Friday, September 30, 2011


It is Thursday morning and I am super tired. Last night was very late. We were on the edge of our seats watching baseball. I can't believe that Tampa Bay pulled it out and won. I did get some knitting done but forgot to bring it to work to get a picture.

This morning I am trying to complete the rearranging. Just when I think I have it figured out I change my mind. I need to stop thinking and start doing.

Now it is Friday afternoon. I thought I was tired yesterday. After work last night I ran home to change and then off to Carmen's. It was the annual dinner to raise money for Honduras. My dad goes every November on a mission trip. All money raised goes to Honduras, it is not used for travel or for administration. The evening was a huge success. The money is divided between many needs including building wells, education and building credit unions that loan out money to people to start their own business. My dad loves his time in Honduras.
Dad is on the left. Many trips ago they finished off a community centre that houses junior and senior kindergarten. Every trip they visit the children at school. My dad speaks to the graduating students as they get ready to start grade one.

Read more about the Carpenteros..

My rearranging is almost done. I was hoping to have the store perfect for Kate's visit tomorrow but I am admitting defeat. Almost but not quite.

Here is the display at the front of the store that I took yesterday. I took more while leaving tonight and they are blurry. I will get a good one tomorrow of the finished display.

I have gone through the store and added scarves to the sweaters.
We have a lot of scarves knit up!

It's rest time. Grey's Anatomy is taped and waiting for us. There is also a baseball game. Come on Detroit. Have a good game one.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rowan Lace

The Rowan Lace magazine arrived today. Stunning!! It's a good day for me-lots of pictures!!
An exquisitely feminine collection of 14 women’s designs, 7 garments and 7 accessories.  Graceful and perfectly fragile, the collection includes both knit and crochet designs ranging from shawls, wraps and scarves. Using Rowan Fine Lace, a luxurious lace weight yarn. A blend of the softest suri alpaca and merino wool.

 The yarn hasn't arrived yet. I hope next week. Here is the shade card
I keep writing and erasing which tells me that it is best to hit Publish and wait until tomorrow. Survivor tonight. Who's going home? While I am writing Beth is watching X Factor upstairs. The show is much better than I thought. Most of the performances we see are good ones. Not like Idol where they like to show the really bad singers. It's time for knitting!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rearranging again

Yesterday Jane unloaded all the boxes that came home from Camp. Yarn and kits need to be put away. Well, I can't put yarn away without rearranging. The store is a total mess. I need to rush and have it done in time for the classes on Saturday. I don't want Kate seeing the store for the first time in the state that it is in.

The Noro chunky yarns are looking good.
I have a few more ideas but Beth forgot to bring me the things from storage that I need. I am going to pick them up on the way to work tomorrow.

Last night I pulled out my new Knitter's Pride needles. So far there are no problems with the joins-very smooth. The needles are pointier (is that a word??) than my addi clicks. I didn't want to start a new project so I took out a ball of Liberty wool and started on the sleeve for Ayako.

There are two arcs on the front of the jacket and the same arc is used for the bottom of the sleeves. I am a touch tighter on the Knitter's Pride needles than on the addi turbos but I don't think it will show in the arc. I think it would show if I worked half way up the back on my addis and then changed to the Knitter's Pride to finish.

The knitting was done last night while watching the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. Yes, there were a few tears shed at our house. The DVR is almost full so tonight we are going to try and get caught up. Pan Am. X Factor. Big Break. More knitting. Happy dance!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting back to work

This morning I tried to sleep in. The alarm went off for over 30 minutes and I kept hitting sleep. When the phone rang I decided it was time to get up. No one was here to make me breakfast.

Jane and I unloaded all the boxes out of the van and then Beth and I unloaded all the display items. Thank goodness there won't be any packing and unpacking for a couple of weeks. I We are getting tired of carrying boxes.

I wrote a newsletter that will be going out later tonight once Beth proofreads it.

Now that I'm thinking about it, no one made me lunch. My bed didn't get made either. Life at home sucks!!

Throughout the weekend I was making notes of things to do for next year that will make life easier/better for everyone. I decided to start a Camp blog that I will be updating with information about next year when I have the teachers and workshops worked out. When it gets closer to the date I will be posting homework and any other information that Campers will need. Camp is 52 weeks from now but time flies fast.

