount of cute! Features include interior coated canvas print, elastic straps to keep contents in place, 2 open top pockets, 1 interior zipper pocket and an exterior zipper pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap and strong magnetized closures make this bag super functional and super fun. 

Black, Eggplant, Hollywood Pink, Lime, Peacock, Red. All with "Lola" print fabric on interior. 

Exterior: PVC-free, vegan faux leather.Interior: PVC-free coated canvas. 

L: 13" at bottom, 11.5" at top, W: 5" at bottom, 3" at top H: 7"
Adjustable strap: 30" (longest position), 16" (shortest description) 
View all the colours... 

With a unique shape and fresh appeal, the Zuma bag opens wide and closes fast with 3 well-placed magnets. The interior features 3 pockets (1 zipper pocket and 2 open-top pockets) and the rear exterior has a handy zipper pocket for quick access. The front pocket boasts an accordian-style design for multi-compartment storage of whatever tickles your fancy. How Zuma! 

Black, Eggplant, Hollywood Pink, Lime, Peacock, Red 
PVC-free, animal-friendly faux leather

9.5" W x 11" H x 17" L 10" (length at the base) 
Handle Length: 10" (top of bag to top of handle)
See all the colours... 
We have a few discontinued colours as well-saddle and turquoise.
In stock only
No layaways
We will mail across Canada and the US

Tudor Grace

I got home from work yesterday and fell onto the couch. There was a bit of knitting but mostly resting. We watched a very bad movie about a run away train with Denzel Washington. I can't remember the name and it doesn't really matter. If you are debating between it and another movie I suggest you pick the other one.

This is Tudor Grace from Anne Hanson.

This scarf features a twining openwork chain pattern in neat vertical repeats like climbing roses. A simple six-row repeat with lace knitting on the right side only, this one knits up quickly and makes a great on-the-go project using any soft sock weight or sport yarn. 
Suggested Yarns: Briar Rose Sea Pearl or Grace, Fearless Fibers Merino/Tencel or Cashmere Sport, Woolen Rabbit Opulence or Harmony Sock, Knitting Notions Classsic Bamboo/Merino, Yarn Nerd Bambylon, Ball and Skein Artisan Merino Silk or Tashi, Handmaiden Sea Silk or Casbah, or any soft fingering/sport yarn.  
Finished Size: 10” W x 42” L (stretched and blocked) 

Yarn Requirements: 325 yards 

Gauge: 24 sts and 32 rows = 4” in stockinette (unblocked; fabric will be relaxed)

Needles: size 4US (3.5mm) or size to obtain correct gauge
Here is my Tudor Grace in tosh pashmina. The yarn feels great. If you need to make a scarf I highly recommend it.

The yarn is a bit thicker than fingering weight. I am using a 4mm needle and took out one pattern repeat.

The pattern is a six row repeat with both written and charted instructions. The wrong side rows are knits and purls. I like to think of these as relaxing rows-not much thinking.

My dad safely arrived in Honduras on Wednesday evening. Their flight left Toronto late and they had to run in Miami to make their connection. Their trip has been smooth since then. Mom has talked to dad a few times and we are getting updates on Facebook.

Lots of football today. NFL and the Grey Cup. Hopefully I will get some done on Tudor Grace.

Friday, November 25, 2011

It doesn't get much easier

I started and almost finished my Berroco Lacey scarf. It is very easy to do. You don't need to know anything about knitting to make the scarf. There are instructions on Berroco's website for using either knitting needles or a crochet hook.

video for knit version...

video for crochet version...

We have all the colours in stock...

It isn't on the website yet but I will try and get it up early next week.

Here is another design from Anne Hanson

This is the Autumn Arbor Stole

What a wow addition to your wardrobe!

A rectangle stole in two sizes petite(tall), richly-textured with voluptuous leaf motifs and dainty undulating insertion panels. Incorporated leaf edgings along the selvedges complete the composition. Recommended for handpainted variegated yarns with subtle, tonal color changes. 

