Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Here

MountainTop Chalet's colorful cousin, Chateau is the same super-soft baby alpaca/bamboo blend with a chainette construction. It knits up quickly, which is perfect for last-minute holiday gifts. Any pattern written for Chalet will knit-up just as beautifully in Chateau. 
Here is a sample that Beth knit up.
You might recognize the cowl. It's called the Coors Cowl and the pattern is from a Classic Elite Web-Letter. For the new cowl we used 4 colours of Chateau. Super easy.

The yarn is on the website and I hope the swatches will be there soon. There are eight vibrant, heathery colours.


Here is another easy pattern from a Classic Elite Web-Letter. Shown in Chalet if you like natural colours or you can use the new Chateau.
Chalet/Chateau is a perfect yarn for a cowl: super soft, thick, lofty and quick to knit. For a quick and easy stockinette cowl, grab a short circular needle, cast on 72 stitches and knit until you have the right height for your neck. Or try this week's pattern for a varied rib cowl with a bit more interest.
Once the first round of rib is established, just work the stitches as they appear - no need to look at the pattern again. And don't be dismayed by size of your pre-blocked cowl - the reversible rib pulls in an alarming amount but will easily block out to the correct size. 
You can sign up on Classic Elite's website to receive the Web-Letter.
Each week the CEY Web-Letter team puts together a collection of information we think you'd enjoy—There are often free patterns, information about the stitches and yarns used in the patterns, book reviews, discussions from designers… and more! Visit see all the past web-letters, and enter your e-mail address to receive them each week in your e-mail inbox.
A new door was installed today. No more cracked glass. Nice hardware. I'm happy. The only problem is the colour. It's an aluminum door that hasn't been painted. Thankfully I gave a pair of Leaf tickets to my friends who have a painting company last week. I think I can talk them into painting the door for me. The colour??? I'll let you think about it and I'm sure you will come up with the answer :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I need to learn how to count

A free pattern from Rowan for two cowls knit in Big Wool. That means quick to knit :)
Knit these super cosy accessory cowls, designed for Wool Week 2013 as exclusive free patterns to download. Designed by Sarah Hatton using our popular yarn Big Wool (wool), you can choose between a simple garter stitch or chunky cable version. Can't decide, then why not knit both!
Download the pattern... 

4 balls of Big Wool
10mm needles

The big decision - to cable or not to cable. They are awesome so I had to show them twice.
My chores (getting the house tidied because it is being cleaned tomorrow) are done so now I can write.

I had hoped to be further on my snood today. Actually I was further on my snood. If I could count to 3 then life would be much better. I was merrily knitting along and noticed that I was missing a ridge between the rows with the holes. Sugar. I contemplating leaving it but it was so noticeable so I ripped back about 30 rows to fix it. Sugar. I'm back on track and the second ball is almost done.

The football game is on and it's time to knit. Yes, I did watch the two games earlier today. It's a very important football weekend. Beth and I are fighting for the last playoff spot in our fantasy football league. We are playing the team that we are tied with. We have to win. Our team has been awful all year and we really don't deserve to make the playoffs but I really want to win!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Lace Room

Today we did some rearranging in the store. The lace room (okay, the entry way to the store where the lace yarn lives) was a bit of a mess.

Freia laceweight lives in one of our new suitcases. I did put a nail in the wall to hang the basket. Sorry dad.

The new hat box now holds kits.
We have many different fibres available. Superior is silk and mohair. Naturally Lace is merino and angora.
 Prism Lace in glorious colours.
Tosh prairie.

Tosh lace.
More tosh lace.

The sun was shining brightly so the pictures I took of Helen's Lace from Lorna's Laces didn't look good. Please take my word for it - we have many great colours in the wool/silk blend.
There was a surprise in the box from Rowan. I totally forgot that there was a book to go with the yarn.
The Amore Collection is inspired by the beautiful yarn itself, Kidsilk Amore and Kidsilk Amore Shimmer. With 8 designs, including shawls, wraps, hats, wrist warmers and a relaxed short sleeve sweater, all designed by Lisa Richardson.

