Monday, February 28, 2011

The knitting bug bit me again

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening knitting.  After a slow start (more on that later) I accomplished quite a bit. This is the right front to the armhole shaping.

I took the picture with my new phone and the colour is way off. Maybe I should have done it when the sun was out.  :)  Or maybe I should take some time to read up on the camera on my phone.

The colour is more dusty rose than pink but this lets you see the stitch detail.

The slow start.

I cast on and worked the first two rows for the right front. These are just knit rows but you are slipping on one row for the front edge.  Then I started to work the chart for the left front.  This put the front edge slip in the side seam and didn't leave a nice edge running up the front. There is no front band so I want it looking as neat as possible.

Then I messed up row 3.  Ripped out row 3 and started again.  Messed it up again.  Ripped out.  Started again.  Finally got it right.  Slip one, knit 2,  *knit one.....* was very confusing to me for some reason.  I forgot the knit one, then knit too many.  Seriously made me mad!!

Beth made a great discovery today.  In our house we are not allowed to spend change.  If you buy a coffee, or a paper you can not pull out a toonie.  You must use a $5 bill.  All change is rolled and used for the food fund-eating out while on vacation.  We decided to give the food fund money to our parents for Vegas.  Do you know how long it takes to roll pennies, nickels and dimes?  There is a TD Canada Trust on the Hamilton Mountain where you can take the change.  You put it in a machine and it counts it for you.

When done is spits out a receipt that you take to the teller.

1949 pennies.  There is no way that either of us was going to roll those!!


Jane is back from Florida and worked in the store today. My To Do list was very long.

Scotiabank to do a deposit

Meet with my financial advisor to do my RSP. The deadline isn't until tomorrow!!

Do a bank deposit for Beth at CIBC.

Appointment at TD for another RSP.

Stop at Rogers and they finally had an iPhone 4 so I got my upgrade.

The phone has been synced so I decided to try a blog post from it.

I still need to get to the post office and then the chiropractor.

There will be another post later tonight with pictures of my knitting. I was busy yesterday!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Over

For the past month I have been in a bit of knitting funk.  None of my current projects were exciting me and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to knit.  I knew it was going to be lace and I wanted to use a new yarn for spring.  It ended last night while going to sleep.

I am going to knit The Lace Cardi-a Fiber Trends pattern (FT463).  I knit this a few years ago and liked the finished cardigan.

The pattern is very well easy to follow.  The lace is charted as well as written out in words.

This time the yarn of choice is Savannah from Rowan.
Colour 934 Wild
Needles 5mm

This colour will look great with black and brown.

Now that the funk it is time to start.

Okay, I need to swatch (gasp) before I can start but I hope to cast on later today.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Where is the snow?

What happened to our snow storm this morning? We did get some snow but not nearly as much as they said.  When I went to bed last night they were saying 10-20cm.  When I woke up this morning it was down to 5cm.  They are saying more snow for Sunday.  Is it really coming??

Frill Seeker Lace Effect yarn has arrived and I am part way through a scarf.  There is still half a ball of yarn left-it will be a nice long scarf.

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter about Frill Seeker Lace Effect showing the colours that we have in stock.  You can download the newsletter if you didn't receive it.

Heather at Offhand Designs sent me an email yesterday to let me know that my new bags should be shipping next week.

This is Vintage Thunderbolt.  We have one bag in our shipment. Offhand is sold out of the fabric so we won't be able to get anymore.

Vintage Brown Floral

Another fabric that is already sold out.  There will be one of this in my shipment as well.

Somedays I wish that I could see into the future. Why did I only order one of each?  The fabrics are great and I won't be able to have them in my collection.

There is an Alvy in the shipment for me.  Did you think I was going to pass up a bag with purple?

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last night my blog post was very rushed.  Had to get it done before midnight.  When I was finished I took out my iPad and made some notes for future posts.

Speaking of my iPad, did you know that the next version of the iPad is being introduced soon?  Unfortunately Apple does not pay me to talk about their products.  I just love them.

I took a screen shot of my iBooks.  This is the library on my iPad that has my books as well as PDFs.  I put knitting patterns on here so that I can have them with me all the time.  It is great for traveling.  No worrying about leaving the pattern on the plane or in a hotel room.

Just tap on the pattern you need and it opens in very clear print.  You can stretch the screen to enlarge it and make reading easier.

The information for Camp is now up on the website.  Korey and I have been working on updating the website so keep checking it out.

An email just came in from Lorna's Laces with the new colours for spring.  Our order should be shipped to us any day.

We all fell in love with this color the instant it came out of the dyepots. We were worried that it might feel a little autumnal, but we decided to go ahead with it because we liked it so well. Besides, it just screamed Shenanigans to us. 
This is our bright for the season. Magenta, rich orange and golden yellow make for nothing but fun.

is an elegant neutral

It's actually a little more muted than this photo represents it. I think it's a perfect gender neutral color. There's touch of aqua in it, but not enough so it tips to reading "boy color". Besides kids stuff, Hullabaloo seems like a perfect match for blondes although now that I'm writing this, I can picture it being wonderful for folks with darker coloring as well. 

