Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Sorry for the mistake

If you received our newsletter this morning there was a bad link. I normally check them all but missed this one. To see patterns for the Lang Linello on Ravelry please click here.

Lynn and I did a lot of rearranging today.

Madelinetosh Twist Light has a new home.
Hedgehog Skinny Singles and Kidsilk Lace are moving to the front board when you walk into the store. There is a lot of work to be done but it will look great in a few days.

Madelinetosh Merino Light was rearranged. I’ll share more about that next week.

Tonight’s post is going to be short. I’m tired and need to sit with my feet up. Then early to bed. I hope to be at work early to get back to the moving. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

Crazy Weather Again

Diana finished our Cooma Cowl. It is so soft. Lynn came in today to help me straighten up. Perfect timing.

Cooma is a light and airy cowl that provides lots of warmth. Holding fingering and mohair together is all the rage (and for good reason, it’s stunning!) So you can swatch with a purpose! Use the cowl as a canvas for playing with color combinations, test out how each color interacts and practice holding the strands together while creating something of practical beauty!

The Cooma cowl is fast and fun to knit and also a bit addictive. It is our all-time best selling kit and makes a great gift for knit-worthy friends and family!

Each kit includes: 

  • 1 Marvelous Mohair
  • 5 Practically Perfect Smalls
  • Pattern download code (knit version AND crochet version included)

It was cold and windy when we went outside. Lynn said that the cowl was keeping her ears warm.
We have a few kits in stock and more are coming in a few weeks. Shipments will be coming monthly from Emma’s Yarns so we will have more kits again in April if you miss out.

This picture was taken just before bed last night. Colour 9 is almost finished.
All of a sudden the snow started and it came down hard and fast. It wasn’t snowing when I left the store at 3pm and by the time I got on the Linc it was a blizzard. This is at the stop sign in my survey at 3:30pm.
Jackson outside when I got home.

It’s a good evening to hunker down and knit.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Summer Sorrel

I’m continuing my bright, happy colours themed posts.

This sweater is called Summer Sorrel from Wool & Pine (Pattern purchased on Ravelry.)

Summer Sorrel is a charming short-sleeved tee for effortless everyday wear. We made quite a few changes from the original Sorrel including a flattering wide-neck featuring a beautiful I-cord collar, deeper dips, short rows at the back of the neckline for a comfortable fit and a loose casual drape using one-strand of fingering weight yarn. 

We also changed up the way the increases are worked and omitted the twisted purls! Suffice it to say, there’s plenty of NEW to keep your needles happy and entertained! 

Construction: Knit seamlessly top-down in the round, the body of the tee is worked inside out for the ease of working in knitted stockinette stitch rather than purling! 

Get Creative! Dive into your stash, Summer Sorrel looks beautiful in your favorite color or faded, our stashbusting sample used 3 colors for a gorgeous summery fade! 

Pattern includes written and charted instructions as well as video tutorialsand written explanations for special stitches.

This pattern is size inclusive. 

I put together some combinations. Three skeins will make the first six sizes. If you are making a larger size then you will need to add another colour. 
LITLG Singles
Thorn berry
Wild Rosebay
Thorn berry
Wild Rosebay
Unicorns Never Die
LITLG Single Flax
Uschitita Vintage Rug and Vikings
Practically Perfect Sock
Chasing Waterfalls
In Your Dreams
I’m part way through the 9th colour and I should be casting off in the next few days. I highly recommend Practically Perfect Sock. It is very nice to knit with.
Someone likes to sleep with my slippers.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Hurry up spring

I wanted bright, happy pictures today. It’s time to start thinking about spring.

This is Gamut knit out of Noro Tsubame - one ball each of 20 and 26. I love these colours and will definitely be wearing this shawl. We have kits in other colours as well.

The pattern for Gamut is purchased on Ravelry. Diana followed the sport weight version. She knit the shawl on 4mm needles and ended at 200 stitches. There was yarn left over if you want a bigger shawl but I think that this is large enough and I like a big shawl. 

There is another option. Only use 1/2 ball of each colour for the shawl (making it a bit smaller than mine) and you can get two shawls out of the yarn.

In color reproduction, the “gamut” is a certain complete subset of colors which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance, such as within a given color space. 

