Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

2016 was the year of cowls and shawls for me. Here are a few of my finished projects.
The Greyhound Shawl knit in Mrs. Crosby Hat Box.
Annisa Wrap knit with Mrs. Crosby Train Case.
The Eccentric Chevron Wrap is a kit from Prism Yarns.
I made two Hitchhikers with SweetGeorgia Party of Five kits.

Crazy Magic Boomerang knit in one ball of Zauberball 100.
Outline knit in Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibres.
Winter Cove in madelinetosh asap.

Gaptastic knit with three skeins of tosh home.
3 Colour Cashmere Cowl knit with a String Quintet kit from Lorna's Laces.
The Inspira Cowl in Classic Elite Liberty

I'm close to finishing a few shawls. Very close. They will look good on my 2017 year in review post :)

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016


A few customers have shown interest in making Find Your Fade but the number of skeins in the pattern is a concern to them. You will have a lot of yarn left over.

If your skeins are 400 yards then you will start with 2800 yards. The shawl needs approximately 1540 yards.

Color A - 80yd
Color B - 160yd
Color C - 240yd
Color D - 260yd
Color E - 280yd
Color F - 320yd
Color G - 200yd

That will leave you about 1260 yards.
That is enough to make Outline.

A customer came in this morning with 4 skeins of stash yarn and we added 3 skeins of tosh sock. She has an amazing combination for Find Your Fade. Take a look at what you have hiding at home.

Wannietta is working on Born Trippy. She is using one skein of Hedgehog Sock with 4 Hedgehog Sock Minis.
You can use all your leftovers from Find Your Fade to make the scarf.

It sounds like a lot of yarn but you will enough to make two amazing shawls. Join the fun!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pattern Sale

A newsletter came from Ambah O'Brien this morning.
I feel quite pleased when I look back at the 20 patterns I released in 2016. Mostly shawls, including 8 that were a part of the Chroma Collection. 2016 has been a highly satisfying journey.

I have collated a bundle over in my Ravelry store of the twenty patterns, these all automatically have a 20% discount through to January 2nd, So if you missed the discount when a pattern was first released here is your chance now.
Yemaya Shawl - knit in fingering weight.

This is Alinda. We have the shawl hanging in the store knit in Mrs. Crosby Reticule.

Ambah's Lamina and mine knit in Cheshire Cat.
See the patterns that are included in the 20% off sale...

Don't miss out on a chance to add these great patterns to your Ravelry library.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Changing my Mind

Now that I'm into the fourth colour of Find Your Fade I think I need to change my last three colours.
Originally I was going to end with the pink, pink/rust then rust but the fourth colour is knitting up more turquoise than I thought it would.
I'm going to end with turquoise/teal tones. I think.

The next shipment from Hedgehog should be arriving soon. It's left Heathrow and we're waiting for it to clear customs. One or two of the potluck colours might work in my shawl. If one of them doesn't work then Glacier could be the next colour. Or I could go in a totally different direction.

I have a few other projects at home so I can let this one sit for a week :)

And in very happy news. We won our Fantasy Football. It's the first time in all our years of playing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Wannietta came for a visit today and brought a new sample. We still need to add the buttons (in the side seams) but I wanted to show the picture right away.
Pattern: Lemongrass (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Cascade Eco - 2 skeins of Turtle
Size: Medium

Lynn tried on the sweater and was raving about it. I asked her to do a short review.
Cascade Eco + is incredibly soft, I had a short sleeve t-shirt on under the sweater and it felt great. I love the stitch definition and the cables look amazing. I am definitely adding Lemongrass to my Ravelry queue. Now the problem is which colour to choose.

While Wannietta was here another of my knitters came in. I didn't get to talk to her because it was crazy busy. Sorry Lynda. You've read her name many times and now you can put a face to the name.

If you didn't make it into the store today, don't worry. We still have lots of great yarns on sale. Don't forget that if you buy 10 balls of the same SALE yarn (it doesn't have to be the same colour) we will give you an extra 10% off.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Go Cowboys

I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas.