It's a deep, rich grey with a little purpley/blue/stormy skies thing going on in the background. 
I am going to have fun using these colours in Linen Stitch Scarf kits!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Words

I thought after doing a talk on Tips and Tricks last week that I should sit down and write a Tips and Tricks newsletter.  It is complete and I am just waiting for it to be proof read.  Beth better hurry with that because I finished another newsletter after it that she needs to read as well.

Another new magazine from Rowan arrived
Summer Baby is a beautiful brochure full of fun and colourful knits for little girls and boys. Featuring designs by the Rowan design team in their favourite cotton yarns, this lovely brochure is sure to be a hit with mums and grans alike! Designs range from pretty floral dresses and party dress cardigans to graphic animal stripes and star patterns for the boys.
The patterns are for newborn to 4 year olds using Cotton Glace, Handknit Cotton, Fine Milk Cotton and Sienna 4ply.

I just said a few bad words in my head.  I was on my way to bed when I realized that I hadn't finished my post.  After work there was many things to do. Watch the golf-Tiger losing always puts a smile on my face.  Then there was the mail orders.  For Christmas Beth and I gave my parents a trip to Vegas.  We had to book their hotel room and a car. Then it was time for Survivor.  Another great episode.  Why go against Russell and Rob this early in the show?  Stick with them for a bit.  They are both strong and will help your tribe.  A few tears were shed during American Idol.  I really wanted Chris to go on.  His story is amazing and it was sad to see him go.  This is a strong season.  Criminal Minds will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Temptation!!

It has been a busy morning so far.  Yarn needed to be unpacked.

What yarn??

Ms. Canada Post came in with a big box from madelinetosh.

Tosh merino dk is here.



Last week I did an order from my supplier of Christel Seyfarth kits and Kauni yarns.

Christel Seyfarth designs amazing shawls that are knit in the round.  Once the knitting is finished the shawl is cut.  I have knit one myself and really want to do another.

This is the new Star Shawl.  A customer has already knit a Christel kit and gifted it to her sister and will be knitting this for herself.

The colours are beautiful.

Coming with the kit will be more colours of Kauni.

Kauni was first introduced to the blogging world by The Yarn Harlot in 2007. The yarn has long colour repeats making for interesting colour work.

There are some amazing patterns available.  The Cascade Vest is a free pattern that you can download on Ravelry.

Here are a few more from Ravelry

Daisy Shawl-it is in my favourites!!

Thistle Vest

Mr. Canada Post was just here with the second box of tosh merino dk.  I have added the yarn to the website and we just need Korey to get the shade cards up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Horribly wrong pattern

I did knit late into the night or maybe I should say morning.  It was 2am when I went to bed.  After watching The Amazing Race Beth and I pulled out our box set of The West Wing.  We have seasons 1-3 to watch.

Two of my teams did well on The Amazing Race and the other is totally lost.  The episode is continued to next week and the one team might not get the task done.  They are so lost.

The knitting on Wild Saffron is done.  It took some major thinking to do the shoulder shaping.  Unfortunately the pattern was terribly wrong. One shoulder had 79 stitches and the other shoulder had 59 stitches. Not good. I centered the neck stitches and marked them.  Then I worked each side of the shoulders.  Now I need to sew the shoulders to do the neck band and armhole bands.  It should be blocked before I do the sewing but I want to make sure that the shaping works.  Once the sewing is done and I am sure that it fits I will block.  Okay, I might wear it tomorrow if all is good before blocking.

For Christmas last year Bev gave Beth a backup system for her computer called clickfree.  It is a small drive that you plug into your computer and it backs up everything.  I wanted one but you can only use it on a Mac or a PC.  A new one just came out that will work on both systems.  I did my PC earlier today and then started on my Mac.  The backup took forever (6 hours).  I didn't want to do anything while the backup was happening.  It is finally done so that I can get my post finished.

Here is a close up of my sweater.

I won't be wearing it tomorrow-the sewing isn't done.  Beth went with my parents to the movies and I stayed home with the dogs.  I am not a big movie person so it wasn't a hardship.  Melo got himself upset and was shaking like crazy.  We laid in my bed and watched TV until Beth came home. Now he is fine.  Silly dog missed his mom.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Day

The Daytona 500 is on so I am going to be quick with my post.

It was busy in the store yesterday and when I got home from work I went to bed.  My bronchitis is still hanging around so I'm not getting a good nights sleep.  I am feeling a better today.  The store is closed tomorrow for Family Day so by Tuesday I should be well rested.

