Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Knitting Barber Cords

The Knitting Barber (TKB) Cords are making their way to us. I should know tomorrow when they will be arriving. When I have the date I will add these to the website.

These are funky stitch holders. There are 3 in each set. One that is 60” for body stitches and two that are 30” for your sleeves. How many times do you need a needle but it has a project on it? The Knitting Barber Cords are perfect for holding your stitches. I will need to bring a few of these home. I’m always look for needles and when I find them they are already in a project.

Watch this video for a great explanation on how the cords work. 

There are knock offs out there but we are getting the originals. All colours are coming.

Ordering from Spincycle is a little different than from other companies. They open up ordering for a week and we have to preorder what we think we will need for the next 4 months. If we run out of a colour we can’t pick up the phone and get more. We have to wait until the next round of ordering. Their yarns are hand spun and hand dyed so they work on one colour at a time. The yarn is set aside for everyone who ordered that colour. Then they move to the next colour.

This week we put in orders and there will be two brand new colours of Dyed in the Wool coming in the new year.

Dad loves banana bread so tonight Beth had him help her make a few batches. He did pretty good for his first attempt. We ran out of mix (of course it is from a box - we don’t have time to make it from scratch) but more is coming tomorrow so they will make another round. 

I went upstairs last night and found this in my bed. He likes comfort.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Happy Monday

I went to the way back machine look for garment recommendations. This is Joji’s Lemongrass (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

We knit our sample in the second size with 2 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool
You could also use Lopi to knit Lemongrass. I was able to knit yesterday while watching football. The body is knit to the armholes and then you knit the sleeves. When the sleeves are finished everything is joined to start the yoke. I am just about done the body to the armholes. I have to decide on how long I want my cardigan.

For those making Christmas decorations, take a look at Susan B. Anderson’s Elf pattern on Ravelry. They are amazing. I ask designers permission before I share their pictures and I haven’t had time to email Susan. 

New colours of Opal sock yarn will be coming very soon.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sarah has a new sweater

Meet Felix (pattern purchased on Ravelry). Sarah knit her sweater with Rowan Tweed Haze in 556 Storm.

Sarah texted me during the week to tell me it was finished. 

Done the Felix sweater. Looks good. Sadly the yarn doesn’t show off the cute lace raglan detail very well but whatever. I’ll send pics probably Saturday

Here is my reply

Glad that you like the yarn. It is super soft. You can always put ribbons through the lace holes to show them off 👿

I thought my suggestion was good

Ribbons lol maybe not!
The lace does show up better than I thought! I did the second size and adjusted the length to be slightly longer. I did shorter ribbing too. Very thick but it feels light and lofty so I think it’ll be quite wearable inside even though it’s chunky yarn. 

The holes show up very well. I guess there isn’t any need for ribbons.
From Amy Christoffers who designed the sweater

A cropped top down raglan with an eyelet motif incorporated into the raglan increases. This was designed to be the perfect sweater to wear layered over tunics and dresses though I find it is well suited to high waisted pants as well. I suggest putting all the stitches on waste yarn and trying the sweater on before you begin the ribbing to be sure you have a length you will like and will enjoy wearing.

This is a very easy and very quick knit with a light aran weight yarn worked at a relaxed open gauge.

From Jenn Steingass (

You can find her patterns on Ravelry or on Gumroad.

Jenn designed Newleaf - a sweater that Lynn and I love.
Lynn and I were in the store early this morning and were able to get some colours outside for pictures. These are for the Inclinations Shawl.

Photo © Andrea Mowry
My shawl isn’t blocked yet but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting yarn for another one.😘

Friday, November 26, 2021


Valda has been busy making Jolly Wee Elves. The pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns and you can purchase it on their website.
A snowman has joined the Jolly Wee Elves.  Last Christmas I knitted 20 of the elves, most of them given away with gifts, three wearing hockey shirts.  October this year I knitted a few more, two are Halloween witches with a sprig of thyme for a broom.  I started with a Woolstok Bundle and have used Rowan's tweed as well.  I really enjoy knitting these little elves

I want to thank Valda for sharing. I hadn’t thought of a snowman.

Here are Valda’s elves from last year. I love the elves in hockey sweaters. Valda’s email came at the perfect time. Mr. FedEx brought a box from Blue Sky Fibers today and we have more Woolstok Bundles.

This is the newest bundle called Holiday Snow. It has a few skeins of Brushed Suri.