Knit this ladies accessory snood scarf from The Amore Collection. A design by Lisa Richardson using Kidsilk Amore Shimmer, a multi strand chain construction yarn with a touch of shimmer (mohair, silk, polyester and nylon), this knitting pattern is suitable for beginners.
When we first opened the store my mom would use the word snood. What the heck are you talking about mom? In case you haven't come across that word before here is what I found on Wikipedia
In modern times the word snood has come to be applied to a tubular neck protector or warmer, often worn by skiers or motorcyclists. The garment may be worn either pulled down around the neck like a scarf, or pulled up over the hair and lower face, like a hood.  
I have the needles at home and will be working on the snood (called Lovely) tonight. Survivor and Criminal Minds.

Here it is so far. The first picture was taken with the pot lights out to try and get rid of the shadows. The second picture is with the lights on. There is no where to stand in my living room without getting myself or part of me in the picture.
The pattern is super easy and works up quickly. This is about 1/2 way through the first ball. Let's see how far I can get before work tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Mr. UPS came in this afternoon with a big box from Rowan. Two new yarns. Kidsilk Amore (above) and Kidsilk Amore Shimmer (below).
Amore is Rowan's Kidsilk Haze in a multi strand and chainette construction, giving all the luxury of Kidsilk Haze in a heavier weight. Ideal for accessories and small projects.
Amore Shimmer is Rowan's Kidsilk Haze in a multi strand and chainette contruction, giving all the luxury of Kidsilk Haze and an extra sparkle. Ideal for accessories and small projects 

Fibre Content:
Mohair: 66%, Silk: 27%, Polyester: 4%, Nylon: 3%

Yarn Ball Weight: 

Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 

Tension/Gauge Stitches: 

Tension/Gauge Rows: 

Knitting Needle, MM: 

There are some great patterns on Rowan's website that use one ball.

I was supposed to start knitting with a secret ball of it last night so that I could show it knit up today but things got in the way. Then I thought I would get some done in the store today. Didn't happen. Then I came home from work to internet problems. I've been on the phone with my internet provider, on and off,  for the past 2 hours. They are stumped. It's really cutting into my knitting time.

I did do a bit of work in there too. Cheques were written-my suppliers like to be paid :) I've been working on the Camp brochure as well. Sally Melville has a lot of very interesting classes. Narrowing it down has been hard. There has also been the small issue of working with Windows 8. I am no where close to mastering it. All of a sudden I'm typing away and the screen changes on me. I could pull out my old MacBook but I really need to get the hang of the new Windows so I'm sticking with it. Sally's classes are done and now I'm working on Kate. It would be much easier if they only had a few good classes.

Now Kate is done and there is one last decision. What am I going to teach? Do I want to pick a project and have everyone work on it or do I want to teach a technique??? I'm thinking one project and one technique. What project? Hmmmm. Something for me to think about tonight instead of sleeping :)

Monday, November 25, 2013


Windward is almost done. A day of football means lots of knitting. I thought about going outside for pictures and then thought better of it. It's very windy in Ancaster. The least amount of time spent outside the better.

I'm loving the size. This Windward is knit in sport weight (Sportmate from Lorna's Laces) which is making it bigger than the first two that I knit in sock weight.

Speaking of sock yarn...

New sock yarn arrived today. Alegria Watercolors from Manos.
Sock yarn from Manos!  Alegria is an easy-care blend of ultra-soft superwash merino with durable polyamide.  Its “hand” is remarkably soft and resilient.
Fiber Content
75% superwash merino, 25% polyamideYardage
approx. 445 yds / 425 mts per 3.5 oz / 100gGauge
28 - 30 sts = 4" / 10cmNeedle Size
US 1 - 3 / 2.25 - 3mmCare Instructions
Machine wash or hand wash, cool water. Dry flat. 
Two colours of the original Alegria arrived today as well. These are brighter with a lot more colour variation.
The colours are awesome and the yarn is super soft. It was hard but I didn't bring any home with me. I have to finish Windward and there is a ball of a brand new Rowan yarn in my bag. The yarn should be in the store later this week and I need to get a sample knit.

It's knitting time :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cold, Winter Evening

It's seriously cold out there today. I know. It's the end of November. It gets cold every year. It's only going to get colder. I know. It doesn't mean that I like it. The fireplace is on and I've made a cup of tea. It's time to sit down and knit.