During my quick trip to Toronto on Friday morning I picked up a different scarf yarn at the distributors.  This is Marina.  The colour I am using is Garden Path #9.

The yarn is similar to Triana.

I also grabbed the last bag of Blue Monarch #12.

Tonight is the start of The Amazing Race.  It's teams that we have watched in previous seasons.  My teams are Flight Time and Big Easy, Gary and Mallory and Jet and Cord.  I hope I haven't given them the kiss of death!!

The Daytona has been great so far.  I am hoping to get some knitting done but I have a feeling that I my eyes will be glued to the TV.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainbow Trout

It has been a long day and I can't come up with a good topic for my blog post.  I was up at 6:30 to make a quick trip to Toronto (we were out of clear plastic shopping bags) before opening the store. It was 7:30 when I pulled out of my driveway and 10:30 when I pulled back in.  My destination was Dufferin and Shepherd.  Yes, I did exceed the speed limit by a bit.  :)

Ms. Canada Post came with a big box of Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace.  There are three new colours.

This meant that I had to spend some time on Ravelry this afternoon.  I really need to knit with Rainbow Trout.  What should I make?? I am taking One Skein Wonders-Sock Yarn home with me tonight.  As you know I really don't need to start another project but the colour is calling to me!!

I am home now and going to watch Criminal Minds and knit.  Not with new yarn-I'm finishing up Hitchhiker!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Survivor Ever!!!

After a slow start the evening last night went well.  I didn't get out of the store until 5:30 and we were supposed to be downtown Toronto by 6:45. Driving was great until the 427 then stop and go all the way into downtown. I'm not sure how people can drive in traffic like that every day. We made it to the hall by 7 and I was starting to panic.  I don't like to be late.  We had to get my computer set up and I had some sweaters and yarn to display.  By 7:30 we were done and ready for the meeting to start.  The presentation went well - that is my opinion but nobody booed and I think only one lady fell asleep.  I totally forgot to pull my phone out and get some pictures.

There wasn't time for dinner before the meeting so we grabbed something on our way home.

Guess what, you can't go to sleep right away after eating so we had to stay up and watch Survivor.  That could have been the best season opener ever!!!  If you didn't watch it then find it online.  Seriously amazing.  It is hard to believe that anyone could be that stupid. Fransesca saying that she wasn't worried about Redemption Island because she wasn't going to see it.  Who gets an immunity idol and thinks about playing it at the first tribal council?  I am still shaking my head.  Rob and Russell are great!!

Then we watched American Idol.  Group week is always painful.  There are those mean kids who don't want to let anyone in their group.  The poor young kid who got booted from his group late at night.  I'm glad the judges let him go on even though he forgot the words.  I think they should make up the groups and we can do away with those hours of agony.

Ms. Canada Post came in with a parcel from Lynda today.

I need to go do some shopping because the skirt on my mannequin is hideous.  What was I thinking?

Pattern:  Design 13
Book:  Noro Flowers Book 4
Yarn:  Taiyo colour 18

Tonight I will be watching the new Criminal Minds.  Maybe a bit of knitting too.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zig Zag Tam

I finished the tam last night while watching the Westminster Dog Show. How come the dogs that I like never win?  Can we have a big fluffy dog win one of these days?

Pattern: Zig Zag Tam (free from Classic Elite when you buy the yarn)
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty
7890 Ultra Violet Autumn x 2
7893 Rainforest x 1
Needles: 4mm 40cm circular and 4mm double point

The tam needs to be blocked but that will be for another day.

I just opened up three huge boxes of Triana and Ondas.

In Triana we received
41 Cream and Beige
43 Brown and Beige
44 Red
48 Black and Grey

In Ondas we received
70 Grey with Beige
77 Blues
75 Red

There won't be time to Blog tonight because I am off to Toronto.  The guild meets from 7:30-9:30 so it will be late getting home.  Then there is great TV to watch.  American Idol.  Survivor.  New Criminal Minds.  I could still be on the couch watching when it is time to get ready for work in the morning.  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Presents came from Ann today.  I was going to choose a different colour for the sample (otherwise everything in the store will be blue/purple/green) but this colour is so beautiful that I had to use it.

Pattern: Salvador (Berroco book #305)
A gorgeously unique dolman sleeve cardigan, Salvador cinches closed with a simple twisted tie.
Yarn: Origami
Colour: 4370 Bay of Biscay

Origami™ is an exciting yarn for warm weather months. Many multicolored strands run parallel to each other, wrapped by a black binder and it knits into a remarkably light and crisp finished fabric.

A box of shawl pins arrived from JUL as well.
I have this shawl pin in my collection and it is one of my favourites.