Here are more pictures from Camp.
My Linen Stitch class on Saturday morning 
Elizabeth teaching Beading on Saturday morning
The yarn shop that we set up

Throughout the weekend students earn 'knitting dollars'. On Saturday evening we hold a Student Fashion show and a group of ladies earned dollars by writing and singing a song for the group. It was amazing.

I don't have any knitting to report. I did take it with me and it came out of the bag long enough for me to knit two rows.

While I was in the store today another shipment of Knitter's Pride needles arrived. There are many sets of interchangeable needles which meant that I got to bring a set home for myself. If the knitting comes out tonight I will try them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Again

We made it home in one piece. It was another great Camp.

After the rain on Friday the weather was amazing. I let my classes out early yesterday so that the ladies could knit by the lake.

Fiona had her class outside yesterday afternoon.

I have many pictures but I am a bit tired-okay there has already been a short nap since I got home. It is time to head to the couch for the rest of the evening. New Amazing Race!! We didn't realize it was starting tonight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Game Shows

The theme for last night was game shows. Let's Make a Deal, Are You Smarter Than a Knitting Teacher, Price is Right, Beat the Clock and Newlyknits Game. There were four teams and it was very competitive-the trash talking was loud.

The ladies had a great night and came away with prizes.

Beat the Clock-Lynda knit a row and then had to pass the yarn up her top before passing onto the next person who had to do the same. The yarn went across four people. The fifth had to knit two rows and then pass back to number four. Number four had to knit a row and then pass the yarn under her top in the opposite direction-when done they should be free of yarn. 

Let's Make a Deal-Elizabeth is sitting on the floor ready to start collecting from her team. They were given a list of items that they had to find in their knitting bags and purses. No leaving the room. 
The first set of classes are underway. Fiona is teaching Entrelac and Elizabeth is teaching Double Knitting. The class rooms are very quiet - the ladies are concentrating!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Camp Day One

Beth and I got an early start to the morning. We are totally set up and greeting students as they arrive. I only have a short window to write because it doesn't look good for me to be sitting staring at the computer screen.

Here are a few pictures of the lake

And Fiona checking her emails
Tonight is a fun night-Beth has a game for the ladies to play. They should be afraid!!

There will be more pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre Camp

Beth and I are sitting in the lobby at Bayview Wildwood watching Survivor. We left Ancaster around 2 and after a few stops were here at 5. Of course one of the stops was at Webers.

We worked on the goodie bags which we thought would take some time. They went quickly which gave us time to read. I never have time to read so it was nice to relax for a bit with a book.

I forgot to mention that yesterday we received two new colours of Noro Kogarashi. I quickly packed up a box and sent it off to Lynda to make this great vest from the new Noro book City Girl.

I had a hard time deciding which colour because they are both great but 19 won.

There is a card game going on in the lobby which makes watching TV difficult. We're heading back to the cabin for a bit more reading and then a good night sleep. Tomorrow is going to be busy!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I met Jonathan about a year ago and he was a brand new knitter. I am going back in memory here so if I have the story wrong, please forgive me. He is an artist and some of his drawings are of critters that he calls Totums. When he was introduced to knitting he decided to try making Totums from yarn. He had no pattern. Just played around. They are extremely cute!! Here is part of his crew.

We are almost ready for Camp. Dad and Beth have started loading the van for me-all the boxes and bags that have been at my parents for the past week. Thank you. Loading and unloading the van are the worst jobs that have to be done.

Dinner is finished and it is time to get back to work. Dad and Beth came to the store and loaded all my boxes. YAY!! Beth and I are leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon. I think we are done and if we aren't then it wasn't important.

I was surprised that Will didn't win Hell's Kitchen last night. He was the strongest all the way through.

It's time to sign off and start thinking about clothes (and shoes) to pack.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Shoes

Sorry this is going to be a short post. Beth is standing beside me putting together the Welcome Packages for Camp. She thinks that I am working on Camp.

It was a quick trip to Toronto this morning. I have the first of our Knitter's Pride needles. They look great. I am going to price them while watching Hell's Kitchen.

Yorkdale is near my suppliers so I had to stop. Had to-didn't want to. Crate and Barrel had some interesting things but I didn't have a lot of time for looking. Then I stopped in a new to me shoe store. Ron White. Mr. White-you have very nice shoes. These came home with me.
Beth saw what I am doing and asked that if I wasn't working on Camp then why should she? Good question so I had better go.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


It is 5:30 and most of my post is written. I was going to add this picture at the bottom but I was afraid many of you would be bored of my post and wouldn't make it to the knitting/crochet content.

