Friday, July 30, 2010

Rearranging again

I am still working away rearranging the store.  How am I going to fit the new colours of Cascade 220 and 220 Heathers on the shelves?  Noro Silk Garden doesn't look good where it is so it needs a new home.  There are still new yarns coming from Naturally next week that need to go somewhere. And I haven't even thought about Sirdar, Debbie Bliss or the new Noro yarns.

Dyed Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas has been moved into the Worsted/Aran weight room.  This makes sense since the yarn is Aran weight.  :)

When you walk in the front door the Spud & Chloe Sweater is right in front of you.

I still love the look of this jacket.

Beside the Sweater is a few garments from Berroco-both in Blackstone Tweed. The vest on the left is the new Chunky. The cardigan on the right and the cable scarf (Dryad) are both the Aran weight.

The Christel Seyfarth Kits and Kauni yarn both needed a home. The kits were on the floor and I was afraid that the packaging was going to be ruined.  Kauni was in garbage bags by the book shelf.  Now they are inside the front door.

Make sure you stop by at the Knitter's Fair.  We should have four of the Christel Seyfarth garments on display.  I am saying should just in case they don't make it from the US in time.

A couple of days ago I thought that it would look neat to take large glass vases and fill them with yarn.  Last night Beth and I were out so we stopped at Pier 1 to find some. They didn't have what I wanted so we went to Home Sense.  They had two that weren't exactly what I wanted but would work for a trial.

This is Trendsetter's Victory.  It looks cool but the display will be better when I get a different mannequin for the shrug.

Here is the really large vase holding Naturally's Vero Tweed.  I must say that I really like the looks of this.  The glare in the picture isn't helping but when you come in the store you will agree with me.  :)

Someone mentioned yesterday that it must be hard to work in the store right now.  There is so much new yarn and how do I choose what to knit with.

This reminded me of a story from when we first opened.  I was in university studying accounting and was about to write a major accounting exam.  My mom made me stay home from the store on a Saturday to study.  She called home in the afternoon and my dad said he was busy helping me wind yarn. Mom blew her top.  I was supposed to be studying and not starting a new project.  It wasn't my fault though-the new Rowan had come in the day before!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am spending the morning working on Knitting Camp. Class confirmations are going out and then I need to figure out the homework for each class.

Jared and I had a nice long talk yesterday.  We talked about homework, class requirements, garments and his plane ticket.

Now I need to start contacting my great distributors for
-sample garments
-door prizes
-goodie bag treats

Beth and I have started working on the Thursday night 'game'.  This is a fun night where everyone gets to meet.  In the past we have played 'Knitting Beat the Clock' and 'Family Feud'.

We are also thinking about the 'treat' of the weekend.  Last year we did a cookie exchange in honour of Cookie.  What do we do this year for Jared?

If you are interested in Camp there are still a few spots left. Don't miss out on a great weekend.  No cooking.  No cleaning.  Lots of knitting.  How can that be bad??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was looking online to find information on the Debbie Bliss Fall 2010 knitting magazine.  I couldn't find anything but did find the pictures for one of her new knitting books that I didn't know about.  Hopefully this book will be arriving soon!!

A Tweed Story.  There really can't be enough tweed sweaters in my closet.

Cabled Coat knit in Luxury Tweed Aran

Pleated Jacket knit in Luxury Tweed Aran

As I was writing this Mr. FedEx came with a shipment of yarns including a new Lang Yarn called Yak.

50% Yak and 50% Extra Fine Merino
130m on a 50gram ball
Aran weight (18 stitches to 4")


Here are the shades that we have received.


Now I am home and finishing my post. Beth is yelling at me to get upstairs because she wants to watch Big Brother.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wild Saffron

I have been running around the store with a tape measure for the past hour. It would be better if I had a measuring tape that goes longer than 60" and isn't cloth!!  I am hoping to hit my dad with my wish list for new shelves while he is tired and doesn't remember what he agrees to.  :)

In the newsletter that I sent out yesterday I talked about Renew from Rowan. Here is the poster for the Purelife Autumn magazine.

This is Wild Saffron.

I am enjoying knitting with Renew.  What?

I have been holding out on you.  Friday night a bag of yarn and the new Purelife Autumn magazine went home with me.

I am onto my fourth ball of yarn and just started the yoke pattern.  The stitch pattern (16 rows) is interesting but not hard.

