Friday, November 30, 2018


I wondered why my Nightshift didn't look as amazing as it should have when I took pictures the other day. Then it hit me. I didn't hang it by the long edge. Now it looks better. It looks like a shawl.
The pattern is super easy and very addictive. Just one more row.

It's time to pick colours for The Throwback (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
©Andrea Mowry
Wannietta is working away on hers. Sarah is picking her last colour of Dream State tomorrow. Lynn and I need to get moving!
©Andrea Mowry
This sweater was inspired by my childhood and weekends spent in northern Michigan on the sand dunes. It is my favorite cardigan for layering and keeping warm all Autumn and Winter long! This sweater is worked flat from the top down, seamlessly, except for the sleeves which are knit in the round.
©Andrea Mowry
Woolstok 1317
Dream State
Devilish Grin
Verba Volant

Woolstok 1306
Dream State
The Family Jewels
Stay Ready
Deep Bump

Dream State
The Family Jewels
Salty Dog
Deep Bump

Dream State
Shades of Earth
Mississippi Marsala
Verba Volant

The new Blossoms from Frabjous Fibers arrived late this afternoon. Here are 6 of the 15 colours.
Floral-inspired, gradient balls of JOY! These Blossoms are a smooth, soft blend of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon. Watch the colors shift as you work through your next fingering weight shawl, socks, accessories, or even double or triple up to make a lightweight garment! 
These are $50.50 a ball.

We used Hedgehog Skinny Singles for our Kallara but I think it would look amazing in two different balls of Blossom.

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit. We have two new colours of Shepherd Sock from Lorna's Laces. Holly Jolly Holiday (green) and Deck Them Halls (red).
We're digging out our Christmas baskets.

This was the email that Beth sent yesterday. Roko visited the vet to have his blood work done. He has been on Thyroid medicine for a month and they wanted to see if it was helping.
Roko’s test came back very good.
Before his T4 level was 9.7 (should be 13 to 53) 
Now his T4 level is 42
It is. He has so much more energy. While we were away dad took Roko to the dog park with Lucy and he was running around. I might start taking it 😉

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Waited and waited

Dream State is here. Somedays UPS delivers before noon. Today we waited. And waited. They finally arrived late this afternoon.
Pictures ©Andrea Mowry.
When we received our last order I put aside colours of Dream State for myself. I've decided to add them to colours from this shipment to make a kit of Andrea's colours. We only have one in stock and you can purchase it on the website.

Here are a few combinations that I put together. Both combinations have 5 of the 6 colours that Andrea used in her shawl. The last colour in each picture is a substitute.
Shades of Earth
Salty Dog
Deep Bump
Rusted Rainbow
Shades of Earth
Salty Dog
Deep Bump
Rusted Rainbow
The Family Jewels

Diana finished Powder and Dust (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with 3 skeins of Autumn and Indigo singles.
Lace like little cat paw prints on dust and a lovely neutral, fading color palette make this shawl perfect for every knitter. Easy triangle shape and squishy garter stitch are relaxing to knit, but the lace and the fade add more interest to your shawl. 
Choose your favorite 3-color fade and cast on!
The shawl is beautiful. Diana knit all three skeins to the end to make it bigger.

Joanne visited today and brought in her Slow Curves. She was lucky to leave with it. I WANT!!
She used Adelaide from Primrose. Did I mention that I want it?? Joanne said that she enjoyed knitting the shawl and it is great to wear.
Slow Curves is a crescent shawl design that alternates wedges of solid colors with wedges of ‘faded’ or mixed yarns. With the use of short rows, these sections create curves that move like a pendulum. On one side of the shawl you will see 4 definite solid sections and on the other side you will see them all blended together.  
The result is this beautiful, big, optically intriguing shawl.

Yarn is on the way from Life in the Long Grass. It left Ireland today so we might see it in a few weeks.

After work I'm heading into Toronto for One of a Kind. I'm afraid that it is going to be a slow drive - the Raptors are in town tonight.

I have the website updated for the yarn that we received today. Now I should get it on the shelf.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Alex finished the Shift. It looks amazing and I really think that she should give it to me 😀
This cowl is the perfect all-the-time accessory! And the answer for all of those knitters out there who love to knit shawls, but have a hard time styling them. A fun and engaging knit with shifting colors, that looks like an asymmetrical triangle shawl, and it only takes a fiddle-free second to throw it on as the finish to every outfit!
We have some interesting colour combinations in the store and we will be putting more together tomorrow afternoon when the shipment arrives.
Here is Nightshift hanging outside in the natural light. I did not knit many rows last night before going to bed. Survivor is on tonight so that will give me at least an hour of knitting.

Alex fringed the Nicole Cowl for me. We used two skeins of Manos Serpentina.

Mr. and Ms. UPS visited today with boxes from Namaste.

The Crossbody Bag and Knitter's Tote look amazing.

We received a shipment of pompoms today. Large and small.
One skein of ASAP and one pompom make a great hat. We used the pattern for The Big Hat (free on Ravelry).
Last night at dinner I got the full story on Siegfried and Roy from my dad. Beth gave the same story but I wasn't buying it until dad confirmed. They saw the show 29 years ago. Back then you had to wait in line to get tickets. No Internet. No phone orders. No purchasing in advance. Dad was there at 7am and waited hours for the tickets to go on sale. The show had just started when the stage failed and they announced that everyone could get tickets to another show - go line up outside at the box office. Angela is an accomplished lawyer and was not waiting in line again. She grabbed Beth and they went to the front of the line to talk to a manager. That is how they ended up with front row seats to the show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Home Again

I took this picture from our room just before we checked out last night. Goodbye Vegas. Our flight was uneventful but I must say that I hate the red eye.
I visited Lynn in the store this afternoon and brought Nightshift to show her. I did a few rows in the airport but tried to sleep on the plane. The more rows I do the more I love the colours.

We just had dinner with dad (The Works on Upper James - yummy) and now it's time for laundry. Maybe an hour of knitting and then bed. Did I mention that I hate the red eye??

We have a busy week. Thursday we should be receiving four boxes by UPS. Three from Namaste and one from Spincycle. I will get everything on the website as quick as possible.
I carried my backpack on the plane and when we were walking around. It was great. There are many, many pockets and it is comfortable to wear. I highly recommend the bag. Black and pink will be coming in the order.

Beth is getting antsy so it's time for TV.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Last Day

We weren’t sure what we were going to do this afternoon so I suggested seeing the baby dolphin at the Mirage.

I have quite a few dolphin pictures. There was a training session and I kept clicking away.

The proper name is Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. After seeing the dolphins we walked into the area with the lions and tigers. We’re walking along and I started poking Beth but she wasn’t paying attention. Siegfried was walking around. He was amazing. Talking to everyone. Taking pictures. 

We met him again by the tigers and he talked to us for about 5 minutes. It was the highlight of Beth’s trip. She first saw their show in 1990. She was here with mom and dad for The Concrete Convention. My dad got them front row seats and Sigfriend & Roy let her play with baby white tigers.

I have more to write but the app I’m using to blog keeps crashing so I’ll show more pictures and add to the post tomorrow.