Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fleece Festival

We had a great day in Woodstock yesterday. The weather was perfect. I think it might be the first year that we haven't had rain on either Friday or Saturday.
The ladies finished their sweaters. They look amazing. We decided that 4 weeks to knit a fingering weight sweater is a major accomplishment. We won't try that again.

Sarah is wearing Carlina knit in Le Petit Lambswool and Dyed in the Wool.

Lynn is wearing Newleaf knit in Le Petit Lambswool and Dyed in the Wool.

Wannietta is wearing Carlina knit in Cottage Donegal Tweed and Dyed in the Wool.

Thanks to Sarah, Lynn and Wannietta for all their help. A great big thanks to Cathy who packed the van (Cathy is the master of packing as much as possible into the smallest space) and for working in the store.

Today was spent watching football with a bit of knitting thrown in. It'll be another early night - I want to get to work early and start unpacking boxes. It's time for the store to be back in order - we've had boxes for over a month. And we have new samples that need to be on display.

Friday, October 18, 2019


I keep forgetting to share very big news. Our puppy has been born.
We have pick of the litter and get to choose on November 16. They were born early Tuesday morning.
Next week we will be able to start watching them on puppy cam.

They will be ready to go on December 7. Our puppy is going off to boot camp and we should get him/her on New Years Day. From our trainer.
My board and train program promises, you take home a well socialized, well mannered, pre-trained puppy who understands and appreciates household rules and boundaries.
Our breeder recommended we do this - she even sent one of her own puppies.

Lynn and I are home from Woodstock. I didn't get many pictures of the booth. Dad came with us to help get everything inside. We sent him home before us and he said that the traffic from Brantford to Ancaster was bad so we were rushing to leave.

My sweater didn't get finished but it will be on display in Woodstock. I'm going to wear Guthrie. It was too warm to wear in Kitchener but tomorrow should be the perfect day.

Lynn is casting hers off. Sarah and Wannietta should have theirs finished as well.

Now it's bed time for me. We're going to be on the road at 6am.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Montana Mountain Cowl

Beth has been working on her Montana Mountain Cowl but it won't be finished in time for the Fleece Festival. Lucky for us, Diana finished hers. She used Le Petit Lambswool and Dyed in the Wool. The colour combination is great.
Diana has knit a few other projects with Dyed in the Wool and had quite a few small balls of leftovers. She started the cowl with these but ran short. We added in a full skein with very similar colours and you can't tell the difference.

From Andrea Mowry
If I were to pick my favorite cowl style, it is definitely the Moebius cowl. It is perfect for colorwork projects because the floats are hidden inside, and it is so easy to style. Just pop it on to finish any outfit! The Montana Mountain Cowl uses the Mosaic method to add color and texture to this engaging knit!
New books arrived today. 
I think/hope we're ready for the Woodstock Fleece Festival. Here are a few tips if you are coming to the show

- trust me, there is lots of yarn. If you don't like lines or crowds, wait until noon to come. There will still be lots for you to see. If booths sell out of something, most are more than willing to ship it to you after the show
- bring lunch with you. Then you don't have to stand in line.
- wear something that you have knit. It's always fun to see completed projects.
- if you see something you like, mark down the booth you saw it in. I can't tell you how many times we get frantic people at the end of the day because they forgot where they saw something
- go through your Ravelry library and make notes of yarn that you are interested in. If there is a certain pattern, print that pattern and bring it with you. Also bring information on the yarn. What it's made of. Tension. Yardage. That will make it easier for me and other booths to help you substitute. When you come in the store I can do it on the computer but we have limited Internet access at the show.
- please have patience.

What are we taking??

Plus more!!!

Looking at my pictures I'm starting to think that we have too much packed.

Now it's time for laundry and then a few minutes with my feet up watching baseball and football.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Just one more row

I was up early this morning and at the store by 8:15. Perfect start to the day. NOT! I took my store keys out of my bag before I went to Myrtle Beach in case Beth needed them and I totally forgot to bring them with me. I wasn't very happy with myself. 20 minutes home and 20 minutes back.

Ms. UPS delivered a box from Spincycle yesterday. We have more colours of Dyed in the Wool. We won't have time this week to photograph them for the website. I will do that early next week. These colours will be in the store on Saturday while we are at the Woodstock Fleece Festival. If you are coming to the show we have lots of colours packed as well.

The leaves have changed quickly. They are still a great fade!

Brian Smith has a new pattern that uses Noro Ito and Cascade 220 (original or Heathers). What a great looking shawl.
This mosaic, half circle shawl looks more challenging than it actually is. The mosaic pattern is a one row, one color technique using slipping stitches. Twinned with garter stripes. Simple! 
You can purchase the pattern for Cascoro on Ravelry.
It is always fun to use Noro in a project. You say to yourself 'just one more row' because you want/need to see the next colour.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Let the packing begin

I'm home and ready to get back to work. We'll pack for Woodstock tomorrow.
I got myself nicely set up in Myrtle Beach to knit while waiting for the plane to arrive. 
He came 20 minutes late which meant I missed my connection in Atlanta. Thankfully Atlanta is a big airport with lots of places to eat. I finally made it to Toronto and then the 407 was stop and go on the way home.

I have come to the conclusion that my sweater will not be ready for Woodstock. I have 7" on the body and need at least 10" for a cropped sweater. I might be able to get that done but there is a small thing called sleeves. Two of them. It is going to hang on a mannequin with a sign apologizing for my lack of knitting. I'm blaming it on Camp weekend. I didn't knit one stitch in 5 days.

Dad and Lucy are driving home from Myrtle Beach tomorrow and the books are already in the truck. We should have them in the store on Thursday.

Now it's bed time. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow and Thursday.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Good Bye Myrtle Beach

My trip has been very fast. Dad and I golfed 9 holes yesterday and 18 today which takes a lot of time.

We had a lot of fun! Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of knitting accomplished. We’ll see what happens on the flight home tomorrow.

Lucy says ‘Hi’. 

Now an hour of knitting before bed. I should be back in the store tomorrow before Lynn closes.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Stitch Markers

Here are more pictures from Cocoknits. We can order next week and should see these at the beginning of November. They are way, way, way too cute.
We couldn't be more excited to announce our newest product - the Flight of Stitch Markers! They'll be launching to the public November 1st. This adorable, all-in-one package includes Jumbo, Regular, Small, Triangle, and Split Ring Markers. Oh and say hello to the first ever colored Triangle cute are they?! We think this will be a huge hit for gifts this holiday season and hope you love it as much as we do.  

Tomorrow morning I'm jumping on a plane to Myrtle Beach for a few days. I will be back at home late Tuesday afternoon. We still have a lot to do for the show but I miss my Lucy (and my dad). Hopefully I will have lots of knitting time in the airport and on the plane. Possibly on the golf course as well if I am going to finish my sweater.

Now I need to pack and wind some yarn. I hope to blog tomorrow but it's going to be a long day. An early flight and then a round of golf when I land.