Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Startitis Bug Hit Me

You can only look at a ball of yarn for so long before you have to knit with it.
This is one of the new colours of Noro Ito - #15. I thought about another Nightshift and then decided to try the Log Cabin Afghan in Ito. I am using a 5.5mm needle so my squares should be a bit bigger than the Kureyon version. I will be using #15 for the whole afghan. I don't know if I will get this square finished and the next one started tomorrow because we are hosting Father's Day dinner. This is an easy one - we are barbecuing.
I am off to TNNA in Cleveland later this week and I know I will be buying yarn 😘. We are getting the store ready which means making room on the shelves. We have gone through Tosh Vintage and odd balls are on sale for 30% off. I have made a separate page on the website for these colours.

We used 3 skeins of Tosh Vintage for the Hipster Shawl.

Laura Aylor's Atalaya is a great pattern for Vintage.

In Threes is so cute and takes 1-2 skeins.

I think the only people happy with the rain is my garden.

This dog is made for comfort.

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Wishing your father a Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy the day.