Sunday, June 30, 2013

Color Play Mohair Wrap

I almost made it to the last section. Probably five rows and then I'm on to double strand of colour A. No, I didn't do anything today but knit. And that is the plan for tomorrow as well. :) I'm hoping to have the wrap done by the time I get to work on Tuesday morning.

You might be thinking that I should get out tomorrow and do something. Probably but I don't have a vehicle. My car hasn't arrived yet. Maybe this week? Mom's Edge is in the garage and Beth is going golfing. I'm kind of stuck at home. Not that I'm complaining. The dogs and I will have a great day.

My blog post wasn't long enough so I started looking through my TNNA pictures. I totally forgot to show the new colours coming for fall from Mountain Colors.
All the colours will be coming in Bearfoot.
Bearfoot by Mountain Colors is a lightweight, machine washable yarn that is perfect for socks and shawls. Made from 60% superwash merino, 25% mohair and 15% nylon, Bearfoot is available in a huge color range.

There is a marathon of The Mentalist on tonight so I'm moving upstairs and getting back to my knitting.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Double Pointed Needle Tubes

Are you a sock knitter? Check these out.

DPN Tubes from Knitter's Pride
  • A solution for holding and protecting your valuable and delicate Double Pointed Needles while they are still connected to your project!!
  • Made of recycled acid-free paper to store and protect double pointed needles
  • Lightweight, highly functional and attractive
  • Protects both your DP needles and your Project at the same time
  • Allows you to properly protect your project while it is in progress
  • Flexible - extends to hold both the shortest and longest needles
Set of 3 tubes, 2 tubes with slots and 1 without slot 

I made it to the next colour last night and it's my favourite in the wrap. The colour you start with is the colour that you end with so the one you like the best is on both ends. Brilliant.
I was up early this morning so Mr. Melo and I sat outside and knit for a bit. He's very helpful.

A customer was just in looking for the Churchmouse Easy Fold Poncho pattern. I totally forgot about it when I talked about ponchos yesterday.
“It's like a really elegant sweatshirt.”
It's easy to knit (just one long stockinette rectangle), easy to finish, and easy to throw on. Whether knit in a humble tweed or luscious alpaca, with a cowl or without, you'll see why this is a favorite!

A very wise customer just shared some words of wisdom with me.
If you knit with red you knit faster.
I don't know how I didn't know this.

Friday, June 28, 2013


They're coming back. Ponchos are shown in the fall/winter collections of Givenchy, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce and Gabbana and Chloe.

A beautiful cross between a sweater and a poncho, this top-down seamless pullover features decorative eyelet increasing along the shoulders. 
Blish is a Norah Gaughan design and is knit in Berroco's Blackstone Tweed.

Download the free pattern...

Kauni has a free poncho pattern.
You can download the pattern here... 

And a little surprise. If you like the poncho but don't want to knit it we will have finished ponchos for sale in a month or so.

The Knitscene Fall 2013 magazine has a great poncho knit in two colours of Classic Elite Liberty Wool.
Throw this basic poncho over a casual outfit for instant impact. Knit side-to-side in a long-color repeat yarn for high visibility.
The digital download for the magazine is available now. I just bought mine and it takes less than five minutes to complete the purchase.

And not to leave younger girls out
Every day is extraordinary when girls wear this modern-day take on Little Red
Riding Hood. This cozy hoodie with top-down construction is a quick knit in Spud
& Chloƫ Outer and features two big and buoyant pom poms.
Child's sizes 2-12

My Color Play Mohair Wrap is progressing. There are a few more TV shows taped so I should get to the next colour this evening. I'm guessing about 20" to go until it's done. There should be lots of knitting this weekend. Hopefully. :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fall Yarns

It's hard to believe when the weather is this hot but fall yarns have started to arrive. Yesterday Kim and I unpacked a large box from Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud and Chloe.

Here are the four new colours of Bulky from Blue Sky. All over the show we were seeing lots of bulky yarns. The thicker the better. Makes for quick knitting. :)

Here are a few more things that were ordered at TNNA.

Lorna's Laces has new colours. Their booth was jammed the whole show (very good for them) but I didn't want to get in the way so I didn't get the colour names for their new colours. Lorna's Laces should be sending out an email in a few days with pictures. 

I have ordered the new shades in Helen's Lace, Shepherd Sock, Haymarket and Solemate.

Gleener® — The Ultimate Fuzz Remover — works like magic to quickly and easily remove fuzz, pills and lint from most woven or knitted fabrics. Everything from sweaters, t-shirts, pants, jackets, and scarves to drapes, cushions and upholstery will be completely revitalized!

And a few more pictures from Columbus. It's a good thing that we drove in a big truck. This is part of the luggage that came home.

