Sunday, June 30, 2019

Made It

I finished the fourth square with barely any yarn left. One ball of Ito will make four squares. I'm happy with how different the squares look.

Next Saturday evening Beth and I are flying to Vegas and I will be making more squares on the plane. Beth turns 50 on Sunday - what kind of a sister would I be if I didn't take her for the big day? Sunday night we are going to see Aerosmith. Beth is excited because she will be the youngest person in the crowd 😘
Tomorrow I will get back to Slow Curves.
Our back garden is taking shape. It should be breaking out in colour soon.
Big Brother is taping. I know, we can't help ourselves. It's that train wreck that you can't stop watching.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Jane stopped by this morning with the squares for her blanket. They look amazing. I can not start but I really want to. I have bags of fingering weight in my sewing room waiting for me. She is going to edge the squares in solid black and then do a black border around the whole blanket.
I finished my third square and started number four. It will be close but I might get four squares out of one ball.

Catherine from ZigZag Stitches posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook yesterday. A big pile of our bags.

I bought this fabric in Myrtle Beach and Catherine made the bags for us. We have them in Small and Shawl size.

We had strawberries and ice cream for desert. Someone loves ice cream. She is so gentle. Some dogs grab at food. Not Lucy. You can put your hand in her mouth and she gently takes the food.
And before you ask, we don't normally feed her on the couch. She was lying on the couch (facing in the other direction watching the tv) when Beth sat down with her bowl. Lucy flopped over into Beth's lap. She looked so cute that Beth caved and fed her.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Lynn Finishes Another Project

Lynn just finished (ends sewn in and blocked) a shawl called Marbelous (pattern purchased on Ravelry). She used one skein of Manos Fino with a fair amount of yarn left over.
Marbelous is a light shawl for those lovely spring and summer days :) 
It knits up quickly, is fun to make and uses just one skein of fingering weight yarn. 
The shawl is worked top-down in one piece from the centre out as a crescent shaped shawl with a curved top edge. It is worked in garter stitch with alternating lace bands. A picot edging makes a beautiful finish for this modern & feminine accessory. 
The pattern contains written as well as charted instructions.
Lynn is wearing her own sunglasses today. She forgot to bring them out yesterday so I handed her mine. They were a little (a lot) too big for her face.

Lynn used the new Flexible Blocking Wires (and Soak) to block her shawl. I asked her to write something about the wires and then the day got away from us. I'll make her sit down and do it tomorrow 😘

Catherine from ZigZag Stitches brought us bags today. Ladies were gathered around as I was emptying the box.

This bag is referred to as the Shawl Wedge.
Dimensions (approximate):
14.5 inches wide across top (37 cm) x 8.5 inches tall (22 cm)
Base is 11 inches wide x 4 inches deep (28 x 10 cm) 

This wedge-shaped bag will hold a medium-size knitting project (such as a shawl or pieces of a sweater), along with a pattern and notions. Knitting needles up to 14 inches long (36 cm) will fit. The handle/strap is long enough to carry over the arm as a wristlet. The bag is interfaced for soft structure. It's lined with coordinating cotton, and constructed with no exposed seams. A pocket can hold notions. The heavy-duty nylon coil zipper has a long tab zipper pull. 

We also have the Sweater Wedge which is bigger.
Dimensions (approximate):
17 inches wide across top (43 cm) x 10.5 inches tall (27 cm)
Base is 12 inches wide x 5 inches deep (30 x 13 cm)

This wedge-shaped bag will hold a large knitting project (such as pieces of a sweater, or a small blanket), along with a pattern and notions. I can fit 7-8 skeins of worsted weight yarn in this bag. Knitting needles up to 17 inches long (43 cm) will fit. The bag is interfaced for soft structure. It's lined with a coordinating cotton print, and constructed with no exposed seams. The heavy-duty nylon coil YKK zipper has a long tab zipper pull. A pocket can hold notions. 

