Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Day

The weather today was amazing. I wish we could have days like this until Christmas. Cool enough that you can wear a sweater but not so cold that you don't want to go outside.

I took this picture from our back deck. I love it when the leaves start changing colours.

Most of the day was spent working on my new project. It is progressing and I really like how the colours are working out. The newsletter didn't get finished today. I was glued to the TV watching the Ryder Cup. What a finish.

It's almost time to move upstairs for The Amazing Race. Then Revenge. I stopped watching part way through last season but did watch the last episode earlier this week. I think I'm going to start watching again-there were some interesting twists and I want to see what happens.

Did you know that Stephen West (westknits) has a new book? You can buy the individual patterns or the ebook on Ravelry right now and we will have printed copies of the book in the store sometime in November.
Book 4 patterns will be released online throughout the summer/fall and available in print this fall. Get your favorite patterns as they are released or get the whole e-book with at least 10 designs and you will automatically receive pattern updates with your e-book purchase.
The designs are a mixture of quick little accessories and a couple larger shawls. Most projects are ideal for knitting on the go and others may result in spontaneous dance parties as you show off your stylish new wears with friends.
E-book: $20 USD 
individual patterns: $6 USD
See all the patterns on Ravelry...

It's almost time for the Race to start!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What am I thinking??

Blue Sky Alpacas does a fabulous job with marketing their yarns and patterns. They have a yarn called Royal which is 100% royal alpaca, with 288 yards on a 100gram ball. To get knitters trying the yarn, Blue Sky has made the yarn available (called Royal Petites) in 35gram balls with 100 yards. See the shades...

They also brought out a line of patterns that take 1-2 balls of the Petites. Here are the designs.
Countess Mitts
Catherine Cowl
Buckingham Hat
Mitini Mitts
Tiny Empress Set
Westminster Hat
Windsor Mitts

The yarn and patterns have been very popular, especially at Knitting Camp. We have a shipment arriving sometime this week to restock the colours and patterns we are missing.

There hasn't been much knitting for me lately but that is going to change. Big time. I am finishing a newsletter and in it I talk about a pattern that I have decided I need to knit before the Woodstock Fleece Festival. That is two weeks from today. What am I thinking?

Here is the yarn that I just wound.

tosh dk (from top left and going clockwise)
-well water

I'm going to keep the pattern a surprise until after the newsletter comes out-either tomorrow or Monday.

Ready, Set, Go! It's time to cast on.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Namaste

Beth tried to have a peaceful morning watching the golf.

Her friends had other ideas.

Every time she groaned or yelled at the TV the dogs turned and gave her a dirty look.

They are becoming very lazy. The dogs-not Beth. :)

I got a few more rows done on the scarf.

There is a touch of fear that it will be too short but we will cross that bridge when we reach it. It might end up with 12" fringe.

Mr. Canada Post came with a large box from Namaste. The Hermosa is here in Caribbean Blue ...
... and Pumpkin Spice.

The largest handbag in the Namaste collection-this bag has it all! Exterior pouches with 2 separate compartments, rear document pocket, water bottle storage, extra side pocket, and a super solid construction. The interior features 3 pockets (1 zipper pocket and 2 open-top pockets). This bag stands up on it's own with 5 metal feet on the secure bottom. The Hermosa bag is a "must-have" for those who must carry it all.
I wrote most of a newsletter in the store today. There is just one section that needs to be tweaked. Fingers crossed it will go out on Sunday or Monday.

It is going to be a busy TV weekend. There are shows taped from this week including Grey's Anatomy. I'm afraid that there could be some crying when we watch. We also have golf, baseball pennant races and football. And then Sunday night-the start of The Amazing Race!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chunky Scarf

There isn't much knitting to show. I got part way through my project last night and then ripped it out this morning. It has been restarted and I like it better now. It doesn't look like much but it is going to be a thick, chunky scarf.

Debbie Bliss Winter Garden
Rowan Cocoon
Misti Alpaca Chunky

The scarf is garter stitch-one row of A, one row of B and then one row of C. When done I will add fringes of one of the yarns.

Tomorrow morning we will be up early to watch the Ryder Cup so I should have some more rows done when I get to work.

I'm sorry to say that I have been glued to The Young and The Restless for the past few days. Over the past few weeks I watched a bit and knew that Victor was missing. Sharon was pulling some crazy stunts. When I was grocery shopping on Monday I saw the front of a magazine at the checkout and read what was happening. I had to watch. It was great and I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I'm not going to say anything else in case you are taping to watch on the weekend.

I better get to bed. Golf starts at 8am.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There is a new brochure coming from Rowan in October.

I picked up knitting needles this afternoon. It has been a while since I have knit a stitch. There isn't enough to show but I will tell you that I am using 9mm needles and have cast on 175 stitches. (No, I'm not using the pashmina worsted - knitting a store sample first) Pictures tomorrow. There is a lot being taped at my house tonight. Survivor. Criminal Minds. Shark Wranglers. CSI. And then there is one more show that I don't remember. I'm hoping that Beth has dinner ready when I get home so that I can sit and knit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back in the store

The store is almost in order. Jane unpacked the boxes yesterday and Kim and I finished getting the yarn into it's place today.

