Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Blast from the past

Churchmouse Yarns released a free pattern yesterday and I knew exactly what yarns I was going to knit it in. I'm using Rowan Brushed Fleece, Blue Sky Brush Suri and Bibi from Borgo de Pazzi. I didn't get very far but I like how the colours are working together.

This is Churchmouse's sample. We don't have a yarn with sequins but maybe you have one in your stash that would work.
A shallow, garter-stitch triangle, this free pattern is a breeze to knit! Long, tapered ends offer tons of styling and tying options, while an eyelet edging adds interest. Three-color stripes shine in this scarf’s clean simplicity. We’ve added a bit more magic with three different yarns—one sparkly, one fuzzy, and one fluffy! 
We knit the Easy Three-Yarn Striped Triangle Scarf with three chunky-weight yarns, with each garter-stitch row knit in a different yarn. 

Another yarn that would work with the Brushed Fleece and Brushed Suri is Bamboo Bloom.
A loosely spun burst of wool is blended with bamboo's beautiful sheen for a fascinating texture. Elegance made easy!
I received an email from our friends at Spincycle Yarns that more yarn is on the way. We will have more Dyed in the Wool next week.
Stay Out Of The Forest
Deep Bump
Mississippi Marsala

A blast from the past
Lisa who runs my dad's office found this picture yesterday. Everyone is lining up for cookies from my dad and Lori (who works in the office). Melo is right in front of my dad and Roko is next in line. Sammy is on the right and Shiv is the really white golden who is the farthest away. Cooper is the little guy behind Roko. You can't miss Lucy. All four Goldens are gone now so the office is very quiet. Wait until tomorrow when Lucy is back.

From Boscoe's trainer. This is Nica who keeps Boscoe in line.

Monday, December 09, 2019


Do you need to make some pompoms? New pompom makers just arrived. Want to have fun with your kids? Take out some old yarn and make pompoms for a wreath or garland.

A little trick for fluffing your pompoms. Hold them over a pot of boiling water or the kettle. My aunt who was always knitting slippers taught me this.

Churchmouse Yarns has rewritten the famous slipper pattern that everyone knit in the 70s and 80s - you can download it for free.
A basket near the front door heaped with these Family Slippers makes for the warmest of welcomes. Our version of these nostalgic slippers evolved from several versions of the pattern found in every auntie’s knitting bag. We finessed the toe a little but left the heel in its simplest form. Embellish your slippers with pom-poms, tassels or buttonsor try our split cuff for a preppy Oxford shirt look. It’s so easy! 
We’ve provided the measurements for three finished sizes; small, medium and large. 
I remember making these in a not very nice yarn that we got at Woolco. (I was young and didn't know any better.) No, Woolco wasn't a yarn shop, it was a department store. We had one on Upper James in Hamilton.

Photos ©Svetlana Gordon
I love this shawl from Svetlana Gordon. It is knit with two or three colours of fingering weight yarn. The pattern is called Scarf Lavender and is purchased on Ravelry. It popped up on my 'Hot Right Now' this afternoon.

I saw this on Twitter this morning
Now it's time to finish a newsletter so we can send it out tomorrow. Then a bit of knitting.

Sunday, December 08, 2019


Beth has been busy knitting on her wrap. She is doing a great job. I think I have had to take back 5 stitches so far. Some projects I am doing a lot more 'helping'.
Mixing garter and stockinette, chain mosaic and boxes, Bryant’s wrap is all rich earth tones in Prism’s multicolored, hand-dyed Symphony, with colors seeming to appear and disappear within the pattern. when selecting colors, be sure that each shade sufficiently contrasts so the mosaic pattern reads well throughout.
Beth is a big fan of Mosaic knitting.
Mosaic knitting is a great way to get into the world of colorwork knitting without learning an entirely new and complicated technique. 
Here is an explanation of Mosaic knitting and instructions on how to do it.

I didn't get a lot of knitting accomplished today. We are in the first week of playoffs for Fantasy Football. I was in charge of the TV converter. Right now we are winning but I'm not feeling confident.

Boscoe is doing well. The trainer has sent emails and texts with pictures and videos. From now on we get updates on Wednesdays and Sundays. Beth is going to ask her to text a picture a day. We don't need long updates. We just want to see how much he is growing.

Saturday, December 07, 2019


Beth had a fun visit with Boscoe. They ran around the breeder's house and then they played outside for a bit. She said it was very hard to leave him. Thankfully my dad is still in Myrtle Beach. If he had been here they would have brought Boscoe home. My dad would have said 'you can train him'. We see how well him and mom and dad did with Lucy 😘. She is one stubborn dog who does exactly as she pleases.

People have asked if Boscoe will be coming to visit the store when we get him. Beth said that she will bring him in on a Saturday so that everyone can meet him. It won't be until the end of January. Don't worry if you can't make it that day. He will have many visits.

