Saturday, September 18, 2021

Coming Soon

The store is taking shape. I spent this morning hanging garments. I think we have more garments on display than ever before.  

I have used Noro Ito to make the Nightshift four times and will be knitting another one soon. There are 9 new colours coming in October.

It was an exciting day of emails announcing more new products coming later this falls.

There is a new set of interchangeable needles coming from Knitter’s Pride. They are a pastel version of the Dreamz needles.

October 29 is the day that we will be able to sell Veera Valimaki’s new book Stripes.

For years, Veera Välimäki has been fascinated by playing with colours and textures – and striping with them! In Stripes, she encourages you to start your own journey into the world of stripes. This collection features 20 knitting patterns, including sweaters, cardigans and shawls as well as a relaxed dress, a beanie and your new favourite pair of socks. Both the book and its knits are an ode to contemporary knitwear, exuding a sense of quiet, timeless confidence.

Veera Välimäki is one of the leading knitwear designers in the world. Her designs are known for their simple, clean lines with modern details. Veera lives and works in a small village in Southern Finland surrounded by forests, fields and lakes. Since 2014, Veera has worked on the popular book series, Interpretations, together with Joji Locatelli (published by Pom Pom Press). Stripes is her third hardback book.

Modern Daily Knitting’s Field Guide 19 will be available on October 1. We can’t share pictures yet but I’m excited. I like the designs.

October 1st is also the day for Rowan Tweed Haze.

There is nothing better than wrestling in the back yard. Especially if there is a large rope. 

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