Friday, March 30, 2012

Back to Knitting

I wrote most of the post about One of a Kind last night when we got home so it really doesn't count as today's post. It didn't have any knitting content either so I decided to write another post.

This morning my Rowan sales rep sent me an email about a new Studio magazine coming from Rowan. We won't have it until May but I wanted to share the pretty pictures with you

This led me to to see if there were any new patterns

Free pattern that you can download..
Knit this fitted, short sleeve tee with a high ribbed welt, designed by Marie Wallin.  Knitted in our beautiful Summerspun yarn, an essential for this season.
Very cute - something for work or play.

I talked about Design Seeds last week. I went and looked further at their website and I can post a picture every now and again. To make things interesting I started at the last page and worked forward. Totally my colours.

Imagine making a fair isle sweater with these colours. Now my mind is working.

These colour combinations would also make a great quilt. I have a small stash of Batik fabrics-many in these purples. How am I going to put them together?

Now I'm thinking that I need to add to the purple colour of my bedroom.

You can see all the colours on the Design Seeds website...

I like it when customers give me pattern suggestions for things that they have made and like the finished product. Patricia sent me a link to socks that she is knitting in tosh merino. She is making them as gifts and said that they are great.

Purl Soho Homespun Boot Socks...

It has turned really cold out here and I keep hearing from customers that we are supposed to get snow tonight. YUCK!!

Bad Idea

Beth and I together at One of a Kind was a bad idea. :)

How could I pass these up?? They are the perfect colour for my kitchen.

We bought another wall hanging for our dining room. I didn't get a picture and it is wrapped up in the basement until dad can hang it next week. The artist calls them ceramic quilts-I like that name.

The booth ride beside this had something that was perfect for mom and their new house. I can't talk about it until she gets it-don't want to ruin the surprise.

We were ready to walk out the door when we both headed to the Creations d'Octobre booth. I walk by this booth every show and comment that I want some of her work but it doesn't go in our house here. It will go in Myrtle Beach though. We were so busy picking pictures that I didn't think to get pictures in her booth. Our arms were full by this time so we went out to the truck with what we had and pulled up to the building. Beth went back in to pick up our pictures and asked if I could take a few from her website. Her most current work (what we bought) isn't there but here are a few to give you an idea of what she does. If you have been to One of a Kind then you have seen these. She also sells at Balls Falls.

We bought three pieces that aren't in frames. It was a tough decision. Beth didn't want to but I decided we were going to lay them out and look at them. Mom and dad will be home tomorrow night and they will want to see them over the weekend.
The plan right now is to hang them in our dining room but that could change when we get to Myrtle. They will work well in the kitchen as well.

The show was smaller than for fall but the booths were very good this time. If you are thinking about it I highly suggest you go.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One of a Kind

We just received a shipment of Classic Elite yarn including Silky Alpaca Lace Multi. We have the Bias Before and After Scarf knit in the store and now we have lots of kits made up in spring/summer tones. These are what I call 'Happy Colours'. You feel good looking at them.

The Bias Before and After Scarf is a pattern from Churchmouse Yarns.

We have patterns in the store (and will have some at the Frolic) but if you live out of town you can order it on Ravelry.
It takes just one ball of Silky Alpaca Lace - solid or multi and 4mm needles.

I'm wearing Gnarled Oak again today and I will probably wear it tomorrow. The yarn for Gnarled Oak #2 is sitting on my bedroom floor. It has taken everything in me to keep working on the Trendsetter vest. I keep telling myself I have to get the vest done for the Frolic.

It's that time of the year. One of a Kind is on in Toronto. Beth and I are heading there after work tonight. The two of us together is a bad combination. Who knows what will come home with us.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gnarled Oak is done

I'm wearing Gnarled Oak today. Beth took a couple of pictures quickly before work. When I say quickly I really mean it. The dogs were already in her truck and she took two pictures before throwing the phone at me and driving off.

When I got to work I was afraid that I would be too warm but the weather has turned cold this afternoon. What happened to summer?

I need to block the front bands but I was so excited about it being done that I wore it anyway.

The grafting last night took longer than I thought. I know that you graft with the right side facing out but I started it with the right sides together. Only 5 stitches were done but it still meant picking back. There were a few bad words being thrown around.

My afternoon has been spent on the Frolic. I finally started my list of what we are taking. Then it was time to contact a few suppliers with emergency orders. I'm out of a few patterns to make kits.

When I was looking on Ravelry I saw this for the Frolic. I need to find out who did this so that they can make banners for us. What a great job.

