Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I know that I talk a lot about blocking. So much that you might skim over my words when you see blocking. But it's really important. And it's easy to do.

Here is the Leaf Scarf - blocked, dried and ends sewn in. Going a touch off topic for a minute. There is more madelinetosh asap coming soon. I'm guessing in 3 weeks we will have cathedral, vishnu, alizarin, mala, nassau blue and flash dance.
The Leaf Scarf was wet blocked. I filled the sink with water and some Soak and let the scarf soak for 20 minutes. I drained the sink, put a towel under the scarf and pulled it out. I let the towel soak up a lot of water and then laid out the scarf on a dry towel. I didn't pin it out-the weight of the wet yarn made it lie flat.

That wet towel came in handy.

I showed you these cowls that Beth wrote the pattern for and knit. In the original pictures the edges rolled quite a bit. I laid them out and put the wet towel on them over night. Then I let them sit for a day with a dry towel on them. Most of the roll is gone.

Opal Le Petit Prince is on the website now but we haven't added the shade cards yet. Here they are.

The colours are awesome.

This is colour 7760.

There will be new colours of Opal available in December. One of my jobs tomorrow is to do the order. I love sock yarn :)

Survivor is done and now Beth has The X Factor on. It's 80s nights. I love a lot of 80s music and I'm not sure they are doing it any justice. I'm going to leave the room and do some laundry and then find other work to do until the show is over.

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