It's been a busy few days in my house which means not a lot of knitting. We hosted 10 for an early dinner tonight. The dishes are in the dishwasher and the house has been tidied. After I finish my post I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and my knitting.
This is the piece that Beth and I gave each other for Christmas. It looks small in the picture but it is 4 feet long and 2 feet tall.
When we saw it at One of a Kind we knew that it was coming home with us.

Here is my Find Your Fade so far. 12 more rows of lace and then I get to join the next colour.
There is a very pressing matter this evening. Beth and I are playing for the championship in our Fantasy Football league. Right now we are losing but if it goes right tonight we will win. Go Cowboys!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

One More Sleep

I've reached the fourth colour and the shape of the shawl is starting to change. Until now there was increasing at the beginning and end of every row. Now the increasing is done on one edge.

Dad and Lucy went to the dog park and then came to visit. She likes coming to the store because it means a visit to Tims. Two dog cookies. The ladies were having so much visiting with her that they forgot to give dad my tea.
I'm pretty sure this is how she looks at Tims.

It's been a quiet evening at my house. Beth and I were getting things ready for Monday's dinner. Now a bit of knitting and then bed. I want to make sure that I'm asleep when Santa arrives.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Two More Sleeps

The big day is almost here. The store will be open tomorrow from 10-2. Then we're closed until Tuesday.

This is the Plank Stole (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit in 2 skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock.

All Zen Yarn Garden yarns are 25% off next week. Here are a few patterns that will look great knit in any of the sock yarns from Zen.

Caliadne (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit with 2 skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock.

Castalia (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit in 2 skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock.

Mr. Fed Ex brought us a box from Blue Sky Fibers this afternoon. We are well stocked on all colours of Woolstok.
The Trimont Snood (pattern purchased on Ravelry) can be worn three ways; as a cowl, a capelet or a hood. Knit in the round from the bottom up in lustrous Woolstok, with decreases providing a touch of shaping, so it’s wider at the shoulders and narrower at the top. The seed stitch panel adds visual interest.
I made it to the fourth colour of Find Your Fade. I'm going to knit a few rows and relax with a cup of tea. Then bed. I need to be rested for tomorrow - the last minute shoppers and the knitters who need a project for the holidays.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade

Stephen West has a new pattern. Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade (purchased on Ravelry).
This top-down shawl is a colorful variation of the original Dotted Rays design. Choose 5 or 6 colors and create your own gradient by striping the colors together using the Speckled Fade color technique. Westknits shortcut rows with yarn over holes form the long curved shape. Select between the multiple border options and knit a large or super large sized shawl.

The main difference between this variation and the original is the chevron border option.

This shawl excites me. My shawl will have the chevron edging. I think it finishes off the shawl really well.

Our next shipment from Hedgehog Fibres has been packed and delivered to the post office in Ireland. We should see it the first week of January. I wasn't thinking - I should have asked them to take pictures of our Potluck colours and send them to me.  I don't know if I can wait :)
I'm having fun knitting Find Your Fade. I hope to get to the next colour tomorrow but realistically it will be Saturday.

Don't forget that we're in the store tomorrow from 10-7 and then 10-2 on Saturday. Don't get caught with time off of work and no knitting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Boxing Day

Rosa Rosae is knit with one Party of Five Tough Love Sock kit from SweetGeorgia.

For December 26 only we will have the following yarns on sale on the website.
Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock 20% off
tosh sock 20% off
SweetGeorgia Party of Five kits 20% off
Spud & Chloe Sweater 20% off

The discount will be taken when you check out. No returns. No exchanges. All sales final.

If you live in the area, complete the purchase online noting that you will pick up the order in the store. Pay for your purchase online and we will refund the shipping when you pick up your yarn.

Here are some pattern suggestions
Hitchhiker knit with one Party of Five kit on 3.75mm needles.
Meadowside knit with 2 colours (1 ball each) of Rialto Luxury sock.
 Zickzack knit in Rialto Luxury Sock. 2 colours - 1 ball each.
The Puddle Jumper Poncho is knit in Spud & Chloe Sweater.
The Candy Stripe Jacket is knit in Spud & Chloe Sweater.

Spud & Chloe Sweater is worsted weight and the other three yarns are fingering weight. There are many, many (and even more) pattern options on Ravelry for all the yarns.