Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Tweed Haze

A blend of specially selected fibres including soft mohair from South Africa and super-fine Alpaca, Rowan Tweed Haze has a lightweight and airy chainette construction, and combines earthy, natural textures with a refined, romantic halo effect. Perfect for light yet warm garments and accessories with a retro vibe and soft tweedy appearance.

Needle size: 6mm (US 10) 
Care instructions: Hand wash. Dry flat. 
Blend: 40% Mohair, 39% Alpaca, 10% polyester, 8% Cotton, 3% Polyamide 
Length: 120m (131yds) per 50g ball 
Yarn tension: 14.5 sts x 20 rows in 10cm (4in)

The yarn is super soft. I pulled a ball out and couldn’t stop squeezing it. I called Lynn over to feel it as well.

The yarn and book are on the website for preorder. We can ship on Friday - or you can pick up on Friday.

Here are some garments from the book along with the yardages and sizes.

I’m very excited about the sizing from Rowan this year. They have extended the sizing to more inclusive.

I came home early today to dog sit while Beth had meetings. I thought there would be time to knit or do paperwork but puppies are a lot of work. 

Beth came home and then he decided it was time to sleep. 

Now it’s knitting time. The Jays are on and they are playing much better than last night. The shaping on my collar is finished and now I’m going back and forth. I need to finish because we have a shipment coming from Spincycle next week.
Spincycle posted this on Instagram. Absolute Zero in Dream State. Be still my heart!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Samples

We have a new store sample and it is amazing. Diana stopped in this afternoon with A Thousand and One Suns by Zanete Knits. You can purchase the pattern on the designer’s website.

The sweater is knit in the round from the top down. We used Felted Tweed Colour (#23 x 6 balls) for the main colour and Felted Tweed (#210 x 2 balls) for the contrast. We knit the third size and went up needle size. The designer suggested 3.5mm but Diana used 3.75mm.

Diana matched the sleeves. This did use up a bit extra yarn. If you don’t care that everything matches then I think you could use 5 balls for the main colour.

Alex and her mom dropped by last week with my Cinnabar. Alex did an amazing job blocking it for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl. If I didn’t have so many things on my wish list I would be casting on another one. I used Versus in Forgive and Forget and Dyed in the Wool in Wololo. I have kits available on the website.

The Jays are on and it’s time to knit. Okay. Blue Jays. Let’s Play Ball!!!

Monday, September 27, 2021

Tosh DK

Mr. Canada Post brought a box from SweetGeorgia this morning. These are brand new colours of Tough Love Sock that I put together for Stephen West’s Shawlography MKAL.  

I’m fairly certain that this is the colourway that I will be using for the shawl.

Later in the morning Ms. UPS brought in a box from Madelinetosh that had a restock of Tosh Twist Light. Here are a few more MKAL kits that I put together.
We have a big restock of Tosh DK. I put this combination together for Andrea Mowry’s Douglas Cardi. I didn’t bring them home but they are in my head.

Antique Lace
Dr. Zhivago Sky
Joshua Tree
Whiskey Barrel
Many moons ago we (Sarah, Lynn and I) knit Gnarled Oak in Tosh DK. It was cold earlier this week and I pulled mine out and wore it to work.
A basic cardigan that features a stunning, embossed cabled oak leaf motif. Gnarled Oak is knit in one piece from the bottom up. The sleeves are knit separately and joined at the yoke.
You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. When I was looking up the pattern on Ravelry I see that the pattern was published in 2011 and we knit our cardigans when the pattern came out. That is many moons ago. My cardigan looks just as good today as it did the day it was finished.
Sarah hasn’t aged since we knit these.

Lynn used Tosh DK to make her Comfort Fade Cardi. 

From the bottom up
Good Silence
Night in Chile
Another project that has been knit many times in Tosh DK is the Honey Cowl.
A simple slip stitch pattern cowl creates a dense waffle-like fabric for warmth and supple drape. This flexible pattern can be worked in four different sizes using just one or two skeins of yarn. Both short and longer versions are lovely viewed on both sides. This cowl is perfect for a bright pop of color and a warm hug around your neck.
The pattern for the Honey Cowl is free on Ravelry.

Where’s dinner?

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Welcome Back

Lynn and I enjoyed our first day of being open for appointments. We are really tired though. I’m not sure why - the day was laid back and all the customers who came in were a dream to work with. 

The hardest part was getting dressed this morning. For the past 18 months we wore whatever we wanted. We didn’t get dressed up because no one was going to see us. Now you have to plan what you’re going to wear.  

More pictures from Camp.

Here are some of the great instructors we’ve had over the years. Jared Flood.
Laura Bryant who owns Prism Yarns.
Kate Atherley - who will be back with us in 2022.
Kim McBrien
Sally Melville
Fiona Ellis
Beth Casey
Josh Bennet

At our last Camp we did group shots. Some of our favourite Andrea Mowry garments. We will definitely do something like this next year. 

The dates for 2022 will be September 29-October 2. More information will be coming later.

We have a chalkboard wall in our mud room. Last week dad and Beth decided that we should be measuring Jackson’s height. In one week he grew an inch and a half. This afternoon we caught him twice with his front paws on the kitchen counter. 👿

I’m working away on my collar. The short rows for shaping aren’t so short anymore. They are increasing 3 stitches every time I turn and it is taking longer than I want it to. I want to cut this week. The good thing is that the sweater has already been blocked so when I cut the cardigan will be ready to wear.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Camp Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be Camp weekend. I totally forgot until I looked at my calendar today. I think I lost track of time while we’ve been getting the store in shape. 

Camp always starts with a stop at Webers.
We’ve been going to Bayview-Wildwood for 20 years. 

Beth and I go up the night before everyone to set up and be ready when the Campers arrive.
Our suppliers are very generous and everyone gets a goodie bag. This is one of our Wednesday night jobs.

Thursday morning we set up a mini yarn shop.

The Campers arrive on Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening we have games night.

I’ll share more pictures tomorrow. I went back through the years and we’ve had amazing instructors.

Did you read Andrea Mowry’s newsletter this morning? If you don’t receive them you can sign up on her website. Today there was sneak peeks at two patterns coming in a few weeks. One is a shawl and I know that I will be making it. When Andrea releases a pattern she sends an email with a coupon code for a discount on the pattern.

Now a bit of knitting before bed. I won’t be up late - we have a big day tomorrow.