Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

I was in the store early this morning to meet dad (and Lucy) so that we could get the final measurements for the new display. Dad and Beth are at the workshop now cutting and we will be assembling tomorrow.
Someone did not want to be in the store. I tried to take her picture but she was very stubborn (she gets that from my mom). She wanted outside to run around.

Diana finished another store sample for us. On The Spice Market (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
We made a few changes to the pattern. The main colour (cream) is Silk Garden Sock colour 269. Instead of using mini skeins for the contrast colours we used Silk Garden Sock colour 349. Diana used one ball of 269 and two balls of 349.
Are you searching the souk for treasures? 
You’ll find one in On the Spice Market, an asymmetrical triangle shawl featuring a zesty mixture of textures, slipped stitches, and short rows. 
Its generous size lets you style it a variety of ways—however you do, you’re sure to get compliments! 
The garter stitch stripes and contrast slipped stitch rows are perfect for showcasing a gradient of colors.
The end of the shawl is on the right of the picture - the stripes of browns and rusts. In this section we should have had some cream stripes but we ran out of colour 269. If you want the stripes then you will need another ball of yarn. We made the executive decision that the stripes weren't needed. We also tried to keep the cost of the shawl down.

Nightshift is finished. Lynn is going to sew the ends in and I am going to block it this afternoon or tomorrow. I used Noro Ito in colours 6 and 8 for this one. If you like the colours of my original shawl (4 and 12) they should be arriving on Wednesday afternoon.
I thought I was finished my post and Ms. Canada Post came in with a big box of Opal sock yarn. We have a lot of new colours.
Opal The Birthday Party has arrived.

We have 5 colours from the new Butterfly Collection.
The colorful and magical world of butterflies has inspired us to the collection Opal Butterfly. 
When the "pupated beauties" turn their first "soft flutter" into an "artful wing beat" and start a "sunny flight", then nature becomes even more colorful and happy. 
Caress your own "elegance" with Opal Butterfly, whether with socks, shawls or a sweater. From Opal everything can be knitted.

Opal sock yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide - made in Germany. You can throw your socks in the washer and dryer - dad and Beth do and they look brand new after many washes.

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. I will not be awake at midnight. Dad will have us in the store early tomorrow to work 😪(I didn't know that there were this many Emojis. Apparently this is a sleepy face).

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Another Wedge Completed

Sarah looks great wearing our store sample of So Faded.

Alex is going to make the So Faded sweater (pattern purchased on Ravelry) in GarnStories.
Flying Circus
Neptuns Segen
Magic Mint

We've had many visitors come into the store wearing this sweater. Some pastels. Some bright. Some earthy tones. Some in speckled yarns. Some in semi-solid hand dyed yarns. They've been all over the spectrum. It has looked great on everyone.
©Andrea Mowry
This sweater sums up my ideal raglan pullover: worked from the top down, completely seamless, and just a little bit of texture to make it fit into a more modern wardrobe! Adjust the length of the sleeves and the body easily to fit your personal style!
Our friend Brian Smith has a new pattern out.
 The pattern is called Keyla. You can purchase it on Ravelry.
Brian used 2 skeins of Hedgehog Skinny Singles. This is a great pattern for using some of the fun hand dyed yarn you have in your stash.

I just finished the second wedge on Chevron Shenanigans. There will be six wedges before the next colour is faded in. I was not so sure when I finished the first wedge but now I'm a bit addicted. Stephen writes an amazing pattern that is very easy to follow. All rows are written out with stitch counts.

This afternoon I cast off my Nightshift. I will get preblocking pictures tomorrow at the store. I love how the colours came out.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Pattern Coming

I put together a few colours combinations of GarnStories for Ambah O'Brien's Bambara Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Charade is across the top and will be the POP colour.
Kimono, Paisley, Driftwood
Bossanova is across the top and will be the POP colour.
Mikado, Punk, Funky Bizz.

With the blacks and greys you could do any POP colour. GarnStories is the same base as Hedgehog Skinny Singles, Life in the Long Grass Singles, Long Dog Singles and Uschitita. You can mix companies to get more colour options.
Bambara wrap was inspired by a walk in my local bush. The greens of the landscape were translated perfectly into yarn by Primrose Yarn Co, who dyed the amazing colours based on my forest walk inspiration.  
Bambara is a generously-sized wrap, knit on the bias with simple shaping and alternating sections of lace and garter. The colours and patterns weave together like the layers of a melody, calling to mind the iconic sound of The Cure’s A Forest. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with colour – use a 3-skein gradient with a coordinating contrast colour, mix speckles and solids in 4 different colours for a fun, bold look, or keep it subtle with neutral solids.
This is the Bambara Wrap that I knit. I highly recommend the pattern. It was a fun knit. The repeat was easy to memorize and you change colours often enough that you aren't bored with each colour.
©Andrea Mowry
Andrea Mowry has a new sweater pattern coming out the first week of January. It is knit in Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle. The main colour is Deep Bump and we have lots on the way to us. I don't know what the contrast colours are but I am sure that we will be able to put together beautiful combinations.

