Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a mess

This is part of the mess I saw when I got to work this morning. Kim and I are going to spend the day getting the store back in order.
It's much later and we have the store looking like a store again. Customers can actually walk around without hitting a box. Tomorrow we need to hang the garments and get our ladies back to their proper spots.

I did a bit of knitting last night. Here is Windward. I'm on row 157. Love the colours!
And the Color Play Mohair Wrap. Yes, it is hard to write colour without the 'u' but the pattern is from the US and that is how they spell it. I'm just past 8". Right now I'm using one strand each of 359 and 204. When I reach 9" I switch to 2 strands of 204 for 9".

The great thing about the shawl is that 10 people can make it using the same colours and they will all look different. It will totally depend on how the colours come off the ball. Mine is going blue to green but yours could go green to blue.
An email came from madelinetosh last week telling me that pashmina is on the way

  • flashdance
  • amber trinket
  • smokey orchid
  • norway spruce
  • moss
  • kelp
  • dahlia
  • alizarin
  • grey garden
  • wilted rose
  • rain water
I just checked the US postal website and it has made it to Chicago. Maybe next week.

The big decision tonight is which project to work on. I'm thinking Color Play because I want to see what the next section of colour is going to look like. And it's great knitting while watching the start of the NHL playoffs. I don't have to pay too much attention to the needles and can focus on the game.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Color Play Mohair Scarf and Wrap

It's been a busy day. 8 boxes of yarn have been shipped out to customers. My HST return has been filed. And the biggie-I just dropped my tax return off at the post office. You might have heard me let out a sigh of relief. The store is still a mess but we will deal with that tomorrow. Tonight I'm sitting on the couch and knitting. There is a new project on my needles.

Churchmouse Yarns has a new pattern out. We don't have copies yet-they are on the way but if you need to get started you can buy the pattern on Ravelry.
These are the colours that I chose to use. It will be interesting to see how mine plays out. 
 From Churchmouse Yarns
Made with a double strand of a favorite lace-weight mohair and silk blend, you'll have fun playing with color, mixing with ombré shading, or crossing the color wheel for graphic punch. For the scarf (not pictured), we mixed four solid colors — two at a time — to create shaded color blocking. For the wrap, we played with four softly self-striping colorways — sometimes with themselves, sometimes with each other — so no two pieces will ever be alike. You'll just have to make another one.
The samples are made with 4 colours of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Stripe.
Kidsilk Stripe is a self striping version of Kid Silk Haze which is 70% super kid silk Mohair and 30% silk. The colour combinations have been cleverly put together by the master of colour 'Kaffe Fassett' and when knitted as a scarf will compliment any outfit. 

Two different colourways have been sent to one of my knitters. She will probably have both scarves done before I finish mine. :)

I have The Mentalist from last night to watch as well as episodes of Elementary. I bought the season and really like the show. If you are looking for something new I would recommend it. We also have Top Chef Canada tonight. I think that will keep me interested while knitting.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knitter's Frolic

We had a great day at the Frolic yesterday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth.
Kim, Lynn and Sarah were amazing getting the booth ready, selling yarn and tearing down the booth. It was our fastest tear down ever-under and hour.

A shout out to my dad and Beth for their help setting up Friday night (with Lynn) and coming Saturday to bring everything home. Beth got up at 4:30 Saturday morning to make us lunch. Yarn shows are a family affair. :)

The biggest thank you has to go to the volunteers from the Downtown Knit Collective for another awesome show. The members of the guild and their friends put in many hours to make it possible for me to sell and for you to buy.

When we got home last night I knit for an hour and then headed to bed. I thought about posting but was way too tired to sit down and write.
Here are pictures of the booth after we dressed my friends.

I've started another Windward. This time I'm using Zen Garden Serenity Silk Single.
It's knitting time while watching the Jays. Hopefully they get their act together soon. What a disappointment so far. And the Yankees are now leading 1-0. Come on Jays!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


I wrote this last night and forgot to hit Publish.

I finished Windward today-I'm on a roll. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.
I love it. The yarn is Serenity 20 from Zen Yarn Gardens and I used 1.5 skeins. The drape is awesome. Did I mention that I love it? So much that I started another one in Serenity Silk Single.

We're home from Toronto and here are some pictures of the booth.

The finishing touches (like hanging sweaters and putting out yarn bowls and knitting bags) will be done in the morning.

And a picture of my neighbour's booth-Waterloo Wools
Lots of pretty colours.

It's almost bed time. We're going to be on the road at 6 in the morning.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just in Time

I finished off Eos this afternoon. As in all seams and the ends are sewn in.

This was last night. One sleeve seam and a few ends still needed to be done
Here are my pile of ends to prove that I did sew some in last night
And here it is finished. It needs to be blocked but there isn't time before the show.
Pattern: Eos from Rowan's All Seasons Chunky Collection
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Chunky
This yarn although a chunky weight is light enough to wear for any season and shows beautiful stitch definition.
Now the push is on to get Windward finished. I'm guessing that I have about 60 rows to go.

After work I met dad and Beth at the storage unit to start packing Big Blue (the van has a name). The grid, cash desk, cash register and 6 boxes were just the start. Then we headed to the store. 2 boxes were put in Big Blue before the skies opened. And they opened hard. We will load the rest of the van in the morning. Beth went with dad to drop off the van and they had hail at the workshop and at my parents. It wasn't that bad in town where I stopped to get dinner.

I have an hour of paperwork and then it's knitting time. Maybe early to bed. Maybe. New Grey's Anatomy tonight.

