Friday, June 30, 2017

Spud & Chloe Outer

We're almost ready for the sale. There are many baskets scattered throughout the front room. We've moved yarn around to make it easier to get to. Get your list ready - you don't want to miss out on the great deals.
Here are some cute new patterns from Spud & Chloe. The yarns will be part of our sale in a week and a half.

Pattern: Frosting Fringe Scarf (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: 3 skeins of Spud & Chloe Outer and 1 skein of Spud & Chloe Stripey Fine
Soft, warm and fun, this scarf is playful and easy to knit. Just like frosting, you can never have enough of the fringe tassels.
Pattern: Sunday Morning Slippers (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Outer - 3-6 skeins
Knit in superwash Outer, this soft and chunky slipper bootie is a must have for every family. Sized from child’s XS to men’s XL and knit on size 13 needles, you will want to make more than one pair. These cozy slippers can be worn with the cuffs up or down and will keep everybody’s feet happy.
The next few patterns aren't new but they are very cute!
Pattern: Jack & Jill Jumper (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Outer
Knit from the top down, the unisex Jack & Jill Jumper has a nice wide neck opening that makes for easy on and off. Quick and cozy, this kid’s classic is knit in bulky superwash wool and organic cotton Outer, with contrasting ribs trimming cuffs and hem.
Pattern: Honeybear Hoodie (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Outer for the jacket and Stripey Fine for the booties
Complete instructions for Little Spuds Honeybear Hoodie (Outer) and bonus pattern Sweetie Socks (Stripey Fine)
It was a crazy busy day in the store today - I think everyone was stocking up for the long weekend. There are going to be some very pretty projects cast on tomorrow. No work tomorrow means that I can knit a few rows tonight before going to bed. Big Brother from last night is taped as is Master Chef. Great tv to knit to - you really don't have to pay attention :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

National Parks

We have ordered the National Parks Collection from Fleece Artist and it will be in the store later this summer.
In honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday we have curated a collection in our Merino Slim highlighting 13 of Canada’s National Parks, one for each province and territory.

Merino Slim
100% merino
There will be 4 skeins of each colourway coming. It will be hard to choose!

The inspiration
Nova Scotia – Sable Island – Ponies, lonely beaches and shipwrecks 
New Brunswick – Fundy – Flowerpot cliffs, sandstone and roaring tides 
Prince Edward Island – Greenwich Dunes –  Parabolic dunes, marram grass, horizon sea 
Newfoundland and Labrador – Gros Morne – Majestic fjords, tabletop mountains, craggy forests 
Quebec – Forillon  – Grey Cliffs of Mont-Saint-Alban and meadows of fireweed 
Ontario – Thousand Islands -Islands of granite with pine and autumn foliage reflected in lake water 
Manitoba –Riding Mountain  – Roaming bison and black bears 
Saskatchewan – Grasslands  – Summer fields under blue prairie sky 
Alberta – Banff  – Turquoise waters of Moraine Lake, rocky mountains and alpine forests 
British Colombia –  Gwaii Haanas  – Moss draped cedar, mists and memories of totems past 
Yukon – Kluane – Rippling curtains of Aurora Borealis 
Northwest Territories –Aulavik – Bright contrast Sea coast of the Arctic Ocean 
Nunavut – Sirmilik– Shimmering glaciers and ice fields
I need to do some traveling to see these sights.

A customer asked with concern about the store being closed next week. I am going on vacation, there isn't anything wrong. It's Beth's birthday and we decided to head out of town for a few days.

The store will be closed Wednesday July 5 - Monday July 10. We'll be open again on Tuesday July 11. 

