Thursday, August 31, 2017

True Colours

Melanie Berg has a new pattern coming out on September 14. I love it!! She has been working with Lorna's Laces and they came up with this amazing colour combination.
The full set for the shawl will retail for around $135 (depending on exchange rate) and will include 10 Staccato skeins at 25 grams/107 yards per skein as well as 1 skein of Shepherd Sock. 
The pattern will be available on Ravelry and is called True Colours.
There will be a KAL in her Ravelry group. I believe it will be starting in October.

We're packing for the Knitters' Fair. We are going to have 9 shawls designed by Ambah O'Brien in the booth. There will be loose yarn so that knitters can make up their own colour combinations but not everyone likes doing that. So.. I made up kits with 3 skeins that can be used for many of Ambah's designs. I also made kits for the Bambara Wrap. There are some little skeins at the top of the picture - these are the new mitten kits from Blue Sky Fibers.
Find Your Fade kits.

I decided that we are going to take Big Loop from Loopy Mango to the Fair.
We have a garter stitch throw that takes one of these large balls and is knit on 35mm needles.

I decided that I needed to knit a throw. Of course it is purple. I'm using 25mm needles. There are a lot of stitches in a row - 26. This is the larger version that will take two balls. I haven't finished the first ball yet. A smaller throw can be made with one ball.. I know that I will have this finished for the Knitters' Fair :)

Now it's time to pick up the needles.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Diana finished our store sample. I'm in love. Now I really need to get going on mine.
Pattern: Bambara Wrap (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Adelaide from Primrose Yarn Co. 
Bambara is a generously-sized wrap, knit on the bias with simple shaping and alternating sections of lace and garter. The colours and patterns weave together like the layers of a melody, calling to mind the iconic sound of The Cure’s A Forest. It’s the perfect opportunity to play with colour – use a 3-skein gradient with a coordinating contrast colour, mix speckles and solids in 4 different colours for a fun, bold look, or keep it subtle with neutral solids.
The sample uses a 3 colour speckle gradient with a brighter colour “pop”. C1 is the colour “pop”, C2 is the darkest of the gradient trio, C3 is the lightest colour and C4 is the middle shade of the gradient trio.

We had our Fantasy Football draft tonight so I'm really late with my post. I'm just going to get it in under the wire.

While I was writing, a newsletter came in from Ambah.
Second chance for everyone….I have put my entire Ravelry store on sale for the next 48 hours. Enjoy an automatic 20% off all patterns and eBooks.
Stock up. You won't be disappointed having a library full of Ambah's patterns.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Authentic Tweed

Arranmore from the Fibre Co arrived this morning. The box with Arranmore Light has been caught in customs for the past two weeks. It looks like we should see it by the end of the week.

Machnamh (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is knit in Arranmore.
Machnamh (pronounced Macnah) is the Irish word for reflection, which seemed an appropriate name for this sleeveless waistcoat/vest since it is worked in stocking stitch on one section and reverse stocking stitch on the other – one reflecting the other.
One size fits most with a relaxed fit on smaller sizes and more close fitting when fastened on larger sizes. For more overlap or a more relaxed fit simply cast on 4 extra stitches at beginning and end of the cast on row to give 2 inches extra front wrap ensuring armholes remain centered. 

Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Ireland's Northern Headlands, Arranmore is spun in a mill that traces its roots to the tweed industry of 19th century County Donegal. Blending cashmere and silk with fine merino wool created an authentic tweed yarn of the finest quality. With a color palette reminiscent of the wild Irish coastlands, this aran weight yarn was designed for makers appreciating the best of luxury and tradition.
• 80% merino wool, 10% silk, 10% cashmere• 175 yds / 100 gram skein• 14-17 sts = 4" (10 cm) on US 8-10 needles 
I brought home some yarn for Speckle and Pop! For the most part I left out the Speckle. I have knit quite a few of Stephen West's MKALs. Customers comment the most on my building blocks which is grey, brown and denim. I wanted to show some combinations that aren't as flashy. (And then I add neon :))
There are so many options for the shawl.  Grey can be matched with anything.