There is a big leather bag missing from the picture. Bev's luggage (and shopping-5 pairs of shoes) isn't here either. Our bags from shopping are already in the truck. Beth bought puzzles and I bought her new bedding for her birthday.
A new pair of Ugg Slippers came home as well. How could I pass up this colour? I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy two pairs. I wear my slippers at all times when I'm home. I love them! When I bought my first pair Bev made fun of me. We gave her a pair for Christmas one year and she wears them all the time. So much that she wore them out and we bought her a new pair. If you get a chance, try them on. They are so comfortable. And warm.

We saw this on our last night. Beth was very excited. TNNA is in Indianapolis next year but when we go back to Columbus I'm sure Beth is going to talk us into doing this.
The Cycle Tavern of Columbus is a 16-person bicycle powered entirely by pedaling. There is room for 15 people seated and one "standee" in the middle. It's perfect for pub crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, Short North Tours, Downtown Columbus Tours, sporting events like The Columbus Clippers, OSU Buckeyes, or Columbus Blue Jackets, weddings, tailgating, any kind of celebration……the ideas are endless!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

While I was away...

Cathy unpacked lots of yarn and got it put away on the shelves.

Noro Kureyon has 8 new colours.

Perfect for making the Log Cabin Afghan
You can find the pattern for the afghan here....

It is easy to knit. All you need to know is how to
-cast on
-cast off
-pick up stitches

Silk Garden has 8 new colours as well.

Darn Noro. One day they might make ugly colours that I won't want to knit with but not this fall. They are all great!

When Beth and I arrived home last night our air conditioning wasn't working. It was really hot in our house so we left the dogs with mom and dad. We left the air off all night (needless to say I didn't have a good sleep) and it is working fine today. The dogs are home and happy to be here. Sort of. There are many more treats at the grandparents house.

I didn't touch my knitting while away (there was way too much visiting with friends from England, Italy, New Zealand and the US) so I'm looking forward to sitting on the couch and knitting tonight. Master Chef. American Baking Competition. Big Brother. Plus the shows that we taped while we were away. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rowan at TNNA

We made it home safely. No problems on the drive home but I am tired.

On the way there we played the license plate game and got 30 states. On the way home we only got 27. I was tempted to drive through a few truck stops before the border to find more but we wanted to get home. We also played the alphabet game. You can tell that Beth and I did lots of car trips as kids and learned how to amuse ourselves. On the way there you had to name an animal or bird that started with each letter. On the way home it was famous people.

I still have lots of pictures from TNNA to share.

From Rowan

Kidsilk Amore Shimmer and Kidsilk Amore each have 4 colours. They knit to the same tension and are interchangeable. Great planning from Rowan because some people like yarn that sparkles and others don't.

We should have them in the store sometime in October.
Bulky, chainette yarn great for quick knitting holiday gifts. The colours are designed by Kaffe Fassett.

There will be a pattern magazine for the yarns.

Coming in September...
Fine Art has 6 new colours. Don't tell anyone but I have a skein of the new purple.

There is one more surprise but I don't think that I can talk about it yet.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday in Columbus

We were up early and off to the show. A few orders were placed, I picked up a few things and we said our goodbyes. Then a trip to Easton Town Centre.

I forgot to get a picture when we were there. A bit of a sugar high. The Cheesecake Factory.

I have about an hour and then we're off to dinner with friends (Trendsetter, Prism and Muench Yarns). Then bed because there is a long day of driving tomorrow.

Barry at Trendsetter knit this bear. UNBELIEVABLE! Beth freaked out and the yarn has been ordered. Lots of off white, brown, beige, another brown and purple. Yes, a purple bear. I collect them. The pattern is from Ravelry and Barry is going to email me the link next week.

I didn't get a picture but there is hand dyed Mink coming from Trendsetter as well. I borrowed this from Trendsetter's website.
Mimi Print
100% Mink
50 grams/skein - 330 yards/skein,
STS/IN NEEDLE: 6sts=1" #4
Before you walk into the trade show there is an area displaying the new products that are being sold at the show.
 Four new colours from Prism. We have them ordered in Stuff, Plume and Saki (sock yarn).
Soakboxes. We have the bottom box, Grape Gatsby and the top box, Cinnamon Kane will be coming later in the summer.

I'm currently wearing the nail polish that comes in Grape Gatsby. The colour is fabulous and so far the polish is wearing well.

New colours from Dream in Color. We have many of them on order in both Everlasting Sock and Smooshy with Cashmere.

It's time to get ready for dinner. We eat at the same restaurant every Monday of the show. For some reason they put us at the back of the room. Could be the noise. :)