Tuesday, October 04, 2022


Deidre knit us Butterfly (pattern purchased on Ravelry) using 2 balls of Crazy Zauberball (1702) and 1 skein of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock (Cauldron). I will put together combinations later this week and take pictures.
The shawl is stunning. If you are going to knit the shawl I have a suggestion - do not read the pattern. It looks confusing until you get going. You are going think it’s too hard and give up before you start. Cast on and follow the directions and you will see that it works.

The shawl is knit with garter stitch rows and short rows. You need to count so it’s not sitting at your kids hockey game knitting. You will need to pay attention but the results are worth it.

When we showed this shawl at Camp, many of the students had knit it. They all said that once they got going they didn’t have a problem. Many had knit it more than once.

The Purple Maker’s Satchel has arrived. We currently have 2 bags in stock and more will be coming in December. 

Truly a maker’s carryall, the Satchel has been reimagined as a chic doctor’s bag. The Satchel comes equipped with a hard case opening and flat solid bottom, great for keeping your bag propped open to knit or crochet out of, two secure clasp closures, and plenty of pockets and room for projects. Made in soft genuine leather details with brass accents, our newest bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap, a yarn feeder and cutter, decorative pin with 3 emergency lotus stitch markers. 

DIMENSIONS 13.5" (L) x 7" (W) x 12" (H)

The Purple Satchel was created in partnership with Knitty Magazine to celebrate its 20-year-anniversary.

There will be more colours in December as well. What will they be? I believe Blue, Mustard, Olive and Red. 

I have the bag and carried it around during the weekend. It’s beautiful. 

I started my Inclinations Shawl last night. Not far enough for pictures - maybe tomorrow. It’s time for The Voice.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Group Photos

We’re home and the truck is unpacked.
We had a great time at Camp. The weather was beautiful. Kate and Fiona taught amazing classes. The attendees went home with 2 goodie bags and a door prize. 

Beth asked me to write about her time in the store. She said everyone was amazing. Thank you very much. There were many texts from Beth asking the price of something or where to find books and yarn. Customers waited patiently and had fun looking at other yarns. I also need to thank Alex for coming in on Saturday. She was a great help to Beth.
Throughout the resort there were great floral displays in canoes.

We did some group shots by the lake. This is Elah.
We took this picture first and then realized that we could see the photographer in the picture. We moved by there was still shadows so I’m showing both so that you can see the colours.
The yarns used from the left
Universal Deluxe Worsted Tweed
Kathmandu Aran
Kathmandu Aran
Kathmandu Aran
Le Lambswool
Le Lambswool

I took a few pictures sideways so that I could fit everyone in. I know that these are a bit too big on the blog but they show off everyone’s work the best. I was about to hit Publish when it hit me to crop pictures so that you could see the garments better. Now there are a lot of pictures 😀

All the cardigans turned out amazing and we all said that we would knit them again.

A few Jennifer Steinhaus sweaters.
Joji patterns.

Stephen West

Andrea Mowry. 
Thank you ladies for showing off your work.

Now it’s time to catch up on TV shows and knit. I didn’t have time to knit at Camp. My new Inclinations Shawl is waiting for me.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Free Pattern

Joji Locatelli has a new pattern.

Knitting is my love language, and I get to knit to earn my living and support my family, thanks to your continued support.  

Every now and then I like to publish patterns that are free for everyone to enjoy as a way to permanently thank the knitting community for this opportunity.  

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to live a full and happy life. 

Knit Free is also an invitation to use your imagination and free yourself from the burden of spending much when knitting. As knitters, our biggest resource is our wit and our craft, and what will make your project wonderful are your hands, not how much you spend ❤️ 

Let’s knit free!

You can download the pattern on Ravelry. 

Photos © Joji Locatelli

Joji knit the cowl double stranding yarn. The main yarn was a skein of sport/dk (a solid colour) and the second strand is fingering weight. For the fingering weight you can use a mini skein kit or a self-striping yarn. The possibilities are endless. I will put together some suggestions later in the week.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Camp Day One

The lake was beautiful yesterday morning when I woke up.

Kate is teaching and I’m sitting at the back of the room half listening and half writing. She is teaching custom mittens

Dad and Lucy drove up yesterday with boxes for Camp. It took everything to keep Lucy out of the lake.
Elah is finished and all the ends are sewn in. I wore it to dinner last night and I love the cardigan.

Goodie bags. Our suppliers were very generous. 

Kelley and Lynn came early to help me set up. I’m not sure what Lynn was doing.
The mini yarn shop.

We tried to cut back on our display items for Camp. We didn’t bring any grid but we did bring clothes lines.

Tonight we have our student fashion show. It is a late evening so I’m going to post early. I will try and post tomorrow but it’s another busy day. Breakfast, classes (I will be packing up during classes), lunch and then drive home. I’m afraid that the traffic is going to be crazy going home and it’s going to be a long drive.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

By the Lake

Diana finished the Earth Stripe Wrap yesterday. It is stunning. I took a few quick pictures before loading it into the truck for the drive to Camp. I will have it in the store next week.

The drive was uneventful which is a good thing.
There was a stop at Webers for a burger and fries before getting to Bayview Wildwood.

I’m staying in the cutest cottage that is named Chipmunk.

The bedroom.

And a sitting room.

This is the view from my deck.

Beth sent me a few pictures. They are having a pumpkin carving contest at work so dad and Beth are practicing.
Of course Jackson needs to be in on the fun.

I finished the goodie bags and now I need to start sewing in ends on Elah.