This is the combination that I've been dreaming about. Shades of grey with a pop. I added in a kit from SweetGeorgia that is called JellyBean. You can do shades of purple or green or blue. There are so many options with grey. You could also use tosh unicorn tails - I totally forgot about bringing some of them home.
Now it's time to relax. I had a really big dog standing over me in bed this morning. Really early this morning. 6am. My dad is looking after a job in Peterborough and goes at least one day a week. He leaves Ancaster around 5am so Lucy stays over the night before and Beth takes her to day care.

I just received an email from Brandy at Long Dog Yarn. Remember those pretty pictures I showed a few days ago? (copyright credit to Brandy Velten on all the pictures of Long Dog Yarn) Our shipment will be arriving next Thursday. It will be late in the afternoon so I won't be unpacking the box. It will be put into the van for the Knitters' Fair. Sorry to those who can't make it to the show. If anything comes home I will be putting it on the website. I will also be doing another order after the show.

Now I'm going to knit :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bambara Progress

I sat down to knit and looked outside. It was starting to get dark. I hustled to get some pictures.
I'm on the last colour. I have two more rows of lace and then 12 rows of garter stitch. Then into the big lace section. I don't know if I'll do it but I'm trying to get it finished for the Fair.
I was up very early this morning. Our builder was coming to do the last of the warranty work on our house. They should have been here at 8. By 9 I was getting mad and called. No one was coming today. I wasn't happy but channelled my energy into making kits for the Knitters' Frolic. My dining room table was a bit of mess. The Malabrigo Mechita is for the Linen Stitch Scarf.
There is also Mrs Crosby Train Case, Lorna's Laces Solemate, Tosh Sock and Tosh Merino Light. I'm going to use these to make up kits for Ambah's shawls. We will have quite a few of her three coloured shawls on display.
Lilli Pilli
It was looking much better this afternoon when all the kits were made. I have all the printing for the show done as well. A bad day turned very productive.

I didn't sleep last night because I was dreaming of colour combinations for Speckle and Pop! Tomorrow night my dining room table could be will be covered in coloured combinations. I have one in my head that combines tosh merino light with a Party of Five kit from SweetGeorgia.

Back to my knitting.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Speckle and Pop!

It's that time again. Stephen West's MKAL will be starting at the end of September. You can join now on Ravelry. I did.
You will need…  
3 main colors 100g each + 5 contrast colors in smaller amounts 
Yardage: Main Color 1: 400yds / 366m  
Main Color 2: 400yds / 366m  
Main Color 3: 400yds / 366m 
Contrast Color 1: 87yds / 80m  
Contrast Color 2: 87yds / 80m  
Contrast Color 3: 87yds / 80m  
Contrast Color 4: 87yds / 80m  
Contrast Color 5: 87yds / 80m 
Select 3 colors of fingering weight yarns in a colorful speckled fade. I recommend 3 speckled colors, but you can also use solid colors if you prefer. I recommend a light, medium, and dark color for these 3 main colors. These 3 full skeins will act as the main part of the shawl. If you can find 3 colors that fade nicely together from light to dark, that will be ideal. 
Select 5 contrast colors for your color pops. These contrast pops will show best if they are different from your main colors. For example, choose 3 full skeins of light, medium, and dark neutral colors combined with 5 color pops.
We have many, many options for mini skeins. Hedgehog Sock Minis, Tosh Unicorn Tails and don't forget about mini skein kits from Lorna's Laces, SweetGeorgia and Frabjous Fibers.