Rowan are celebrating Campaign for Wool 2011 by publishing a collection of patterns designed by students at Nottingham Trent University. We have also created an Online Look Book, which showcases the designs and has download links for the patterns.
These patterns can be downloaded on Rowan's website.

Ripple Patch Cushion (on the right)
The students of Nottingham Trent University were tasked by Marie Wallin to produce a design using our 100% British wool. Thea Sanders has designed this modern cushion using British Sheep Breeds Chunky.
Crochet Swirl Cushion (on the left)
The students of Nottingham Trent University were tasked by Marie Wallin to produce a design using our 100% British wool.  Naomi Lewis has designed this British Sheep Breeds DK and Chunky.
Today has been somewhat productive.

7 boxes are sitting at the front door for the post office.

Camp is just about done. I need to finish the fashion show brochure and read through my class notes.

Here is what most of the day has been so far.
Fantasy Football. There were 10 games at 1pm and I needed to pay attention to 8 of them. The poor TV converter is tired!! We are winning right now but who knows what will happen in the next set of games. There are only 4 of those so I think I will pull my knitting out.

Knitting was a good thought. I did knit some but it wasn't on my sweater. I had a few swatches to do for one of my Camp classes. Then the Welcome Packages needed to be done. I almost forgot about name tags. They are printed and need to be cut. Now I think I am done for the day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

It Finally Arrived!!

I was at work early today to try and get all my kits done for Camp. Ms. Canada Post came in and said that I owed her money. Was it that parcel?? The madelinetosh finally made it. There are 9 new to us colours of merino light. On my website they show as 'awaiting image'. You can see the colours on madelinetosh's new website. Now I'm thinking about Creekbed. We have all the colours in the picture. I love knitting with merino light!!

Last night I watched three episodes of Law and Order: LA and accomplished some knitting. Here is Ayako looking much better now that it is on a 100cm needle.
I think that I finished all the kits in the store today. I am trying to figure out how much room we have in the van. By my calculation there is still room. Beth told me not to get too excited because I will have the van full by Tuesday afternoon.

The past hour I have been doing work for Beth. More price signs. Kind of like I did all day for kits. I think I have had enough of looking at my computer for the day. I just made a cup of tea and it is time for some Criminal Minds and knitting.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where is my parcel?

This morning I did a really quick post about Classes. Now I can write a real post. :)

The Knitter's Pride needles should be in the store on Tuesday. Right now my plan is to drive to Toronto on Monday to pick them up. I say right now because I still have some work to do for Camp. The class notes for my two workshops aren't finished yet.

The patterns from Jared Flood arrived in the store this morning. They sat in customs for over a week. I asked them if they saw my madelinetosh yarn (which is still sitting in customs) but they hadn't.

I have talked about many new Debbie Bliss books for fall and there is still another one. Debbie has been very busy.

There are tonal changes in the yarn, moving from light to dark and then back to light.

Big Brother and Survivor in one night. I was happy that Rachel won Big Brother. She was very annoying at the beginning but once Brendon left she was a much nicer person. She was definitely the best in competitions. I'm not sure who I like on Survivor. No one jumped out as the person to beat. A few jumped out as being really annoying though.

I finally remembered to bring home a 100cm circular needle for my knitting. There has been some progress but it won't show in a picture until I get the stitches onto the new needle. I think I'm going to head upstairs and knit for a bit. I've had enough work for one day.


If you look at the top of this page, just under the title you will see BLOG and CLASSES.

I just posted a list of classes we will be hosting in October. More are coming but this is a start.

Kate Atherley will be joining us. I am excited about the classes that we picked!!

Three different sock classes.
-Socks 101
-Two Socks, Two Circulars
-Toe-Up Socks 101

One class on knitting with colours
-Introduction to Colourwork-Fair Isle and Intarsia

People ask me what the difference is between Fair Isle and Intarsia.

Fair Isle-you are carrying colours across the row
Zig Zag Tam in Classic Elite Liberty
Intarsia-you are using separate pieces of yarn for each colour block
Holly in Rowan Felted Tweed
Space is limited so don't delay!