Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thank You

Thank you Sarah, Wannietta and Lynn for all your help today. A big shout out to my dad and Beth for helping set up and take down the booth. Thanks to Cathy who held down the fort in Ancaster.

It's been a long day so I'm going to show pictures of the booth and then sign off. My bed is calling my name.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Night Before

We're home from Toronto and the booth is just about ready for the crowds.
We're all about colour. Sarah and Wannietta will get pictures of the booth in the morning after the garments have been hung. Now it's time for bed. If you aren't coming to the Frolic, Cathy will be in the store to help you. Trust me, there is still lots in the store to choose from :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bambara Wrap

From Ambah's newsletter that came this morning
I am delighted to share my newest pattern, Bambara Wrap with you
Named for the Australian Aboriginal word for forest, Bambara wrap was inspired by a walk in my local bush. The greens of the landscape were translated perfectly into yarn by Primrose Yarn Co, who dyed the amazing colours based on my forest walk inspiration. Bambara is a generously-sized wrap, knit on the bias with simple shaping and alternating sections of lace and garter. The colours and patterns weave together like the layers of a melody, calling to mind the iconic sound of The Cure’s A Forest. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with colour – use a 3-skein gradient with a coordinating contrast colour, mix speckles and solids in 4 different colours for a fun, bold look, or keep it subtle with neutral solids. 
As usual I have a special introductory offer for my new pattern; enjoy 20% off through midnight May 2, no code needed just add to your cart. 
See Bambara on Ravelry here.

I had fun last night making up Find Your Fade kits.

Some yarn came home with me. I couldn't help myself. Will I start this one on Sunday or will I start Bambara? I haven't started to think about colours - I'll go through the boxes while we're unpacking tomorrow afternoon :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unpacking and repacking

Mr. UPS is bringing our order of Rockshelter Sock this afternoon. I can't wait to see the colours. My plan is to make a few different colourways of Find Your Fade kits for the Frolic.

Pisgah National Forest
Cold Rolled Steel

Yarn Love is here and the colours are awesome. It's going to the Frolic and we will have another shipment coming in June. You can see all the colours on the website. If you are coming into the store it will be here on Thursday and then it will be packed for the show. You can order online through Friday evening.

It's just a few days until the Frolic. Here are a few tips for those coming to the show.

- trust me, there is lots of yarn. If you don't like lines or crowds, wait until noon to come. There will still be lots for you to see. If booths sell out of something, most are more than willing to ship it to you after the show
- bring lunch with you. Then you don't have to stand in line.
- The Science Centre is very close to the Frolic. You can send your family for an outing and it will let you shop for a while.
- wear something that you have knit. It's always fun to see completed projects.
- if you see something you like, mark down the booth you saw it in. I can't tell you how many times we get frantic people at the end of the day because they forgot where they saw something
- go through your Ravelry library and make notes of yarn that you are interested in. If there is a certain pattern, print that pattern and bring it with you. Also bring information on the yarn. What it's made of. Tension. Yardage. That will make it easier for me and other booths to help you substitute. When you come in the store I can do it on the computer but we have limited Internet access at the show.
- please have patience.
- the Frolic isn't just for knitters. It is put on by a knitting guild - hence the name. Crocheters please come to the show. There is lots of fabulous yarns that you and your hooks will have fun working with.

Want to plan your route?

Beth brought me a tea and had a friend with her.
She loves to go for a ride in the truck. She doesn't fit in a car :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Cathy brought in her latest shawl for me to take to the Frolic. It is beautiful - I love the speckles.

Pattern: Assana (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Hedgehog sock
Fun to knit and a timeless addition to your wardrobe, Assana provides a beautiful base for your favourite colour trio. Play two colours against each other in the stripes section: a gradient, speckled yarn, semi-solid hand dyes - anything goes here; then complement with a bold or subtle choice of colour for the zig-zag lace section. 
Worked side ways, on the bias, Assana includes both written and charted instructions for the lace section.

While I was packing for the Frolic, I found a basket with more Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Glitter Sock.
Our remaining stock of Glitter Sock is 25% off.

Mr. Fed Ex brought us a big box from England with more Evolution kits for the Frolic. We also received the newest Erika Knight patterns for Studio Linen. The yarn and patterns are coming to the Frolic. If we sell them all then more copies will be here in a few weeks. If you need to start right away, you can purchase the patterns on Ravelry.

Now it's time to get back to work. I forgot that I need more brochures printed for the show. I also have signs to print for the booth.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Brian Smith has a new shawl pattern out called Colourwheel Kite. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.
Colourwheel kite uses 3 balls of Sirdar’s Colourwheel yarn. We start by knitting a kite shape using decreases and increases for the main body. We then pick up stitches along one edge to work the right wing. Finishing with an i-cord along the length of the wingspan (optional) Choose your colours, cast on and let your kite fly.  
Stitches and techniques used:  
Garter stitch  
Slip slip knit  
Knit into front and back  
Knit two together  
Knit three together  
Slip one purlwise 
Picking up stitches

You need 2 balls of Colourama (colour 201)

and 1 ball of Perfectly Pretty (colour 200)

The yarn is $24.95 a ball and we have 6 colours in stock.

I am not a Leaf fan (my dad is but Beth and I have been Sabres fans since we were little kids). It was sad last night to see the Leafs lose. They played so well and I think that they will be an exciting team for years to come. I meant to blog but I couldn't tear myself away from the game.

There's a lot of activity at my house this morning. I'm working on my tax return. Beth is home right now doing her tax return as well as my parent's. The builder of our house is here doing the two year warranty items. The furnace guy has been here too. I'm hiding in my sewing room/office.

Great news!! Our next Hedgehog order is going to be dyed at the end of the week. I'd say that it should be here by the middle of May.

It's been a long day in front of the computer and now it's time to knit. The Good Fight and Billions are waiting for me.