Sunday, September 19, 2021

Yarn Mess

I finished my Shift this afternoon. Now it needs to be blocked and the ends sewn in. It took me just over a week to knit the cowl. 

Fantasy football was much better this week. Beth and I won our match. It was good to have Beth home so that she could be in charge of the converter. The bad part of Beth being home - Jackson was here and really liked getting into my knitting.

The Jade scarf was dragged across the room a few times today. You can see my ball of yarn is a mess. The Cocoknits Maker’s Board works really well for my pattern. If you are thinking about a board, don’t wait too long. Cocoknits is out of stock and we won’t have more until October or November.

Photos © Susan Ashcroft
I was looking on Ravelry and came across Susan Ashcroft’s Quaker Lines. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

I used the texture from Quaker Yarn Stretcher and the basic structure of a shape that seems to be popping up a lot on ravelry lately to create a fun knit that’s also easy to wear. 

The design plays with different edge treatments to create a nice curved topline that sits nicely around the neck, while also creating a looser edge which opens out at the point to really display the yarns. 

The original was made to show off some gorgeous handspun, but other yarns can be used.

Something self-striping will create extra impact without any joining of yarns.

The pattern is super easy to follow and looks great in self-striping yarns. Some knitters on Ravelry used Zauberball Crazy. A few used Dyed in the Wool. You can also use a thicker yarn. The pattern is easy to adjust.

Breakfast at dad’s.
Afternoon nap.
Dinner time. He’s either a maniac or he’s sleeping.

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