Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Knitting Barber Cords

The Knitting Barber (TKB) Cords are making their way to us. I should know tomorrow when they will be arriving. When I have the date I will add these to the website.

These are funky stitch holders. There are 3 in each set. One that is 60” for body stitches and two that are 30” for your sleeves. How many times do you need a needle but it has a project on it? The Knitting Barber Cords are perfect for holding your stitches. I will need to bring a few of these home. I’m always look for needles and when I find them they are already in a project.

Watch this video for a great explanation on how the cords work. 

There are knock offs out there but we are getting the originals. All colours are coming.

Ordering from Spincycle is a little different than from other companies. They open up ordering for a week and we have to preorder what we think we will need for the next 4 months. If we run out of a colour we can’t pick up the phone and get more. We have to wait until the next round of ordering. Their yarns are hand spun and hand dyed so they work on one colour at a time. The yarn is set aside for everyone who ordered that colour. Then they move to the next colour.

This week we put in orders and there will be two brand new colours of Dyed in the Wool coming in the new year.

Dad loves banana bread so tonight Beth had him help her make a few batches. He did pretty good for his first attempt. We ran out of mix (of course it is from a box - we don’t have time to make it from scratch) but more is coming tomorrow so they will make another round. 

I went upstairs last night and found this in my bed. He likes comfort.

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