Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Home Again

I took this picture from our room just before we checked out last night. Goodbye Vegas. Our flight was uneventful but I must say that I hate the red eye.
I visited Lynn in the store this afternoon and brought Nightshift to show her. I did a few rows in the airport but tried to sleep on the plane. The more rows I do the more I love the colours.

We just had dinner with dad (The Works on Upper James - yummy) and now it's time for laundry. Maybe an hour of knitting and then bed. Did I mention that I hate the red eye??

We have a busy week. Thursday we should be receiving four boxes by UPS. Three from Namaste and one from Spincycle. I will get everything on the website as quick as possible.
I carried my backpack on the plane and when we were walking around. It was great. There are many, many pockets and it is comfortable to wear. I highly recommend the bag. Black and pink will be coming in the order.

Beth is getting antsy so it's time for TV.

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