Sunday, September 12, 2021

Home Again

I drove home late yesterday afternoon. I didn’t want to spend my Sunday afternoon sitting in cottage traffic. Today was spent knitting and watching football. Our fantasy football team was bad - my tension could be a bit tighter 😢. Here is my Shift. I should have taken pictures at the lake but there wasn’t enough knit. I just finished the last section with increases and am about to start the decreases.
My colours are Good Omen, Bruised Ego and Space Oddity. There will be more Space Oddity arriving this week. 
Photo © Susan Ashcroft
If you’re looking for an easy scarf pattern, take a look at Noro Fan Scarf by Susan Ashcroft. The pattern is free on Ravelry. Susan knit the scarf with one ball of Noro Ito - the colour is #8.

We have new accessories coming from Cocoknits and they should arrive late next week. This is the Maker’s Board. There are accessories on the board that are not included but can be purchased separately.
Julie was inspired to design this tool knowing there must be an easier way to read knitting charts! From there, the Maker’s Board evolved to hold little tools, recipes, or a tablet. This is one accessory that can do a lot! Made with washable kraft fabric, there are internal metal sheets that make every surface magnetic. You can stick a chart on one surface, your pattern on another, and when you prop one side up for display, the angle is completely adjustable, making it even more versatile. Use the strong magnets included to keep small tools, charts, patterns, recipes, and more at hand while you’re working. Like many of Julie’s tools, it could help organize a variety of different projects - its uses are only limited by your imagination!
This is what is included with the board.
  • 4 round magnets covered in PLA (made from fermented plant fibers called polylactic acid, which is made from fermented plant starch such as corn, beets or sugar cane.  It is 100% biodegradable, not water soluble, and contains no plastic.)
  • 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools 
  • 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools
  • Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for storage or to use as a project bag
  • You can purchase extra accessories.

    Designed to be used with our Maker’s Board, the handy Ruler and Gauge are also useful on their own. Magnets are embedded (without glue) in the back of each tool so they attach to the Maker’s Board, or any metal surface.  In addition to measuring and checking knitting needle sizes, these tools can be used as straight edges on the Maker’s Board to help track patterns and charts. Plastic free, they are made of PLA (plant fiber, 100% biodegradable plant fiber, not water soluble) in a charming speckled linen color. 

    Designed to be used with our MAKER’S BOARD, this Colorful Magnet set is made from plastic-free PLA (plant fiber) and very strong magnets, strong enough that both the front and back will work.  It includes 6 discs with embedded magnets that can hold patterns, charts, or recipes on the Maker’s Board, or use them for artwork and notes on the fridge or a metal message board!  The PLA is formed around the magnets, no toxic glue was used to secure them and they won’t come out!

    The board comes in Kraft (shown here) and Gray (shown above). You can see that the magnets will hold your Cocoknits accessories.

    Beth texted this afternoon that she lost her spot. I texted back that Lucy didn’t look comfortable. 

    This picture came a bit later. She looks comfortable now. Lucy has been crazy at the cottage. She is definitely feeling better. Lots of running.

    I’m going to knit a few rows and then try to get to bed early. I have a long to do list for tomorrow. 

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