This is the first time ever that we have closed the store for holidays. It will be weird not calling to check in and see how the day is. I talk to the store every day. Even on my trips to New Zealand. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ambah does it again

Free Your Fade is growing. My goal is to finish it over the weekend. Three days off in a row - I should make it. Maybe a bit of House of Cards. We haven't started the new season yet.
The transition rows are done and now I'm into the last colour. I really want to sit and knit this afternoon but Cathy and I are moving and counting yarn. The list of sale yarns is growing. Take a look at what is going to be available in the store and online.
Named for the Australian Aboriginal word for song, Marinna lets you create your own melody with your favourite colour pairing. Compose a slow, relaxed piece with neutrals, add a pop of energy with a bright speckle, or choose two high contrast yarns for a dramatic anthem. The sample is knit in two beautiful shades reminiscent of summer roses, echoing the delicate flower lace which flows into the stripe section. The shawl is then finished with a lovely leafy border. Knit from the top down with increases forming a shallow triangle shape, Marinna makes an elegant and versatile accessory. 
The pattern includes both written and charted instructions for the lace.
Another stunning shawl from Ambah O'Brien.

Pattern: Marinna (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 2 skeins of fingering weight
That darn Ambah keeps making beautiful patterns. I can't keep up with her.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good Vibes

I borrowed (with permission) a picture from Primrose Yarn Co's Instagram feed. Kelsey just finished this beautiful shawl. The colours are Lemongrass and Sour Patch Kids. We have both colours in Adelaide. I am really liking this combination. I didn't think I would want a yellow shawl but now I'm changing my mind.

Pattern: Good Vibes (purchased on Ravelry)
This crescent shaped shawl associates garter stitch and lace pattern, for a elegant and graphic result.  
Chose your colors and put some Good Vibes on your needles ;)

I've been busy yarn shopping and we need room in the store. From Wednesday July 12 at 10am until Friday July 28 at 7pm, select yarns will be on sale for 25% off.

I've started a section on the website where you can see the yarns that will be available online and in the store.

There is also a tab at the top of the blog that will be updated as I add more yarns. The list is growing! And there are some really great deals.

I've been rearranging today. Pashmina is neat and tidy. The colours are gorgeous.
Price signs are ready. I've been moving baskets around so sale yarns are together. And I've added more yarns to the sale list.

I thought that I was going to get pictures of Free Your Fade today. I would have if I'd brought the shawl to work. I ran out the door this morning and was half way to work when it hit me. Tomorrow!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Life in the Long Grass

Surprise. We will be receiving more yarn from Life in the Long Grass at the end of August.
 This is just a small sample of the colours coming in.
Gorgeous superwash merino and nylon yarn base hand-painted and hand dyed. The merino quality is soft and fine and with the 25% Nylon added makes for a fine, durable yarn for socks, shawls, light adult sweaters and children's wear.

At the last minute I added another base to my order. A few colours will be coming in merino singles. I believe that it will be the same base as Hedgehog's Skinny Singles and Primrose Yarn Co.'s Adelaide.

I spent some time knitting today and made it to the third colour on Free Your Fade. I'm going to do a few more rows tonight and there will be pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A different kind of fade

Rita was in yesterday wearing Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade (pattern purchased on Ravelry) from Stephen West. The pattern is in my library and now I really need to make it. Rita said it was a lot of fun and she would definitely make it again.
I tried to take it but she wouldn't let me. It is so beautiful.
This is the large size and it hasn't been blocked yet - Rita just cast it off this week. It will be huge after blocking. The perfect cuddle up in shawl when the air conditioning is on too high. Or for that cold winter night.
The yarn is tosh sock
astrid grey
great grey owl
el greco
The border is onyx and grasshopper.

If we run out of these colours, they are in the tosh shipment coming the end of July/beginning of August.

I'll definitely be playing with combinations on Tuesday.

Have your read our newsletter that went out this week? There will be some yarns on sale in July - we need to make room in the store for all the great yarn that I've purchased in the last few months.

The wedding yesterday afternoon was a lot of fun. Spending time with family and friends is always a great way to spend an evening. Today we are off to Aunt Rene's and Uncle Bob's 50th wedding anniversary. A whole different set of family and friends. Lots more laughs and fun family time.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

All the way from Holland

Our order from Uschitita is being dyed right now.

