Wednesday, November 24, 2021

On the way

This is Ambah O’Brien’s Go Go Throw - another pattern for her Festive KAL.

Cosy and beautiful, the Go Go throw is a delight to knit and enjoy in so many ways; on the lounge, around your shoulders and would certainly make a stunning gift. Designed with a 24 mini-skein kit in mind, the Go Go Throw is a fabulous way to play with colour; use up your favourite leftovers, a fabulous mini-skein set or keep it simple with two colours. Two versions are shown here, both made with the same yarn set, one has mohair held together with the fingering weight yarn, resulting in a slightly heavier and thicker throw, while the other is knit with fingering weight alone, the choice is yours both versions are gorgeous.

Choose between written and charted instructions for the lace.

Photos © Ambah O’Brien

You can purchase the pattern on Ambah’s website.
This would be a great project for all my leftovers. I have bags of fingering weight yarn in my sewing room.

Woolstok Bundles are finally on the way. They should arrive on Friday. I was shocked when I received the email from Blue Sky Fibers this afternoon. The last time I had talked with them they thought it would December before their shipment arrived.

Our limited edition holiday Woolstok Bundles are designed for crafting of all kinds; knit, crochet, weave, felt and more. With each mini hank measuring at 12 yards each (10 meters), there are endless ways for these little bundles to make a big presence in your store. Every bundle includes 3 mini-hanks of 7 different shades giving you plenty of options to explore color. Pick your favorite colorway and begin creating.

21 Color kits will be in the box as well.

Worsted should be in the store on Friday morning for the release.

There is a very small order of Lykke needles coming on Friday. We will have Blush Interchangeable 3.5” sets as well as double pointed needle sets.

The last shipment is four boxes from Della Q. These are in Mississauga and might come tomorrow. We’re going to be unpacking a lot this week. It’s an early Christmas for Lynn and I.

It’s Survivor/knitting time. I have 8” knit on my Carbeth Cardigan. The designer, Kate Davies, made the cardigan cropped. I’m not sure I want it that short so I’ll be knitting longer than she suggests. I’m enjoying knitting with Lopi. It’s been a long time.

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