Yesterday’s post was short. I was up early to make sure that all the discounts were correct on the website. Then we were crazy busy packing before the doors opened at noon. I was late getting home, had dinner, played some dominoes with dad, wrote a very quick post and then knit for 1/2 hour before bed.

I’m going to try and do better today.

The new Maker’s Canvas Tote from Della Q is great! I opened a black one for myself. It’s hanging in the store for now so that people can see it. Lynn and I were going to take it outside for pictures but the time got away from us.
Churchmouse released a new pattern today. This is the Colorwork Cap knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. You can purchase the pattern on the Churchmouse website.

A delicious taste of stranded colorwork, this cute cap is fun and engaging, and still simple enough for first time stranders! We’ve created a four-color motif, which—as is traditional—uses only two colors per row. Then, we came up with three different color palettes and six different charts (two charts for each palette). And then threw in one more ‘plain’ chart, so that you can make up your own colorway!

This Colorwork Cap shines in a finer DK-weight, warm and woolly yarn with a great color palette. So we picked perennial favorite Rowan Felted Tweed!

177 Clay
212 Peach
173 Duck Egg 
153 Phantom

190 Stone
216 French Mustard
207 Bottle Green
211 Black

151 Bilberry
154 Ginger
205 Lotus Leaf


Approx. 20"/51cm around x 10"/25.5cm tall, after blocking.

4 skeins Rowan Felted Tweed (191 yds/175m each): 1 skein each in Colors A, B, C, D. 
Note: This is enough for at least three hats! Or approx. 110 yds/100m in Color A and 30 yds/27m each in Colors B, C and D in an equivalent DK-weight yarn, per hat.

We have a bit of snow flying at our house tonight. Beth can’t wait until Sunday morning when we should have snow on the ground. She is excited to see what Jackson does when he sees snow.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Friday

We had a few deliveries today. Mr FedEx brought in the new book Worsted (available online and in the store). Then we saw a different FedEx driver with 3 of 4 boxes from Della Q. Mr. UPS brought in a box from Spincycle. 

Lynn and I opened up a Train Case just before we left. These pretty colours of Dream State are going to be for my next Inclinations Shawl. For now the yarn is going to live in the Train Case.

Black Friday sales have started in the store. You can see all the yarn, bags and accessories that we have marked down here.

Check the Black Friday page daily because I could add more products over the next few days.
Someone wants more food.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

On the way

This is Ambah O’Brien’s Go Go Throw - another pattern for her Festive KAL.

Cosy and beautiful, the Go Go throw is a delight to knit and enjoy in so many ways; on the lounge, around your shoulders and would certainly make a stunning gift. Designed with a 24 mini-skein kit in mind, the Go Go Throw is a fabulous way to play with colour; use up your favourite leftovers, a fabulous mini-skein set or keep it simple with two colours. Two versions are shown here, both made with the same yarn set, one has mohair held together with the fingering weight yarn, resulting in a slightly heavier and thicker throw, while the other is knit with fingering weight alone, the choice is yours both versions are gorgeous.

Choose between written and charted instructions for the lace.

Photos © Ambah O’Brien

You can purchase the pattern on Ambah’s website.
This would be a great project for all my leftovers. I have bags of fingering weight yarn in my sewing room.

Woolstok Bundles are finally on the way. They should arrive on Friday. I was shocked when I received the email from Blue Sky Fibers this afternoon. The last time I had talked with them they thought it would December before their shipment arrived.

Our limited edition holiday Woolstok Bundles are designed for crafting of all kinds; knit, crochet, weave, felt and more. With each mini hank measuring at 12 yards each (10 meters), there are endless ways for these little bundles to make a big presence in your store. Every bundle includes 3 mini-hanks of 7 different shades giving you plenty of options to explore color. Pick your favorite colorway and begin creating.

21 Color kits will be in the box as well.

Worsted should be in the store on Friday morning for the release.

There is a very small order of Lykke needles coming on Friday. We will have Blush Interchangeable 3.5” sets as well as double pointed needle sets.

The last shipment is four boxes from Della Q. These are in Mississauga and might come tomorrow. We’re going to be unpacking a lot this week. It’s an early Christmas for Lynn and I.

It’s Survivor/knitting time. I have 8” knit on my Carbeth Cardigan. The designer, Kate Davies, made the cardigan cropped. I’m not sure I want it that short so I’ll be knitting longer than she suggests. I’m enjoying knitting with Lopi. It’s been a long time.