There will be a new speckled yarn arriving from the US in time for the Knitters' Fair - maybe before. Copyright credit for the pictures - Brandy Velten. Watch for more details as the parcel gets closer. There will be two bases. 22 colours are coming in the sock base.
75% superwash merino, 25% nylon; 4-ply | 464 yds per 100 g | 7-8 sts per inch on US 1-3 needles 
This super soft yarn is just about perfect in every way! Use it in everything from socks, shawls, and light-weight sweaters for projects that will be a delight to wear and hold up to the test of time
The second is one of my favourite bases and there will be 18 colours.
single: 100% superwash merino wool; single ply | 400 yds per 100g | 7-8 sts per inch on US 1-3 needles 
This single-ply merino yarn is wonderfully soft and plush, making it a real treat to work with. With a high twist, it produces lovely stitch definition and is perfect for accessories, shawls, and light-weight garments.

I just made it to the last colour on my Bambara Wrap. It doesn't feel like I accomplished anything today but I know I was busy. Pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Show and Tell

Rita and Sara were in this morning to show off their recent knitting.
Meet Rita's Talulah Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit in Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat. She used a mini skein kit and two full skeins (grey and gold). I really like how Rita's colours play against each other.
Knit a fun biased triangular shawl with contrasting bobbles for a satisfying project with an easy to wear result. Talulah is perfect for a gradient set, or make use of some stashed leftovers to contrast against a main colour. Use solid skeins for a different look again – so many possibilities.

Sara brought in her Find Your Fade. I think that I've shown it before but I can't pass up showing a Find Your Fade.
This is Sara's Spotlight (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit in Lorna's Laces Solemate.
Generous and versatile, Spotlight is an everyday essential with a luxurious feel. A beautiful lace pattern with picot edging is the focal point of this stunning accessory. 
Starting with just two stitches, Spotlight is knitted sideways for a slightly asymmetric triangle silhouette. A perfect combination of garter stitch, eyelets, stripes and beautiful lace create visual interest and keep you entertained the entire project. 
Choose two gorgeous colours of your favourite yarn and indulge in this enjoyable and meditative knit.
Free Your Fade. Sara used Adelaide for hers. She loved the pattern so much that she took home some Tosh Sock for another one.

Sara was excited to show off her garments but didn't have time to block and sew in the ends. We won't hold it against her.

Someone has a new truck. Very bright and shiny. She loves it.
Whenever she sees a water bottle (it doesn't matter the size) she wants a drink.
There is so much room in the new truck. She can lay down comfortably in the back.

I'm just about finished the second contrast colour on my Bambara Wrap. I should be into the 'pop' colour later tonight - pictures tomorrow when it's sunny out. Hopefully we have the same weather tomorrow as we did today. It was beautiful out!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Finally Finished

She's done it again. Another new pattern from Ambah.

Pattern: Neridah (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn
On those warm summer nights when the slightest chill creeps in, wrap yourself in a soft, gossamer shawl as light as air. Knit sideways in garter stripes and a central lace panel, with decreases forming a centre spine, Neridah is an elongated triangle with generous proportions. The sample is worked in an airy merino cashmere that feels like knitting up a cloud, but the pattern is also suitable for your favourite fingering weight yarn - choose pretty pastels for a summery look, or bold brights for a dramatic transeasonal accessory.

I totally forgot to share a picture that Wannietta sent to me on Wednesday evening.
She made it through another colour on So Faded. It gets better looking with each picture.

Free Your Fade (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is finished. Blocked. Ends sewn in. Finally. The knitting has been done for quite some time. I used Adelaide from Primrose Yarn Co in the colours London Goth, Thrash and Witching Hour.
My shawl is bigger than the designers - I knit all of the first skein and she didn't. I like my shawls long and this one is.

There will be a different layout for the Knitters' Fair this year. The arenas that we were in last year are being renovated so this year we are in the big arena. I don't know our booth number yet but I think it will be 24-26 or 6-8.

Badge for 2017 K-W Knitters Fair

Now it's time to knit a few rows and then bed. I'm hoping for a busy day in the store tomorrow.