And a Small Wedge which is smaller.
Dimensions (approximate):
12 inches wide at zipper (30 cm) x 7 inches tall (17 cm)
Base is 9 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep (23 x 9 cm)

The generous dimensions of this bag will hold a project such as socks, mittens, a hat, a scarf, or a baby sweater. Knitting needles up to 11 inches long (28 cm) will fit. It's also great for carrying toiletries, small toys, or baby items. The handle/strap is long enough to carry over the arm as a wristlet. The bag is interfaced for soft structure. It's lined with a coordinating cotton print, and constructed with no exposed seams. The smooth nylon coil zipper has a wood bead on the zipper pull. The zipper opens at the top when the bag is hanging by the handle, so the contents will not spill out.

The Drawstring Bag
Dimensions: (approximate)
10 inches tall (25 cm) x 8 inches wide (20 cm), when flattened
Base is 3.5 x 4.5 inches (9 cm x 11 cm)

Take your small knitting or crochet project out in style in this handy drawstring bag. Socks, mittens, or a small scarf will fit. My drawstring bags have a padded lining to protect your needles and help prevent them from poking through the fabric. The bag will stand on its own, even when empty.
You can keep the yarn in the bag and hang the bag on your wrist while knitting. This is perfect for commuter knitting, for showing off at your knit night, or for keeping your knitting projects organized at home. Knitting needles or a spindle, up to 8 inches long (20 cm), will fit. The cotton twill ribbons pull to close the bag.

These are not on the website yet. After Catherine left I had to visit the dentist for a cleaning. I will try and get pictures tomorrow.

Someone called me out as to why I haven't spoken out about Ravelry's new policy. Thank you Carolyn. I should have made this statement sooner. I support Ravelry and their decisionI do not support Trump and his policies. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cotton Nightshift

Lynda just finished a Nightshift for the store knit in a cotton/acrylic blend from Trendsetter Yarns. We have a limited number of kits so don't miss out. The colours are gorgeous and the shawl feels great on.

There was a lot of yarn left over so you can play with the pattern and add to it if you want.

There are some changes happening beside the store. The variety store is gone. Today they started on the next building which was a restaurant. The plan is to put in condos but I don't know when that is starting.
The restaurant is gone. They aren't fooling around.
I'm back working on Log Cabin squares. This square should be finished tomorrow. I forgot to bring home my finished squares to show them all together - tomorrow. One ball of Ito should get me three and a half squares which means the afghan should take six balls.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mini Skeins

The new kits from SweetGeorgia have arrived. There are 6 mini skeins in each.
These were dyed for the Perfect Blend KAL. You need two kits for the KAL - choosing is going to be hard.

Brian Smith has a new pattern out. Meet Willkara. The colours are gorgeous - I see a lot of Hedgehog in the shawl.
This pattern is basically a template for a wrap using fingering weight yarn. Garter stitch blocks, mixed with garter stitch short rows create a curved wrap that sits beautifully around the shoulders, or hangs in front with generous drape. Stitches are picked up around both inner and outer arc’s to work a skinny garter border. Search your stash for all of your fingering weight oddments and cast on creating your own garment. Sample shown used greens, pinks and gold’s.

We've been working on the website today. There is a new category at the top of the website - SALE.
These are odd balls, discontinued yarns or yarns that we have decided to clear to make room for new yarn.

I also spent time doing my next order for Spincycle. They open the website for ordering for one week. This way Spincycle can consolidate every one's orders and it helps to speed up the process to get us yarn. In the past they would make my Melancholia and then they would clean all their machines to make my Salty Dog. Now they are making every one's Melancholia at once. When all the orders are close to being dyed they open ordering again for a week. Our last order was March 1 and we should see the rest of that order at the end of July. It's hard because we need to forward order and guess as to what everyone will want. For instance, there is a new colour of Dyed in the Wool being introduced. We ordered it sight unseen but I'm okay with that - we all know it will be great.

This is Ghost Ranch. Another new colour for fall that is on my order.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I would talk about a new yarn. We are still working out the shipping logistics so I'm going to wait until that gets worked out.
This scarf is called Channeling JJ. It is a free pattern from Manos del Uruguay. It isn't available online yet - we have permission to give you the pattern when you purchase the yarn (Manos of course) to make the scarf.

The scarf above uses one Fino Mini Skein kit with a full skein of Fino.

The scarf below uses two Mini Skein kits (Tabitha and Clarissa).
If you are thinking about making this scarf - take a look at our newsletter that went out yesterday. There is a deal on Manos mini skein kits.