Suggested Yarns: The Woolen Rabbit Whisper Merino Lace, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci, Sweet Sheep Sweet Lace, Wooly Wonka Fibers Merino Laceweight, Shivaya Naturals Merino Lace, Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace, or any laceweight yarn which has 210–230 yards per ounce 

Finished Size: 19(23)”W x 72(84)”L (measured along side edge at shortest points)

Yarn Requirements: 1100(1500) yards

Gauge: 24 sts and 36 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (unstretched, unblocked; fabric will be relaxed)

Needles: size 5US (3.75 mm)
Anne does such amazing work. I'm totally jealous of her talents.

Aria Delicato
A pretty lace scarf, delicately complex to the eye, which is actually comprised of a simple eight-row pattern.
Suggested Yarns: Slackford Studio Nimbus Cloud, The Natural Dye Studio Angel, The Woolen Rabbit Kashmir or Lark Fingering, Briar Rose Cashmere Special, Zen Yarn Garden CashSilk, Posh Yarn Miranda, Skein Queen Enchant, Squoosh Fiberarts Alpaca Silk Cashmere Fingering, Wool Candy Souffle Fingering, Stricken Smitten S’marvelous, Studio June Yarn Cash Paca Sock, or any soft fingering yarn with approximately 350-400 yards per 100 grams.

Finished Size: 8.5”W x 48”L (blocked and stretched) 

Yarn Requirements: approximately 275 yards 

Gauge: 26 sts and 44 rows = 4” in stockinette (unblocked)

Needles: size US3 (3.25 mm)or size to obtain correct gauge

I am knitting a Knitspot pattern, Tudor Grace, in tosh pashmina but ran into a small problem. I lost the pattern. It came in the box so I can get it finished. Now that I am writing this I think I am going to pull the scarf out tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Conservatory

The ladies in my Wednesday night knitting class were very adamant that I tell you a few things. I think they were a bit miffed that I said they come and sit and talk and don't actually knit. :)
-They did bring their knitting out last night
-They learned a new technique-provisional cast on

Scottie in Varuni
The fabric is amazing-the picture doesn't
do it justice.
Mr. Canada Post has been busy bringing me parcels the past few days.

Two boxes from madelinetosh with tosh sock, tosh merino DK and tosh DK

One box from Offhand Designs with knitting bags and needle cases.

A box of patterns from Anne Hanson-Knitspot

I emailed Anne earlier today to make sure it was okay for me to use her pictures on my blog. I didn't think I would hear back until Monday because of Thanksgiving. I just received an email from her telling me to go ahead. Thank you Anne.

There are many pictures to show so I am going to spread them over the next few days.

This is Gnarled Oakwoods

A rectangle stole featuring lush, organic motifs that convey the rich, earthy scents and textures of a woodland floor. Stole is worked from hem to center back in two pieces which are then grafted. 
Suggested Yarns: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, Briar Rose Josephine, Woolen Rabbit Opulence, Wooly Wonka Fibers Celestial, Jaeger Alpaca, Rowan Felted Tweed, or any fingering weight yarn with a relaxed, drapey hand and approximately 400 yards per 100 grams.

Finished Size: 22 inches wide x 80 inches long (stretched and blocked)

Yarn Requirements: 1100 yards

Gauge: 22 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (unstretched, unblocked)

Needles: size 6US (4.0 mm) needle

While I was away a box arrived from Berroco with Lacey.

Here are some more pictures from the Conservatory at the Bellagio.

I showed this picture while I was away but I couldn't make it large in my post. I'm not sure if you could really see the flowers and the detail in the picture.
Beth was a little freaked out by the tree-his eyes move. She said it reminds her of Pufnstuf which caused her sleepless nights when we were kids.
The Conservatory is always a highlight of any trip to Vegas. I'm so happy we got to see a finished display-many times we are there during construction.
It is amazing what they can do with plants and flowers.

This is the check in/out desk at the Bellagio. We were there at noon as people were checking out so I couldn't get any closer.

I haven't touched any knitting since Friday morning in the airport. My fingers are itching so I am putting my work away and going to catch up on Revenge.