I was sad to see who went on Survivor last night. Won't mention their name in case you haven't watched yet. If I was that person I would have looked for the Idol even if the others were watching me.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Kim came into work this morning wearing a great scarf/shawl knit in Rowan's Wool Cotton.

Pattern: Cozy Shawl purchased on Ravelry
5 balls Rowan Wool Cotton for the main colour and 3 balls for the ruffle

Here are some pictures of the new yarn from Zen Yarn Garden.

Serenity 20
Serenity Silk Single.

For the show we are going to hang it which will really show off the amazing colours.

I have a feeling it will go quickly at the Frolic.

And the boxes are starting to accumulate in the store.
The two days before a show are the worst for me. I get very anxious about what is packed, what isn't packed and what I have forgotten. I'm making a list and checking it twice four or five times.

It's almost to the point where we either have it or we don't.

I'm busy sewing together Eos. Both sleeves are in and one side seam is done. You know what I will be doing during Survivor. Sewing in ends.

I was ready to hit Publish when I saw a tweet from AnnieBee about a pattern that she just published.

Hue and Value
You need two colours of sock yarn - less than 100grams of each.

Visit AnnieBee's blog for more pictures and information on the shawl...

You can also purchase the pattern on Ravelry...

I have the pattern and will be playing with colours next week. The purple and lime are grabbing my attention. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Karbonz Needles are new from Knitter's Pride. While I was at my suppliers warehouse yesterday I picked up a few. Unfortunately they didn't have a lot in stock but more are coming. And for fall the size range is being increased to include larger needles.

  • A revolutionary product!! New-age needles made from High-Tech carbon fiber with tips in nickel plated brass!
  • Combination of two versatile materials - light bodied carbon fiber & sharp brass tips - is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience!! No other knitting needle comes closer to this!!
  • Carbon fiber is one of the most versatile material used in manufacture of the new generation aircraft, space ship, automobiles, etc.!!
  • Shiny, smooth brass tips comes in perfect points, flawlessly tapered - Ideal for all types of yarns and for every project
  • The needles have high tensile strength, are light weight with lot of flexibility
  • Surface made of carbon fiber helps the stitches move smoothly on the needle!!
  • Warm to touch & gentle in the hand
  • A smooth join ensures easy stitch glide and no snagging
  • Resilient, flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store
  •  The size range from US 000 (1.50mm) to US 4 (3.50mm) are ideal for lace knitting, sock knitting, etc.
We have double pointed - 2.75mm in 8" length and circular - 60cm and 100cm in 2.5mm

Watch this video with knitters talking about how they liked using the Karbonz.

Mr. Canpar brought in two huge boxes of sock yarn. Remember, you don't have to knit socks with sock yarn. There are many great patterns (like Window to my soul that I showed yesterday) for garments and shawls.
Fino from Manos del Uruguay.
30% silk
70% extra fine merino

450m / 490 yards per 100grams

Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit social organization which, since 1968, has provided jobs for craftswomen living in Uruguay rural areas. 
Manos del Uruguay defends and promotes Uruguayan identity, being part of the weave that constitutes the essence of our country, where culture and tradition are mixed in an exchange that is reflected in each one of our knitted products.

During 2009, and after a long and exhaustive evaluation process, Manos del Uruguaywas accepted as a member of the World Fair Trade Organization WFTO, which operates in 70 countries and brings together more than 350 organizations, 100% committed to Fair Trade.

This achievement acknowledges Manos del Uruguay mission of eradicating povertythrough sustainable economic growth, enabling craftspeople to improve the quality of their craft products, so that, in this way, they can continue their personal development.
75% superwash merino
25% polyamide

425m / 445 yards per 100grams

No knitting today but we did get lots of boxes packed. Late this afternoon the yarn from Zen Yarn Garden arrived. Pictures tomorrow. Now I need to get working on Eos. The shoulders are sewn. The neckband is done. Now to sew in the sleeves. The job that everyone hates!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Coming for Fall

This morning I set out for Toronto to buy shopping bags for the store and to visit my suppliers for to see what is coming for fall. What a beautiful day for a drive!

We are going to see a lot of bright colours this fall.
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino Aran
There will be another Debbie Bliss magazine coming out in August featuring all her yarns as well as 5 or 6 pattern books.

 Eight new colours of Silk Garden (above) and Kureyon (below)
There will be another Noro magazine this fall. Soho Publishing (the publishers of Vogue Knitting) will be bringing out a hardcover book with smaller projects that use 1-3 balls of Noro. A pattern book will be coming from a new designer that I haven't heard of but they look interesting.

Sirdar has new colours in
Normally I take 5-6 pictures of any one thing to make sure that I get a good one. Sorry. Not today.
Baby Crofter and Crofter. For some reason the supplier had them in plastic bags but I didn't think it was my place to remove them. It would have made for a better picture. Sorry.
Sirdar will have lots and lots of patterns as well.

I wasn't feeling great and knew that I had to drive an hour to get home. I should have taken better notes and definitely taken more pictures but I had to get out the door. When I got here I slept for two hours. I'm feeling better so it's time to work on Eos.

Before I go
A few better pictures of Windward.

The label from Windward's yarn. There will be more colours coming from Zen Yarn Garden - maybe tomorrow.
A pattern I purchased on Ravelry yesterday afternoon.
Window to my soul by Joji Locatelli

Knit in tosh merino light.
This little cardigan is worked seamlessly from the top down, with raglan sleeves. The neckline is shaped with short rows for a more comfortable fit. With its feminine features and interesting stitch pattern, this project will complement any transitional weather outfit.
Something I might be starting next week.

Now it's time to do a bit of paperwork and then finish Eos.