Have you been watching this season of Big Brother?  It is truly amazing-we are on season 12 and people still have no clue how to play the game.  This is how I would play the game which we know isn't going to happen because I am way too emotional.  I would be that girl who cries every show.  Why does that girl go on the show?

-Spend 10 minutes a day with each of the other contestants.  Play a game (checkers, cards or shoot a game of pool), help with a meal or talk but get to know everyone in the house.
-Hang out with the masses.  Don't hide in your room when everyone else is sitting outside.
-Don't make an alliance until later in the show.  Just fly under the radar being friendly to everyone.
-Don't be the person who runs to the Head of Household making suggestions on who to put up for elimination.
-Go with the majority.  If everyone is voting out Susie then I would vote her out as well.
-Do not get involved with someone else on the show.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Christel Seyfarth kits

It is another beautiful day outside and for a while it looked like there would be golf in the near future.  Unfortunately Beth has two shipments arriving today (one from New Zealand and the other from England) so she has to be in the warehouse to meet the trucks.

My morning is scheduled with errands-post office, bank and then I am off to the hair dresser.

I am finally home and it is 4:30 in the afternoon.  After the post office/bank and before the hair dresser I took Beth lunch.  With many, many boxes arriving today I figured she wouldn't have time to run out.

Mom and dad are arriving home from Myrtle Beach tonight which means that someone had to run to the grocery store.  That someone was me.  They have been on the road since 5am which means two very tired people.  Dad drives the whole way so he really doesn't want to run out when he gets home.  While I was doing their shopping I did some for us as well.  I ran our groceries home and then off to mom and dad's.  While there I watered the flowers and got the house ready for their return.  It is necessary to butter them up because I need dad to do some work in the store for me this week.  :)

Then it was off to the store to pick up my mail and while there Ms. Post Office came with a parcel.  More Christel Seyfarth kits.

The kits are now being packed in boxes with a plastic cover.  I had to take the plastic off for the picture because there was a bad glare.

This is the yarn for the Beach Rose Shawl.

The colours in the kit are beautiful.

There could be another kit in my future?!?

And it looks even better in a close up.

There were four other kits in the box
-Flower Power Coat
-Bird Jacket
-Large Poppy Shawl
-Bon Bon Shawl

Now I need to finish my list of chores (some are still from last Monday) including doing my GST.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kinda worked

So the experiment worked but a few things need to be figured out.

The pictures aren't where I put them but at least I can now add pictures while away.

Unfortunately you can't preview before publishing. I think I know a way around that but it is a lot of steps.

For now I will be happy with what I have. :)

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Trying out something

I was going to have a nap but the neighbours are having a pool party. There is so much noise you would think that there were hundreds of people in their back yard.
At least the music is good right now.

I brought my iPad outside to play. I have been searching the app store and now have an app for blogging.

It is supposed to be easier than doing a post in Safari and I am supposed to be able to add pictures. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures on my iPad so I had to go with what was there.

Now the next decision is dinner!

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More Rowan

The weather today is much better.  The back door is open and the dogs are running around outside.

I am sitting at the breakfast bar, watching the Nascar race and working on the website.  On the Featured Patterns page I have been adding garments from Rowan 48.  This shows the yarn used and the quantities required.

As you can tell I am very excited about this book.  We are getting back to the roots of Rowan.  Lots of colour and texture.

Drifter designed by Erika Knight knit in Cocoon.

There are a lot of designs for men in the new book.  The great thing about these designs is that a woman could easily wear them as well.
Trekker.  A great Martin Storey design in Felted Tweed Chunky.

In Rowan 48 there is an interview with Martin Storey. He talks about his upcoming book Nordic Knits which should be available in October.

Felted Tweed Chunky was introduced last year but there was only one pattern for the yarn. This fall we have many great patterns using it.

Here is Explorer from Erika Knight.
Marie Wallin's Hobo in Felted Tweed Chunky.

Roamer (Marie Wallin in Felted Tweed Chunky) - The more I look at this the more I like it.

Lynda and Rhonda-please get your sweaters done quickly because I need some sweaters from the new books.

I am going to continue adding patterns this week while I am in the store.  There are still garments from Winter Drift and Purelife Autumn to be added.

My fingers are itching to get back to knitting but I think there might be a nap in the near future.  Last night was very late.  Knitting and catching up on TV-mostly the Y&R.  Cricket is back and is annoying as always.  Sorry-I have never been a fan of Cricket.

