Monday, May 16, 2022

New Patterns

This is Melanie Berg’s A Study in Pink (pattern purchased on Ravelry). The pattern came out in March but I missed it. It was on the HOT RIGHT NOW page on Ravelry this morning.
It doesn’t take a genius to know the most beautiful yarns are best showcased with a simple pattern. A Study in Pink, named for a Sherlock Holmes mystery, is a lovely lace shirt or sweater worked seamlessly from the top down with a touch of lace at the yoke and hem.

The sweater is knit in fingering weight yarn so you have many options. If you would like to use a cotton I would suggest Rowan Summerlite 4ply. 

📷 © Melanie Berg

Svetlana Gordon has a new scarf pattern (you can purchase it on Ravelry).

This is called Labyrinth of Reflections and is knit with two fingering weight yarns. One striping and one solid.

📷 © Svetlana Gordon

I’m in the store trying to mail parcels but Canada Post’s website isn’t letting me make labels. Technology is great when it works but it is really frustrating when things aren’t going like they are supposed to.

After waiting an hour (patiently waiting 😂) the website was finally working and I was able to get all the parcels out. Then I came home to dog sit. Beth had a meeting in Oakville.

I was able to knit a bit and am almost to the decreasing on my Inclinations Cowl. The Jays are on and I’m going to knit a few rows before bed.

I’m not supposed to be in the store tomorrow but I might have to go - UPS is coming with yarn.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Happy Saturday

Diana came in this morning with a new sample - The Attune Shawl. We used Patagonia and Zauberball Starke 6.

The shawl is reversible. In the top shawl the Brioche is on the right half with the Starke 6 showing. In the picture below the Brioche is on the left with the Patagonia showing.

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

This shawl is all about texture, squish and the movement of color. Watching the colors move and change was mesmerizing, and I finished the shawl long before I was ready to because I just could not set it down! I hope this shawl inspires you to grab some of your favorite yarns and mash them together in a shawl that begs to be wrapped around you!

The Patagonia is colour 115 and the Starke 6 is 2248. The pattern calls for 2 balls of each but Diana knit our shawl with less than 1.5 skeins of Patagonia and 1 ball of Starke 6. The size is good. 2 balls of each will make a really big shawl.

Stephen West has a new shawl pattern.

Gather five shades of fingering weight yarn to knit this spiraling garter stitch shawl. Begin at the top center and increase with yarn overs to achieve the expansive shape. The rows are very relaxing and easy to memorize so you can enjoy your beautiful colors. Bind off at any time for a custom size and enjoy the swirling movement of this beginner friendly pattern.

You can purchase the pattern for Garter Abyss on Ravelry. 

📷 © Stephen West

Fingering weight

Color A - 440yds / 402m 
Color B - 440yds / 402m 
Color C - 440yds / 402m 
Color D - 440yds / 402m 
Color E - 440yds / 402m

The top-down construction makes this shawl easy to customize in size. If you have slightly different amounts of yarn, such as at least 400yds/ 366m for each of your five colors, you will still have a really big shawl.

We had a very small family gathering tonight to celebrate a few birthdays. Dad turns 80 in a few weeks and Uncle Bob turned 80 a few weeks ago. It was a fun evening. There is hockey and baseball on so I’m signing off to watch. 

Happy Saturday! What a beautiful day.

Friday, May 13, 2022

It’s warm in Ontario

My flight home was good. I was supposed to be on the 3pm flight but changed to the 2pm flight when I got to the airport. They fast tracked me through security, I grabbed a tea at Starbucks and walked onto the plane. 
This was my cowl at the start of the flight. I didn’t knit a lot more. I laid back and got caught up on Billions.

We have a new store sample - thank you Lynda. We knit Andrea Mowry’s Weekender Light in Le Petit Cashmere & Lambswool. You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.
We went outside for quick pictures but I was too hot. It was been between 9C and 12C (with rainy periods) while I was in Vancouver. I need to get used to 20C and above.

The Weekender, originally designed for worsted weight yarn and released a few years ago, is my most popular pattern to date and it may not surprise you that a lighter weight version has been the most frequent request in my inbox! While these 2 patterns are very similar, The Weekender Light has been adjusted for its very different gauge and with a larger range of size options! The Weekender Light is available in 10 sizes, is knit up in fingering weight yarn and has a few adjustments that I hope will result in another favorite sweater for your handknit wardrobe! 

This sweater is knit from the bottom up in the round until the yoke. The yoke is knit flat and then joined at the shoulders with a 3 needle bind off. Sleeves are picked up and knit down from the body for a completely seamless sweater!

The sweater is very light weight. 

The gardens exploded while I was away.
Now a few rows and then bed. I was late today and don’t want to be late again tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

My Last Day

I was up early this morning and knit a few rows. The first section is complete.

Beth called me this afternoon to ask if her and Jackson could take the Mustang to puppy class. Dad took a picture which turned out to be a video. (He has a flip phone so using an iPhone is foreign to him. He also has really big fingers so he moved it from photo to video). I’m not sure if this is going to play but you can see Jackson sitting in the back.

This afternoon I went back to Granville Island for a look around. I was there for a bit on Monday but some stores are closed on Mondays. 

I have many silk scarves from Alarte that I have purchased at One of a Kind. Izabela has a store on Granville Island and her work is as beautiful as ever.
You can see that there should be a scarf beside the pink scarf. I have it in a box to come home. I should have taken the picture before I bought it. 

If I come back again I am going to spend the day with Izabela and paint my own scarf. 

I needed something from the Apple store so I walked over this afternoon. I got back to my room and the salesperson gave me the wrong item so I had to walk back. After that I walked down to the cruise terminal to see another ship going out.

Now there is a gap between the ship and the dock. The ship moves sideways to get away from the pier before heading straight.
I walked to the other side of the cruise ship terminal to see it leaving. It was sad - I’d love to do an Alaskan cruise again.
Now it’s time to put my feet up and knit again. I walked over 11km today and my feet are tired.