At the trainer he is going to be crate trained, learn how to walk on a leash, learn to come and stay. All the things you teach a puppy. I asked/told Beth to tell the trainer to teach him to stay away from shoes and yarn. Two things that he will find lying around our house.

Want to have some fun over the holidays? Take a look at Tin Can Knits Strange Brew. This is one pattern/recipe.

Want to design a sweet custom sweater?
Strange Brew makes it simple.
Just follow the instructions, we’ve done the math for you and included 25 sizes. Pick some pretty motifs and cast on now!
The recipe includes:
  • Instructions for designing your sweater top-down or bottom-up
  • An overview of round yoke design.
  • A ‘plug and play’ round yoke guideline pattern (just follow the pattern - no math!).
  • Nearly 100 stitch patterns to get you started
  • A ‘wedge design’ strategy for the more adventurous knitter.
Not ready to be this adventurous? Tin Can Knits has patterns for you to follow - just pick pretty colours. We have the book in the store or you can buy the download on Ravelry. If you don't want to purchase the whole book you can buy the individual patterns on Ravelry.
We watched the last taped episode of Making It and now we are going to race through The Masked Singer. I can definitely knit during this - you don't need to watch.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Making It

The sun came out for a bit this afternoon so I ran out and took pictures.
This Nightshift was knit with Noro Ito colours 16 & 17. I have another Nightshift almost finished and am considering what colours to use for another one. I love seeing how the colours play together.
The three new fabrics from Zigzag Stitches.

Beth and I are watching the new season of Making It. I have one complaint about the show - it is impossible to knit while it is on. You have to watch the TV. For many shows I can just listen but you need to see what is going on.

Beth is getting very excited - she gets to play with Boscoe tomorrow. Just for a few minutes and then he heads off with the trainer who will send pictures and videos so Beth can see how he is progressing.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Just like Christmas

This is Heather's Nightshift. When Heather wanted to make the Nightshift we couldn't come up with the perfect combination. Then I pulled out all our Dream State and we decided to double up on one colour. The skeins were totally different so it looks like a different colour.

The finished shawl is amazing. I want to make one in this combination!!!

I have kits in the store in this colourway - we are calling it Version 4.

If you are looking for a quick/easy project, this is the Marley Scarf (pattern free from Rowan) knit with 3 balls of Rowan Brushed Fleece. This colour changes from light grey to dark (Peat Degrade). We have another version that is shades of brown (Tarn Degrade). There is also a moss stitch version on the pattern.

I was in the store just after 8 this morning. Lynn and I started moving yarn around yesterday afternoon and things were a mess. As we continued with our rearranging this morning Mr. Canada Post brought in a huge box from Life in the Long Grass. More singles and sock. I will get these pictured tomorrow because we are expecting more boxes today. Bags from Zigzag Stitches and yarn from Biches & Buches. It's like Christmas in the store today.
Freia Super Bulky has a new home.
Hue Loco Phyllis Sock has moved in with LITLG and Longdog sock.

We have a brand new colour of Le Petit Lambswool. Lynn and I are fighting over it. It is called Dark Blue Black - a navy/purple mix. I added a skein of The Family Jewels Dyed in the Wool for Carlina.

Alex blocked my Nightshift. I love the colours. It was dreary out today - I will try and get pictures tomorrow if the sun comes out.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Free Patterns from Rowan

I need a really fast project. This is the Kari Cowl knit with one skein of Freia Super Bulky on 10mm needles. I should get this finished while watching Survivor tonight.

Rowan has new patterns. You can purchase these on Ravelry or you can get the pattern free in the store when you purchase the yarn.
A simple slouch hat with applied embroidery after completion, knit in the round with yarns held together. 
Knit this accessory hat, a design by Lisa Richardson using the wonderfully soft, lightweight yarn Alpaca Classic (alpaca and cotton.) This toasty, pull on hat is adorned with embroidered snowflakes.
Canaan Hat

Canaan Cardigan

Leyland Shawl

Leyland Sweater

All these garments are knit with Rowan Alpaca Classic. We have 30 colours in stock.
With its fine weight and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for Fair Isle patterns and light but warm garments and accessories. Its feathery feel and romantic halo are created by filling delicate cotton mesh with luxurious alpaca fibres, resulting in a light weight yarn with incredible meterage and spectacular texture. Knitted on larger needles, it makes an exciting choice for lace patterns too.
The fireplace was going when we ate at Cracker Barrel. There is nothing nicer than a real fire. And it was so warm.
Lucy loves to be brushed. She sits like an angel until she's tired and then she falls over.

I texted this picture to Beth. Her reply was

I'm early tonight because I will be in bed early. I didn't get home until 2:30 this morning. Thank goodness I had a snow brush and boots in my car. I had a bit of snow to clear. I was able to start my car when I got out of customs from the app on my phone. At least some of the ice and snow was melted by the time I got to the car.