Very excited about Big Brother tonight.  Who is going to win HOH?  I still haven't decided who I want to win.  Every time I think that I have picked a person to root for they do or say something that changes my mind.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rowan Room

I am still working on getting the Rowan Room into shape with all the new yarn.  Today's task was working on Big Wool and the new Drift.

The front window is their new home.  The yarn is interchangeable so it is better if it all lives together.  If it is all together it makes it easier to find as well. New concept we are going to try.  :)

There are now many boxes of yarn for the tent sale.  Not sure where it is going until the sale-right now it is in the middle of the Rowan Room.

I am making my way to the couch to knit and watch some Y&R-I need to find out why Cricket is back!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rearranging again

I am sitting at the kitchen counter trying to work.  I could be doing the parcels for the post office.  Or I could be updating the website.  Instead I am looking at my supplier's website to find the new colours of fall Noro and I found more pictures from the upcoming books.  I don't know when these will be arriving but my guess will be the beginning of August.

From Noro's magazine 28, knit in Kureyon Sock.

Very lightweight and extremely cute.

Kogarashi is a new yarn for fall. Again, we haven't been given a delivery date on this yarn but I am hoping sometime in August.

51% silk and 49% wool.

The recommended needles are 5mm-6mm.  Not a light sweater but not bulky either.  Just perfect for a fall day outside.

I showed some pictures from Jenny Watson's new book a few weeks ago.  Here is another one.

Very cute tunic knit in Silk Garden Sock.

It is many hours since I started my post. The day has been busy in the store-many customers as well as moving things around.  Trying to make all the new Rowan fit has become a challenge. I decided to throw some older yarns into boxes for the tent sale (any RYC yarns we had along with odd balls of Wool Cotton and Felted Tweed).  Here is one of my shelves rearranged.  Felted Tweed, Wool Cotton and Lima are now in order and I mean that literally.  Now all the colours are on the shelf in numerical order.  The website has been updated for these yarns as well and an order is placed for some colours that we are missing.

The apple baskets on the right used to house Felted Tweed and now they are holding Felted Tweed Chunky.

Now it's time to get back to the website.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fall Rowan

Yesterday Beth and I golfed in a fund raising tournament for Redeemer University College.  Our team won lowest score for Mixed Teams and Beth won for ladies longest drive.  It was a great day but boy was I tired when I got home.  We watched Big Brother and then off to bed.

At this point I am not sure who I want to win Big Brother.  Many of them are very annoying.  Why are you going on this show if you can't get along with other people?  Britney and Monet-can't we get rid of both of them this week? The Brigade?  Meow Meow-really?  That is the name you are giving yourself?

The fall Rowan arrived late yesterday afternoon.  Jane took all the yarn out of the boxes but I hadn't left instructions on where to put it.  I need to find room for it!!  Along with the two new yarns (Drift and Purelife Renew) there are new colours of
-Felted Tweed
-Felted Tweed Aran
-Felted Tweed Chunky
-Kidsilk Haze
-Big Wool
-Kid Classic
-Colourscape Chunky

Here is a garment from Rowan knit in Renew.  I like the feel of the yarn-it will be a decision which garment I want out of the new book.

Drift looks great.  Big thick wool in marled colours.  How can this be bad?

Rowan sent a sample sweater in Drift as well.  Sorry that I didn't get it on the mannequin properly. The batteries of my camera are dying and I wanted to get more pictures taken.

There are two new colours of Colourscape Chunky but they aren't on Rowan's website yet. Here is my favourite-there will definitely be something in this colour in my closet for the winter.

On my way to work this morning I watered the front plant.  It was looking so good that I had to get a picture.

iPad and iPhone users
Before going to Myrtle Beach I could send emails from my iPad if I was at home but not anywhere else with wifi. I called my internet provider and there was a long answer which I will translate-it will only work at home or in my store. What am I going to do?  It is the same on my phone and laptop. Well, I found the solution.  I now have a gmail account.  If you are having the same problem send me an email and I will tell you how to make it work.  Very simple solution.  Why didn't anyone tell me this before??

The battery for my computer is dying now as well.  I am going to hit publish and get some yarn put away.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPS-Please work with me

I don't think there will be any knitting today in the store.  I just checked the UPS website and the fall Rowan is coming!!  Where am I going to put it all?? I have started boxing up yarns for the tent sale to make room.  There are going to be lots of great deals!