I have set up a blog for Knitting Camp and will be posting more pictures there. We should have information in the next week or so about Camp 2013 as well.

Mr. Canada Post brought in three exciting boxes today from madelinetosh. There were two colours of dk-opaline and cathedral along with pashmina worsted in
-mourning dove
-well water
-composition book grey
-worn denim
-wicked (which is wicked and I am going to take some home with me :) )
Pashmina Worsted is a 4-ply yarn made up of 75% merino wool, 15% silk and 10% cashmere. This yarn is a heavier weight version of our very popular Pashmina base. A similar fiber blend to the infamous woven pashmina scarves. This machine washable blend is hand-dyed in small dye lots and knits up to create a soft fabric with great drape.
We did a bit of moving to find a spot for the pashmina worsted.
For the past week the walls in the store were bare. Garments went to Camp but they are hanging again. We have some on loan from suppliers for the next week including:
The Lush Cowl from Prism. 2 skeins of Prism Plume and 2 skeins of Prism Stuff.

A new yarn (100% NZ Merino) from Naturally called Drift. I should have taken a picture before the shadows came out this afternoon. The jacket is short sleeved with pockets. Julie modelled it at Camp and it is amazing!

The Kaw Valley Wrap from Blue Sky Alpacas. This is my sample and you have seen it before but I thought it looked so good hanging that I wanted to share a picture. Our sample is knit in Alpaca Silk but you can also knit it in Metalico.
Luxury as nature intended, Metalico utilizes naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with mulberry silk, and creates an undyed shimmering palette from gleaming whites to silvery grays and flecked golds. 
I think that Beth and I are caught up on the TV we missed last week. It is amazing how many people go on Survivor saying that they are going to sit back and not take a roll as the leader and then become the pushy one that no one likes. The finale of Big Brother was interesting. I'm glad that Ian won.

I need to hit Publish and then do some investigating on Ravelry. What am I going to make in the pashmina worsted??

Monday, September 24, 2012

Home from Camp

At Camp we were up between 6:30 and 7 to get ready for 8am breakfast. This morning we were up early as well. Beth has left for work so I decided to start a blog post before heading to the store to start unpacking. Unfortunately there isn't anyone here serving me breakfast.

Yesterday morning we woke up to rain. Not what we wanted to see when we had to pack up the van after lunch. There was a small break around 11 and we hustled to get everything packed before the rain started again. Thankfully it didn't and we had a nice drive home. Beth (my sister) and Cathy headed home in the van while I had Beth and Josh in the truck heading towards the airport.

Here are more Camp pictures.
During a break in the rain.

Beth taught indigo dyeing yesterday.
Beth gave the students wet skeins of yarn and they are knotting them or adding elastic bands. When done this will make the light and dark spots.

 The indigo mix.

 After it comes out of the pail of dye.

Beth is making some more dye.

Beth would soak the skeins in the dye bath and then the ladies would wring out the extra dye. The skein lies out for a time (I don't know how long because I missed that part of the discussion) and then it goes back into the dye. They kept repeating until the skein was darker than they wanted the finished product to be. It dries two shades lighter than what it looks like when wet.

We had an amazing time at Camp. There was a lot of laughter along with learning. Thanks to all who came and especially our instructors.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Camp Day 2

The afternoon session of classes just started. The 'kids' as Josh calls them are having a great time.

The weather forecast for today was rain. Thankfully there have only been a few drops.

 It is hard to see in the picture but a float plane is taking off across the lake.
Josh is looking very serious while talking to his class this morning.
Fiona's class is talking about colour and knitting swatches mixing colours to see how they work together.

I'm heading to the cabin to change into old clothes and then to Beth's dying class. If there is time I might dye some yarn.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dying Yarn

It is a beautiful day at Camp. 15C or 59F. Morning classes are in session.

Josh is teaching Custom Knitting. I'm in the room getting ready for tonight's fashion show with one ear listening. His ideas are amazing!

Fiona is teaching Button Up and Zip it. I don't want to interrupt her class to get pictures. I will get some tomorrow when she is teaching Tints and Tones.

Beth is teaching yarn dying. Since it is beautiful they are working outside.
I want to dye yarn!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Campers are arriving

Yesterday morning we loaded the van and pick up truck and started on our way to Camp. Beth and Cathy came straight up (which means that had time to stop at Weber's for burgers) while I headed into Toronto to pick up Beth Casey (the owner of Lorna's Laces) and Josh Bennett from the airport. Josh's flight was delayed and we made it here just in time for dinner.

After dinner the five us worked on goodie bags. The Campers (or kids as Josh is calling them) are getting amazing goodies.
It was overcast this morning but thankfully the rain waited until we were unloaded.
Josh loves merchandising so we let him go crazy with the Rowan display.
The display was changed many times before Josh was happy with his work.
Here are a few more displays.

The mannequins are wearing bags right now-we have the sweaters put away for the fashion show. I will get pictures on Saturday after they are dressed.
The students are arriving and getting caught up with each other. Tonight is a fun night - the game this year is called Knit or Knowledge. Who's team is going to win: Josh, Fiona or Beth C?