Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Here

MountainTop Chalet's colorful cousin, Chateau is the same super-soft baby alpaca/bamboo blend with a chainette construction. It knits up quickly, which is perfect for last-minute holiday gifts. Any pattern written for Chalet will knit-up just as beautifully in Chateau. 
Here is a sample that Beth knit up.
You might recognize the cowl. It's called the Coors Cowl and the pattern is from a Classic Elite Web-Letter. For the new cowl we used 4 colours of Chateau. Super easy.

The yarn is on the website and I hope the swatches will be there soon. There are eight vibrant, heathery colours.


Here is another easy pattern from a Classic Elite Web-Letter. Shown in Chalet if you like natural colours or you can use the new Chateau.
Chalet/Chateau is a perfect yarn for a cowl: super soft, thick, lofty and quick to knit. For a quick and easy stockinette cowl, grab a short circular needle, cast on 72 stitches and knit until you have the right height for your neck. Or try this week's pattern for a varied rib cowl with a bit more interest.
Once the first round of rib is established, just work the stitches as they appear - no need to look at the pattern again. And don't be dismayed by size of your pre-blocked cowl - the reversible rib pulls in an alarming amount but will easily block out to the correct size. 
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A new door was installed today. No more cracked glass. Nice hardware. I'm happy. The only problem is the colour. It's an aluminum door that hasn't been painted. Thankfully I gave a pair of Leaf tickets to my friends who have a painting company last week. I think I can talk them into painting the door for me. The colour??? I'll let you think about it and I'm sure you will come up with the answer :)

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Lois Evensen said...

Those yarn colors are just gorgeous. The door is pretty good, too, but I hope you have good security where you are. It appears pretty easy to break a window and break in. :(