Tomorrow night I am speaking at the DKC (Downtown Knit Collective) meeting in Toronto.  This will be my first power point presentation so I hope all goes well.  I am fretting over my font.  Is it big enough?  Will everyone be able to read it? Then I need to make sure that I speak slow enough.  Oh yeah, I need to get my fair isle hat done for the meeting and I haven't knit a stitch today. Gotta run!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good as new

I was back in the store today feeling much better.  I did some updates to the website and orders were placed.

My poor knitting has sat on the table since Thursday and no one has touched it.  Today I got a few more rows done and the hat should be finished tomorrow.

Classic Elite will be introducing two new colours of Liberty Wool every month until June and there will be two patterns with each release.

The main colour is 7890 Ultra Violet Autumn-a new colour just released.  The colour being used for the fair isle is 7893 Rainforest.

Beth is feeling sick now and was up at 4 this morning.  When she turned the TV on she found Pillow Talk-Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall.  One of her favourite movies of all time.  She taped it and is watching it now.  I am sitting downstairs smiling away as Janet is yelling at Brad.

Savannah, one of the new Rowan yarns for spring/summer, arrived Friday afternoon while Cathy was working.  In the box was a finished sample.  I put it on a mannequin this afternoon and love it.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that the pin was on backwards.

There are a few boxes to get ready for the post office before The Bachelor starts.  I missed the fireworks last week and hope that we will have more tonight.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visit from the shelf fairies

Work went well yesterday. Wannietta and Amanda did a great job straightening shelves and counting yarn for me.  Tomorrow is going to be spent doing orders.  :)

It is too bad that they live so far away!!  Maybe now with the weather getting nicer the shelf fairies can visit again.

Amanda started the day working on the Noro Kureyon.  The colours are all in order again and the shelves are full.

Wannietta worked on Rowan's Handknit Cotton DK.  Amanda was happy because she finished her section first.  Then they both worked on the Cotton Glace.  Amanda wouldn't go home until the Calmer was complete because the shelf didn't look good half straightened and half messy.

I went home from work and spent the evening on the couch watching the race from Daytona.  Very exciting and it looks like the Daytona 500 on Sunday should be a great race.

This morning I woke up and ran to the grocery store.  Beth is feeling ill now and we had no groceries in the house.  I am not joking when I say nothing!!  No milk.  No bread.  No eggs.  No chips.  The freezer was empty.  If we wanted to eat then I needed to go out.  The rest of the day was spent on the couch watching TV and sleeping.  Of course that much rest during the day makes it hard to sleep at night.  I have already been in bed but my mind was racing so I decided to get up and have a cup of tea and write.  Hopefully my body and mind are ready for sleep now.  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling better

What happened to posting every day?  Thursday was a long day in the store.  I was not feeling well-I had on a turtleneck and heavy sweater but was still freezing.  I had my Log Cabin afghan over my shoulders all day.  It was time for my annual bout with bronchitis.  I closed a bit early and came home to bed.  Beth called Cathy and she said that she was free to come into the store on Friday.  I was in bed for 24 hours.  I made myself get up for a bit so that I could get some sleep last night.  There was no possible way for me to sit in front of the computer and write.

I was feeling much better this morning and off to work I went.

Wannietta emailed and asked if she could come and work today.  The two cardigans she was knitting for the store were done and she needed to get out of the house for the day.  Amanda came too and the two of them played straightening shelves for me.  The cotton section of the Rowan room looks great.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

Pattern: Every Last Yard from We have the pattern available for sale in the store

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh dk

Colour: tart

Pattern: Elizabeth from Classic Elite

Yarn: Liberty

Colour: 7897 Sunrise

The cardigan is knit from cuff to cuff with a simple rib at the waist to give a bit of shaping.

It is time to move to the couch and relax for the evening.  Don't forget that there is Nascar racing on tonight.  :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Elizabeth Bradley

While I was away Mr. Canada Post came in (he was working on Saturday because of the snow during the week) and brought in a box of brand new Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits.

From the Elizabeth Bradley website
At Elizabeth Bradley we offer more than just a tapestry kit, we bestow the enjoyment of creating your very own finished work of art. Each kit comes with everything you need including easy to follow instructions. Just relax in your favourite chair and accomplish your tapestry at your own pace. 

One thing we know is that once you start, you'll discover a penchant for this revived pastime. Once you have finished your selected tapestry, we can transform your piece into a furnishing for your home such as a cushion, piece of wall art or even a carpet for a personal stamp in your interior and timeless centrepiece in any d├ęcor scheme. 

Cymbidium Orchid
From the new Exotics collection
 Phaleanopsis Orchid
From the Blooms Collection

With Elizabeth Bradley kits you get to choose the background colour. My Rhododendron kit has a pale lime background but you can have yellow or cream or duck egg blue.

The pattern is printed on the canvas plus you get a colour chart to follow.  If you have done needlepoint in the past you will know that sometimes it is frustrating because you don't know what colour a square is supposed to be. Now you have a chart (just like a cross-stitch chart) to follow as well.