Friday, November 22, 2013


Mr. UPS brought in a box from Lorna's Laces with some really pretty string dyed in our colour, Sparrow Lake.
Haymarket - it was really hard to put this out on the shelf. I want it all for me :)
Shepherd Sock


These are all Sparrow Lake. Haymarket is 100% wool, Shepherd Sock is a wool/nylon blend and Sportmate is wool/outlast/nylon. Different fibres take the dye at varying rates so they can look different even though it is the same dye mix.
The secret is out of the bag. I've known about this for quite a while now and keeping the secret has been hard. Namaste is bringing us something new very soon.
Introducing the latest and greatest in organization for the needlearts industry...the Namaste B.Y.O.B.!!! (Build Your Own Binder) BYOB is a fully customizable, sleek shell tool binder with 3 optional page types for personal customization. The BYOB case features an exterior rear zipper compartment, removable exterior wristlet, and 3 interior mesh pockets (2 1/2 pockets on front interior & 1 full wall rear interior pocket). The BYOB is perfect for wrangling any tools and is sold as an empty unit (includes the above-mentioned features). The BYOB has 3 different page styles/options, each sold separately, and include an Interchangeable Page, Long Straight Page, and Mesh Double Pocket Page. 

Organizing isn't one of my strong suits so this will really come in handy at my house.

I don't know if we will have these in stock for Christmas. The timing is going to be close but we're going to try our best. I will be in touch with Namaste regularly for updates.

I'm not sure about the pricing yet but should know more next week.

The Christmas/winter flags are up. Dad went into the flag drawer and was shocked that we are out of Christmas flags. Now he has a chore when he gets to Myrtle Beach. Find flags for next year.

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Fifi said...

I need a BYOB in Purple ... I'll be sending my kids in for it soon.