Pick Your Poison would also make a great main colour.

While eating dinner my dad looked at me and told me that I looked tired. I guess that means that I should head to bed soon. I picked up my needles and knit a few rows on Chevron Shenanigans. I couldn't concentrate. I guess that means that I should head to bed soon. The Leafs are losing bad and the college football game just started and it is already over. It's bed time.

Friday, December 28, 2018

It's all about the colour

Here are a few more colours from GarnStories that I haven't shared.
Vanilla Skies
Flying High
Last Call
Magic Mint
Neptuns Segen
Sushi mit Belushi
Funky Bizz

We are not adding the GarnStories to the old website. Fingers crossed the new one should be up and running in a week or so. If there is a colour, or colours that you need, please call and we can do a mail order over the phone.

We had friends over tonight for game night. They just left and I checked my emails. There are going to be a few good parcels arriving in the new year.

Bamboo FlexiFlips from Addi are on the way to us.
Cast-on to an effortless new method of knitting socks, cuffs, hats, and many of other projects which are worked in the round, with the addi® FlexiFlips – now in BAMBOO! Made specifically for North America, these specially designed 21cm circulars (3.5" tips with 1" cord) rest comfortably in the hand, and act as flexible double pointed needles. Easy to use, stitches are simply distributed over two needles, and then knit with the third - resulting in only two needle changes per row.

Spincycle is sending us more yarn. Meet Huldra. This is a new colour in Dyed in the Wool.
End of Summer
Shades of the Earth

Spincycle wasn't able to send us all the colours we ordered but we will be receiving 21 colours of Dyed in the Wool and 5 colours of Dream State. I will get the colours added to the website as soon as they arrive.

Now it's bed time. I would love to knit a few rows but I can't keep my eyes open. Hopefully there will be knitting time tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Designer Day at The Needle Emporium

We had a few designers visit us today. It's always fun to see them wearing their designs. Robbie Laughlin was in wearing his Rustic Lace Hat and Mitts (pattern purchased on Ravelry). I can see this set knit in Rowan Felted Tweed.

Robbie has written a great knitting book.
This book is a collection of 12 knitting patterns, designed for and inspired by the community of Canadian dyers, farmers, and shops I’ve grown to love over the years. Each pattern is crafted to showcase the beauty of the yarn, while providing an exploration into texture and creative shaping.
View all the patterns on Ravelry. 

Just after Robbie left Alexis Adrienne was in. She has many great patterns on Raverly. This is her The Rachel Hat knit in Blue Sky Woolstok.
A modern take on a classic, this pretty wool hat features diamond motifs embedded in a richly textured cabled pattern, with columns of crossed stitches that extend into the ribbed band. A great intermediate project, Rachel features a variety of interesting cable and decrease techniques. Knit in a soft, bright colour, it’s a fashionable twist on a winter wardrobe staple.

The Ross Hat is knit with Arranmore Light.
No winter wardrobe would be complete without a classic cabled hat. Like a smart, dependable friend, it’s always there for you, making you look good. Ross is a deceptively simple hat to knit—lots of texture, but just one style of cable—so it’s a great project for both new and seasoned cable knitters alike. Knit the toque version for anyone on your list—it’s a perennial favourite. Or knit the slouchy version (with or without pom pom) for your favourite hipster.

How YOU doin’? Well, let me tell you my knitty friends, you’ll be doin’ just fine once you’ve got this super-cozy, super-luxurious hat on your needles. In my humble opinion, a hat like this is an essential part of any knitter’s holiday gifting strategy. It’s easy to customize the size, and the extra-deep brim allows the wearer to customize the fit/style. Plus, it knits up fast…like the-day-before-you- need-it fast. Just like Joey, it’s warm, soft, and simple.
The Joey Hat is knit with Blue Sky American Scenic. Can you see a bit of a theme here?

Take a look at all of Alexis' patterns.

After work we took dad to The Works for dinner. After dinner we were supposed to go and get him new shoes. We were all so tired that we just went home. I've cast on Chevron Shenanigans but I don't think I will get much further tonight. We had a crazy busy great day in the store today. It's time for bed so we are ready for everyone tomorrow.