The perfect vehicle for self-striping yarn, GAMUT shawl uses 2 different colorways and a simple textured pattern to produce a stunning celebration of color! 

GAMUT is an easy, rhythmic knit that can be knit in a range of yarn weights (shown in sport and worsted weight yarns. And the color changes will delight as you move from end-to-end.

I like this picture - Lynn has her ‘I’m a model and I’m bored’ look on her face 😘. For this version we used one ball each of colour 5 and 10. Colour 10 has been discontinued but we have a few balls hidden away for the shawl. 

Named for the barn swallow that migrates to Japan during cherry blossom season, this is a classic worsted-weight silk/wool blend. Each oversized skein contains 656 yards making it ideal for an endless variety of one-skein projects!

We are expecting new colours of Tsubame in March.

The pattern calls for Spincycle Dyed in the Wool or Dream State. These would make beautiful shawls as well.

Friday, February 24, 2023

I have a bag problem

This morning Atenti emailed me that they had new fabrics for spring. Hope Baskets will be coming in these new fabrics. My guess is that they will arrive sometime in April.

A roomy stand-alone project bag. Top rolls down for easy access. Wide opening and two handles. Fully lined. There are three pockets inside. 12" tall x 8" wide x 8" deep. 
From Atenti
Please note, all our products are lovingly handmade: cut by hand in small batches and fabric placement varies so may look slightly different from the image!

Atenti is a mother/daughter team who make these bags from start to finish in California. I shouldn’t forget dad who does the shipping and accounting.

The out of stock Hope Baskets will be coming in the shipment as well.

I was looking on Ravelry this morning and there was a shawl pattern from Melanie Berg knit out of Malabrigo Rios. The pattern is from 2016 but it is still very stylish. 

I was packing orders this morning and someone ordered Rios in Plomo and Arco Iris. Now I know what she is making 😀

Mr. Fedex came with a box full of goodies.
The Cocoknits Pop-up Dryer has arrived.

The Sweater Care Pop-up Dryer will help air-dry hand washables more quickly by allowing increased airflow above and below your garment. Simply open the Pop-up Dryer, secure with the buckle straps and adjust to the desired height, place it on a towel, blocking mat, or water-resistant surface, and lay your damp item over the mesh. 

Whether they are machine or hand washable, this dryer will help your knits look their best for years to come.

Here is a video on how to fold up the dryer when you are finished with it.

There were a few more items in the box from Cocoknits
-Fuzz Off Comb
-Super Absorbent Towel
-Stitch Markers

MDK Field Guide No. 23: Glow, featuring four designs that are full of color, style, and joy.

Welcome to a world of exuberant color and pattern, from the brilliant, beloved designers Arne and Carlos.

This is knitting at its most joyful. Knitters love the way Arne and Carlos tap into Norwegian knitting traditions, but with a modern sensibility.

Known by knitters the world over, Arne and Carlos are particularly beloved for their weekly video podcast, Sit and Knit for a Bit, in which they welcome knitters into their home in Norway for a warmhearted, wide-ranging chat session.

The conversation covers a lot: from knitting and crafting to design and folklore, with dashes of laughter and whimsy throughout. With their impressive portfolio of collaborations with influential fashion houses, Arne and Carlos’ designs for hand knitters are a breath of crisp, clear air.

This is knitting for the cozy days of winter—straight from the beautiful knitting traditions of Norway.

  • Setesdal Hat. Get your colorwork going with this simple design—it’s a glorious way to try out Arne and Carlos’s color sense and easy stitch patterns.
  • Valdres Pullover. A completely modern take on the famous Norwegian ski sweater, this is the sort of treasure to knit and love forever. We love the mix of colors and pattern here, full of surprise and fun.
  • Rosy Mittens. The classic Norwegian mitten, with modern color added for fun. These are knitted in two colors, the embroidery adds the details.
  • Kos Neckwarmer. Arne and Carlos are constantly cooking up neckwarmers that are all about whimsy and good cheer. This one is stacked with hearts and zigzags and colorful fun. It also happens to be an incredible warming layer.

I’m trying to get my posts written early in the day. Some days it’s 8pm and it hits me that I haven’t blogged yet. This way at 8pm I can add something quick and hit Publish.