Steffi is an Indie Dyer and a Med Student living in Holland. I'm very, very, very excited that she was able to fit us into her dye schedule.
Normally we´ll dye our most popular and new colorways for our wholesale customers and put together a mixed colorways order.
These pictures are just a sample of the amazing dying Steffi does. I won't know what colours are coming until the box arrives. There will be 25 colours, 8 skeins of each.

100% merino singles
366m (400 yards) on a skein

We have a family wedding this afternoon so I'm writing early. I'm working until 4 and then heading to the reception. I hope I remembered everything I need. 

Our back garden is growing like crazy. Austin planted different Clematis plants along the fence and they loved the rain yesterday. In a few years they should cover the whole fence.
I think I might be obsessed with flowers right now because of the colours. Just like yarn. The more colour the better. A customer was in last week and mentioned that she normally plants her gardens all in one colour. Then I introduced her to hand dyed yarns (particularly Hedgehog Fibers) and this year her gardens are multi-coloured. She too is obsessed with as many plants as possible in as many colours as possible.
Lucy came for a visit this morning. She has to go wherever my dad goes.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Unicorn Tails

The madelinetosh order that I did at TNNA will be going into production at the beginning of July. It should be arriving in Ancaster at the beginning of August. I am very excited.

There will be new colours of Unicorn Tails. If you aren't familiar with Unicorn Tails, they are mini skeins (47m) of merino light. These are perfect for adding pops of colours into your knitting.

Take a look at Solaris from Melanie Berg.
Take it All is another great use of Unicorn Tails.
My Summer Song is an interesting shawl.

Black Widow
Death by Elocution
Joshua Tree
Magic Lantern
Sabine Optic
Scout Wash

The rest of the Unicorn Tails colours will be
Antique Lace
Blood Runs Cold
Bronze Age
Glazed Pecan
Silver Fox
Whiskey Barrel

We still have a few skeins of colours that are discontinued.

We knit Unicorn Stripes (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with the original set of Unicorn Tails. Playing with new colours to make it again will be fun.
This fun pattern lets your create a tube scarf or cowl. You decide!

Another fun project is Stephen West's Unicorn Parallelograms.
Choose 20 colors of fingering weight yarn like Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails and knit this easy biased scarf. The garter stitch fabric makes this project ideal for on-the-go knitting. 
Just as I was leaving the store I remembered that we still have one kit for Unicorn Stripes in the original colours. Hurry, it won't last long.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

So Faded

Lynda just finished a sweater for us and it is beautiful.

Pattern: So Faded (purchased on Ravelry)
This sweater sums up my ideal raglan pullover: worked from the top down, completely seamless, and just a little bit of texture to make it fit into a more modern wardrobe! Adjust the length of the sleeves and the body easily to fit your personal style!
Yarn: Merino Mia from Prism Yarns - we used an Eccentric Chevron Wrap kit.
  • Content: 100% Merino Super Wash  
  • Put-up: 173m / 190yds 
  • Gauge: 6sts = 1" (US#4); 6 1/2sts = 1" (US#3) 
Just what you have been waiting for from us: a work horse yarn that is beautifully twisted, soft, easy to knit, has a lovely sheen and takes our vibrant, clear colors extremely well 
I couldn't decide which picture I liked better so I added both.
The kits shown have 6 colours. Laura Bryant from Prism added a seventh colour to our kits for more yardage.
 The sample colour - more kits will be here later this month.
We have these kits in stock.

Jennifer came in yesterday with an armful of finished shawls (and one almost finished). These are all patterns from Ambah O'Brien.

Pattern: Bambara Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Hedgehog Sock

Jennifer still needs to block this and sew in the ends. I can't wait to see it finished.
Pattern: Mookari (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh merino light
Pattern: Xanthe (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh merino light
Pattern: Lilli Pilli (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Life in the Long Grass

Jennifer modified this so it wasn't quite as wide.
Pattern: Assana Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: tosh sock

There are days when it is almost impossible to write a post. I haven't knit. We didn't receive a shipment. No new samples. No news to share. Then there are days when I have a lot of photos and information to share. Today is one of them. I'm saving a few things for tomorrow and Saturday.