Saturday, September 25, 2021

Welcome Back

Lynn and I enjoyed our first day of being open for appointments. We are really tired though. I’m not sure why - the day was laid back and all the customers who came in were a dream to work with. 

The hardest part was getting dressed this morning. For the past 18 months we wore whatever we wanted. We didn’t get dressed up because no one was going to see us. Now you have to plan what you’re going to wear.  

More pictures from Camp.

Here are some of the great instructors we’ve had over the years. Jared Flood.
Laura Bryant who owns Prism Yarns.
Kate Atherley - who will be back with us in 2022.
Kim McBrien
Sally Melville
Fiona Ellis
Beth Casey
Josh Bennet

At our last Camp we did group shots. Some of our favourite Andrea Mowry garments. We will definitely do something like this next year. 

The dates for 2022 will be September 29-October 2. More information will be coming later.

We have a chalkboard wall in our mud room. Last week dad and Beth decided that we should be measuring Jackson’s height. In one week he grew an inch and a half. This afternoon we caught him twice with his front paws on the kitchen counter. 👿

I’m working away on my collar. The short rows for shaping aren’t so short anymore. They are increasing 3 stitches every time I turn and it is taking longer than I want it to. I want to cut this week. The good thing is that the sweater has already been blocked so when I cut the cardigan will be ready to wear.

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