We sent out a newsletter this morning. If you didn't receive it you can view it here.

Knitting class tonight and then Survivor and American Idol. I can't say I was sad to see Colton leave Survivor last week but it would have been better if he had been voted out. That kid thought very highly of himself. I'm not sure how I feel about this season of Idol. Normally there is a favourite by now and I'm not sure there is this season.

Beth brought me dinner so I'm staying at work before class. I now have an hour by myself to knit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I couldn't make myself sit down and post yesterday. I was sulking because I should have been in Myrtle Beach on the golf course.

Yesterday morning started with a trip to the dentist. That can ruin any ones day. My teeth are clean and I don't need to go back for another six months. On the way home I stopped in Grimsby at The Great Canadian Superstore because I was told they have Joe Fresh clothes. I'm always on the lookout for new things for the mannequins. I didn't find any summer pants that I liked but I did get cords for next fall at $1.94 a pair. They only had size 0 and 2 but that is perfect for my ladies. Then I decided to stop and look at furniture. Mom and dad need to start thinking about what they want/need for the townhouse. The first stop was a waste of time. The second stop had some possibilities. After bringing Jane lunch I went home to work but that bored me so I went to the storage unit to play with my madelinetsoh yarn. I needed to get the list up to date and make sure it was right. Last week we couldn't find one yarn-it was in the wrong box. Then off to another furniture store in Caledonia that had great furniture. Wish I had known about it when I got my townhouse. After dinner I was still bored so I dragged Beth out. We decided to check out the new Costco in Ancaster. It looks just like the old one. We were both disappointed. Not sure what we thought it was going to be.

I'm making progress on the Trendsetter vest. Seven squares are complete.

I totally forgot to take out Gnarled Oak and do the grafting-I will do it tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow.

Mr. Canpar brought a few boxes in today including some new colours of Lang Sock Yarn.

 The colour numbers are 373-378.
 420m on a 100gram ball
There is 10m of reinforcing thread included that is dyed to match. Knit this with the heels and toes for added strength.
75% Superwash Wool
25 % Nylon
For an interesting sock pattern take a look at the Circle Socks-the pattern is free on Ravelry
If you don't like socks, take a look at Wingspan. This is an interesting scarf. I have the pattern in my Ravelry library.
I just received this picture by email. It makes me sad. This is the house that my grandfather built when my dad's family moved from Holland. It is on the same property as the construction company. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and the house was being rented out. About a month ago there was a fire in the house. No one was hurt but there was too much damage to fix it. I called Beth and she went to have a look. She said it is a mess.

I'm home from work and ready to finish Gnarled Oak. Can someone please tell me where I put a sewing needle?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Mom and Dad

It's another beautiful day. Beth and I went for a drive to see mom and dad's new house. They are moving into a townhouse in June. It's been a while since dad has been through it and mom hasn't been inside yet.
 From the loft looking down to the great room.
 The master bedroom.
The townhouse will be stucco. There are some townhouses finished with people living in them. The ones with this colour stone have grey stucco.

Beth never went through the model home so I took her to see that as well.

Then we stopped at the grocery store. I made Beth step up for the picture. People were gathering and laughing at her. :)
There is no knitting to report. I had a migraine during the day yesterday and my head didn't want me to knit last night. I went to bed early and today all effects of the migraine are gone. I'm going to get back to it now. The Trendsetter vest needs to be finished for the Frolic and I don't want to leave it to the last minute like I normally do. Procrastination is definitely a word in my dictionary. Sometimes the challenge to see if I can really do it is exciting but I'm going to take a new approach this show.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sewing in Ends

Gnarled Oak is almost done. I'm about half way done sewing in my ends and then I need to graft under the arms.

This is the shawl pin I picked. A newly finished cardigan deserves a new pin-not one of the old ones from the drawer. :) I can justify anything.

Tosh Chunky found a home. Wish it was at my house but it isn't.

We have
-smokey orchid
-william morris
-well water


Somehow many bags of yarn came home with me today. 
-tosh dk in lowland so that I can make another Gnarled Oak. I won't start it right away but I can sleep better knowing the yarn is at home. It's hard to believe but I don't really have a stash at home. There are many works in progress but not much yarn that isn't on needles.
-the Trendsetter vest that I am working on for the Frolic
-3 skeins of tosh vintage in Volga (shades of blue) to make Tiny Tea Leaves. I really enjoyed working on an easy garment in stocking stitch. Sometimes it is nice to have knitting that you don't have to think about.

