Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

Thank you to all the veterans who have served our country! When I go to work in the morning I will drive past the old town hall and see the amazing wreaths that were put out this morning. It is a sight that always brings tears to my eyes.

We saw our first snow this morning and a bit more this afternoon. Nothing that is staying on the ground but it was there. YUCK!

I don't have much any knitting to report. Bejewelled Twist got me last night. I started playing and before I knew it I had been playing for two hours. Oops.

I need your help with something. Berroco has a new scarf yarn out called Lacey. I like the yarn. I called Beth to the computer to look at it and she said that it looked good. I see it as something you could wear in the spring-lighter looking than Triana and Ondas.

Are you looking for the next scarf yarn? Does this interest you?

The colours are great and you can make the scarf without knowing how to knit.

See the shades...

The yarn can be knit or crocheted. See the videos...

This morning we were out of the house early for an appointment. My parents are moving from the house my dad built before they got married into a townhouse. It is a big move but the time has come. They don't use much of their house and something smaller would be much easier on my mom. The townhouse is supposed to be ready in June and this morning we picked out flooring (hardwood, tile and carpet), kitchen cupboards, hardware, bathroom cabinets and counter tops, paint..... We did it in an hour and a half. I think the decorator was shocked. I am so jealous. They got the hardwood and kitchen cabinets that I love. When Beth and I bought our townhouse it was a model so we didn't get those choices. Mom is so excited. I'm not sure she will make it until June. :)

Our book shelves are progressing. Beth put together the second shelf on Wednesday night and I filled it. Her goal was one a night but she got busy with her puzzle last night and it didn't happen. I'm hoping that when I get home from work tonight the next shelf will be ready. I just got home and no new shelf. I am going to have to start cracking the whip.

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Sally said...

Very interesting yarn. Yes I would like it.

I went to the services in Dundas and they fired a huge cannon off at the beginning and end of the two minutes of silence. Also, the Lancaster flew across the Valley instead of up. The oldest veteran there was 92, the youngest 24. And there was a man who turned 90 on the Friday ! ! ! !

It ALWAYS tears me up to see them.