As I am writing this Ms. Canada Post came in with a box from Blue Sky Alpacas-mainly Bulky and Della Q.  There hasn't been any sign of Mr. UPS so I went online to see what it says and the news isn't good.  The parcels won't be arriving today.  Maybe tomorrow.  This doesn't make me happy and it won't make Jane happy-Jane is working tomorrow (I am golfing-it's a fund raising tournament so I couldn't say no).

Here is the Rosemary Bag that came in the box from Della Q. This is a great bag if you are knitting socks-a perfect fit for a ball of sock yarn and your needles.
This cute little bag looks great on the arm as you knit on the go. The closure serves as a perfect way to feed your yarn, tangle-free. An outer pocket holds any notions!
The bags are made out of 100% Taffeta Silk.  Very shiny and pretty.

We have four colours in stock.

I just came back from a coffee run and checked the UPS website.  Now it is saying Thursday for the Rowan to arrive.  I'm not happy but there isn't anything I can do so I'm not going to think about it again until Thursday.

Here is my Malthese Shawl-I am into the 8th flower now.  In some ways I am happy that the Rowan isn't arriving today. Now I can work on my shawl for a few more nights.  :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


I just tried tracking my fall Rowan online. There are 9 boxes coming. HURRY!!!

I promised you lots of cables for fall and here is a selection from Rowan's new book Purelife Autumn.

From Rowan's website
Shot in deepest Monmouthshire, the collection showcases 16 designs ranging from cabled jackets, capes and wraps through to pretty cropped cardigans and shrugs. Purelife Autumn accompanies the launch of Renew, Rowan's second fully recycled yarn made from 100% recycled wool and will be available in 8 rustic shades. 

The magazine also features British Sheep Breeds and the new British Sheep Breeds Boucle.

The new yarn, Renew, knit up.

You are going to see lots of short sleeved/sleeveless sweaters this fall.  I like this idea-less knitting to get your garment finished!!
A WOW sweater or is it a poncho with armholes or is it a vest?  Hard to say but it looks great.

The store is closed on Mondays for the summer so that I can get other work accomplished.  I have been busy all day (meaning I didn't take the nap that I wanted) but nothing has been accomplished.

I had a list of things to do today
-write a newsletter
-do my PST
-do my GST
-get my accounting up to date
-mail out parcels (done)
-write a blog post (working on it)
-unpack my suitcase
-take Beth lunch (done)
-go to the grocery store (done)
-make dinner (done)
-do some computer work for Beth (partially done)
-have my nails done

Since I didn't get my list done I will be working on it tonight-no knitting for me!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-take two

We just finished dinner and Beth is watching her movie with subtitles.  I decided to use this time to finish a blog post that I started this morning.  I finished it alright-with the delete key-that is the reason they tell you to write something and then reread it the next day before posting.

On Friday a shipment came in from JUL.  The box included shawl pins, buttons and purse hardware.  Here are a couple of the shawl pins we received.

The shawl pins and buttons are made in Indonesia.

This is one of my favourite-I have it in my collection of shawl pins.

The fall Rowan should be arriving this week!!  I am very excited.  Here are some pictures from the new Purelife Autumn magazine.  Okay, I can't upload the pictures right now.  Blogger is having one of its temper tantrums.  Now I will have some pretty pictures for tomorrow.

It is almost time for Big Brother.  Of course I am watching it this summer.  Why make an alliance the first week?  This always comes back to bite you.  And a showmance the first week.  That didn't take long!!  I'm off to knit.  Seven flowers are now complete on my Malthese.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back at it

Beth is making dinner (nachos) so I am quickly doing a post.  My choice for dinner was something on the barbecue but neither of us was willing to stand outside in the rain.

I am back at the Malthese shawl-here it is halfway through the seventh flower.  The work is now on a 100cm (40") circular needle.  The rows are taking a lot more time to get through!!

This picture should have been taken outside but the rain ruined that thought.

The plan for tonight is to get some knitting done while watching TV.  I need to relax after the trip.  :)  Beth went to Blockbuster and rented the first few episodes of Glee-everyone says that the show is great.  Beth also rented a movie-Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Unfortunately the movie is in another language (Swedish??) with subtitles.  That makes it hard to knit and watch!!