Now I need to get the wool winder out and wind some balls of yarn.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I love colour. My first knitting projects were Icelandic sweaters (the sweaters knit in the round with colours in the yoke) and I loved putting together colour combinations. Then came along Kaffe Fassett. What an eye opener for knitting. I think that is why I love quilting fabric as well. The hours spent putting together colours is so much fun.

There is a newish website called Pinterest. From Wikipedia
Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website. The service allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. The site's mission statement is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting." 
Lately people have been 'pinning' colour combinations that they are getting from a website called Design Seeds. What great combinations for knitters, quilters and anyone decorating a house.

I ordered two stands from Lantern Moon so my morning has been putting them together. Okay, I put one together and hope that I can talk Beth into coming and doing the other one. It's not hard but I am impatient!

Tosh Pasmina has a new home. This is necessary because Tosh Chunky arrived and it needs to go somewhere.

Wannietta is knitting a cardigan in pashmina. I just talked with her and she is going to try really hard to get it finished in time for the Frolic.

Pattern: Wildflower from Coastal Knits

Ms. Canada Post brought in a parcel from Lynda this morning. It is beautiful.

Pattern: Austin Hoodie from Connie Chang Chinchio
We have copies in the store and you can buy the pattern on Ravelry

Yarn: Solemate from Lorna's Laces

I was rushing to get pictures because a customer pulled in when I was outside.

It is nice to be able to get pictures in the sunlight again.
From the Lorna's Laces website. I love the picture.

Solemate feels great. I hope that Beth doesn't feel the cardigan because she will definitely want a pair of socks.

I made an emergency phone call to Lorna's this afternoon to add more colours. I knew the yarn was nice but not this nice.
Beth and I are having dinner with our kids tonight. Okay, not our kids but close enough. All three girls had birthdays last week. It is always an interesting evening out with them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Colours of Shepherd Sock

My Gnarled Oak cardigan has sat in my bedroom for the last week. I'm at the critical point. It's almost done but I'm not sure that I will like it. Will it fit? Will it look good on me? When I get here on a garment I put it aside and go onto another project. It's better to sit unfinished than be finished and not like it.

Last night I decided to suck it up and get back to the cardigan. I finished the chart (there were two rows to go) and then the five rows of garter stitch for the collar. The cast off is done and I had Beth pause Survivor so that I could look at it on me in the bathroom. I love it. It's with me today so that I can start on the front bands. The weather is supposed to cool down next week. I better get it done so I can wear it.

The next dilemma was buttons or shawl pin. I decided to go the shawl pin route. That way I can pin it many different ways using one of the many shawl pins in my drawer. Or I could choose a new one. :)

Ms. Canada Post came in this morning with a box from Lorna's Laces. New colours of Shepherd Sock are here!!

I'm coming up with combinations for Linen Stitch scarf kits as I am writing.

Beth called me this afternoon to ask if I had plans after work. She was thinking about going golfing and she didn't want the dogs to be alone for too long. Not a problem. I'll go straight home. I must admit I am jealous. Wish I was out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Flowers

I took this picture before leaving home this morning. The flowers in front of our house are starting to bloom. They must be wondering what they are doing waking up so early.

My mom called this afternoon to tell me that one of the quilt shops she receives newsletters from has the new Kaffe Fassett quilt fabric for spring in. I looked and it was very hard but I decided not to order any. There is a package in Myrtle Beach that mom and dad will be bringing home for Cathy. She is finishing a quilt and needed the fabric for backing. She couldn't find the fabric locally (she did look in her local quilt shops) so we ordered it and had it shipped to Myrtle. We had to spend a few more dollars to get free shipping so there is some Kaffe fabric for me in the box. I need to go through what I have before I order anything new.

There is another reason.
I can't believe I don't own this pattern. I love these. Sarah found the pattern for me in England and will be bringing it home over Easter.

Then I started thinking that Amy must have new fabric for spring. There aren't new fabric patterns but her original fabrics are coming back. I didn't know Amy when these were released so they are new to me.

Gypsy Caravan is being released in April

There could be some Gum Drop Pillows in my future
The vest is progressing. I should have been paying closer attention to my knitting and not to quilting fabric though. I started another square and it ended up going in the wrong direction. Lucky for me I could rotate my squares and start working in another direction and no one will ever know.
Customers ask if they have to block your work. Take a look at my vest-I will be blocking it so that the squares are square. When the blocking is done it will look like I am a perfect knitter. Don't tell anyone that I'm not. :)

There is a long night ahead of me. The ladies should be arriving for class soon. Then Survivor and American Idol. Fingers crossed there will be new Revenge and Criminal Minds as well.