Now it's time for The Amazing Race. I haven't really knit since I've been home. I think I'm going to pull out my Noro Ito Log Cabin Afghan Square.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Kerstin just finished Tulip (pattern purchased on Ravelry). The sweater is amazing! Kerstin used three skeins of tosh sock in the colour Coquette - Deux and made a size small.
“Tulip” is an A-line pullover in two styles, with different shaping on the body and sleeves.  
The body and sleeves of both versions are worked from the neck down with Mock cable pattern on the raglan lines. The sleeves are set aside at the underarm, and the body is knitted in one piece in an A-line silhouette, with Tulip pattern on the sides. Simple version’s body is knitted plain to the hem, while the Tulip pattern is also worked around the bottom for Feminine version.  
The sleeves are worked down in the round to 3/4 length, with decreases for fitted sleeves of Simple version, and with increases for bell-shaped sleeves of Feminine version.
Did I mention how gorgeous this is?? The detailing running up the sides is fabulous. Kerstin said that she was a bit worried before she started but it was an easy sweater to make.
Make sure you check your inbox - a newsletter went out this morning.

Now it's time to sit and knit for an hour before bed. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow I will tell you about a yarn that is coming next week. I'm very excited about it.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Home Again

I got home yesterday afternoon much later than I thought I would. It was a slow drive with lots of traffic. There was a delay at the border and then in St. Catharines once you crossed the Garden City Skyway. I was too tired to write when I got home.
I went to the store for a few minutes this afternoon and a box was sitting at the door. More Shawl Cuffs. 14 have been added to the website and the rest will be added tomorrow.

I wore three different Shawl Cuffs over the weekend. Everywhere I went yarn shop owners, yarn distributors and designers stopped me to ask about them.

More from TNNA
I ordered more colours of Lore from The Fibre Company. We should see them at the beginning of August. Why are we waiting? There are new colours of Arranmore Light (also from The Fibre Company) coming for fall and they aren't available until August. Everything will ship together.

The shawl is called Meet Me at Midnight (purchased on Ravelry) and uses three skeins of Lore - one skein each of three colours.
Like the perfectly aligned hands of a clock at midnight, the exquisite center spine stitches of Meet Me at Midnight are designed to beautifully meet in the middle. (Be sure to check out those edge stitches too, which are are equally divine!) These features, combined with fun and surprisingly simple to knit bands of mosaic and texture will make this knitting project one you’ll not want to put down. 
Meet Me at Midnight is an elongated triangular shawl, knit flat, from the top down. Its gorgeous mosaic pattern is surprisingly simple to knit, using just one color per row to create stunning results. 
The pattern is easily followed, including charts only for the mosaic sections. Not familiar with reading charts? I encourage you to give it a try! Mosaic charts are super simple to follow and the accompanying pattern notes will easily navigate you through to becoming a Chart Reader!
Here are the five new colours of Arranmore Light.

Laura Bryant (the owner of Prism Yarns) looks so summery wearing coral. 

There is colour overload in the Prism booth. Everything is so beautiful. Laura and I had a long discussion about Camp and the garments that are coming are amazing!
Mrs. Crosby has a new logo and brand new colours.
This is Navelli from Boyland Knitworks knit in Satchel. Satchel is a single ply yarn with a tight twist. It is perfect for garments. The denim is a new colour and we have it on order. When it arrives I will be shipping yarn to Wannietta. I think this is a great project for her.

The Mini Kins from Freia look awesome in real life. Unfortunately Tina was crazy busy before the show and couldn't bring kits for me. We should see them in a few weeks.

Frabjous Fibers Blossoms. There will be new colours for fall.
The striped shawl is called Which Way. It was originally written for sports weight but will be coming out and it takes two blossoms - one each of two different colours.

I think that is all my TNNA pictures. There are still more yarns to talk about but I'm saving that for tomorrow.

Lucy had a sleepover last night. Dad was in Ajax before 6 this morning to pour the concrete floor of an arena. She slept most of the night with me - it was nice to have a dog in bed again. I've been Lucy sitting this afternoon because Beth had an appointment. She has been an angel. Lucy not Beth. While sitting here I have been writing a newsletter. It should go out tomorrow.

Now I need to chop vegetables. It's pizza night.