Gabrielle is at the point where I start decreasing for the sleeve.

I took this in the middle of the living room. The mattress is gone. Roko is allowed to do the stairs if Beth has him on a leash so he doesn't run.

While I was taking my picture Mr. Melo jumped onto the bed and decided to get warmed up by the fireplace.

From Churchmouse Yarns. It's a good day to be talking about a cowl. Especially one that is warm and pretty.
Annabella’s Cowl is one of our go-to accessory patterns. Soft and scrumptious around the neck, its elegant length lets you wear it as a hood, if the need arises! To continue our tradition of a two-stranded version, we searched for yarns with drape, luster and warmth. This quest led us to Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk combined with RowanKidsilk Haze. Alpaca and silk are unbeatable for drape and luster, and mohair blends in a feather-weight halo of downy warmth. Mission accomplished! 
Very cool ways to wear the cowl. Who thought to wear a cowl like a scarf?
The simple stitch pattern and knit-in-the-round, seamless construction make this an easy project, suitable for a beginning knitter. When knitting with lace-weight mohair yarn, we prefer pointier needles over blunt–we like the extra bit of control and precision you get with a pointy needle. Also watch to be sure you catch both yarn strands in each stitch. 
We have copies of the pattern in the store store.

Here are a couple of colour suggestions. On Monday I will play with some more.

Again, from Churchmouse. Wearing the Mohair Bias Loop as a cowl is surprisingly warm. You wouldn't think so because it is so fine and knit at a loose tension but trust me it is.
After casting about for ways to holiday-up our scrumptious Mohair Bias Loop, we cast on Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze Eclipse to add a little bit of sparkle. The result? Heavenly. Rowan spun in just a hint of tone-on-tone twinkle to some of their most popular Kidsilk Haze colors with a super-fine metallic thread. The subtle glimmer coordinates with the yarn color and shimmers slightly as light catches the metallic threads, so you won’t ever feel too flashy. We love Eclipse’splayful astrologically themed color palette, and each shade has its own distinct personality. 
Wear this sheer seamless loop as a long, endless scarf, twisted double as a cowl, or around your shoulders as a wrap. We’ve knit it on the bias so the edges don’t roll and it sits nicely on the shoulders. Light as air, it folds up to nearly nothing, and can easily be dressed up or down—the perfect piece for holiday travel. We think you’ll love the combination of gossamer glitter and fabulous functionality. 
We have the Mohair Bias Cowl knit up in the store in Kidsilk Haze Stripe from Rowan. We have the pattern too.

It's time to knit. Stay warm and Go Cats Go!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Mr. UPS brought in a box from Lorna's Laces with some really pretty string dyed in our colour, Sparrow Lake.
Haymarket - it was really hard to put this out on the shelf. I want it all for me :)
Shepherd Sock


These are all Sparrow Lake. Haymarket is 100% wool, Shepherd Sock is a wool/nylon blend and Sportmate is wool/outlast/nylon. Different fibres take the dye at varying rates so they can look different even though it is the same dye mix.
The secret is out of the bag. I've known about this for quite a while now and keeping the secret has been hard. Namaste is bringing us something new very soon.
Introducing the latest and greatest in organization for the needlearts industry...the Namaste B.Y.O.B.!!! (Build Your Own Binder) BYOB is a fully customizable, sleek shell tool binder with 3 optional page types for personal customization. The BYOB case features an exterior rear zipper compartment, removable exterior wristlet, and 3 interior mesh pockets (2 1/2 pockets on front interior & 1 full wall rear interior pocket). The BYOB is perfect for wrangling any tools and is sold as an empty unit (includes the above-mentioned features). The BYOB has 3 different page styles/options, each sold separately, and include an Interchangeable Page, Long Straight Page, and Mesh Double Pocket Page. 

Organizing isn't one of my strong suits so this will really come in handy at my house.

I don't know if we will have these in stock for Christmas. The timing is going to be close but we're going to try our best. I will be in touch with Namaste regularly for updates.

I'm not sure about the pricing yet but should know more next week.

The Christmas/winter flags are up. Dad went into the flag drawer and was shocked that we are out of Christmas flags. Now he has a chore when he gets to Myrtle Beach. Find flags for next year.